Killed, 2023

Horses Killed on or at U.S. Tracks, 2023

(Please note: This list will grow exponentially as FOIA documents start to come in. For context, please see killed lists from previous years.)

(R: Racing; T: Training; S: Stall)

In My Heart, Jan 1, Los Alamitos R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
No Huddle, Jan 1, Sunland R – “fell, spinal cord injury”
Reads Codigo, Jan 1, Sunland R – “sesamoid fracture”
Awesome Charge, Jan 2, Charles Town T – “sesamoid fracture”
Spartak, Jan 3, Parx T – “injured, euthanized” (had been raced 42 times)
Captain Delightful, Jan 4, Meadows S – “illness, [found dead]”
A Little Bit, Jan 4, Parx R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized” (two years old, first race)
Last Gifted Eagle, Jan 5, Turf R – “[multiple] pelvic/vertebral fractures, bone exposed”
El Tigre Terrible, Jan 6, Oaklawn S – “horse found dead at 5 am – heart failure” (five years old)
Ma Coco, Jan 6, Tampa Bay R – “pulled up in distress, euthanized”
unidentified, early Jan, Gulfstream S – “sudden death”
Firing Carol, Jan 7, Aqueduct R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Spenny Denny, Jan 7, Charles Town T – “scapula fracture” (being prepped for debut)
Tap Union, Jan 7, Golden Gate S – “gastric rupture” (three years old)
Bo Derek, Jan 8, Gulfstream R – “went wrong, fell”
Big Future, Jan 8, Los Alamitos T – “catastrophic scapular fracture” (two years old)
Alsalam, Jan 9, Los Alamitos T – “musculoskeletal” (two years old)
Hard Timer, Jan 10, Parx S – “sudden death” (four years old)
Brick Alley, Jan 11, Charles Town S – “heart attack” (two years old)
Little O Little E, Jan 11, Charles Town R (euth Mar 21) – “bowed tendon”
Gentlemen’s Cry, Jan 11, Oaklawn T – “open, comminuted fracture” (being prepped for debut)
Bloodstockshalltab, Jan 12, Batavia R – “horse took a bad step”
Time to Two Step, Jan 12, Parx T – “injured, euthanized”
Kat’s Hitman, Jan 12, Turf R – “[multiple] fractures, tendon tear, hemorrhage”
Cosmic Rewind, Jan 13, Charles Town R – “multiple fractures”
Emma’s Dance, Jan 14, Golden Gate S – “found dead early this morning – severe colitis”
Goldbar, Jan 14, Laurel T – “suspected thorax trauma”
Orbert, Jan 16, Parx T – “sudden death” (six years old)
Castleberry, Jan 18, Delta R – “[multiple] comminuted, displaced fractures”
Russian Cavalier, Jan 19, Hawthorne T – “bowed tendon, suspensory collapse”
Pop Pop Susi, Jan 20, Penn R – “went bad, vanned off, euthanized”
Press On, Jan 20, Santa Anita T – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Conundrum Queen, Jan 21, Turfway T – “[multiple] open [through skin], displaced fractures”
Rail Hugger, Jan 22, Turf S – “horse was found dead in its stall”
Mexican Wonder Boy, Jan 25, Delta R – “compound, comminuted, displaced fracture”
Feeling Well, Jan 25, Los Alamitos T – “catastrophic scapula fracture with severe hemorrhage”
Warrior’s Crown, Jan 25, Parx T – “injured, euthanized” (two years old)
Drama Diva, Jan 25, Turf S – “found dead in morning: multisystemic hemorrhage”
Graze Stone, Jan 25, Turf T – “blunt-force trauma…brain hemorrhage”
Garth Road, Jan 27, Aqueduct R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Aerator, Jan 27, Turfway R – “[multiple] fractures, severe soft tissue damage”
Woodmere Skyroller, Jan 27, Yonkers S – “died in stall 18” (five years old)
Slow Down Summer, Jan 28, Aqueduct R – “vanned off in distress, euthanized”
Actuator, Jan 28, Santa Anita T – “sudden death following workout” (three years old)
This Famous Dream, Jan 28, Turf R – “comminuted fractures, ligament rupture”
Class Proof, Jan 28, Turf R – “compound fracture…bone protruding”
Natural Sonde, Feb 1, Charles Town T – “multiple fractures”
Sick Pack Sara, Feb 1, Penn T – “injured, euthanized”
Party Game, Feb 1, Santa Anita T – “[multiple] open [through skin], comminuted fractures”
Memory Taker, Feb 4, Sunland S – “chronic, progressive colic” (“bled, vanned off” Jan 8)
Golden Rachel, Feb 4, Turf R – “[multiple] spine fractures, cord severed”
Haloo, Feb 4, Turfway T – “contact with rail, significant blood coming from mouth from the trauma”
Hurrikane Mon Ami, Feb 4, Yonkers S – “died in stable area” (was raced two days prior)
Bullout, Feb 5, Laurel T – “foot turned in wrong direction: comminuted fracture” (two years old)
Master Ruler, Feb 5, Rillito R (euth Feb 12) – “severe pleuropneumonia with abscesses”
Little Rikki, Feb 6, Mahoning T – “rider heard loud noise and horse fell – shoulder [fracture]”
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Feb 7, San Luis Rey T – “[multiple] open [through skin] fractures”
Swamp Souffle, Feb 7, Turf S – “lame after race, severe laminitis, coffin bone rotation”
Caerulean, Feb 8, Santa Anita T – “severe exercise-associated pulmonary hemorrhage”
Mizhipzletus, Feb 8, Turf S – “sweating profusely, fever of 102, died several minutes later”
Celtic Cousen, Feb 10, Laurel T – “jockey heard a pop: [multiple] fractures”
The Trend Continue, Feb 10, Turf T – “trauma to head/brain” (three years old)
Caramelito, Feb 10, Turfway R – “severe, extensive tearing and rupture of tendon”
Merci Road, Feb 11, Charles Town R – “fell with a fatal injury”
Merit Song, Feb 11, Santa Anita R – “catastrophic fetlock breakdown” (two years old)
Decorated My Life, Feb 11, Santa Anita R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”
Flying to the Top, Feb 11, Sunland R – “fell, unable to rise”
Mia Casa, Feb 13, Los Alamitos S – “colitis, chronic ulcers, large numbers of tapeworms”
Pappy Wolfe, Feb 13, Oaklawn T – “[multiple] fractures” (two years old)
He’s a Candy Man, Feb 13, Turf R (euth Feb 20) – “[multiple] fractures”
See What (sic), Feb 14, Sunland T – “complete compound fracture”
Music City Dancer, Feb 15, Mahoning T – “displaced knee fracture during morning work”
Steele Horizon, Feb 16, Sam Houston T – “[multiple] fractures”
Lord Brownie, Feb 17, Belmont S – “progressive worsening of laminitis, euthanized”
Leroy Jenkins, Feb 17, Fair Grounds R – “[multiple] fractures”
My Last Bullet, Feb 17, Sunland R – “compound fractures [both front legs]”
Petit Verdot, Feb 17, Turfway R – “[multiple] comminuted fractures of scapula”
She’s a Black Belt, Feb 18, Aqueduct R – “injured foreleg, vanned off, euthanized”
Hunter’s Drive, Feb 18, Fair Grounds R – “[multiple] open fractures”
A Regal Cowgirl, Feb 18, Sunland R – “compound fetlock fracture”
Bones and Roses, Feb 19, Oaklawn T (euth Feb 23) – “pelvic injury, soft tissue hemorrhages”
Cash Rocket, Feb 19, Oaklawn R – “[multiple] fractures, flexor tendon completely ruptured”
Jelly Nougat, Feb 20, Aqueduct R – “suffered an injury…euthanized on the track”
Big Talker, Feb 20, Santa Anita R – “pulled up, collapsed, epistaxis, died spontaneously”
Crafty Jack, Feb 21, Parx R – “suffered catastrophic injury…euthanized”
Friendly Fella, Feb 22, Charles Town R – “pulled up with fatal injury”
Big Laugh, Feb 22, Golden Gate S – “found dead early this morning” (two years old)
Motown Supreme, Feb 22, Turfway S – “horse found dead this morning” (two years old)
Teche Solution, Feb 23, Delta R – “open, comminuted fracture” (two years old)
Auspicious Lad, Feb 23, Laurel T – “suddenly collapsed and died on the track” (three years old)
Spinish, Feb 24, Charles Town T – “condylar fracture”
King Tuff, Feb 24, Fair Grounds R – “went wrong”
Spy Valley, Feb 24, Sunland S – “body wall hernia” (one year old)
Cinnamack, Feb 25, Freehold R – “limb attached only by the skin and tendons”
Black Sambuca, Feb 25, Turf T – “fractured cannon” (three years old)
Amman, Feb 26, Aqueduct R – “sustained injury to RF, euthanized”
Iron Soul, Feb 26, Rillito R – “fell: fractured spine/pelvis”
Juana Gallo, Feb 26, Turf R – “[multiple] fractures: cannon, sesamoids, P1, P2”
Rap Star, Feb 27, Mahoning R – “suffered catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Sporty Sense (sic), Feb 28, Oaklawn T – “[multiple] complete, comminuted fractures”
Mucho, Mar, Oaklawn S – “colic” (last raced Feb 25)
Afternoon Anejo, Mar 1, Fair Grounds R – “LF fracture”
Mystical Image, Mar 1, Turf R – “fell: comminuted scapular fracture involving neck”
Starzan, Mar 1, Turf R – “fell over [above], landing on back: [multiple] vertebral fractures”
Miss Taken, Mar 2, Middleburg S – “severe infection in lungs” (two years old)
Bear Claw, Mar 2, Sunland T – “cardiac event, [sudden death]” (three years old)
Ultimate Diva, Mar 3, Golden Gate R – “[multiple] open fractures, ligament rupture”
Mp Flyingwrightbayou, Mar 3, Louisiana R – “open, comminuted fracture”
All the Best, Mar 4, Mahoning T – “hit pole, fractured stifle”
Turfy, Mar 4, Oaklawn T – “comminuted humerus fracture”
Esser Fund, Mar 4, Turfway T – “pulled up, became ataxic, collapsed, and expired”
Utterly Courageous, Mar 5, Laurel T (euth Mar 29) – “comminuted, displaced fracture; laminitis”
Whenudon’t Know, Mar 5, Rillito R – “fell: fractured shoulder”
Heza Valentine, Mar 6, Golden Gate S – “ataxic, flipped [multiple times], went down, euthanized”
Charlee’s Magic, Mar 7, Mahoning S – “horse found dead in stall at 6 am” (eight years old)
Ransier, Mar 7, Sunland T – “[multiple] fractures”
Lethal Pass, Mar 8, Louisiana R – “trauma [in gate], died” (was to be her very first race)
One Dashing Gallito, Mar 8, Turf S – “gastric rupture”
Funwhileitlasted, Mar 9, Belmont S – “euthanized in stall”
Lady Demaree, Mar 9, Oaklawn R – “[multiple] fractures, suspensory ligament ruptured”
Joy Enamorada, Mar 9, Turfway R – “[multiple] comminuted fractures, severe tissue damage”
Sir Rex, Mar 10, Penn R – “went bad, fell, vanned off, euthanized”
Moro Dandy, Mar 10, Sam Houston R – “[multiple] fractures”
Peaceful Street, Mar 11, Oaklawn R (euth Mar 14) – “comminuted fracture”
Dreamboat, Mar 11, Oaklawn R – “collapsed and died past finish line” (two years old)
Uncle Buff, Mar 12, Sam Houston R – “[multiple] complete, displaced fractures”
Cailin Diana, Mar 13, Los Alamitos T – “epistaxis from both nostrils” (bled to death)
Brentford, Mar 13, Penn S – illness, [found dead]” (two years old)
Miss Glorious, Mar 13, Turf T – “[multiple] fractures”
Em’s Winaholic, Mar 13, Turf R – “fractured shoulder”
Bank On Shea, Mar 16, Belmont S – “euthanized due to illness”
Shy Bella, Mar 16, Charles Town R – “fell…euthanized on the track”
Tap’s Lullaby, Mar 16, Fairmount T – “acute hemorrhage in lungs”
Bp Certified Wagon, Mar 17, Louisiana R – “skull/spine” (two years old, very first race)
Boat Over the Hill, Mar 17, Parx S – “unknown, [found dead]”
Fort Defiance, Mar 17, Turfway R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Chef Menteur, Mar 18, Gulfstream R – “suffered catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Lady Macho, Mar 18, Laurel R – “fell: shattered pastern, profuse arterial bleeding”
De Train, Mar 18, Louisiana R – “open, severe disarticulation”
Strikewhileurhot, Mar 18, Sam Houston T (euth Mar 19) – “[multiple] fractures” (two years old)
Beverly Vista, Mar 18, Santa Anita R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”
Fyne N Dyne, Mar 18, Sunland R – “fractured shoulder”
Texas Red Pepper, Mar 18, Turfway T – “[broke both front legs]”
Akuna Matata, Mar 19, Sam Houston T – “fell, unable to stand, euthanized on track”
Manuka Bobby, Mar 20, Mahoning R – “suffered catastrophic injury…euthanized”
Trophy Chaser, Mar 20, Parx R – “injured leg during warm-up, vanned off, euthanized”
El Rafa Q, Mar 21, Sunland R – “fractured ankle”
Notario, Mar 21, Turfway T – “open fetlock with disarticulation and avulsion”
Xposed Secret, Mar 23, Charles Town R (euth Mar 24) – “condylar fracture”
Relenteless Grace, Mar 23, Retama T – “probable spinal fracture/dislocation” (she was just one)
Forth, Mar 25, Laurel R – “collapsed to the dirt, compound cannon fracture”
Saltwater Gypsy, Mar 25, Oaklawn R – “collapsed and died just past the finish” (two years old)
Stand Up Comic, Mar 25, Parx T – “illness, died” (three years old)
Vezpa, Mar 25, Turfway R – “fetlock open and disarticulated, ruptured ligaments, torn tendons”
Amongst Friends, Mar 26, Oaklawn T – “collapsed and died at six pole” (four years old)
Cumulus, Mar 26, Parx S – “illness, euthanized” (two years old)
Bellamundo, Mar 26, Sunland R – “fractured sesamoid”
Older Brother, Mar 26, Turf R – “[multiple] fractures”
Cut the Check, Mar 28, Belmont S – “euthanized for lung disease” (three years old)
Hexotique, Mar 28, Belmont S – “euthanized due to fracture” (not yet raced)
Baytown Apollo, Mar 29, Keeneland T – “horse went down – severely comminuted scapula”
Nicos Clave 7, Mar 29, Turf R – “severed spine” (two years old)
Zinny Mach N, Mar 31, Meadows S – “illness, [found dead]”
Wudda U Think Now, Apr, Belmont S – “colic, founder”
Hair of the Dog, Apr 1, Charles Town R – “fatal injury…euthanized on track”
Haveulostyourmind, Apr 1, Turf T – “hemorrhage, sudden death”
Bee Bop It, Apr 2, Charles Town T – “shoulder fracture” (being prepped for debut)
Meetmeinkingston, Apr 2, Gulfstream R – “under distress…euthanized”
Hello Jamrock, Apr 2, Laurel R (euth Apr 11) – “hit hind end in gate, developed laminitis”
Autism Ability, Apr 2, Los Alamitos R – “fell in turn, bleeding from nose, died immediately”
Frenchboro, Apr 2, Parx S – “unknown, [found dead]”
W F Iron Maiden, Apr 2, Sunland R – “fractured ankle”
Cable Channel, Apr 3, Keeneland T – “multiple fractures, extensive soft tissue damage”
Corky’s Cause, Apr 3, Parx R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Crb Bella, Apr 3, Sam Houston T – “slab fracture” (two years old, being prepped for debut)
Hesa Charmer, Apr 3, Tioga T – “expired while training”
Another Wine, Apr 3, Turf T – “[multiple] fractures” (three years old)
Waites Kingdom, Apr 5, Mahoning R – “took a bad step…was euthanized”
Friend, Apr 5, Mahoning R – “horse fractured RF during race”
Midnight Vow, Apr 5, Santa Anita S – “appeared fine at 7 pm, found dead at 3:35 am” (three years old)
Fancy Liquor, Apr 7, Keeneland R (euth days later) – “injured, surgery, euthanized”
Maajaackkobe, Apr 7, Yonkers R – “broke his leg during the 5th race”
Practical Julia, Apr 8, Aqueduct R – “injured, vanned off, [euthanized]”
Montana’sbigsunset, Apr 8, Finger Lakes T – “sudden death” (four years old)
Lexcellent, Apr 8, Golden Gate S – “cardiac arrest post-surgery” (two years old)
Levity, Apr 8, Keeneland T – “pulled up 5/5 lame: comminuted fracture”
We Call Him Clyde, Apr 8, Laurel T – “comminuted pastern fracture, severe bleeding ulcer”
Notion Street, Apr 8, Laurel T – “multiple fractures”
Gaslight, Apr 10, Belmont S – “euthanized due to cellulitis” (four years old)
Will Take Control, Apr 10, Parx S – “injured, died” (raced five days prior)
Explain, Apr 11, Parx T – “sudden death” (five years old)
Blue Paynt, Apr 12, Belmont T – “fracture, transported to barn, euthanized”
Thousand Island, Apr 12, Belmont S – “euthanized after examination” (unraced)
Bali’s Back, Apr 13, Fairmount S – “hemorrhagic gastro-colonopathy with melena”
Goin to the Show, Apr 13, Keeneland R – “[multiple] fractures, severe soft tissue damage”
Semi Charmed Life, Apr 14, Evangeline R – “[multiple] fractures, suspensory rupture”
Twinkling Irish, Apr 14, Oaklawn R (euth Apr 28) – “open, comminuted fracture [reinjured]”
Kiss Me D Oro, Apr 15, Lone Star R – “[multiple] fractures, euthanized on track”
Jlc Hey Good Lookin, Apr 15, Retama T – “slab fracture” (two years old, being prepped for debut)
Singing the Oldies, Apr 16, Gulfstream R – “fell…euthanized”
Major Attraction, Apr 17, Turf S – “arthritis” (seven years old, last raced Feb 26)
Jammin Jimtown, Apr 18, Charles Town T – “condylar fracture”
Witty Banter, Apr 18, Laurel T – “rider heard loud pop: multiple fractures”
Master of the Ring, Apr 19, Keeneland R – “fell: [multiple] comminuted fractures and tears”
Rileys Dude, Apr 19, Penn R – “went bad, vanned off, euthanized”
Golden Pegasus, Apr 20, Laurel R – “multiple fractures, tremendous soft tissue damage”
Bigmancan, Apr 20, Laurel R – “comminuted, displaced fracture”
Mia Testarossa, Apr 20, Thistledown T – “horse broke leg during morning gallop”
Shower Time, Apr 21, Penn S – “unknown, euthanized”
Strong Silent, Apr 22, Gulfstream R – “tried to jump fallen foe…euthanized”
Lionessofbrittany, Apr 22, Gulfstream R – “fell…euthanized”
Wolfe County, Apr 26, Keeneland R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Unkoalafied, Apr 26, Parx T – “sudden death” (four years old)
Wild On Ice, Apr 27, Churchill T – “injured, [euthanized]”
Edge of Night, Apr 27, Thistledown R (euth several days later) – “serious limb injury”
Perceived, Apr 28, Aqueduct R – “injured after finish, euthanized on track”
Code of Kings, Apr 29, Churchill R – “flipped multiple times, broke neck”
Parents Pride, Apr 29, Churchill R – “horse pulled up, went down, became agonal, died” (four years old)
Mister Tsunami, Apr 29, Delta R – “acute open fracture” (two years old)
Pretty Gita, Apr 29, Fairmount R – “fetlock fracture”
Speed Alert, Apr 29, Foxfield R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Crazy Dreams, Apr 29, Golden Gate R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
American Boy N, Apr 29, Monticello S – “discovered with comminuted fracture in stall”
First Empress, Apr 29, Oaklawn R – “collapsed at 3/16 pole – open cannon fracture”
Flash of Mischief, Apr 30, Lone Star R – “[multiple] fractures”
Mamzooj, Apr 30, Oaklawn R – “[multiple] fractures – euthanized in ambulance”
Take Charge Briana, May 2, Churchill R – “[multiple] fractures, fetlock open and disarticulated”
Chasing Artie, May 2, Churchill R – “horse staggered, collapsed, became agonal, [died]”
Kadens Courage, May 2, Parx R – “fell, catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Blue Agave, May 2, Thistledown R (euth May 3) – “horse became lame cooling out – fractured ankle”
Nightmare Moon, May 4, Belmont S – “pleuropneumonia” (two years old)
Flyin Jewel, May 4, Delta R – “severe compound fracture” (two years old)
Freudian Fate, May 4, Oaklawn R – “[multiple] fractures”
Sunshine Linda, May 4, Penn T – “injured, euthanized”
An Agent Mistake, May 4, Santa Anita S – “ruptured cecum, severe peritonitis”
Big Valentina, May 6, Charles Town T – “femur fracture” (being prepped for debut)
Chloe’s Dream, May 6, Churchill R – “went wrong: multiple fractures”
Freezing Point, May 6, Churchill R – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] tendons severely torn”
Tapwood, May 6, Great Meadow R – “collapsed and died” (five years old)
Fire and Spice, May 7, Hawthorne T – “compound fracture, disarticulated fetlock”
Mon Paradis, May 9, Mountaineer R – “[multiple] fractures, rupture”
Beav’s Boo, May 9, Thistledown R – “horse fractured ankle at 5/8 pole”
Rocket’s Castle, May 11, Charles Town R (euth May 12) – “carpus fracture”
Singsong Bird, May 12, Belterra R – “fracture was open, exposing fetlock joint”
Charm City Band, May 12, Charles Town T (euth May 17) – “carpus fracture”
Reed Kan, May 13, Belmont R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Bosque Redondo, May 13, Churchill R (euth May 15) – “[multiple] fractures, multiple fragments”
Magic Knight, May 13, Delta R – “open fracture”
Make Sure Its Cold, May 13, Meadows T – “injured, euthanized”
Rio Moon, May 14, Churchill R – “open fracture, fragments imbedded in the ligament”
Gatto Marrone, May 14, Mountaineer R – “collapsed, died: pulmonary hemorrhage”
Smile for Glory, May 14, Santa Anita S – “acute ulcerative colitis, rapid deterioration”
Major General, May 17, Churchill T – “came back lethargic and trembling, died in transit to hospital”
Distractandattack, May 17, Parx R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Good Culture, May 17, Parx R – “suffered catastrophic injury…euthanized”
Swanson Lake, May 20, Churchill R – “multiple [at least 4] fractures within fetlock joint”
Havnameltdown, May 20, Pimlico R – “open, disarticulated fetlock; severe tendon damage”
Magic Lemons, May 21, Belterra S – “suspected complete small colon obstruction”
Carolina Mia, May 21, Golden Gate R – “[multiple] open, comminuted fractures”
Honor Our Fallen, May 21, Santa Anita S – “post-operative evisceration” (two years old)
Bustin Lulu, May 23, Belmont S (was raced just three days prior)
Arneis, May 23, Fairmount R – “catastrophic failure of suspensory apparatus”
Imagine Gold, May 23, Hawthorne T – “carpus injury, intractable pain”
Enchantedly, May 23, Horseshoe R – “[multiple] fractures, suspensory failure”
Delaware River, May 23, Laurel S – “multiple pastern fractures”
J J’s Mr. Raven, May 24, Ellis S – “severe colic with unmanageable pain” (two years old)
Acasha’s Intuition, May 25, Charles Town R – “MCIII fracture”
Impazible Donna, May 26, Belmont R (euth Jun 2) – “injured, vanned off, pneumonia”
Lost in Limbo, May 26, Churchill R – “fell violently: [multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Kaon, May 26, Saratoga S – “euthanized [undisclosed reason]” (was trained May 6)
Troubling Moon, May 27, Belmont T – “suffered sudden cardiac death event”
Kimberley Dream, May 27, Churchill R – “avulsion fracture, [multiple] ruptures, severe tearing”
Cool Hot Chic, May 27, Evangeline R – “[multiple] open, displaced fractures”
Coconut Beach, May 27, Monmouth T – “pulmonary hemorrhage, copious amounts of blood”
Battle Station, May 28, Belmont T – “injured, euthanized”
Ivory Senator, May 28, Ruidoso R – “vanned off, euthanized”
Mach West, May 28, Tioga R – “collapsed and deemed expired”
Blingonmercury, May 29, Lone Star S – “left hock septic arthritis with colitis of five-day duration”
Lady Kvn, May 30, Horseshoe R – “vertebral fracture, spinal cord tear” (first ever race)
Chaysenbryn, Jun 1, Belmont R – “suffered an injury…euthanized on track”
One Night Mike, Jun 2, Charles Town T – “pastern fracture”
Eye Poppin Trip, Jun 2, Hoosier S – “necrotizing enteritis, rupture”
Bds Got a Rogue One, Jun 3, Wyoming R – “fractured cannon past wire”
Pirate Bird, Jun 4, Hawthorne R (euth Jun 6) – “lame after racing – multiple fractures”
Jamminjl, Jun 4, Monmouth R – “disarticulated fetlock, extensive hemorrhage”
Lambrusco, Jun 5, Thistledown T – “horse fractured shoulder during morning gallop”
Shack the Life, Jun 5, Thistledown R – “horse collapsed and died at 1/8 pole” (five years old)
Back Beat, Jun 6, Hawthorne S – “laminitis, coffin bone began to rotate and collapse through hoof”
Trinni Summer, Jun 6, Mountaineer R – “took a bad step: fetlock fracture/luxation”
Auntie Mimi, Jun 8, Santa Anita T – “musculoskeletal”
Mickey Goldmill, Jun 9, Lone Star T – “[multiple] fractures – muddy track”
Rio King, Jun 9, Pleasanton S – “complete vertebra fracture, compression of spinal cord”
Excursionniste, Jun 10, Belmont R – “suffered injury…euthanized on the track”
Edelstein, Jun 10, Energy R – “fractured cannon right before wire”
Toss of Fate, Jun 10, Horseshoe R – “compound fracture”
Gold Vermilion, Jun 10, Lone Star R – “[multiple] fractures, ligament rupture”
Ami’s Curlin, Jun 10, Saratoga S – “laminitis, all four feet” (two years old)
Mashnee Girl, Jun 11, Belmont R – “fell…euthanized on the track”
Ulele’s Spirit, Jun 11, Churchill T – “pulled up with severe lameness, found dead [later] – pelvis fractures”
No More Margs, Jun 12, Thistledown S – “severed tendon”
Fort Peck, Jun 13, Fairmount T – “metacarpal fracture”
Raindance, Jun 15, Belterra S – “horse found in stall with labored breathing, then collapsed and died”
Oxwood, Jun 15, Belterra R – “disarticulated fetlock with 90-degree lateral deviation”
Sailor Again, Jun 15, Parx S – “unknown, [found dead]” (raced eight days prior)
Great Baroness, Jun 15, Penn R – “went bad, vanned off, euthanized”
Squirrelly Shirley, Jun 16, Sam Houston S – “found dead in stall” (five years old, last raced May 25)
Gagliano, Jun 17, Belmont T (euth Jun 23) – “suffered injury Jun 17; refractured Jun 23”
Outkast Blue Chip, Jun 17, Buffalo R – “stopped, collapsed, [and died]”
Brody, Jun 17, Los Alamitos R – “complete, displaced fractures of [11] vertebrae” (two years old)
Bikini Baby, Jun 17, Monmouth R (euth Jun 18) – “[multiple] fractures, [multiple] ruptures”
Pappies Sue, Jun 17, Wyoming R – “fractured shoulder” (two years old, first race)
Die Antwoord, Jun 17, Wyoming R – “broke back” (two years old, first race)
Rip Stone, Jun 17, Wyoming R – “fractured shoulder” (two years old, second race)
Ambassador Mike, Jun 18, Hawthorne R – “fetlock fracture”
Star Rider, Jun 18, Mountaineer R – “skull fracture”
Majestic Seas, Jun 18, Mountaineer R – “fetlock fracture/luxation”
Danjer, Jun 18, Ruidoso S – “aneurysm” (was last raced Jun 3)
Valiancer, Jun 18, Santa Anita S (three years old)
Tizhelnow, Jun 19, Belterra T – “suspected fractured humerus”
Respect the Code, Jun 19, Kentucky S
Stencil, Jun 21, Belmont S – “laminitis both hind feet” (was last raced Jun 5)
No Ill Will, Jun 22, Horseshoe R – “condylar fracture”
Fly Wicked Eagle, Jun 22, Sacramento S (three years old)
Im a Modest Man, Jun 24, Ellis R – “comminuted fracture, [multiple] torn ligaments/tendons”
Just a Notion, Jun 24, Horseshoe T – “[multiple] fractures, [one] open”
Aztar, Jun 24, Louisiana R – “LF fracture”
yet-to-be-named 3-year-old, Jun 25, Belmont T – “injured breezing…euthanized”
American Cactus, Jun 25, Hoosier S – “acute neurologic”
Fire Stel, Jun 25, Los Alamitos R – “went over rail: ruptures of [multiple] tendons and ligaments”
Bailey Coffee, Jun 25, Mountaineer R – “hit rail, ruptured ligament”
Red Bird, Jun 27, Fairmount R – “fell: pelvis fracture”
Dudes Naughty Girl, Jun 27, Monticello S – “3-year-old mare found deceased in stall”
Runlikejackieo, Jun 27, Thistledown R – “horse fractured ankle at 3/8 pole”
Last Inning, Jun 28, Pleasanton S (had been trained three days prior)
My Patate, Jun 28, Santa Anita S
K D Bubba, Jun 29, Lone Star T – “breakdown: fracture through physis, euthanized on track”
Pronto Charli, Jun 30, Belterra R – “[multiple] fractures”
Psycho Dar, Jul 1, Pleasanton R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”
Animae, Jul 1, Santa Anita T (two years old, being prepped for debut)
Mikibytheseaside, Jul 1, Saratoga Harness R – “collision at 3/4 pole”
Black Dot Dan, Jul 1, Wyoming R – “fractured shoulder” (two years old, second race)
La Socia Reyna, Jul 2, Gillespie R – “hit rail: compound fracture with multiple lacerations” (two years old)
Twentyseventrouts, Jul 2, Los Alamitos R – “fell, vanned off, euthanized”
Bingo’s Girl, Jul 2, Monmouth R (euth Jul 8) – “fell over fallen rival”
Classic Coyne, Jul 2, Santa Anita T
Cold Hard Cash, Jul 3, Belmont R – “collapsed – fatal cardiac event”
Magic Bomb, Jul 4, Presque Isle R – “vanned off, euthanized”
Buttoned Up, Jul 6, Charles Town R – “suffered fatal injury, euthanized on track”
Seize the City, Jul 7, Belmont R – “suffered injury to left foreleg…euthanized”
Irondale, Jul 7, Los Alamitos S (was last raced Jun 24)
A Flashin Cartel, Jul 8, Wyoming R – “fractured shoulder” (two years old, second race)
Tw Triffle Volcom, Jul 8, Wyoming R – “head injury in gate”
Pave My Way, Jul 11, Finger Lakes R – “appeared in distress, vanned off, euthanized”
Classic Landing, Jul 14, Meadowlands R
Coronas Make Me Wild, Jul 15, Gillespie R – “broke down”
Frigid Lady, Jul 15, Saratoga T – “broke RF leg”
Shweet Persuasion, Jul 15, Wyoming R – “fractured fetlock” (nine years old, 65th race)
Luckyginger, Jul 16, Wyoming R – “fractured both front [limbs]” (three years old, first race)
Winter Son, Jul 20, Saratoga T – “sustained injury while breezing, euthanized”
Morestride, Jul 20, Thistledown R – “suffered catastrophic injury, fell, euthanized”
Mucha Woman, Jul 21, Pleasanton S
Dreaming of Toga, Jul 22, Monmouth R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Vasco, Jul 23, Pleasanton T
Blame It On Mary, Jul 23, Saratoga R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Caffeine Addiction, Jul 24, Vernon T – “sustained injury and was later humanely euthanized”
Big Brad Soldier, Jul 25, Finger Lakes R – “went down, fractured cannon, euthanized on track”
Brick Town, Jul 27, Delaware R – “broke down inside 1/16 pole – euthanized in barn area”
Nevisian Sunrise, Jul 27, Del Mar T – “collided with stationary object”
Ghostem, Jul 29, Del Mar T – “non-operable injury”
Episode Five, Jul 29, Del Mar R (euth Aug 5) – “went wrong”
Holy Moly Abraham, Jul 30, Ellis R – “[multiple] fractures, ligament rupture”
Nosbor, Jul 30, North Dakota R – “broke down past wire”
Lawful, Aug 2, Saratoga T – “suffered injury, euthanized”
Danehill Song, Aug 3, Santa Rosa R – “took a bad step, vanned off, euthanized”
Sopran Basilea, Aug 3, Saratoga R – “suffered injury on gallop-out, euthanized on course”
Mikethedealer, Aug 4, Del Mar S – “died spontaneously overnight, found in morning”
Loyal to a Fault, Aug 5, San Luis Rey T
Mooneymooneymooney, Aug 5, San Luis Rey T (died Aug 11) – “[multiple] pelvic fractures”
Maple Leaf Mel, Aug 5, Saratoga R – “suffered catastrophic injury, fell, euthanized on track”
Closed Caption, Aug 6, Saratoga T – “pulled up, vanned off, euthanized”
Ever Summer, Aug 6, Saratoga R – “fell…euthanized on course”
Racing Queen, Aug 7, Finger Lakes S – “colic, euthanized” (was raced Jul 31)
Warrior Nation, Aug 7, Finger Lakes R – “horse broke down, euthanized on the track”
Truckin Tommy, Aug 8 Presque Isle R – “vanned off, euthanized”
It’s Your Call, Aug 8, Thistledown R – “suffered catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Flying Cowgirl 321, Aug 12, Los Alamitos R (euth Aug 14)
Seattle Bold, Aug 13, Emerald R – “appeared to go wrong”
Wisecraken, Aug 16, Saratoga R – “suffered injury, vanned off, euthanized”
Art Collector, Aug 17, Saratoga S – “laminitis, all four feet” (developed abscess after training Aug 5)
Uragano, Aug 18, Belmont S – “developed laminitis Jul 27, euthanized Aug 18”
Cave Rock, Aug 18, San Luis Rey S – “colic-hernia-surgery-laminitis” (began after training Jul 28)
Vagabond Prayer, Aug 19, Del Mar T – “suffered injury…euthanized”
Going Going Gone, Aug 23, Finger Lakes R – “appeared in distress, vanned off, euthanized”
Burning Bright, Aug 23, Saratoga R – “suffered fatal cardiac event, hit rail, fell”
I’ll Do It for You, Aug 24, Santa Rosa S
La Aguililla, Aug 25, Saratoga R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Sbd Corazon, Aug 26, Batavia R – “shattered pastern, not repairable, euthanized”
Pastor T, Aug 26, Del Mar T – “sustained fatal injuries” (two years old)
Nobel, Aug 26, Saratoga R – “suffered catastrophic injury…euthanized on the course”
New York Thunder, Aug 26, Saratoga R – “suffered catastrophic injury, fell, euthanized on track”
Hoosier Shooter, Aug 26, Vernon S – “found dead” (scratched from race the day before)
Shutters, Aug 29, Saratoga S – “found down, died before vet could arrive” (trained five days prior)
Daredevil Bull, Aug 30, Finger Lakes R – “broke down, humanely put to rest”
Tout Ensemble, Aug 30, Mountaineer R – “euthanized on track after race”
Nomo Ron, Aug 31, Charles Town R – “suffered fatal injury, had to be euthanized”
Wayward Ghost, Sep 2, Belmont S – “found dead” (three years old; last race: 52 lengths back)
Who U Gonna Call, Sep 4, Mountaineer R – “injured…euthanized on track”
Peace of Mind, Sep 5, Del Mar S – “musculoskeletal” (two years old, being prepped for debut)
Eurobeliever, Sep 6, Presque Isle R – “vanned off, euthanized”
Thundering Eagle, Sep 10, Los Alamitos R – “musculoskeletal” (two years old)
Do the Hustle, Sep 11, Finger Lakes R – “vanned off, [euthanized]” (two years old, very first race)
Information, Sep 12, Los Alamitos T – “musculoskeletal”
Sounds Spooky, Sep 14, Belmont T – “pulled up, apparent fracture, euthanized”
Undertaker, Sep 16, Batavia R – “foul-gated, broke pastern, euthanized”
Moon Frolic, Sep 17, Aqueduct R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Noisey Burglar, Sep 17, Los Alamitos S (four years old)
Super Gremlin, Sep 19, Presque Isle R – “vanned off, euthanized”
Gardees World, Sep 20, Golden Gate S
Hip Hop Hooray, Sep 20, Parx R – “fell dead after finish” (three years old)
Trumpence, Sep 21, Delaware R – “euthanized on the track when he couldn’t get up”
Perfect Senorita, Sep 24, Aqueduct R – “catastrophic injury, fell, euthanized on the course”
Nobody Listens, Sep 24, Parx S – “trailer accident – severed an artery and bled out”
Great Story, Sep 25, Golden Gate R – “[multiple] displaced fractures, rupture of several ligaments”
Weeping Willows, Sep 27, Golden Gate T (two years old)
Bowl of Cherries, Sep 28, Aqueduct R – “collapsed, pronounced dead” (five years old)
Believe in Lov, Sep 30, Delaware R – “broke down…euthanized on the track”
Navy Queen, Oct 1, Golden Gate T
Queen Breezy, Oct 2, Grants Pass R – “broke down”
Summer Nitro, Oct 3, Finger Lakes R – “in distress, severe tendon injury, euthanized on track”
Takeover Kash, Oct 4, Delaware R – “sustained a critical injury…euthanized”
Hangin At Haven, Oct 4, Golden Gate T (two years old, being prepped for debut)
Phantoms Book, Oct 9, Grants Pass R – “broke down”
Dawgmentality, Oct 10, Presque Isle R – “broke neck in gate”
Off the Clock, Oct 12, Keeneland R – “suffered catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Big Update, Oct 12, Santa Anita S (three years old)
Bank On Belle, Oct 13, Belmont T – “sustained injury while breezing…euthanized”
Gee Wiz, Oct 13, Delaware R – “took a few bad steps…euthanized”
Border Star, Oct 14, Fairmount R – “sustained serious injury, humanely euthanized”
Holding Au Pair, Oct 15, Aqueduct R (euth Oct 16) – “flipped over [after race]”
Bellstreet Bridie, Oct 15, Santa Anita S (four years old)
Captain Maverick, Oct 15, Santa Anita T (two years old, being trained for first race)
Moon Chariot, Oct 16, Finger Lakes R – “fractured P1 necessitating euthanasia”
Who Is Jarett, Oct 17, Finger Lakes T – “horse received fracture, euthanized”
Club Cal, Oct 20, Los Alamitos S (was to be raced Oct 22)
Zakkiyyah, Oct 21, Golden Gate S (was last raced Sep 30)
Cloudy Night, Oct 21, Laurel R – “fell, sustained catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Nickel Nickel Nine, Oct 26, Santa Anita S (was last raced Apr 28)
Flava’s Dream, Oct 27, Charles Town R – “suffered fatal injury, euthanized on track”
Geaux Rocket Ride, Oct 28, Santa Anita T (euth Nov 1) – “displaced fracture”
Kind of Gallant, Oct 30, Golden Gate T (six years old)
Little Four, Oct 30, Mahoning R – “suffered catastrophic injury, fell, euthanized”
Three Point Kuz, Oct 30, Mahoning R – “fell over [above], catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Practical Move, Oct 31, Santa Anita T – “suspected cardiac event” (three years old)
Admaa, Nov 1, Mountaineer R – “took a bad step, euthanized on the track”
R B’s the Boss, Nov 2, Aqueduct R – “fell heavily, euthanized”
Duke of Hazzard, Nov 3, Belmont T – “horse suffered cardiac event after 1/4-mile breeze”
Comeuppance, Nov 4, Golden Gate S (two years old, being prepped for debut)
West Coast Wildcat, Nov 5, Mountaineer R – “took a bad step, euthanized on the track”
Renegade River, Nov 5, Pennsylvania Hunt R – “collapsed on racecourse, succumbed to his condition”
The Catillac Kid, Nov 6, Finger Lakes R – “pulled up in distress, euthanized on the track”
Lone Leader, Nov 7, Mountaineer R – “took a bad step, euthanized on the track”
Blue Eighty Five, Nov 8, Belmont S – “horse developed cellulitis and was euthanized” (two years old)
English Treasure, Nov 9, Churchill R – “fell approaching the finish…catastrophic injury”
Stonecoldwarrior, Nov 10, Belmont S – “horse was found in distress, euthanized” (last raced Oct 25)
Dimelo Papi, Nov 10, Charles Town R – “pulled up lame, consequently euthanized”
Nestucka, Nov 10, Santa Anita T – “musculoskeletal” (two years old)
Foreign Influence, Nov 12, Aqueduct R – “fell heavily, euthanized on track”
Cactus Jack, Nov 12, Los Alamitos R (euth Nov 13) – “musculoskeletal”
Clavinet, Nov 14, Belmont T – “broke down on gallop out, euthanized on track”
Flying B B, Nov 15, Churchill R – “suffered catastrophic injury, humanely euthanized” (very first race)
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Nov 21, Finger Lakes T – “received fracture, euthanized”
Field of Courage, Nov 21, Mountaineer R – “took a bad step, euthanized on track”
Promisemeparadise, Nov 26, Golden Gate T – probably “sudden death” (three years old)
Tazawako, Nov 29, Turfway R – “reared in gate, struck head” (two years old)
Cromarty, Nov 30, Belmont T – “broke down, euthanized on the track”
Cross Border, Nov 30, Gulfstream T – “succumbed to apparent cardiac arrest”
One More Bid, Nov 30, Santa Anita T – “sudden death” (four years old)
Its Happy Hour, Dec 2, Golden Gate R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized” (two years old)
Howzyourcashflow, Dec 3, Aqueduct R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”

The Killing Fields: Dead Racehorses at the Various Tracks (479, and counting)

Rillito Park: 3 dead racehorses
Turf Paradise: 24 dead racehorses

Oaklawn Park: 17 dead racehorses

Del Mar: 7 dead racehorses
Golden Gate Fields: 18 dead racehorses
Los Alamitos Race Course: 17 dead racehorses
Santa Anita Park: 25 dead racehorses
San Luis Rey: 4 dead racehorses
Pleasanton: 5 dead racehorses
Sacramento: 1 dead racehorse
Santa Rosa: 2 dead racehorses

Arapahoe Park:

Delaware Park: 5 dead racehorses

Gulfstream Park: 8 dead racehorses
Tampa Bay Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Palm Meadows Training Facility:
Pompano Park:

Fairmount Park: 7 dead racehorses
Hawthorne Race Course: 6 dead racehorses

Horseshoe: 5 dead racehorses
Hoosier Park: 2 dead racehorses

Prairie Meadows:

Churchill Downs: 16 dead racehorses
Ellis Park: 3 dead racehorses
Keeneland: 8 dead racehorses
Kentucky Downs:
Turfway Park: 13 dead racehorses
unidentified: 1 dead racehorse

Delta Downs: 6 dead racehorses
Evangeline Downs: 2 dead racehorses
Fair Grounds: 4 dead racehorses
Louisiana Downs: 5 dead racehorses

Laurel Park: 15 dead racehorses
Pimlico Race Course: 1 dead racehorse

Canterbury Park:

Columbus Racing:
Fonner Park:
Horsemen’s Park:
Lincoln Race Course:

New Jersey
Monmouth Park: 5 dead racehorses
Meadowlands: 1 dead racehorse
Freehold Raceway: 1 dead racehorse

New Mexico
Ruidoso Downs: 2 dead racehorses
Sunland Park: 14 dead racehorses
Sunray Park:
Zia Park:

New York
Aqueduct Racetrack: 15 dead racehorses
Belmont Park: 32 dead racehorses
Finger Lakes Racetrack: 13 dead racehorses
Saratoga Race Course: 17 dead racehorses
Batavia Downs: 3 dead racehorses
Buffalo Raceway: 1 dead racehorse
Monticello Raceway: 2 dead racehorses
Saratoga Harness: 1 dead racehorse
Tioga Downs: 2 dead racehorses
Vernon Downs: 2 dead racehorses
Yonkers Raceway: 3 dead racehorses

North Dakota
North Dakota Horse Park: 1 dead racehorse

Belterra Park: 6 dead racehorses
Mahoning Valley: 10 dead racehorses
Thistledown: 10 dead racehorses
Dayton Raceway:
Miami Valley:
Northfield Park:
Scioto Downs:

Fair Meadows:
Remington Park:
Will Rogers Downs:

Grants Pass: 2 dead racehorses

Parx Racing: 22 dead racehorses
Penn National: 8 dead racehorses
Presque Isle Downs: 5 dead racehorses
Meadows: 3 dead racehorses
Pennsylvania Hunt: 1 dead racehorse

Lone Star Park: 6 dead racehorses
Retama Park: 2 dead racehorses
Sam Houston Park: 7 dead racehorses
Gillespie County Fair: 2 dead racehorses

Colonial Downs:
Foxfield: 1 dead racehorse
Great Meadow: 1 dead racehorse
Middleburg: 1 dead racehorse

Emerald Downs: 1 dead racehorse

West Virginia
Charles Town Races: 23 dead racehorses
Mountaineer Racetrack: 12 dead racehorses

Energy Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Sweetwater Downs:
Wyoming Downs: 9 dead racehorses

Arizona Department of Gaming
California Horse Racing Board
Colorado Department of Revenue
Delaware Racing Commission
Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Idaho Racing Commission
Illinois Racing Board
Indiana Horse Racing Commission
Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
Louisiana Racing Commission
Maine Department of Agriculture
Maryland Racing Commission
Massachusetts Gaming Commission
Michigan Gaming Control Board
Minnesota Racing Commission
Montana Department of Commerce
Nebraska State Racing Commission
Nevada Gaming Control Board
New Jersey Racing Commission
New Mexico Racing Commission
New York State Gaming Commission
North Dakota Racing Commission
Ohio State Racing Commission
Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission
Oregon Racing Commission
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Texas Racing Commission
Virginia Racing Commission
Washington Horse Racing Commission
West Virginia Racing Commission
Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission
The Jockey Club
National Steeplechase Association
Track Officials

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. That said, my information is only as good as the information I receive. If it can be proved that a horse appears in error, I will dutifully remove. – Patrick Battuello