Killed, 2018

The following horses died at U.S. racetracks in 2018. Please note, however, that there are piles of data (dead horses, that is) not available to us: horses injured racing or training and euthanized off-site (i.e., not reportable); the too-badly-damaged euthanized after being taken in by rescues; the dead who simply fall through the cracks of apathetic or slipshod reporting to and from racing commissions.

What’s more, not every state gives us all the data we request. Louisiana, for example, only forwards racing deaths, arguing that training and stall deaths are beyond their purview. And most significant, we have zero access to the horses killed at the over 200 private training facilities strewn across the land. In short, we estimate that over 2,000 racehorses perish in America every year. Over 2,000. For $2 bets.

Horses Killed on or at U.S. Tracks, 2018 (R: Racing; T: Training; S: Stall)

Brianna’s Bucket, Jan 1, Gulfstream R
Lust for Money, Jan 2, Parx R
Buckwellspent, Jan 3, Tampa Bay R
unidentified, Jan 5, Santa Anita T
Tornillo, Jan 5, Sunland T
My Dekalb Diva, Jan 5, Sunland R
Tacky Red Lipstick, Jan 5, Sunland R
Steve’s Image, Jan 7, Belmont S
unidentified, Jan 7, Cal Expo S
Not Above Love, Jan 7, Laurel T
Sexy Momma, Jan 7, Portland R
Electric Alphabet, Jan 8, Mahoning R
Leavem in Malibu, Jan 8, Palm Meadows (FL) T
Fabulous Micah, Jan 8, Sunland T
Alex the Terror, Jan 9, Belmont T
Honor the Empire, Jan 9, Mahoning R
Oversized, Jan 10, Mahoning R
Papa’s Missile, Jan 10, Penn T
Dancingwiththeangels, Jan 10, Retama T
Tenacions Tally, Jan 10, Turf R
Sterling Warrior, Jan 11, Fair Grounds R
Canadian Pistol, Jan 12, Charles Town S
unidentified, Jan 12, Del Mar T
Be Nice Rose, Jan 12, Fair Grounds R
D. K. Two Step, Jan 12, Laurel R
Arunachala, Jan 12, Santa Anita R
Toro Medina, Jan 13, Los Alamitos R (found dead next morning)
Contrapunto, Jan 13, Retama T
Clubay Atlantic, Jan 13, Turfway R
Nick A. D. Mass, Jan 14, Golden Gate T
No Love Lost, Jan 14, Laurel R
Another Forever, Jan 14, Turf R
Betrbegone, Jan 14, Turf R
Double Cabernet, Jan 15, Gulfstream R
Jess Call Me J R, Jan 15, Sunland S
yet-to-be-named, Jan 16, Santa Anita T
Run for Bruce, Jan 16, Tampa Bay T
unidentified, Jan 17, Santa Anita T
Forty Lengths, Jan 18, Gulfstream R
Old Dubai, Jan 19, Belmont T
Polished Sunday, Jan 19, Charles Town T
Itsbouttime, Jan 19, Delta R
Spiritual Warrior, Jan 19, Santa Anita R
Verraco, Jan 19, Santa Anita R
Tree Peeps, Jan 19, Tampa Bay R (euthanized Jan 20)
Duffle Bag, Jan 19, Turfway R
Double Dandy, Jan 20, Sunland R
unidentified, Jan 20, Turfway T
Upsidedwnpineapple, Jan 21, Turf R
Slew’s Royal Tower, Jan 23, Sunland R
Fibers and Roses, Jan 24, Charles Town T
unidentified, Jan 24, Santa Anita T (euthanized Jan 26)
yet-to-be-named, Jan 25, Charles Town T
Time to Shine, Jan 25, Charles Town R
Dominic the Quick, Jan 25, Charles Town R
Marilyn’s Passion, Jan 25, Penn R
Takeit Tothe Limit, Jan 25, Turf T
Chico Grande, Jan 26, Charles Town R (euthanized Feb 5)
I Dream of Bugsy, Jan 26, Golden Gate R (euthanized Jan 27)
Eye of the Lion, Jan 26, Gulfstream R
Vua Saigon, Jan 26, Laurel R
Saenger, Jan 26, Mahoning T
Keep On Rockin, Jan 26, Sunland R
Brixton, Jan 26, Turfway R
Sing the Dream, Jan 27, Aqueduct R
unidentified, Jan 27, Cal Expo T
Deal a Fortune, Jan 27, Sunland R
Purring On Empty, Jan 28, Aqueduct R
Exonerate, Jan 28, Gulfstream T
Pozzi Track (probably sic), Jan 28, Sunland T
Perdition Road, Jan 28, Sunland R
R Kinsley Doll, Jan 28, Tampa Bay R
My Cotton Jones, Jan 29, Parx R
Wind Spirit, Jan 30, Parx R
Captain Shaddock, Jan 30, Portland R
Edge Forward, Jan 30, Sunland R
Miss Nobility, Jan 30, Sunland R
Waki’s Pride, Jan 30, Sunland R
Playboy Gold, Jan 31, Sunland S
Mrs Sport, Feb 1, Charles Town R (euthanized Mar 26)
Offlee Charmer, Feb 1, Penn R
Fiber Sonic, Feb 2, Penn T
My Dashing Corona, Feb 2, Sunland R
unidentified, Feb 3, unidentified Kentucky track S
Vim, Feb 3, Laurel R (euthanized Feb 4)
Sheri Sugar Rush, Feb 3, Turf R
Arrivano, Feb 4, Laurel R
Rocky Litigation, Feb 5, Turf T
Jeter, Feb 6, Aqueduct S
Barbwirebilly, Feb 6, Mahoning R
My Music, Feb 6, Parx R
Pay Or Play, Feb 6, Turf T
Watercross, Feb 7, Gulfstream R
Gussie’s Girl, Feb 8, Delta R
Jesnik’s Dream, Feb 8, Parx T
All Day Trip, Feb 9, Fair Grounds R
Glittering Justice, Feb 10, Penn T
yet-to-be-named, Feb 10, Turf T
Black Tornado, Feb 10, Turf R
Syndrome, Feb 11, Golden Gate R
Base Command, Feb 11, Gulfstream T
Ldn Dalaws Comment, Feb 11, Louisiana R
Teresita Gb, Feb 11, Turf T
Currency Rate, Feb 12, Gulfstream T
Running Cat, Feb 13, Penn T
Uncle Mike, Feb 13, Sam Houston T
Dragon Dread, Feb 14, Monticello S
Tribal Fighter, Feb 15, Santa Anita R
The Brick, Feb 15, Turfway R
Ladies Day, Feb 16, Belmont S
Industry Leader, Feb 16, Charles Town R
Unleash Him, Feb 16, Gulfstream R
Summer Gems, Feb 16, Laurel T
unidentified, Feb 16, Santa Anita T
Del Mar Darling, Feb 16, Santa Anita R
Custom Ridge, Feb 17, Delta R
Tutti Sanno, Feb 17, Tampa Bay R
Smoke N the Bottle, Feb 18, Tampa Bay T
The Spinmeister, Feb 18, Turf T
A Thousand Dreams, Feb 19, Meadows S
Keep Faith, Feb 19, Meadows T
Forever Just, Feb 19, Northfield R
Diligent Risk, Feb 20, Oaklawn T
Attempted Date, Feb 20, Sunland R
Brenda J, Feb 21, Charles Town R
A P’s Diana, Feb 21, Delta R
unidentified, Feb 21, Santa Anita S
This Is How U Roll, Feb 22, Sunland T
Game Piece, Feb 23, Los Alamitos R
Destiny’s Song, Feb 23, Tampa Bay R
Je Ne Sais Pas, Feb 24, Charles Town R (euthanized Feb 27)
Goliath’s Girl, Feb 24, Golden Gate R
Sistine Sista, Feb 24, Gulfstream R
Send It In, Feb 24, Gulfstream R
Paiges Magic Man, Feb 24, Mahoning R
Boom Boys, Feb 24, Rillito T
Tarzan On Fire, Feb 24, Sunland T
Great Selection, Feb 24, Turf R
Rum Therapy, Feb 25, Fonner T
Cimmaron Chief, Feb 25, Fonner R
Realwin, Feb 25, Rillito R
Shesapeach, Feb 25, Sunland R
Sunny Rithm, Feb 25, Sunland R
McCrafty, Feb 25, Sunland R
Awaken, Feb 25, Tampa Bay T
Jensen, Feb 28, Emerald S
Signature Data, Feb 28, Gulfstream T
Mission Awareness, Feb 28, Tampa Bay R
Mr. Padre, Feb 28, Turf R
unidentified, Feb 28, Turfway T
unidentified, Mar 1, Del Mar T
Silverado Mist, Mar 1, Santa Anita R
Cooper Leroy, Mar 1, Sunland S
Third Man In, Mar 2, Gulfstream R
Caladonia, Mar 2, Mahoning R
Move Bingham, Mar 2, Sunland T
Naevussquall, Mar 2, Sunland T
Melvinized, Mar 3, Rillito R
Boo Boo Bear, Mar 3, Turf R
You Decide, Mar 3, Turf R
Village Express, Mar 4, Gulfstream T
Cat From Iraq, Mar 4, Los Alamitos R
Coolidge, Mar 4, Turf R
Western Tryst, Mar 5, Mahoning R
Fearlessly Authentic, Mar 5, Sunland T
Ciaran, Mar 6, Belmont T
Crown N Royal Gal, Mar 6, Sunland T
Valiant Cheyenne, Mar 6, Sunland R
Evening Up, Mar 6, Turf R
Aubrey’s Mission, Mar 7, Delta R
Warren’s Tricia R., Mar 7, Mahoning R
Won Gold, Mar 7, Sam Houston T
Some Dandy, Mar 7, Sunland T
Leucosia, Mar 7, Tampa Bay T
Kafister, Mar 7, Turf T
The Hardy Boys, Mar 8, Remington T
A Fleet Attitude, Mar 10, Aqueduct R
Turbulent Power, Mar 10, Charles Town R
Gato Dolce, Mar 10, Laurel R
We Have a Favorite, Mar 10, Los Alamitos R
Every Intention, Mar 10, Meadowlands S
Chicks Fancy Me, Mar 10, Remington R
Wheres Hollywood, Mar 10, Rillito R
unidentified, Mar 10, Santa Anita T (euthanized Mar 13)
French Lyon, Mar 10, Sunland R
Motown Sound, Mar 11, Aqueduct R
Cash Ticket, Mar 11, Fair Grounds R
Ventina, Mar 11, Gulfstream R (euthanized Mar 12)
Dubai Bob, Mar 11, Gulfstream W T
Lassie’s Reward, Mar 11, Turf R
Troublewithatee, Mar 12, Mahoning R
Mourinho, Mar 12, Santa Anita T
Shelby’s Ideal, Mar 13, Monticello S
General Stryker, Mar 13, Sam Houston R
Triple Vodka Memorys, Mar 13, Turf T
Lawgiver Hanover, Mar 13, Yonkers R
Portent, Mar 14, Charles Town R
Lucy Love, Mar 14, Gulfstream S
B J’s K Town Girl, Mar 14, Gulfstream T (euthanized Mar 15)
Saphira’s Storm, Mar 14, Penn S
Threefortyfive, Mar 15, Aqueduct T (euthanized Mar 16)
Ellashoo, Mar 15, Fair Grounds R
Cleopatra’s Gold, Mar 15, Oaklawn R
Cash Broker, Mar 16, Fonner T
Irst, Mar 16, Mahoning R
Tiz a Par, Mar 16, Sam Houston R (euthanized May 22)
Joyco, Mar 16, Sunland R
Mr. Lou, Mar 16, Tampa Bay T
Tyler U, Mar 16, Tampa Bay T
Cash Prize, Mar 17, Golden Gate R
Coxswain, Mar 17, Gulfstream R
Southhampton Skye, Mar 17, Parx R
Onde Ah Mo, Mar 17, Santa Anita R
The Truth Or Else, Mar 17, Turfway R
Gemacho, Mar 18, Fair Grounds R
Shesashadylady, Mar 18, Fonner R
unidentified, Mar 18, Los Alamitos S
Boom Boom Bango, Mar 18, Santa Anita R
unidentified, Mar 12-Mar 18, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, Mar 12-Mar 18, Santa Anita R/T/S
Medicine Bundle, Mar 19, Emerald T
unidentified, Mar 19, Golden Gate S
Love Rules, Mar 19, Parx R
unidentified, Mar 19, Santa Anita T
Iron Strike, Mar 19, Sunland T
Tribal Table, Mar 20, Turf R
Bedlam, Mar 20, Will Rogers R
Real Love, Mar 21, Gulfstream T
Devilish P Js, Mar 21, Sam Houston S
Foxtrot Romeo, Mar 23, Golden Gate R
Bandits Glory, Mar 23, Laurel T
Dial Me In, Mar 23, Santa Anita R
Atizapan, Mar 24, Gulfstream R
Ready Poncho, Mar 24, Hawthorne T
You’re a Daisy, Mar 24, Los Alamitos R
Giles Fair, Mar 24, Parx R
Tf Carters Kick, Mar 24, Remington R
Admiral Alexis, Mar 25, Laurel T
Perfectmperfection, Mar 25, Oaklawn R
unidentified, Mar 26, Santa Anita T
Midnight With Luti, Mar 27, Parx T
Ize On Jasper, Mar 27, Sunland R
Little Jimmy B, Mar 29, Laurel T
Ike’s Prince, Mar 29, Sunland T
Tipitina, Mar 29, Yonkers R
Smart Knows Smart, Mar 30, Santa Anita R
Royal Easter Rose, Mar 30, Sunland R
unidentified, Mar 30, Turfway T
Ebony Warrior, Mar 31, Charles Town R (euthanized Apr 7)
Raging Regina, Mar 31, Laurel T
Getaway Car, Mar 31, Mahoning R
Snowber, Mar 31, Tampa Bay R
Morning Song, Apr 1, Gulfstream R
Russian Greek, Apr 2, Mahoning R
Pappy’s Pal, Apr 2, Yonkers R
You’llrememberwhen, Apr 3, Finger Lakes S
New Road, Apr 3, Parx R
Moon’s Melody, Apr 5, Parx T
Mookie, Apr 5, Parx T
Circle Once, Apr 5, Turf S
Anchor, Apr 6, Belmont S
Forint’s Castle, Apr 6, Charles Town S
Lucky Kentucky, Apr 6, Fonner R
Precious Move, Apr 6, Lone Star T
Chicks in Chains, Apr 6, Sunland R
Solomon, Apr 6, Turf S
Milo Milo, Apr 7, Aqueduct R (euthanized Apr 9)
Sterling Justicia, Apr 7, Charles Town T
Part of the Plan, Apr 7, Emerald S
Star Guitarist, Apr 7, Evangeline R
Maydaymaydaymayday, Apr 7, Golden Gate T
Nite Goggles, Apr 7, Hawthorne T
Fico Score, Apr 7, Sunland R
Joshuasistheway, Apr 9, Turf T
Mister Bree, Apr 9, Will Rogers R
Celestial Image, Apr 10, Mahoning R
Chief Kitten, Apr 10, Parx T
Magical Memory, Apr 10, Tampa Bay T
Clooney Drummond, Apr 11, Buffalo R
More Stones, Apr 11, Charles Town R
unidentified, Apr 11, Golden Gate T (euthanized Apr 12)
unidentified, Apr 11, unidentified Kentucky track T
Lastofthe Moniqns, Apr 11, Mahoning T
Fancy Is My Name, Apr 11, Penn T
Arabian Queen, Apr 11, Tampa Bay R
Enders Cat, Apr 12, Gulfstream W T
D C Nine, Apr 12, Keeneland R
Baby Spencer, Apr 12, Lone Star T
yet-to-be-named, Apr 12, Palm Meadows (FL) T
Valerie Victoria, Apr 12, Penn R
Overdraft, Apr 13, Aqueduct R (euthanized Jun 3)
Marmello, Apr 13, Keeneland R
unidentified, Apr 13, Santa Anita T
Hazel Ann I Am, Apr 14, Keeneland R
Sticksandbricks, Apr 14, Laurel T
Ice On the Severn, Apr 14, Laurel R
Tango Delta, Apr 14, Laurel R
Queen Otaheite, Apr 14, Lone Star T
North Ocean, Apr 14, Parx R
Sicilian Star, Apr 14, Turf T
Katillac Charm, Apr 14, Will Rogers R
My Sweet Emma, Apr 15, Santa Anita R
Hennessy Whisper, Apr 15, Sunland R
Rockin Finish, Apr 17, Miami Valley R
unidentified, Apr 18, Indiana S
unidentified (probably Jacob of Tarville or Justanotherbird), Apr 18, Indiana R
She’s Spoiled, Apr 18, Parx T
Secret Endeavor, Apr 19, Charles Town S
Act of Heroism, Apr 19, Hawthorne R
Native Jaylo, Apr 20, Golden Gate R (died Apr 22)
unidentified, Apr 20, Indiana T
unidentified, Apr 20, Indiana T
unidentified, Apr 20, unidentified Kentucky track T
Carulli, Apr 20, Los Alamitos R
Smoke’n Go, Apr 20, Penn T
E’normous, Apr 20, Penn R
Bee Boppin Baby, Apr 20, Prairie S
Ride This Train, Apr 20, Remington R
Xten, Apr 20, Santa Anita T
Laguna Dream, Apr 21, Gulfstream T
Bullards Alley, Apr 21, Keeneland R
Ten Blessings, Apr 21, Santa Anita R
Who Am I Now, Apr 21, Sunray R
Ek Co Co, Apr 21, Sunray R
Buildem Fast, Apr 21, Sunray R
Twas Nero, Apr 22, Gulfstream R
Ganesh, Apr 22, Palm Meadows (FL) T
Quick Study, Apr 22, Prairie S
Seminole Charlie, Apr 22, Tampa Bay R
Up Front Out the Door, Apr 23, Miami Valley R
Start a War, Apr 24, Lone Star S
Bs Cartel, Apr 24, Remington S
Glendo, Apr 25, Prairie T
Bm Cartel, Apr 27, Sunray R
Yosemite Camn, Apr 28, Buffalo R
Beware of the Wave, Apr 28, Charles Town T
My Gal Sarah, Apr 28, Fonner T
Js Chickenchit, Apr 28, Remington S
Elite Five, Apr 28, Sam Houston R
Tiz Rolly, Apr 28, Turf R
Runningunninrascal, Apr 29, Lone Star R
Oh My Gravy, Apr 29, Prairie R
Hatter’s Run, Apr 29, Thistledown T
Mr Dynasty, Apr 29, Turf T
Fighter Gone Wild, Apr 29, Turf R
Tap On a Star, Apr 30, Turf R
Guns Loaded, May 1, Churchill R
Windsor’s Sunshine, May 2, Charles Town S
Aztec Lion, May 2, Churchill R
Damthaluck, May 2, Delta R
Transformative, May 2, Prairie S
Belt High, May 3, Belmont T
Indulgent Tythings, May 3, Lone Star T
Top Street, May 3, Penn R
unidentified, May 3, Santa Anita T
Pappi Juan, May 5, Tampa Bay T
Lidy Peak, May 5, Turf S
Desert Affair, May 6, Belmont R
unidentified, May 6, Hoosier S
Doeseedoe, May 6, Santa Cruz R
A Spring Snow, May 6, Sunray R
Hard Left, May 7, Tampa Bay T
White Lightning, May 8, Monmouth T
unidentified, May 9, Los Alamitos T
Bella Sierra, May 10, Santa Anita R
Colony Strike, May 11, Churchill R
Southern Temptation, May 11, Delta R
Blackhawk Beauty, May 11, Golden Gate R
Derby Day Mermaid, May 11, Presque Isle T
Bound to Windsor, May 12, Charles Town R
Bubbassecondchance, May 12, Evangeline R
unidentified, May 12, Hoosier R
unidentified (probably Halfway Decent), May 12, Indiana R
Exclusive Package, May 12, Monmouth S
Jazz One Lady, May 12, Remington R
Beaus Famous, May 12, Sam Houston R
Hold On Hattie, May 13, Belterra R
Defiant Red, May 13, Lone Star T
Revolutionize, May 13, Lone Star R
The Berber, May 14, Finger Lakes T
Maine Edition, May 14, Penn T
Rachel’s Warrior, May 14, Presque Isle S
Prime Number, May 14, Presque Isle R
Formal Summation, May 15, Delaware S
Paradise Lost, May 15, Harrington R
Steve Says No, May 15, Monmouth T
Frazier Double, May 16, Evangeline R
Colonel Crawford, May 17, Pimlico R
Terry O Geri, May 18, Belmont S
Raegen Harper, May 18, Prairie R
Morenita, May 18, Presque Isle S
Run Rate, May 18, Saratoga T (euthanized Jun 7)
Lost Creek, May 19, Arlington T
unidentified, May 19, Churchill T
A Bag of Money, May 19, Churchill R
Half Grey, May 19, Gulfstream R
Dreaming of Jo Jo, May 19, Gulfstream R
Fast Munny, May 19, Santa Anita R
Sharp Skirt, May 20, Lone Star S
Colonial Kendra, May 20, Lone Star R
The Ranch, May 20, Lone Star R
Minnie Delite Df, May 20, Miles City R
Kingofdarkness, May 20, Pocatello R
Inseperable Ruby, May 20, Remington R
yet-to-be-named, May 20, Timonium T
Baby Lightweight, May 21, Finger Lakes S
Ollygundon, May 23, Belterra T
unidentified, May 23, unidentified Kentucky track T
Put It Back Jack, May 23, Thistledown R
Mark My Style, May 24, Belmont T
Turf Prince, May 24, Charles Town R
Awesome On Feet, May 24, Gulfstream R
yet-to-be-named, May 24, Monmouth S
Awesome Alma, May 24, Pimlico R
Mile Street, May 24, Presque Isle R
unidentified, May 25, unidentified Kentucky track T
Street Passage, May 26, Fair Hill R
Betterbringuragame, May 26, Parx T
Lovelily, May 27, Churchill R
Bird Orr Brady, May 27, Lone Star R
Karmakaze, May 27, Parx R
Last Pain Gl, May 27, Remington R
unidentified, May 23-May 28, Golden Gate T
unidentified, May 28, unidentified Kentucky track T
Right On the Nose, May 28, Remington R
Major Hit, May 29, Thistledown R
Mr Louisiana Chrome, May 30, Delta R
unidentified, May 30, Golden Gate T
My Pal Archie, May 30, Mountaineer R
Un Bandido, May 30, Thistledown T
Sargent, May 31, Gulfstream S
Hokie Fever, May 31, Penn T
Magnum Moon, Jun, Belmont T (euthanized Oct 4, 2019)
Selway, Jun 1, Arapahoe R
Califo Cat, Jun 1, Golden Gate R
unidentified, Jun 1, Indiana T
Seward’s Gift, Jun 1, Lone Star R
Cow Town Coyote, Jun 1, Palm Meadows (FL) T
Sea Boss, Jun 1, Parx T
Tasmania, Jun 2, Belterra R
Good Morning Lou, Jun 2, Penn T
Felony Pursuit, Jun 2, Prairie S
Special Candy High, Jun 2, Remington R
unidentified, Jun 2, San Luis Rey T
unidentified, Jun 2, Santa Anita S
Waya Ed, Jun 2, Santa Anita R
unidentified, Jun 3, Golden Gate T
unidentified, Jun 3, Golden Gate T
Pray for Bourbon, Jun 3, Monmouth R
Proud Hunter, Jun 3, Prairie T
Cash Poor, Jun 3, Saratoga Harness R
Simply Tizway, Jun 4, Parx R
El Heroe, Jun 4, Penn T
unidentified, Jun 5, unidentified Kentucky track T
Eight Da Hardway, Jun 5, Parx T
Fairway Tom, Jun 6, Finger Lakes S
unidentified, Jun 6, Indiana T
Montauk, Jun 7, Belmont T
Amada Rafaela, Jun 7, Santa Anita R
Custom Paint Job, Jun 8, Evangeline R
See Omega, Jun 8, Fair Meadows R
My Erin, Jun 9, Belterra R
Going Noble, Jun 9, Delta R
Oasis Wells, Jun 9, Emerald R
unidentified, Jun 9, Hoosier R
Bring the Action, Jun 9, Horsemen’s R
Sugar Foot, Jun 9, Monmouth S
Seasoned Saint, Jun 9, Yonkers R
Dauns First Desirio, Jun 10, Arapahoe R (died at hospital next day)
Bad Game, Jun 10, Harrah’s R
Divine Order, Jun 10, Monmouth S
Valhalla, Jun 10, Mountaineer T
O’Kelly, Jun 10, Mountaineer R (euthanized Jun 11)
Ok Braveheart, Jun 10, Ocean R
Left Out, Jun 10, Ruidoso R
Frankentap (probably sic), Jun 11, Lone Star T
Zinger’s Winner, Jun 11, Pocono S
Bank Account, Jun 12, Fairmount R
Schomberg, Jun 12, Finger Lakes T
Cha Cha Charlie, Jun 12, Louisiana R
Black Lexus Star, Jun 13, Delta R
unidentified, Jun 13, Indiana S
Permanent Campaign, Jun 13, Mountaineer T
Ripped, Jun 13, Parx T
unidentified, Jun 13, Penn T
Winning Edge, Jun 13, Thistledown R
Classy Cara, Jun 14, Belmont T
Hundred On the Dash, Jun 14, Ruidoso T
unidentified, Jun 14, Santa Anita T
Big O’s Tavern, Jun 15, Arlington R
One Smart Fdd, Jun 15, Delta R
Another Grey, Jun 15, Prairie S
[illegible name], Jun 15, Ruidoso T
Navy Aviator, Jun 16, Charles Town R (euthanized Jul 2)
Big Kid, Jun 16, Golden Gate T
unidentified, Jun 16, Golden Gate T
unidentified, Jun 16, Los Alamitos T
Tea Party Diva, Jun 16, Meadows S
Freeze the Account, Jun 17, Belmont R
Bet the Harbor, Jun 17, Emerald T
Digits, Jun 17, Gulfstream R
Kristina Nag Ulera, Jun 17, Lone Star T
Secret Voodoo, Jun 17, Prairie R
Hopes Genuine Effort, Jun 17, Ruidoso R
Tiffany Diamond, Jun 17, Santa Anita R
Mr. Euro, Jun 18, Delaware R
Sweet Ms. Lynn, Jun 18, Mountaineer R
Devious Chic (could be sic), Jun 18, Parx T
Run Juja Run, Jun 19, Finger Lakes R (euthanized Jun 27)
unidentified, Jun 19, unidentified Kentucky track T
Baccarat Dream, Jun 20, Delaware T
unidentified, Jun 20, unidentified Kentucky track T
Asian Trick, Jun 20, Laurel T
Loaded Dynamite, Jun 20, Louisiana R
El Chiflado, Jun 20, Thistledown R
Goodrockingirl, Jun 21, Evangeline R
Mary Pray for Us, Jun 21, Finger Lakes R
unidentified, Jun 21, Ruidoso T
Its Gonna Happen, Jun 22, Ruidoso S
Peeta, Jun 22, Ruidoso R
New Pass, Jun 23, Belmont R
Killer Fast, Jun 23, Chippewa R
Moonin for Diamonds, Jun 23, Delta R
Fddapache, Jun 23, Fair Meadows R
Head Hunter, Jun 23, Monmouth R
Dashing Roja, Jun 23, Pleasanton R
Battle of Dunkirk, Jun 23, Penn R
R Swift Taylor, Jun 24, Gulfstream W T
Royal Pass, Jun 24, Laurel R
Untrapped, Jun 25, unidentified Kentucky track S
Luzinski, Jun 27, Belmont R
Mda Hezareal Holland, Jun 27, Delta R
Phantom Flyer, Jun 27, Golden Gate T
The Checotah Kid, Jun 28, Canterbury R
First Corona Prize, Jun 28, Delta R
Spring Special, Jun 28, Prairie S
unidentified, Jun 28, Santa Anita S
Cougar Cowboy, Jun 29, Arapahoe S
Frensham, Jun 29, Belterra R
Citizen Sam, Jun 29, Emerald R
Exotic Sin, Jun 29, Evangeline R
Blame It On Ashlee, Jun 29, Gulfstream T
Real Reality, Jun 29, Ruidoso R
Clever Thunder, Jun 30, Belterra R
Payntermaniac, Jun 30, Churchill R
Noregretsfornow, Jun 30, Delaware R
Imperial Legacy, Jun 30, Los Alamitos R
So First N Famous, Jun 30, Ruidoso T
Thisgirlwearsprada, Jun 30, Ruidoso R
First Prize Choice, Jun 30, Wyoming R
Dominance Period, Jul 1, Arapahoe R
Captain Pedro, Jul 1, Pocono R
Brindis Secret Life, Jul 1, Wyoming S
Fooled Again, Jul 1, Wyoming R
Nicos Way, Jul 2, Mountaineer T
Workerbee, Jul 2, Presque Isle S
Chanted, Jul 3, Golden Gate S
unidentified, Jul 3, Golden Gate R/T
Yates, Jul 3, Gulfstream S
unidentified, Jul 3, Hoosier R
Dig That Mine, Jul 3, Parx T
Titfortat, Jul 4, Arapahoe S
Black Angel, Jul 4, Arlington S
Unbridled Gift, Jul 4, Delaware R (euthanized Jul 13)
Rlr Ultimate Corona, Jul 4, Delta R
Flashy Trick, Jul 4, Ellis R
Dream Host, Jul 4, Finger Lakes R
Magic Mark, Jul 4, Los Alamitos R
Planned Escape, Jul 4, Thistledown R
Kelly Kip, Jul 5, Fair Meadows R
unidentified, Jul 5, unidentified Kentucky track T
Summer King, Jul 5, Prairie R
Glitter n’ Jazz, Jul 5, Presque Isle S
Algo First, Jul 6, Ellis R
Rodeo Blues, Jul 6, Prairie S
Vivvid, Jul 6, Retama R
Preachers Money, Jul 7, Arapahoe R
Gins and Giggles, Jul 7, Arapahoe R
Sully’s Dream, Jul 7, Arlington R (euthanized Jul 12)
Somewhere Outthere, Jul 7, Charles Town R
Super Derecho, Jul 7, Ellis R
Locomotion, Jul 7, Ellis R
Kaylees Krazy Fury, Jul 7, Fair Meadows R
David’s Elaine, Jul 7, Finger Lakes R
Marathon Boy, Jul 7, Monmouth R
Our First Secret, Jul 7, Ruidoso R
Presumptuous, Jul 7, Saratoga T
Anatevka, Jul 7, Suffolk R
Abit Cranky, Jul 7, Wyoming R
Seared, Jul 8, Los Alamitos R
Shezaffirmedbeauty, Jul 8, Ruidoso S
unidentified, Jul 8, Santa Anita T
Desert Safari, Jul 8, Suffolk R
unidentified, Jul 9, Ellis T
unidentified, Jul 9, Ellis T
Stella’s Honor, Jul 9, Louisiana R
Oh So Quick, Jul 10, Mountaineer R
Blondie Girl, Jul 10, Parx T
Dashn Regard, Jul 10, Ruidoso S
unidentified, Jul 11, Ellis T
unidentified, Jul 11, Indiana T
Fadelza, Jul 12, Gulfstream T
Flashing Queen Bud (probably sic), Jul 12, Ruidoso T
Rebel Rithms, Jul 13, Delaware S
Midnight Salsa, Jul 13, Palm Meadows (FL) T
Storm Dust, Jul 13, Ruidoso R
Chatter Pattern, Jul 14, Charles Town R (euthanized Jul 20)
D’cruisin Patrona, Jul 14, Evangeline R
Minor Legend, Jul 14, Laurel R
Kaitain, Jul 14, Laurel R (euthanized Jul 21)
Seein Starz, Jul 14, Los Alamitos R (euthanized Jul 16)
Bookofmatches, Jul 14, Los Alamitos R
unidentified, Jul 14, Santa Anita T
Defenestration, Jul 15, Laurel T
Markeesa, Jul 15, Laurel R
Amigo, Jul 15, Laurel R
Naughtycitydancer, Jul 15, Lone Star T
Oliver’s Bull, Jul 15, Prairie R
Ms Dale Gilr, Jul 15, Ruidoso R
Cd Otta Be Proud, Jul 15, Wyoming R
Loyal Soldier, Jul 15, Wyoming R
yet-to-be-named, Jul 17, Charles Town T
Mud in Yer Eye, Jul 17, Palm Meadows (FL) T
Jess a Dash to Fame, Jul 18, Albuquerque R
Wild Lil Rebel, Jul 18, Louisiana R
Royal Disturbance, Jul 19, Fair Meadows R
Eyesonthepreacher, Jul 19, Lone Star R
Early Bid, Jul 19, Lone Star R (died 24 hours later)
Sound Values, Jul 19, Parx T
El Gran Noel, Jul 19, Penn S
Ask Alex, Jul 20, Arlington T
Larry Rocks, Jul 20, Arlington R
Lucky’s Pass, Jul 20, Indiana R
Im Ur Cutie Pie, Jul 20, Los Alamitos R (euthanized Jul 21)
Zuellas Heat, Jul 20, Ruidoso R
Patriot Song, Jul 21, Ellis R
She Walks On Water, Jul 21, Emerald R
Alpha Nine, Jul 21, Fair Meadows R
Run for President, Jul 21, Gillespie R
Cadillac Express, Jul 21, Golden Gate T
Ounce Hanover, Jul 21, Northville R
Lady Jodie Perry, Jul 21, Ruidoso T
Flyin Hi Class, Jul 21, Ruidoso R
Star Quest, Jul 22, Arlington R (found dead next morning)
Bobby Abu Dhabi, Jul 22, Del Mar T
Gavinator, Jul 22, Emerald R
Archie’s Revenge, Jul 22, Laurel R
Livid Luke, Jul 22, Monticello S
Kamila, Jul 22, Ruidoso R
Dashin Country Honey, Jul 22, Wyoming R
unidentified, Jul 23, Ellis T
Passel, Jul 24, Monmouth T
My Giant, Jul 25, Delaware R
Oso Strong, Jul 25, Golden Gate T
Street Heat, Jul 25, Parx T
Heartspoke, Jul 25, Saratoga R
Gallo de Oro, Jul 26, Delaware R
Lucky Lucky Liam, Jul 26, Penn R
Black Gargola, Jul 27, Arapahoe R
unidentified, Jul 27, Ellis T
Emerald Candy, Jul 27, Emerald R
unidentified, Jul 27, Los Alamitos T
Citi’s Barometer, Jul 27, Penn R
Intrepid Humor, Jul 28, Arlington T
Calculated Chaos, Jul 28, Emerald R
Menorah Lora, Jul 28, Laurel R
Provodnikov, Jul 28, Los Alamitos R (euthanized Jul 30)
Favorite Dividend, Jul 28, Ruidoso R
Macho Citizen, Jul 28, Saratoga R
Skidazzle, Jul 29, Golden Gate T
Unusual Kiddy, Jul 29, Los Alamitos R
unidentified, Jul 27-Jul 29, Los Alamitos R/T
unidentified, Jul 29, Ellis T
Enlisted Man, Jul 29, Ellis R
Charlonique, Jul 30, Belmont T
Parapente, Jul 30, Delaware R
My Flying Dragon, Jul 30, Finger Lakes S
Maddie’s Revenge, Jul 30, Finger Lakes R
Dominator Sr, Jul 30, Retama S
Hamburg Gig, Jul 30, Retama S
RB CREED, Jul 30, Retama S
Mountain Lips V, Jul 30, Ruidoso S
Chicago Sally, Jul 31, Monmouth T
Mairis, Aug 1, Delaware R
unidentified, Aug 1, Indiana T
Frosty Gal, Aug 1, Saratoga S
Love Is All, Aug 2, Penn R
Smooth Stone, Aug 2, Presque Isle R (euthanized Sep 10)
Magold Cartel (probably sic), Aug 2, Ruidoso S
unidentified, Aug 3, Indiana R
Crimson Secret, Aug 3, Penn R
Jett Bound, Aug 3, Prairie S
C Red Illusion, Aug 3, Retama R (found dead next morning)
Judy’s Givenangel, Aug 3, Ruidoso R
Half Ready, Aug 4, Arlington T
Irish Spring, Aug 4, Del Mar R
Sweet Betty, Aug 4, Ellis R
unidentified, Aug 4, Los Alamitos T
C R B Eyes, Aug 4, Retama R
Ruths Favorite, Aug 4, Wyoming R
Giant Breeze, Aug 5, Arlington R
Cruzin in Style, Aug 5, Emerald R
Charming Ruler, Aug 5, Emerald R (euthanized Aug 9)
unidentified, Aug 2-Aug 5, Los Alamitos R/T
Rewired, Aug 5, Santa Rosa R
Your Flys Down, Aug 5, Wyoming R
Gabriella, Aug 6, Belmont T
Master Manipulator, Aug 6, Saratoga S
unidentified, Aug 7, Indiana T
Abby’s Aava, Aug 7, Indiana R
Las Vegas Storm, Aug 7, Retama R
unidentified, Aug 8, Del Mar T
unidentified, Aug 8, Del Mar T
My Perfect Gem, Aug 8, Finger Lakes R
Beta Phone, Aug 8, Retama T
Rojo Pita, Aug 8, Retama R
Oh Dear Lord, Aug 9, Prairie R
Have to Go, Aug 9, Prairie R
Mobiledixie, Aug 11, Arapahoe R
Get Mad Gracie, Aug 11, Fairmount R
Lady Arya, Aug 12, Belterra R
Lucy’s Eclipse, Aug 12, Emerald S
Separteen, Aug 12, Wyoming R
Triple Dog Dare, Aug 13, Arlington T
T a Senator, Aug 13, Prairie S
Gingerbread House, Aug 14, Charles Town T
Jonas G., Aug 14, Louisiana R
Dallas Seelster, Aug 14, Northfield R
Diamond Don, Aug 15, Penn T
Senators Dreams, Aug 16, Fair Grounds R
Amplify, Aug 16, Laurel R
Fortune Hunter, Aug 17, Monmouth S
Magic Mangus, Aug 17, Monmouth R (euthanized Aug 31)
Fire Warrior, Aug 17, Palm Meadows (FL) T
Highway Run, Aug 17, Penn T
Sunnysyde, Aug 17, Ruidoso R
Biz Boss, Aug 17, Saratoga T
Gata’s Applause, Aug 18, Monmouth R
Nice for What, Aug 18, Palm Meadows (FL) T
Rise Above It, Aug 18, Thistledown R
Brook’s Biz, Aug 18, White Pine R
Happy Andyversary, Aug 19, Harrah’s R
Mullet Blue Chip, Aug 19, Harrah’s R
Bountiful Desert, Aug 19, Golden Gate T
Corona for Tres, Aug 19, Ruidoso R
Banco Negro, Aug 20, Gulfstream T
True to His Word, Aug 20, Penn S
Indifference, Aug 20, Saratoga T
Geremel Hanover, Aug 21, Plainridge R
unidentified, Aug 16-Aug 22, Del Mar R/T
unidentified, Aug 22, Indiana T
Readyreadygo, Aug 24, Charles Town S
Jls Shes Sassy, Aug 24, Fair Grounds R
Going for the Wire, Aug 24, Golden Gate T
Tiz a Trill, Aug 24, Laurel T
unidentified, Aug 24, Los Alamitos S
Zeppo, Aug 24, Los Alamitos R
Power Dragon, Aug 24, Ruidoso R
Off Road, Aug 25, Delaware R
unidentified, Aug 25, Del Mar T
unidentified, Aug 25, unidentified Kentucky track T
Seven Oh Three, Aug 25, Palm Meadows (FL) T
Desert Jack, Aug 25, Ruidoso R
First Attempt, Aug 26, Arlington T
Tootsonine, Aug 26, Belterra T
unidentified, Aug 24-Aug 26, Los Alamitos R/T
Southbound Storm, Aug 26, Ruidoso R
Summer Runner, Aug 26, Ruidoso R
Bowie, Aug 26, Saratoga R
Coverallyourbases, Aug 27, Delaware R
unidentified, Aug 27, Del Mar S
Check My Pulse, Aug 27, Monticello R
Mischief Maker, Aug 28, Tioga T
unidentified, Aug 29, Indiana T
Euro Green, Aug 29, Remington R
Thunderbird Wings, Aug 30, Finger Lakes S
Swift One, Aug 30, Finger Lakes T
unidentified, Aug 30, Los Alamitos T
Wild Chieftain, Aug 31, Canterbury R
Im Insatiable Too, Aug 31, Emerald R
unidentified, Aug 31, unidentified Kentucky track T
Chocolate Bourbon, Aug 31, Monmouth R
Mr Reed Ricks, Aug 31, Ruidoso R
Reaching Jupiter, Aug 31, Sweetwater R
Cleo’s Reign, early Sep, Finger Lakes T (euthanized Sep 13)
Ready for Rye, Sep, Saratoga S
Az Dreamer, Sep 1, Emerald R
Whispering Justice, Sep 1, Indiana R
Wicked Moves, Sep 1, Ruidoso R
Distinguished Lad, Sep 1, Ruidoso R
unidentified, Sep 1, San Luis Rey T
Ava Atticus, Sep 2, Arlington R (euthanized Sep 4)
Incense, Sep 2, Belterra T
Gotanorangecrush, Sep 2, Belterra R
Mz Brown, Sep 2, Del Mar R
Dazzlin Tom, Sep 2, Louisiana R
Vivid Image, Sep 2, Monmouth R
Dionysus, Sep 2, Mountaineer R
Mizz Wizz, Sep 3, Elko R
unidentified, Sep 4, Golden Gate S
Victory’s Idol, Sep 4, Monmouth T
Prince Isaac, Sep 4, Retama R
Love Ya Honey, Sep 4, Retama R (euthanized Sep 5)
Royal Blessing, Sep 4, Saratoga S
Dana’s Ride, Sep 5, Gulfstream T
Pay My Feed Bill, Sep 5, Thistledown R
Valley Child, Sep 6, Los Alamitos T
Chazelle, Sep 6, Penn S
Northernstreetgal, Sep 7, Belmont S
C J Pro, Sep 7, Black Foot R
Pepe the Legend, Sep 7, Emerald R
Hangem High, Sep 7, Fair Grounds R
Quaff, Sep 8, Belmont T
Flight Crew, Sep 8, Delaware S
Chattel, Sep 8, Kentucky R
Bronson, Sep 8, Kentucky R
It Behooves Me, Sep 8, Penn T
Cool Breeze De Vie, Sep 8, Tioga R
Daddy Duke, Sep 9, Golden Gate R
unidentified, Sep 7-Sep 9, Los Alamitos R/T
Gold On Tap, Sep 9, Portland S
Cruzin Wrangler, Sep 9, Prairie R
Justa Minyun, Sep 9, Prairie R
Chloes Smoke N Fame, Sep 9, Sweetwater R
Df Painted Pilot, Sep 9, Will Rogers R
Sahara Storm, Sep 10, Gulfstream S
Empire Blue, Sep 11, Mountaineer R
unidentified, Sep 12, Hoosier T
El Monje Loco, Sep 12, Indiana R
unidentified, Sep 12, unidentified Kentucky track T
A Special Faith, Sep 12, Louisiana R
Storm the Channel, Sep 12, Portland T
Hurricane Hank, Sep 13, Arlington R
X Tra Real, Sep 13, Pimlico T
Business Expense, Sep 13, Saratoga T
Lofty Cause, Sep 14, Emerald R
Alcuin, Sep 14, Gulfstream R
Crafty Estate, Sep 14, Laurel R
Simpson, Sep 14, Laurel R
Menehune, Sep 15, Gulfstream T
unidentified, Sep 15, unidentified Kentucky track T
Ever Special, Sep 16, Emerald R
Dudacity, Sep 16, Gulfstream R
unidentified, Sep 16, unidentified Kentucky track T
Just a Farmer, Sep 16, Parx R
Hard Study, Sep 16, Saratoga T (euthanized Sep 18)
M K’s Delight, Sep 16, Suffolk S
Phil’s Cocktail, Sep 17, Thistledown R
unidentified, Sep 18, unidentified Kentucky track T
Bye Bye Bentley, Sep 19, Charles Town T
unidentified, Sep 19, Indiana R
G P’s Girl, Sep 20, Arlington R
Ricochet Bay, Sep 20, Churchill R
Black Kiko, Sep 20, Penn T
El Chavo, Sep 20, Penn T
Loose, Sep 21, Belmont R
Catcher, Sep 21, Charles Town R (euthanized Sep 22)
Conquest Hiosilver, Sep 21, Churchill R
Thirstycountrygirl, Sep 22, Charles Town S
Medlin, Sep 22, Churchill R
Johnny Jean, Sep 22, Will Rogers R
Altai, Sep 23, Arlington T
Lilt, Sep 23, Churchill R
Civil, Sep 24, Charles Town S
You Know Too, Sep 24, Delaware R (euthanized Oct 1)
unidentified, Sep 24, Indiana S
unidentified, Sep 24, unidentified Kentucky track T
Blame Logan, Sep 24, Louisiana R
Maderno, Sep 24, Monmouth T
Obscene Britches, Sep 24, Mountaineer R
Forbade, Sep 24, Saratoga T
City Pie, Sep 25, Plainridge R (euthanized Sep 27)
unidentified, Sep 25, Santa Anita T (euthanized Sep 29)
Puturseatbelton, Sep 26, Delaware T
Benny Special, Sep 26, Indiana R
Cheray, Sep 26, Indiana R
Kieran Street, Sep 27, Finger Lakes R
Cosmic Outlaw, Sep 27, Gulfstream T
Coach’s Dream, Sep 28, Churchill R
Ta Ta Nomoro, Sep 28, Remington R
Windy Cape, Sep 29, Belterra R
Martha Rose, Sep 29, Belterra R
Category Two, Sep 29, Charles Town R
Fueledbydrama, Sep 29, Gulfstream T
Outback Bob, Sep 29, Gulfstream T
Two Step Blues, Sep 29, Gulfstream T
Shades of Grey, Sep 29, Meadowlands R (euthanized Oct 1)
Aqua Bel Sar, Sep 30, Belmont T
Skrilla, Sep 30, Pimlico T
unidentified, Sep 24-Sep 30, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury T
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury T
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury T
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury S
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury S
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury S
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury S
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury S
A True Giant, early Oct, Belmont T (euthanized Oct 28)
Triple Black Jack, Oct 1, Charles Town S
Casual Honor (probably sic), Oct 1, Monmouth S
R Secret Life, Oct 2, Gulfstream T
Claret Jug, Oct 4, Remington R
Landbank, Oct 4, Remington R
Pennsyltucky Lilly, Oct 5, Charles Town R
Matthew’s Thunder, Oct 5, Hawthorne R
unidentified, Oct 5, Keeneland R
Straight Tequila, Oct 5, Laurel R
Rubys Fire, Oct 5, Laurel R
Pianito Alluring Way, Oct 5, Lone Star R
Put It Forward, Oct 5, Penn R
Hiclass Return, Oct 5, Prairie R
Panchester United, Oct 5, Saratoga Harness R
Charnley River, Oct 6, Finger Lakes R
G S Wintermeyer, Oct 6, Los Alamitos R
Geaux Beaux, Oct 6, Palm Meadows (FL) T
Full of Charge, Oct 6, Parx R (euthanized Oct 7)
St. Barts, Oct 6, Saratoga T
Distance Deal, Oct 6, Will Rogers R
Top This Prize, Oct 6, Zia R
Carradine, Oct 7, Finger Lakes S
unidentified, Oct 5-Oct 7, Los Alamitos R/T
Greed Is Good, Oct 7, Parx R
Coracrevi Team, Oct 8, Gulfstream W S
Fusil de Chasse, Oct 9, Gulfstream T
unidentified, Oct 9, Santa Anita T
Tiza Fine Fella, Oct 9, Zia R
K’s Cabernet, Oct 10, Aqueduct T
Swell Chap, Oct 10, Meadows R
Lazy Daisy May, Oct 10, Mountaineer R
Shamrock Green, Oct 11, Charles Town R
Kaige Fighter, Oct 11, Prairie R
Field Sense, Oct 12, Finger Lakes S
Queen of Credit, Oct 12, Gulfstream W R
Cute as a Button, Oct 12, Penn R
Hooligan, Oct 12, Will Rogers R
Buffum’s Belle, Oct 13, Charles Town R (euthanized Oct 17)
unidentified, Oct 13, unidentified Kentucky track T
Ls Prince, Oct 13, Prairie R
Tactical Miss, Oct 13, Remington R
Financing Dreams, Oct 13, Thistledown R
Miss Technicality, Oct 14, Belmont T
Tell You What, Oct 14, Belmont R
Prospectively, Oct 14, Gulfstream W R
unidentified, Oct 14, unidentified Kentucky track T
Inorbit, Oct 14, Laurel T
unidentified, Oct 12-Oct 14, Los Alamitos R/T
Jess Pure Class, Oct 14, Turf R
Sweet Reef, Oct 15, Monmouth T
Love Rules All, Oct 15, Mountaineer S
I Like Dreamin, Oct 16, Harrah’s R
Looking At You, Oct 16, Mountaineer R
Next Dance, Oct 17, Keeneland R
Tiz Hot, Oct 17, Thistledown R
Little Poncho, Oct 18, Charles Town R (euthanized Oct 19)
American Diplomat, Oct 18, Delaware S
Flirtin N Flashin, Oct 18, Finger Lakes R
Beau Square, Oct 18, Santa Anita R
Blixt, Oct 19, Charles Town R
Redtoprollen, Oct 19, Indiana R
Dixieland Grand, Oct 20, Delta R
Top Man Michael, Oct 20, Far Hills R
Vic the Boss, Oct 20, Hawthorne R
Any Court Inastorm, Oct 20, Parx R
Bitz and a Chair, Oct 20, Turf R
Semper Frey, Oct 21, Hawthorne T
Jl Separate Treasure, Oct 21, Will Rogers R
Ice Princess Emily, Oct 23, Mountaineer R
Twin Deuce, Oct 24, Hawthorne R
unidentified, Oct 24, Hoosier R
Argentum Puteus, Oct 24, Mountaineer R (euthanized Oct 30)
Mp Cheerful Boy, Oct 25, Evangeline R
Love Poochie Loo, Oct 25, Finger Lakes S
Royal Six Shooter, Oct 25, Penn R
Fistfulloffite, Oct 25, Remington R (euthanized Oct 31)
unidentified, Oct 25, Santa Anita T
Rahy’s Bandit, Oct 26, Belmont T
Kate’s Cat, Oct 26, Hawthorne R
Gamezapper, Oct 26, Los Alamitos R
E Licious, Oct 26, Penn R
Okie Debutante, Oct 26, Remington R
Tariq, Oct 26, Santa Anita T
Lockupthebourbon, Oct 27, Charles Town T
Shakethenickelbush, Oct 27, Charles Town R (euthanized Oct 30)
KJ Henry Michael, Oct 27, Monticello S
Jesfixinto, Oct 27, Will Rogers R
unidentified, Oct 22-Oct 28, Santa Anita R/T/S
Racin Blue Jean, Oct 28, Turf R
Hashtag Fast, Oct 28, Will Rogers S
Sing For Me George, Oct 29, Pompano T
unidentified, Oct 29, Santa Anita S
Impulse Buy, Oct 30, Monmouth T
Fever Gone (probably sic), Oct 30, Parx T
Memphis Mobster, Oct 30, Portland R
Gasaway, Oct 31, Churchill R
Del Mar Bert, Oct 31, Hawthorne T
Raven’s Sonde, Nov 1, Charles Town R
Bay Dawn, Nov 2, Charles Town R (euthanized Nov 3)
Prima Storm, Nov 2, Hawthorne R (euthanized Dec 30)
Jury, Nov 2, Turf R
unidentified, Nov 3, unidentified Kentucky track T
Very Elegant, Nov 3, Mahoning R
Gotcha Gabin, Nov 4, Aqueduct T
Buddy’s Tiz, Nov 5, Belmont T
Alpha Pegasus, Nov 5, Turf T
Igottrumped, Nov 6, Indiana R
Protostar, Nov 6, Mahoning R
Smooth Move, Nov 8, Aqueduct T
Love to Party, Nov 8, Charles Town R
Tizz Hip, Nov 8, Finger Lakes T
Super Duper Girl, Nov 8, Gulfstream W R
Yankee’s Milestone, Nov 8, Laurel T
New York Kitty, Nov 8, Plainridge R
Makin the Dough, Nov 8, Remington R
Half Sexy, Nov 9, Delta R
Reedini, Nov 9, Laurel T
Dove Dynasty, Nov 9, Laurel T
Navasoda, Nov 9, Penn T
Mischievous Star, Nov 9, Penn R
New York Harbor, Nov 10, Churchill T
Surprise Prize, Nov 10, Churchill R
unidentified, Nov 10, unidentified Kentucky track T
Bellicose Boy, Nov 10, Portland T
Outamoway Girls, Nov 10, Remington R
Oltigbitties, Nov 10, Will Rogers R
Andesine, Nov 11, Aqueduct R
unidentified, Nov 11, Churchill T
River of Doubt, Nov 11, Golden Gate T
Graham’s Way, Nov 11, Gulfstream W R
unidentified, Nov 9-Nov 11, Los Alamitos R/T
Forty Hits, Nov 12, Gulfstream T
Wentzylvania, Nov 12, Parx R
Ozark Daredevil, Nov 12, Portland R (euthanized Nov 19)
R Caan, Nov 13, Monticello S
Accumulator, Nov 14, Churchill R
Whateverybodywants, Nov 14, Laurel T
unidentified, Nov 14, Los Alamitos T
Patsy, Nov 15, Churchill R
Ms Melanie, Nov 15, Delta R
Last Chant, Nov 15, Finger Lakes R
unidentified, Nov 15, unidentified Kentucky track S
Runaway Roulette, Nov 16, Evangeline R
Horner Man, Nov 17, Gulfstream T
unidentified, Nov 17, unidentified Kentucky track T
Metric System, Nov 17, Turf T
Prados Way, Nov 17, Turf T
unidentified (probably Arizona Icon or Vip Firm), Nov 16-Nov 18, Los Alamitos R
Finale’s Dolly, Nov 18, Turf T
Trigger Warning, Nov 19, Mahoning R (euthanized Nov 20)
Paramont, Nov 19, Remington R
Werewarningyou, Nov 19, Turf R
unidentified, Nov, Churchill R (euthanized Nov 20)
Dreaming of Aca, Nov 20, Gulfstream T
Golden Diamond, Nov 20, Tampa Bay S
Silent Ceremony, Nov 21, Charles Town R (euthanized Nov 23)
Whats Up Hero, Nov 21, Hawthorne T
Lahaina Lad, Nov 21, Penn S
Adversary, Nov 22, Laurel R
Midday Man, Nov 23, Charles Town R
Real Wicked, Nov 23, Gulfstream T
Heaven in Her Eyes, Nov 23, Los Alamitos R
Rebel On the Run, Nov 23, Los Alamitos R
Skylander Boy, Nov 23, Penn R
Toy’s Party, Nov 23, Turf R
Iron Johnny, Nov 24, Charles Town T (euthanized Nov 26)
Babyface Ransom, Nov 24, Delta R
Miss Persistent, Nov 24, Fair Grounds S
Thurman, Nov 24, Hawthorne R
Dowager Countess, Nov 24, Mahoning R
Oh Yes I Did, Nov 24, Turf R
Classysinger, Nov 25, Churchill R
unidentified, Nov 19-Nov 25, Del Mar R/T/S
Holy Schnikes, Nov 25, Los Alamitos R
Special Walk, Nov 25, Los Alamitos R
Kevsdadsdude, Nov 27, Mountaineer R (euthanized Nov 28)
K’s Jordan, Nov 27, Mountaineer R
Hot Tub, Nov 27, Portland R
Fast T B, Nov 27, Zia R
unidentified, Nov 28, Los Alamitos T
Mo Bourbon, Nov 28, Mountaineer S
unidentified, Nov 28, Santa Anita T
Malibu Strings, Nov 29, Belmont T
When in Doubt, Nov 30, Penn S
Call Me Squirt, Nov 30, Penn R
Didactic, Nov 30, Remington S
Oklahoma Z, Nov 30, Remington R
Three Perfections, Dec 1, Aqueduct R
Tribal Ann, Dec 1, Del Mar R
Brileys Toast, Dec 1, Evangeline R
Gonnarockyourworld, Dec 1, Northfield R
Mister McGehee, Dec 1, Turfway R
unidentified, Nov 26-Dec 2, Del Mar R/T/S
Iron Flash, Dec 2, Gulfstream R (euthanized Dec 6)
unidentified, Nov 30-Dec 2, Los Alamitos R/T
Bird of Trey, Dec 2, Parx R
unidentified, Dec 3, Santa Anita T (euthanized Dec 7)
La Relampago, Dec 4, Mahoning R
Coming in Hot, Dec 4, Portland R
Angel Tears, Dec 4, Turf R
Alexander’s Cowboy, Dec 5, Charles Town S
Stella Nova, Dec 5, Charles Town R
Just Charge It, Dec 6, Charles Town R (euthanized Dec 21)
Frankies Rockngirl, Dec 7, Batavia R
Formal Event, Dec 7, Belmont S
Weekend Liberty, Dec 7, Charles Town R
Sailor Brodee, Dec 7, Hawthorne R
Miss Dialed, Dec 7, Los Alamitos R
The Last Factor, Dec 7, Turfway R
Bluegrass Flash, Dec 8, Aqueduct R (euthanized Dec 9)
Crony Capitalism, Dec 8, Charles Town T
Court Date, Dec 8, Charles Town T
Take Your Chances, Dec 8, Charles Town R
Candlestick Nic, Dec 8, Laurel R
Let Me Sleep On It, Dec 8, Penn T
More to Adore, Dec 8, Tampa Bay R
Burning Wild, Dec 9, Gulfstream R
unidentified, Dec 7-Dec 9, Los Alamitos R/T
Hazana, Dec 10, Laurel T
Major Drama, Dec 10, Mahoning R
Holy Chrome, Dec 10, Mountaineer R
Warrior Lake, Dec 10, Parx R
Amanda’s Best, Dec 11, Penn T
Unusual Champ, Dec 12, Turf R
Alta Rita, Dec 12, Turfway R
Ragazza Ritmo, Dec 13, Delta R
Lord Jump Start, Dec 14, Parx T
Chirpy Bird, Dec 14, Remington R
Tractable, Dec 15, Gulfstream T
Come in Berlin (probably sic), Dec 15, Penn S
She Is Fuzzy, Dec 16, Hawthorne T
To the Brink, Dec 16, Portland R
Drinx On Me, Dec 19, Charles Town T
Troubled Charlie, Dec 19, Turfway R
Consensus Thinking, Dec 20, Aqueduct R
Sambucca Steve, Dec 20, Gulfstream R
Teton Classic, Dec 22, Charles Town S
Legendary Vision, Dec 22, Hawthorne R
Skip Royale, Dec 22, Mahoning R (euthanized May 15, 2019)
Big Mischief, Dec 23, Aqueduct R
Three Eighty Eight, Dec 25, Belmont S
Uglich, Dec 26, Gulfstream R
Any Darn Day, Dec 26, Laurel R
The Hero Within, Dec 26, Mahoning R
Conquest Enforcer, Dec 26, Ocala (FL) S
Printscess Hunt, Dec 27, Charles Town S
Running Wildcat, Dec 27, Charles Town S
Battle Joined, Dec 27, Gulfstream R
Offlee Risque, Dec 27, Penn R
yet-to-be-named, Dec 27, Sam Houston T
Nuke Laloosh, Dec 28, Charles Town S
Horse Spotter Carl, Dec 28, Charles Town R (euthanized Mar 13, 2019)
Cowgirls N Engines, Dec 28, Sunland R
Celebrity Warrior, Dec 28, Tampa Bay R
Blazing Amanda, Dec 29, Golden Gate R
Cali Encounter, Dec 29, Turf R
Killer Kitten, Dec 30, Gulfstream R
Steelman Run, Dec 30, Gulfstream R
Psychedelicat, Dec 30, Santa Anita R
Sparky Who, Dec 30, Sunland R
Ctimene Sweep, Dec 31, Penn T
Polished Rock, Dec 31, Portland

The Killing Fields: Dead Racehorses at the Various Tracks (1,167)

Rillito Park: 4 dead racehorses
Turf Paradise: 45 dead racehorses
Santa Cruz Fair: 1 dead racehorse

Oaklawn Park: 3 dead racehorses

Del Mar: 13 dead racehorses
Golden Gate Fields: 30 dead racehorses
Los Alamitos Race Course: 42 dead racehorses
Santa Anita Park: 48 dead racehorses
Cal Expo: 2 dead racehorses
Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton: 1 dead racehorse
Sonoma County Fair, Santa Rosa: 1 dead racehorse
San Luis Rey Downs: 2 dead racehorses

Arapahoe Park: 9 dead racehorses

Delaware Park: 16 dead racehorses
Harrington Raceway: 1 dead racehorse

Gulfstream Park: 55 dead racehorses
Gulfstream Park W: 8 dead racehorses
Tampa Bay Downs: 21 dead racehorses
Palm Meadows: 10 dead racehorses
Ocala: 1 dead racehorse
Pompano Park: 1 dead racehorse

Black Foot: 1 dead racehorse
Pocatello Downs: 1 dead racehorse

Arlington Park: 16 dead racehorses
Fairmount Park: 2 dead racehorses
Hawthorne Race Course: 15 dead racehorse

Indiana Grand: 24 dead racehorses
Hoosier Park: 6 dead racehorses

Prairie Meadows: 23 dead racehorses

Churchill Downs: 20 dead racehorses
Ellis Park: 13 dead racehorses
Keeneland: 5 dead racehorses
Kentucky Downs: 2 dead racehorses
Turfway Park: 13 dead racehorses
unidentified track: 24 dead racehorses

Delta Downs: 20 dead racehorses
Evangeline Downs: 10 dead racehorses
Fair Grounds Race Course: 10 dead racehorses
Louisiana Downs: 9 dead racehorses

Laurel Park: 39 dead racehorses
Pimlico Race Course: 4 dead racehorses
Ocean Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Fair Hill Steeplechase: 1 dead racehorse
Timonium: 1 dead racehorse

Suffolk Downs: 3 dead racehorses
Plainridge Park: 3 dead racehorses

Northville Downs: 1 dead racehorse

Canterbury Park: 16 dead racehorses

Miles City: 1 dead racehorse

Fonner Park: 6 dead racehorses
Horsemen’s Park: 1 dead racehorse

Elko County Fair: 1 dead racehorse
White Pine County Fair: 1 dead racehorse

New Jersey
Monmouth Park: 21 dead racehorses
Meadowlands: 2 dead racehorses
Far Hills Steeplechase: 1 dead racehorse

New Mexico
Albuquerque: 1 dead racehorse
Ruidoso Downs: 33 dead racehorses
Sunland Park: 40 dead racehorses
Sunray Park: 5 dead racehorses
Zia Park: 3 dead racehorses

New York
Aqueduct Racetrack: 16 dead racehorses
Belmont Park: 30 dead racehorses
Finger Lakes Racetrack: 23 dead racehorses
Saratoga Race Course: 15 dead racehorses
Batavia Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Buffalo Raceway: 2 dead racehorses
Monticello Raceway: 6 dead racehorses
Saratoga Raceway: 2 dead racehorses
Tioga Downs: 2 dead racehorses
Yonkers Raceway: 4 dead racehorses

North Dakota
Chippewa Downs: 1 dead racehorse

Belterra Park: 12 dead racehorses
Mahoning Valley: 23 dead racehorses
Thistledown: 12 dead racehorses
Miami Valley: 2 dead racehorses
Northfield Park: 3 dead racehorses

Fair Meadows: 6 dead racehorses
Remington Park: 24 dead racehorses
Will Rogers Downs: 11 dead racehorses

Portland Meadows: 11 dead racehorses

Parx Racing: 35 dead racehorses
Penn National: 45 dead racehorses
Presque Isle Downs: 8 dead racehorses
Harrah’s Philadelphia: 4 dead racehorses
Meadows: 4 dead racehorses
Pocono Downs: 2 dead racehorses

Lone Star Park: 19 dead racehorses
Retama Park: 13 dead racehorses
Sam Houston Park: 8 dead racehorses
Gillespie County Fair: 1 dead racehorse

Emerald Downs: 18 dead racehorses

West Virginia
Charles Town Races: 60 dead racehorses
Mountaineer Racetrack: 19 dead racehorses

Sweetwater Downs: 2 dead racehorses
Wyoming Downs: 10 dead racehorses

Arizona Department of Gaming
California Horse Racing Board
Colorado Department of Revenue
Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission
Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Idaho Racing Commission
Illinois Racing Board
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Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
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Maine Department of Agriculture
Maryland Racing Commission
Massachusetts Gaming Commission
Michigan Gaming Control Board
Minnesota Racing Commission
Nebraska State Racing Commission
Nevada Gaming Control Board
New Jersey Racing Commission
New Mexico Racing Commission
New York State Gaming Commission
North Dakota Racing Commission
Ohio State Racing Commission
Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission
Oregon Racing Commission
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Texas Racing Commission
Virginia Racing Commission
Washington Horse Racing Commission
West Virginia Racing Commission
Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission
The Jockey Club
National Steeplechase Association
Track Officials

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. That said, my information is only as good as the information I receive. If it can be proved that a horse appears in error, I will dutifully remove.

Patrick Battuello