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Facts, as the great John Adams once declared, are stubborn things.

And facts are what we present here. We firmly believe that if those coming to this site do so with an open mind, a fresh lens, they will see horseracing not for how it has been sold – as sport, “The Sport of Kings” – but rather as the cruel and deadly (gambling) industry that it is.

Everyday Obituaries

Killed in His Very First Race

Moon Frolic was injured and vanned off in the 1st at Aqueduct Sunday. I subsequently received a tip that he was euthanized, and indeed he was, as finally confirmed by the not-so-diligent NYS Gaming Commission. Moon was four, and this was his very first race.

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3-Year-Old at Parx: “Fell Dead After Finish”

Here is the chart note for 3-year-old Hip Hop Hooray in the 1st at Parx yesterday: “raced just behind the pacesetters then collapsed and died after the finish.” The comment next to all the relevant betting information was even more stark: “fell dead after finish.” Imagine if you had seen that in one of yesterday’s…

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Were They Trying to Cover Up This Saratoga Kill?

The latest evidence of incompetence and/or malfeasance at the NYS Gaming Commission (Hoosier Shooter still hasn’t been officially classified as a fatality; more here). David Jacobson’s La Aguililla was reported by Equibase as being injured and “vanned off” at Saratoga Aug 25. Curiously (or not), for a week or more the 7-year-old did not even…

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Everyday Cruelty

Tapentadol, Cocaine, and Smacking a Horse in the Face

5-year-old Truckin Tommy, says HISA, tested positive for tapentadol after an Aug 8 race at Presque Isle. Tapentadol, in case you’re wondering, is an opioid painkiller. Trainer Michael Pappada has been provisionally suspended while awaiting final adjudication. Truckin, it should be noted, finished 24 lengths back in that race and was “vanned off.” Still, Presque…

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As Ugly As It Gets…

2-year-old Ungawa at Prairie Meadows Friday. I wish I could make everyone who bets on, attends, watches, or otherwise supports American horseracing sit and watch this clip. I will not know her outcome for sure until my FOIA, but… Also: Yesterday at Prairie, 3-year-old Relentless Jewell suffered the same result as Ungawa…

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Vet: “I feel that Rockinhippiechick suffered tremendously in her final moments.” And The Stronach Group Is to Blame.

As I’ve written regarding California’s missing “vanned off” horses: Much is being made of California’s lower kill numbers. One of the things the industry, led by The Stronach Group (TSG), is supposedly doing is more surgical repairs. But history says that the equine post-surgery survival rate is very low (think Barbaro). Problem is, the injured…

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The Disgusting Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance

In a press release earlier this month, the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA) gushed over a risible $50,000 donation from The Stronach Group on Pegasus Day at Stronach-owned Gulfstream Park. Risible not only because the day featured two million-dollar-plus races, but, more important, because Stronach is a multi-billion-dollar corporation. $50,000 for aftercare. But back to the…

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Testimony on Belmont Park Proposal

Ahead of an Economic Development hearing in the NYS Legislature today, I submitted the following written testimony on the Belmont Park proposal: To call the proposed $455 million loan to the New York Racing Association (NYRA) to rebuild Belmont Park a boondoggle would be understating it. First, this massive loan would be repaid through the…

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Racing’s Corporate Welfare

More Subsidies Evil

More of the obscenity that is horseracing subsidization… Parx, again, is a racino, with slots money not only jacking up overall purses but also allowing first-last payouts. Here’s what that looked like Wednesday: race 1:Alonzo Mosely finished 19.75 lengths back; his exploiters – Leslye Bouchard, et al. – took home $2,420. Hornswoggle finished 19.75 lengths…

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How Do They Sleep?

Belterra in Ohio is a taxpayer-funded racino, with the free-flowing cash from slot machines also allowing first-last payouts. Now, consider these results from Tuesday: race 1: Marvin’s Express finished last, 27+ lengths back; “connections” (Jennifer Tooley, et al.) pocketed $801. race 2: What’s So Funny finished last, 19+ lengths back; “connections” (Robert and Marion Gorham)…

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Giving Voice

Our 2nd Annual #Vigil4Horses

From our executive director, Nicole Arciello… I invite you to join a powerful event on September 9, 2023. As part of our mission to end horseracing, #Vigil4Horses raises awareness, honors lost lives, and advocates for a compassionate future. Everyone is welcome to participate virtually and make a difference. Event Details: Event: 2nd Annual #Vigil4Horses Date:…

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I recently received an email tipping me off to two kills at Prairie Meadows in August. With permission, I am sharing the writer’s correspondence. “I believe it was August 12 and August 19, Saturdays for sure, because that is the only day I go to Prairie Meadows. In the first incident, the horse crossed the…

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How NYRA Tried to Marginalize Us

Sunday, I promised a post on NYRA’s desperate attempts to marginalize us on Travers Day. Well, this week, the Capital Region’s foremost columnist, Chris Churchill, has taken the story on. Chris is a terrific journalist, so I’ll yield to him: please read and share. Churchill: Hiding Saratoga horse deaths conceals truth about sport Nobody wants…

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