Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on some of that state’s kills this year.

Hygh I. Q., Jan 5, Golden Gate S
“Post-surgical sudden death – cause not identified.” Also: “severe gastric ulcerations in the stomach.” Hygh I. Q. was three years old.

Better Tomorrow, Jan 7, Golden Gate R (euth Jan 15)
“Suffered multiple fractures at the wire. Conservative therapy was attempted with splint, NSAIDs, and stall rest. Today [Jan 15], a fragment of the bone pierced the skin and the fracture became open and euthanasia was elected.” Also: “[multiple] severe, complete ruptures; severe arthritis; extensive cartilage erosion; gastric ulcers.” The 3-year-old Better was made to suffer for eight additional days like this.

Big Fabuloso, Jan 8, Los Alamitos R
“Locked up during race, fell, unable to rise. Catastrophic lumbar fracture: complete, displaced fractures of [multiple] vertebrae; massive subdural hemorrhage and significant spinal cord compression – multiple variably-shaped fragments within spinal canal.” Big Fabuloso was three years old.

Hi Fidelity, Jan 14, Cal Expo S
“Collapsed in barn, nystagmus, seizures, head trauma; hemorrhages in head, stomach, intestines.” Hi Fidelity was 14 years old.

Mugaritz, Jan 16, Golden Gate R
“Catastrophic fetlock breakdown: multiple comminuted fractures; [multiple] severe, complete ruptures.” Also: “severe osteochondral disease.” Mugaritz was six years old.

The following video shows three horses going down at three tracks yesterday: Romped at Belterra (another horse, Majestic Valley, collided with Romped and lost the jockey); Above the Line at Penn; Gattosing at Charles Town. All three were “vanned off.” I will of course follow up with the relevant racing commissions.