The 2019 Death-Reports Recap

Follows is my state-by-state recap for 2019.

Arkansas: request filled – but without stall deaths
Iowa: request filled – but without stall deaths
Colorado: request filled
New York: information direct from Commission database
Minnesota: request filled – but with names redacted
Massachusetts: request filled
Illinois: request filled – but with gaps (stall deaths)
Nebraska: request filled – but surely incomplete
Arizona: request filled
Oregon: request filled
Michigan: request filled
Florida: request filled
New Jersey: request filled
Washington: request filled
Indiana: request filled
Wyoming: request filled
Ohio: request filled – but with serious gaps (stall/training deaths)
West Virginia: request filled
Texas: request filled – but with obvious gaps (training)
Delaware: request filled
Idaho: request filled
Maryland: request filled
Virginia: request denied (but filled through other channels)
Pennsylvania: request filled
New Mexico: request filled – but with major irregularities
Oklahoma: request filled
Louisiana: request filled – but without training or stall deaths
California: request filled
Kentucky: request filled – but without stall deaths

Maine: claims they don’t keep records

Nevada: no deaths reported (Nevada runs less than 10 days of racing per year)
Montana: no deaths reported (Montana runs less than 10 days of racing per year)
North Dakota: no deaths reported (North Dakota ran only 14 days of racing last year)

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  1. STOP!!!!! Close all tracks to racing and practice.
    These horses are dying because they’re drugged and pushed to the max!!!!

  2. Happy Easter to all of Horseracing Wrongs (except, of course, to all the racing creeps who check in here daily to see why their whole anti-sport is spiraling into the toilet — hope y’all are having a really crappy day;)

    Anyway, I ONLY counted four horses vanned off yesterday! Yay! That means, on its surface, U.S. tracks are suddenly appearing “super-safe” for racehorses…
    Oops, but then I remembered the Coronavirus lockdown; turns out that yesterday there were only five tracks running and trying to whip their beloved family members through this pandemic..
    Kind of looks like the horses aren’t so super-safe after all:(

  3. I am delighted that you were able to get information out of Arkansas. Shocked but delighted. I do think there are more than that though. We’ll see what the report says next year. I sent them an email on Friday about 2 horses that broke down. They actually answered the email and said they would visit the crippled horses that night and the next morning. Like that is going to be enough! But they are getting tbe idea that they have to be accountable. Welcome to the 21st century.

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