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Since Jan 1, 2014, Horseracing Wrongs Has Confirmed


Horse Kills at U.S. Tracks

Horseracing Wrongs is a non-profit committed to ending the cruel and deadly horseracing industry in the United States.

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Last Week…

Chart notes from U.S. Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse races last week. Great Story “vanned off” at Golden GateKyandi “vanned off” at PrairieCold Shot “returned with a cut mouth” at ParxTimed Out “bled” at AqueductBowl of Cherries “collapsed, died” at AqueductMagiadoro “vanned off” at AqueductSammy Da Bull “vanned off” at ThistledownBig Envelope “vanned off” at GulfstreamAfter Burn…

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Yes, They Kill Horses in Canada, Too

CTV News (Vancouver) reports that 2-year-old Shadesofriogrande died at Hastings Sep 15 after suffering “blunt-force trauma and blood loss from crashing into the wall.” This, according to the piece, is the 5th confirmed kill at Hastings since Jul 16, illustrating (again) that contrary to what some industry apologists would have us believe, killing racehorses in…

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Two More Harness Kills to Report in NY

As previously relayed, the NYS Gaming Commission is, at a minimum, not firing on all cylinders when it comes to reporting deaths. Now, one of the horses I was suspicious about has been confirmed dead. For months, Mikibytheseaside was merely listed as an “incident” after suffering a “collision at the 3/4 pole” at Saratoga Harness…

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Progress: “Foal Crop” Continues to Decline

The Jockey Club (TJC) reports that we’re looking at yet another decline in next year’s North American “foal crop” – the disgusting phrase the industry uses for new Thoroughbreds coming into the system each year. TJC projects a “crop” of 18,500 for this year, 18,000 for next – a drop of 2.7%. Apparently, the NA…

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