An update on the 14-year-old mare Annadu: She was raced again at Great Falls last evening; she finished dead last, over 17 lengths back. Even worse, she is scheduled for the whip again tomorrow – yes, two days later. And that will make it three races in nine days. Her primary abusers remain Narsis Reevis, owner; Wayne Smith, trainer.

Keep the pressure on:

Great Falls Turf Club: 406-727-4249, 406-750-4268;; facebook
Racing Secretary Gary Koepplin: 406-452-1110
President Sparky Kottke: 406-781-6599
Montana Dept. of Commerce (which oversees racing): 406-841-2700; contact form

Through a FOIA request to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year:

Kuhl Cash, Mar 28, Remington R – “[multiple] fractures”

Thunder River, Mar 30, Will Rogers T – “humeral fracture” (being prepped for debut)

Spent It At Harrys, Mar 31, Will Rogers R – “fracture, [multiple] ruptures” (chart: “jumped the rail”)

Acting Sweet, Mar 31, Will Rogers R – “cervical fractures” (same race as above; must have happened in gate)

Deal the Lady In, Apr 1, Remington T – “head fracture” (being prepped for debut)

T C’s Image, Apr 19, Will Rogers S – “cerebrum hemorrhage” (four years old)

Classy Melody, May 3, Will Rogers R – “sesamoid fracture”

Jess Good Advice, May 8, Remington S – “extensive gastric rupture” (three years old)

One Hidden Feature, May 13, Remington R – “sesamoid fracture”

Pals Still Flyen, May 13, Remington R – “[multiple] fractures” (next race after above)

Missingsomeparts, May 14, Will Rogers T – “humeral fracture” (being prepped for debut)

Big O, May 21, Remington R – “[multiple] fractures”

Never Out Ofmy Heart, Jun 2, Fair Meadows T – “LF fracture” (being prepped for debut)

Fightin Girl, Jun 5, Fair Meadows R – “[multiple] fractures” (two years old)

Mr Bell N Wire, Jun 13, Fair Meadows R – “LF fracture” (two years old)

Boot Camp Brad, Jun 15, Fair Meadows R – “RF fracture”

Mover Shaker, Jun 20, Will Rogers T – “humeral fracture” (being prepped for debut)

Mr Black Gold, Jun 28, Fair Meadows R – “scapula fracture”

Lupes Valentine, Jul 3, Fair Meadows R – “fracture, rupture” (chart: “fell after wire”)

Catch This Star, Jul 12, Fair Meadows R – “[multiple] fractures, rupture”

Saint Levi, Jul 19, Fair Meadows R – “[multiple] fractures”

A horse named Annadu was raced at Great Falls (Montana) this past Saturday. But the story here is not anything in particular that happened to her or how far back she finished; nor, for that matter, what number career race it was – though 58 times under the whip is nothing to sneeze at. No, this is about length, as in age, for you see this poor mare is 14 years old. 14. Take a moment on that.

When I come across these extended servitudes – and 14 may be the oldest I’ve seen – the first and obvious question is, when is enough enough? Alas, for the vast majority of racers out there, not until that last dime has been squeezed from their equine slaves. And indeed, Annadu’s current people – owner Narsis Reevis, trainer Wayne Lewis Smith – have her slated to be raced again tomorrow (yes, that will make it just six days after her previous race). Some other points of cruelty:

Annadu has been “For Sale” in all but five of those 58 races. And cheap, at that: prior to Saturday’s race she could have been had for a mere $2,500.

Relatedly, Annadu has been owned by at least nine different people, and trained by at least seven.

This most recent race came almost two years to the day after her last (presumably she was off having babies). Oh, and that race on July 28, 2019, was her second in two days. Yes, she was raced on back-to-back days. Reevis, by the way, was the owner then also.

contact: Great Falls Turf Club
contact: Sparky Kottke, president, 406.781.6599