“Dropped Dead on Track [After Taking] a Few Erratic Steps” – Illinois Kills, 2019

In a FOIA request to the Illinois Racing Board, I have confirmed the following deaths at that state’s tracks in 2019. (This is Part 2; Part 1 can be found here.)

Neuqua, Jul 27, Arlington R – “sesamoid fractures…humanely euthanized”

Crafty Attack, Aug 10, Fairmount R – “fractured carpus”

R Rocket Man, Oct 12, Hawthorne R – “open, comminuted fx…euthanized on track”
(Equibase says the 2-year-old colt, about to be whip-raced for the very first time, was “restless in the gate before the start.”)

Go Oshie Go, Oct 12, Hawthorne R – “dropped dead on track” (five years old)
(This was the very next race after R Rocket was euthanized on the track. The chartwriter said Go Oshie fell after “[taking] a few erratic steps.”)

Magic Dragon, Oct 22, Hawthorne T – “collapsed and died on track” (four years old)

Royal’s Position, Oct 26, Hawthorne T – “[multiple] fractures – multiple fragments”

Mummy Troll, Nov 10, Hawthorne T (euthanized Nov 12) – “MCIII fracture”

Kinsella, Nov 14, Hawthorne R (euthanized Nov 19) – “joint collapse”

Echoes of Laughter, Nov 24, Hawthorne T (euthanized Nov 25) – “joint collapse”

Snapperette, Dec 13, Hawthorne R – “complete, open fetlock disarticulation”

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  1. Delta downs race 7 last night. Isadora broke from gate poorly. Was way behind and starting jerking her head. DNF. Do you have a status?

  2. I can’t wait to see what will be coming up at Hokelawn Park. (Oaklawn) The so called trainers with the worst records are welcome there. Jerry Hollendorfer, Wayne Lucas, Dallas Stewart. I wonder how many horses are dying in Dubai and Australia?

    • On average, one (1) horse breaks down and dies every three (3) days in a race or in training, here in Australia.

  3. GO OSHIE GO was a 5-year-old gray roan Thoroughbred gelding owned and “trained” by Steve Manley. He must have been a beautiful horse and these horseracing vultures just sucked the life out of him. The same with all of the Thoroughbreds killed in the State of Illinois on horse racetracks for what? Money, cheap thrills? There are respectful ways to treat horses and then there is racing. Racing horses needs to be banned because it is morbid cruelty and torture to horses.

  4. Watching the horse-betting/beating world all distraught right now that Omaha Beach was scratched from this weekend’s Pegasus. I guess it’s a possible hind (micro-?)fracture, so it’s weird that they’re all lamenting OB’s “bad luck.”
    Considering that just about every other racehorse would be sent out TO DIE, I’d say he’s just about the luckiest thoroughbred of all time.

    • Kelly, I think that the people who want to bet money on the race and the horse are just sorry that they can’t bet money on OMAHA BEACH. They are most likely feeling more pity for themselves than for the horse.

      • To be sure, Wanda! But, what they’re really regretting, that they know, deep within their…um, souls(?), is that the next Mongolian Groom — complete with owners, trainers and vets who’ll refuse to scratch a visibly lame horse — is due to break down any minute.

  5. Kelly they may be more useful in the breeding shed instead of a breakdown in front of upptydump people tuned into the Pegasus
    You are right.
    Lucky to be scratched instead of a casualty
    Live another day

    • This “breeding shed” bullshit is the nexus of this PURE EVIL.. they want horses to breakdown…the real money to be made is charging OBSCENE stud fees. People are fucking stupid.

      • I’m with you, Bonnie. We’re all seeing what the breeders’ speed-over-soundness model looks like. And it’s absolutely disgusting. What kind of sick freak would breed an animal to die that way? The soulless monsters in horse racing, that’s what kind.

    • Nancy, that is the good news to know these two horses won’t be sent out to die on the racetrack this weekend.

    • Agreed, Nancy. It’s obvious to everybody in the world (except the actual breeders, apparently) that they’re setting themselves up for the day when these young horses get so fragile that there will be a breakdown (or two) in every race. Good thing they’ll be shut down — and locked up — before then;)

  6. The vile, cruel, unconscionably depraved industry of Horse-Racing MUST BE SHUT DOWN — Be on the side of respect, love, care– our RACE HORSES need our protections — the vile, cruel, unconscionably depraved industry of Horse-Racing MUST BE SHUT DOWN.

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