Killed, 2016

The following horses died at U.S. racetracks in 2016. Please note, however, that there are piles of data (dead horses, that is) not available to us: horses injured racing or training and euthanized off-site (i.e., not reportable); the too-badly-damaged euthanized after being taken in by rescues; the dead who simply fall through the cracks of apathetic or slipshod reporting to and from racing commissions.

What’s more, not every state gives us all the data we request. Louisiana, for example, only forwards racing deaths, arguing that training and stall deaths are beyond their purview. And most significant, we have zero access to the horses killed at the over 200 private training facilities strewn across the land. In short, we estimate that over 2,000 racehorses perish in America every year. Over 2,000. For $2 bets.

Horses Killed on or at U.S. Tracks, 2016 (R: Racing; T: Training; S: Stall)

Storm Blaiser, Jan 1, Hawthorne R
Tsonga, Jan 1, Laurel R
Rastanora, Jan 1, Santa Anita R
Send Me a Sign, Jan 1, Santa Anita R
One of the Greats, Jan 1, Santa Anita R
Wastin’ Away, Jan 1, Tampa Bay T
Sharyn’s Dream, Jan 2, Belmont T
Maxwell Hill, Jan 2, Mahoning R
Cusabo, Jan 2, Pimlico T
Halo Dancer, Jan 3, Golden Gate T
One Step Salsa, Jan 3, Gulfstream T
Eye Get the Blues, Jan 3, Hialeah R
Minor Heir, Jan 3, Laurel R
The Blue Mercedes, Jan 3, Turf T
Rezoomin, Jan 6, Hialeah T
Last Romance, Jan 6, Pompano S
Cool Chic, Jan 7, Delta R
Jm Lobo Cartel, Jan 8, Hialeah T
Rocket Boulevard, Jan 9, Gulfstream T
Shameless Lass, Jan 9, Gulfstream T
Ac Comando, Jan 9, Hialeah R
Uncle Duncan, Jan 10, Aqueduct R
Tm Vendikater, Jan 10, Hialeah R
Rita’s Wildside, Jan 10, Tampa Bay T
Stardemalion, Jan 11, Portland R
Native Gold, Jan 12, Tampa Bay T
Whiskey Rock (sic perhaps), Jan 13, Laurel T
Stand by Your Man, Jan 13, Penn R
Lying Chief, Jan 15, Gulfstream R
Sixarun Babe, Jan 15, Los Alamitos R
Bellamy Xpress, Jan 16, Aqueduct R
Sweet Zarb, Jan 16, Delta R
Famous Edge of Glory, Jan 17, Sunland R
Charlie Cartel, Jan 18, Hialeah T
Uno Perfecto, Jan 18, Oaklawn R
Corporate Asset, Jan 18, Oaklawn R
Carters Regal Eye, Jan 18, Retama T
Larry’s Place, Jan 20, Balmoral R
Spiced Tea (sic?), Jan 20, Gulfstream T
Hidden Closer, Jan 21, Delta R
Handsome Xpression, Jan 21, Gulfstream T
Police Camp, Jan 22, Belmont T
Mini Muffin, Jan 22, Belmont T
Al’s May Girl, Jan 22, Charles Town T
Jump Jump, Jan 22, Delta R
Little But Lucky, Jan 23, Turf R
Lots of Luck, Jan 24, Golden Gate R (died between Feb 10 and Feb 15)
Arabian Leopard, Jan 24, Santa Anita R
Final Time, Jan 25, Sam Houston R
Pretty Nauty, Jan 25, Tampa Bay T
Juliet’s Rose, Jan 26, Will Rogers T
Sweet N Spicenight, Jan 27, Turf T
Scarlet Coal, Jan 28, Charles Town S
Kiss My Face, Jan 28, Golden Gate R
Lemon Iceking, Jan 29, Belmont S
Power Crazed, Jan 29, Belmont T (euthanized Mar 24)
Ticfaw, Jan 29, Delta R
Half Wed, Jan 29, Laurel R
Songa, Jan 30, Belmont T
Dancing Wish, Jan 30, Charles Town T
Ashwarie, Jan 30, Gulfstream T
Zumba It, Jan 31, Charles Town S
Forged, Jan 31, Gulfstream R
Mustbkrazy, Jan 31, Turf T
Skipper, Albuquerque S
Richard Prichard, Sunray S
Cajun Cascade, Sunland S
Bob Bobo (perhaps sic), Sunland S
Bigtime Return, Sunland S
She’s All Real Dandy (perhaps sic), Sunland S
Girls Got Skills, Sunland S
Misinformation, Sunland S
Pierre Bear, Sunland S
Bogie She’saplayer, Sunland S
Easy Snow, Sunland S
Too Many Chiefs, Sunland S
Kerri’s Black Gold, Sunland S
Tempered Ivory, Sunland S
Statingtheobvious, Sunland S
Insurectionist Rebel, Sunland S
Marys Machine, Sunland T
Lady French, Sunland T
Saint X., Sunland T
Crimson Night, Sunland T
Proprietor, Sunland T
Flaco C, Sunland T
Holland Oak Special, Sunland T
After Its Over, Sunland T
Spicy Jerrae, Sunland T
Smoking Talent (probably sic), Sunland T
Wild Sixes Cartel, Sunland T
Childhood Dream, Sunland T
Southwest Winter (probably sic), Sunland T
Sneakin Kisses, Sunland T
Berry Valid, Feb 1, Turf R
Native Heart, Feb 2, Golden Gate T
Andherecomescj, Feb 3, Turf T
Royals Magic Touch, Feb 5, Delta R
Hot Time Tonite, Feb 5, Delta R
Eventhescore Rose, Feb 5, Sam Houston S
Wild Target, Feb 6, Aqueduct T
Born Mighty, Feb 6, Hialeah R
Bella Stella, Feb 6, Louisiana R
Allthatgltrsisgold, Feb 6, Miami R
Grachus the Hunter, Feb 6, Santa Anita R
Alysaro, Feb 7, Aqueduct R
Estandarte, Feb 7, Gulfstream R
Outtanker, Feb 8, Charles Town S
Mach It Right, Feb 8, Pompano R
Mesa Brute, Feb 9, Turf R
Obvi, Feb 10, Hialeah S
Classic Flair, Feb 11, Fair Grounds R
Scuppernong, Feb 11, Oaklawn R
Jess Makin Waves, Feb 12, Hialeah T
Pequena I Love You, Feb 12, Hialeah T
Rock Me Gently, Feb 12, Laurel R
Death Valley Girl, Feb 12, Santa Anita R
Fire At Will, Feb 13, Los Alamitos R
Pax Tecum, Feb 13, Rillito R
Walter Park, Feb 14, Emerald T
Enriquillo, Feb 14, Tampa Bay T
Stef’s Girl, Feb 14, Turfway R
Packet Cat, Feb 15, Charles Town S
Elrond, Feb 10-Feb 15, Golden Gate T
Mum’s Truckee, Feb 15, Golden Gate R
Scrumpdilicious, Feb 15, Gulfstream R
Polaris, Feb 15, Mahoning T
Aaron Again, Feb 15, Mahoning R
Flashing Light, Feb 17, Gulfstream R
Gate Crasher, Feb 17, Tampa Bay T
Scatoosh, Feb 18, Belmont T
Eurit, Feb 18, Remington T
Art of Darkness, Feb 19, Buffalo R
Grand Mast, Feb 19, Charles Town R
My Pal Lily, Feb 19, Delta R
Time for Action, Feb 19, Los Alamitos R
Longhairedhippie, Feb 20, Charles Town S
Big Hearted Deb, Feb 20, Charles Town T
Chapter and Verse, Feb 20, Fair Grounds R
Kandoo, Feb 20, Gulfstream R
Grey Balls of Fire, Feb 20, Turfway R
Kibble, Feb 21, Aqueduct R
yet-to-be-named, Feb 21, Gulfstream T
Lilah Bird, Feb 21, Gulfstream R
Italian Grinder, Feb 23, Emerald S
Panchos Jess Special, Feb 23, Louisiana R
Klassic Pat, Feb 24, Belmont S
Beatie Eyed Peatie, Feb 24, Delta R
Dark and Dusty, Feb 24, Tampa Bay R
Caramel Creamsicle, Feb 25, Charles Town R (euthanized Feb 26)
Charger, Feb 25, Dover R
Speed Check, Feb 25, Santa Anita R
Sweet Rocket Man, Feb 26, Gulfstream T
Whereisthesurprise, Feb 26, Penn R
Trust Your Caddy, Feb 26, Santa Anita R
Exceptionalism, Feb 27, Parx R
Bank Dunit, Feb 27, Sunland R
Salah Loves Teagan, Feb 28, Golden Gate R
Sundar Drums, Feb 28, Santa Anita R
Twelve Noon, Feb 29, Mahoning T
Black Clover, Mar, Santa Anita T (euthanized Mar 20)
Have Faith Sister, Mar 1, Parx R
Lookwhosdancinnow, Mar 1, Sunland R
Purses Galore, Mar 3, Charles Town R
Generous Don, Mar 4, Golden Gate T
Carved in Stone, Mar 4, Laurel T
S’more Funny Fever, Mar 4, Santa Anita R
Imaflashyfellow, Mar 5, Charles Town T
Save Rock and Roll, Mar 5, Gulfstream T
Hy Prince Happy, Mar 5, Gulfstream R
Glamorgan, Mar 5, Gulfstream R
Macachee Run, Mar 5, Mahoning T
Dangerous Times, Mar 5, Northfield R
Goldtique, Mar 5, Parx R
Digger’s Jigger, Mar 5, Parx R
Page’s Promise, Mar 6, Charles Town S
Know Plans, Mar 6, Golden Gate R
Stardust Abbe, Mar 6, Tampa Bay T
Never in Trouble, Mar 7, Gulfstream T
Tiz Stormy, Mar 7, Laurel T
Regal Soldier, Mar 7, Parx R
Iyamwhatiyam, Mar 8, Northfield R
Roja Caliente, Mar 8, Sunland R
And in the End, Mar 9, Golden Gate T
Pennetta, Mar 9, Gulfstream R
Georgia’s Genie, Mar 11, Delta R
Pure Habit, Mar 11, Charles Town R
Mommy Did It, Mar 11, Charles Town R (euthanized Apr 8)
Imbaracuaro, Mar 11, Gulfstream W T
Ancil, Mar 11, Tampa Bay T
Report For Duty N, Mar 11, Yonkers R
A Running Ghost, Mar 12, Delta R
City of Weston, Mar 12, Gulfstream T
Consistency, Mar 12, Laurel T
Knightly Storm, Mar 13, Golden Gate T
Personal Property, Mar 13, Laurel R
Fast Flyin Fireball, Mar 13, Remington R
Concert Man, Mar 13, Santa Anita R
Starship Jodi, Mar 14, Gulfstream T
Bruno and Me, Mar 14, Laurel T
Power of Ten, Mar 16, Golden Gate T
Arco de Triunfo, Mar 16, Gulfstream W T
unidentified, Mar 16, Hoosier R
Gunslinger Rules, Mar 18, Golden Gate T
Withhonorweserve, Mar 18, Hawthorne T
Ohs of Oaks, Mar 18, Sunland R
Kyriaki, Mar 19, Oaklawn R
Demonica, Mar 19, Santa Anita R
Charlies Soldier, Mar 19, Sunland R
Basanite, Mar 20, Belmont S
Feasibility, Mar 20, Turf R
Go Car Cosino, Mar 21, Louisiana R
Preachinahit, Mar 21, Turf R
King of Cool, Mar 22, Sunland R
Hidden Demon, Mar 22, Turf R
Cockeyed Cowboy, Mar 24, Charles Town R
Gentle Buzzing, Mar 24, Penn R
Froth, Mar 25, Sunland R
Mrs Loud Mouth, Mar 26, Charles Town R
Chicsdigtheshark, Mar 26, Charles Town R (euthanized Mar 28)
Catherine’s Cause, Mar 26, Golden Gate T
De Millie, Mar 26, Laurel T (euthanized May 26)
Automagically, Mar 26, Laurel R
Carving Hearts, Mar 26, Retama T
Bush Eagle, Mar 26, Sam Houston R (euthanized Mar 29)
Pfinding Jessie, Mar 26, Sunland R
Heatupthekaufy, Mar 26, Tampa Bay T
Invasion Point, Mar 26, Tampa Bay R (euthanized Apr 11)
Chance for Glory, Mar 28, Turf R
Rey Del Mar, Mar 29, Sunland R
Jessyoudo, Mar 31, Remington R
Fivetillmidnite, Mar 31, Tampa Bay T
Fool To Cry, Mar 31, Yonkers R
Apollitical Chic, Apr 1, Los Alamitos R
Louisiana Tres, Apr 1, Remington T
My Little Surfer, Apr 1, Remington R
Chamiso James, Apr 1, Sunland R
Better Go Trixie, Apr 1, Sunland R
Aribelle, Apr 1, Tampa Bay R
Valiant Hope, Apr 1, Turfway R
Don’t Knock Woody, Apr 2, Delaware T
Shellbell, Apr 3, Los Alamitos R
Don Tillo, Apr 4, Mahoning R
KD’s King Kong, Apr 4, Mahoning R
Sr Mirandas Dream, Apr 4, Sam Houston R
Found Money, Apr 4, Santa Anita T
Wild Iris, Apr 4, Turf S
Ozzy, Apr 6, Charles Town T (euthanized Apr 7)
Five Point Star, Apr 6, Delaware T
Summer Morn, Apr 6, Gulfstream T
Impossible Timing, Apr 7, Golden Gate R
It’s Elementary, Apr 8, Belmont T
Ace the Limit, Apr 8, Charles Town R
City Exit, Apr 8, Charles Town R
Lil Noon, Apr 8, Evangeline R
Steamer Bay, Apr 8, Golden Gate R
Stevie Smoothboy, Apr 8, Hawthorne R
Bellamy Maschio, Apr 8, Lone Star R (euthanized Apr 9)
Diamond Rose, Apr 8, Tampa Bay R
Alexa’s Miracle, Apr 9, Belmont S
Majestic Number, Apr 9, Delaware S
French Celebrity, Apr 9, Evangeline R
Tiz the Season, Apr 9, Los Alamitos R
Dancing Terror, Apr 9, Meadows R
Furrocity, Apr 9, Remington R
Bully Pulpit, Apr 9, Santa Anita R
Cndiana Jones, Apr 9, Saratoga Harness T
Silca Sheets, Apr 9, Sunland R
What the Frost, Apr 10, Finger Lakes T
Splitter, Apr 10, Laurel R
Ja Cool Carolina, Apr 10, Sam Houston S
Loomin’ Lori Lou, Apr 12, Finger Lakes T
Nena, Apr 12, Gulfstream W T
Cuantos, Apr 13, Aqueduct R
Polly My Love, Apr 13, Gulfstream W T
Classic Kate, Apr 13, Mountaineer S
High Native Fly, Apr 13, Tampa Bay R
Saturday Special, Apr 14, Gulfstream R
Blessedwithprayer, Apr 14, Gulfstream R
Wanna Danze Lady, Apr 15, Hawthorne T
Zoom With Fame, Apr 15, Sunland R
It’s Exclusive, Apr 15, Tampa Bay T
Old Squeeze, Apr 15, Turf T
Book the Bet, Apr 16, Delaware T
Hewearsthefoxhat, Apr 16, Golden Gate R
unidentified, Apr 16, Hoosier R
Cash Back, Apr 16, Oaklawn R
Attaboyatteberry, Apr 16, Sunland R
Brassy Pete, Apr 16, Turf R
Heather’s Rose, Apr 17, Laurel R
Coronado Street, Apr 18, Gulfstream W T
Skip Tony, Apr 19, Golden Gate T
Fancy Hat, Apr 20, Keeneland R
Nofinancingneeded, Apr 20, Mountaineer T
Sailor’s Serenade, Apr 21, Golden Gate T
Copper Forest, Apr 22, Finger Lakes T
Warren’s Passion, Apr 22, Los Alamitos R
Pristine Sistine, Apr 22, Keeneland R
Back in Dixie, Apr 22, Keeneland R
Malbros, Apr 23, Charles Town R
Favorite Passage, Apr 23, Delta R
Home Time, Apr 23, Lone Star R (died May 1)
Jesse Jr First Down, Apr 23, Remington R
Eyesa Pretty Wagon, Apr 23, Remington R
Big Paul, Apr 23, Tampa Bay T
Ziegler Hanover, Apr 25, Gaitway Farm (NJ) T
Gran Plata, Apr 25, Gulfstream T
Salty’s Hero, Apr 25, Parx R
Drive, Apr 27, Penn R
Eyesa Famous Man, Apr 27, Remington T
Defyance, Apr 27, Remington T
Sawyers Mickey, Apr 27, Thistledown R
Macho Sox, Apr 28, Los Alamitos R
Fiddler Blue, Apr 28, Los Alamitos R
Senora de Fatima, Apr 29, Gulfstream T
Lokness, Apr 29, Remington R
Anthepartyneverends, Apr 29, Sam Houston R
Ideal Brandi, Apr 29, Saratoga Harness R
Congrats to Ken, Apr 29, Tampa Bay R
Tagged, Apr 30, Prairie R
Jump for Pie, Apr 30, Sam Houston R
Indy’s Rocket, Apr 30, Sunland R
Greatest Lisa, Apr 30, Tampa Bay R
All Snuffed Up, Apr 30, Thistledown R
Crimson Valor, Jan-Apr, Oaklawn T
Cotton Jenny, May 1, Gulfstream R
Unforgettable Glow, May 1, Sunland R
Chatt Hills, May 2, Gulfstream W T
Margin, May 2, Mountaineer R (euthanized May 16)
Savvey, May 2, Sam Houston R
Polar Sunrise, May 3, Charles Town S
Luck of Irish, May 3, Mountaineer R
Lovelibuzz, May 3, Parx R
Not an Illusion, May 4, Churchill R
Prior Restraint, May 4, Evangeline R
Deadly Swingin Jess, May 5, Delta R
Spoils of War, May 6, Belterra T
Air Squadron, May 6, Laurel R
Joe Boo Kelly, May 6, Penn R
Eyem Fast N Furyous, May 6, Remington R
By Mistake, May 7, Fort Pierre R
Bhr Flash and Fly, May 7, Fort Pierre R
Miss Dejavu, May 7, Gulfstream T
Salsalito, May 7, Laurel R
Nasa, May 7, Parx R
Twentycarattenpin, May 8, Belterra R
Glint, May 8, Belterra R
Mr. Mostly, May 8, Belterra R
City Bench, May 8, Emerald R
Dance Past the Line, May 8, Remington R
Ilogico, May 9, Gulfstream W T
Tell Tale Friend, May 9, Parx R
Early Glory, May 10, Mountaineer R
Striking Hight, May 11, Arlington T
Turn It On Friskie, May 11, Scioto R
Hypnotist, May 12, Yonkers R
Ventures Galore, May 13, Prairie R
Inspired Wisdom, May 13, Santa Anita R
Big Time Rocks, May 14, Buffalo R
Tarpy’s Goal, May 14, Churchill R
Whatsthefoxsay, May 14, Fairmount R
Boss Hawg, May 14, Parx R
Tug River Dylan, May 15, Saratoga Harness R
unidentified, May 16, Indiana T
District Queen, May 17, Will Rogers R
Karenina Gal, May 18, Belmont R
Fashion Designer, May 18, Delaware S
Noblejesselie Inview, May 18, Delta R
Vasilisa the Wise, May 19, Arlington T
Nite Thunder, May 19, Charles Town R
Air Cargo, May 19, Emerald T
Rock Show, May 20, Belmont R
Naughty Scotty, May 20, Belterra R
Lone Cat, May 20, Delaware T
Classicsoutherngal, May 20, Evangeline R
Jack’s Comprise, May 20, Gulfstream T
View Tree, May 21, Charles Town R
Fudge Bar, May 21, Lone Star T (euthanized May 28)
Brother Sy, May 21, Malvern R
Homeboykris, May 21, Pimlico R
Pramedya, May 21, Pimlico R
San Onofre, May 21, Santa Anita R
Super Endeavor, May 22, Arapahoe T
A.P. Wildcat, May 22, Arapahoe R
Planet, May 22, Churchill R
Talk Back Jack, May 22, Gulfstream T
Sue’s Nice Shadow, May 22, Mountaineer T
Stellata, May 22, Santa Anita R
Honest Abe, May 23, Delaware S
He’s a Delight, May 23, Mountaineer R
Soho Highroller A, May 23, Yonkers R
Fors Fortis, May 24, Presque Isle R
Okeemeister, May 25, Gulfstream R
Quaralia, May 26, Belmont T
I Got Good Case, May 26, Charles Town T (euthanized May 27)
Showered, May 26, Churchill R
Burning Point, May 26, Penn S
Arch Adversary, May 26, Prairie R
Quittin Time, May 27, Arlington S
Yodelmesomemagic, May 27, Finger Lakes S
Cindy’s Frill, May 27, Will Rogers T
Malzahn, May 28, Charles Town S
Out With the Blues, May 28, Pimlico R
Sweet Yankee, May 30, Louisiana R
Hadeed Fi Hadeed, May 30, Saratoga T
Feels Like Magic N, May 30, Yonkers R
Katie T, May 31, Arapahoe T
Noble’s Whim, Jun 1, Belmont T
Precise Accusation, Jun 1, Buffalo R
Georgia Glitter, Jun 1, Mountaineer R
Such a Storm, Jun 2, Charles Town T
Pefiolo, Jun 2, Penn R (euthanized Jun 27)
Pearl of Silk, Jun 4, Arlington R
Go Go Jo, Jun 4, Belmont S
Riding the Rails, Jun 4, Belmont T
Mordi’s Miracle, Jun 4, Belmont R
Waverly Force, Jun 4, Charles Town S
Fashion Setter, Jun 4, Churchill R
Expert City, Jun 4, Delaware T
Mr Sonic Blast, Jun 4, Lone Star T
Cowboy Humor, Jun 5, Churchill R
Smile a Little, Jun 5, Tioga R (euthanized/died Jun 10)
Proulette, Jun 6, Delaware R (euthanized Jun 7)
Prospecting Road, Jun 6, Delaware R
Indanameofdafather, Jun 7, Fairmount R
Just Dance With Me, Jun 7, Hoosier T
La Moskette, Jun 7, Parx R (euthanized late Jul)
Rose Bern, Jun 8, Belmont T
Bravelikebetty, Jun 8, Charles Town R
Chick Call Kay, Jun 8, Delta R
unidentified, Jun 8, Hoosier R
Sneaky Choice, Jun 8, Louisiana R
Bruno Cino, Jun 8, Mountaineer R
Parole Board, Jun 9, Gulfstream R
Miss Gifted, Jun 9, Santa Anita R
Gigi’s Kitten, Jun 10, Churchill R
Tried to Tell U So, Jun 10, Fair Meadows R
Bustin, Jun 10, Finger Lakes T
Hiddai, Jun 10, Indiana R
Victory Arch, Jun 10, Prairie R
Xtreme Marine, Jun 11, Buffalo R
Tempting Eyes, Jun 11, Chippewa R
Silver Nile, Jun 11, Gulfstream R (euthanized Jun 12)
Chick Meter, Jun 11, Oregon Livestock R
Majestic Joe, Jun 12, Belmont T
Morning Lily, Jun 12, Lone Star R
Jayne Wayne, Jun 12, Prairie R
Sixth Man, Jun 12, Saratoga Harness R (euthanized three weeks later)
Skimasco, Jun 12, Sunray R
Anchorwoman, Jun 13, Finger Lakes R
unidentified (could be The A Plan), Jun 14, Indiana R
El Borracho, Jun 14, Monmouth S
Playmaker B, Jun 15, Arapahoe T
Benny’s Diamond, Jun 15, Delaware R
unidentified, Jun 15, Indiana S
Hoppy Hour, Jun 15, Penn S
Stormy Equinox, Jun 15, Prairie R
J. Russell, Jun 16, Charles Town S
Flyintotheparty, Jun 16, Delta R
Brighterthanthesun, Jun 16, Lone Star R
Jolity, Jun 16, Pimlico R
Bonita Luna, Jun 17, Belmont R
Slew’s Chet, Jun 17, Emerald R
Senior Rapidor, Jun 17, Evangeline R
Iron Storm, Jun 17, Golden Gate T
Ione It All, Jun 17, Los Alamitos R
Forbidden Story, Jun 17, Penn R
Escape to Vegas, Jun 18, Belmont T
Stay Stay Stay, Jun 18, Delaware T
Julias Girl, Jun 18, Evangeline R
unidentified, Jun 18, Indiana T
Eee I Eee I Oh, Jun 18, Prairie R
Captaincrawfish, Jun 18, Retama S
Open Order, Jun 19, Churchill R
Timely Pursuit, Jun 19, Mountaineer R
Gorgeous Sunrise, Jun 19, Mountaineer R
Whata Wild Night, Jun 19, Sunray R
Ambitious At Noon, Jun 19, Thistledown T
Todo Onota, Jun 20, Belmont T
Quake in My Wake, Jun 21, Parx R
Jigsaw, Jun 23, Belterra R
Jesse Pinkman, Jun 24, Arapahoe R
Jessa Shotuv Taquila, Jun 24, Arapahoe R
The Conception, Jun 24, Churchill R
Lingeringobsession, Jun 24, Fair Meadows R
Banksy, Jun 24, Indiana R
Mike the Hab, Jun 24, Penn R
Starlit Malibu, Jun 25, Gulfstream T
unidentified, Jun 25, Indiana T
unidentified, Jun 25, Indiana T
Lorilee, Jun 25, Penn R
Turbulent Sea, Jun 26, Albuquerque R
Le Dimanche, Jun 26, Arlington R
Miss Giacomo, Jun 26, Delaware T
Criollas Boy, Jun 26, Gulfstream R
Youdaboy, Jun 26, Lone Star R
A. Rod Again, Jun 28, Parx R
Truly Amazing, Jun 28, Presque Isle R
Holy Soldier, Jun 29, Delaware R
unidentified, Jun 29, Indiana T
Purple Egg, Jun 29, Penn R
Mr. Bo Jingles, Jun 30, Louisiana R
Toby the Tiger, Jul 1, Churchill R
Corporal Agarn, Jul 1, Emerald R
Spirit of the West, Jul 1, Pleasanton R
Indiscreetness, Jul 1, Thistledown R
Aplaingirl, Jul 2, Delaware R (euthanized Jul 11)
Jess a Lil Lacey, Jul 2, Grants Pass R
How Time Flies, Jul 2, Gulfstream T
Sherezadah, Jul 2, Gulfstream R
Maxwell’s Hammer, Jul 2, Parx R
Doc Galore, Jul 2, Prairie R
Worldwide, Jul 4, Santa Anita R
Sweet Hot Toddy, Jul 5, Finger Lakes R
Amanda in Front, Jul 5, Mountaineer R (euthanized Jul 14)
My Mans Out West, Jul 6, Charles Town T
Fast Slimey, Jul 6, Evangeline R
Global Moon, Jul 7, Delaware S
Loaded and Wacky, Jul 8, Albuquerque R
Roll Smash Roll, Jul 8, Albuquerque R
Flew Flicker, Jul 8, Los Alamitos R
Looking At Hershey, Jul 8, Prairie R
Papalote Sweet, Jul 8, Retama R (euthanized Jul 9)
Just a Jewel, Jul 9, Emerald S
Mary’s Legacy, Jul 9, Finger Lakes R
Silver Lime, Jul 9, Suffolk R
Candy Man Can, Jul 9, Suffolk R
The Minister, Jul 10, Arlington R (euthanized Jul 12)
Templer Glory, Jul 10, Gulfstream R
Notaria, Jul 12, Parx R
True Heat, Jul 13, Albuquerque R
Dandy One, Jul 13, Albuquerque R
Greatest Times, Jul 13, Fair Meadows R
Eye Opening Dream, Jul 13, Will Rogers S
Futurazo, Jul 14, Finger Lakes R
unidentified, Jul 14, Indiana T
Brockabyebaby, Jul 14, Prairie R
The Grey Bullet, Jul 14, Vernon S
Suancesong, Jul 15, Arapahoe R
Presidential Air, Jul 15, Del Mar R
Jagger Swagger, Jul 15, Del Mar R
All in the Art, Jul 15, Louisiana R
Dollar Signs, Jul 16, Evangeline R
Hisnameisdash, Jul 16, Finger Lakes T
El Charchas, Jul 16, Monmouth R
Anthony’s Flyer, Jul 16, Parx R
Squire Creek, Jul 16, Saratoga T
Notta, Jul 17, Arlington T
Dynamite Charge, Jul 17, Del Mar T
The Chilli Man, Jul 17, Emerald R
Tres Seis Zoe, Jul 17, Gillespie R
Root of All Evil, Jul 17, Lone Star R
Hrh Burning Corona, Jul 17, Wyoming R
Bettarun Realfast, Jul 18, Monmouth S
Was It Worth It, Jul 19, Finger Lakes R (euthanized Aug 8)
Hey Bud, Jul 19, Indiana R
Silver Pigeon, Jul 19, Mountaineer S
Perfectly True, Jul 20, Monmouth T
Yari, Jul 20, Mountaineer R
Aly’s Tap, Jul 21, Charles Town R (euthanized Aug 18)
Zofia’s Prayer, Jul 21, Delaware R (euthanized Sep 21)
Pacific Swell, Jul 21, Del Mar R
Jaxkingsandqueens, Jul 21, Emerald T
Mr. Perseverance, Jul 21, Penn R
Kryptanite, Jul 22, Arapahoe R
Generic, Jul 22, Charles Town S
Im a Corky One, Jul 22, Charles Town R (euthanized Jul 28)
Bird Prince, Jul 22, Parx S
Freakin Pistol, Jul 22, Prairie R
Stradivari, Jul 22, Saratoga T (euthanized Dec)
Blizzard Warning, Jul 23, Arapahoe R
Leslie’s Dreamgirl, Jul 23, Charles Town T
Sexy Boy, Jul 23, Charles Town R (euthanized Aug 20)
Ruthless Love, Jul 23, Delaware S
Whisky and Wine, Jul 23, Del Mar T
Big Book, Jul 23, Del Mar T (euthanized Jul 25)
Dutchessa, Jul 23, Del Mar R
Snare, Jul 23, Ellis R
I’m Venezuelan, Jul 23, Gulfstream R
Born to Serve, Jul 23, Sacramento R
Zamjara, Jul 23, Saratoga R
Rootformejustin, Jul 23, Saratoga R
The Judge Chuckles, Jul 23, Tampa Bay R
Fasnacloich, Jul 24, Del Mar R
Rita’s Resort, Jul 24, North Dakota R
Starles, Jul 27, Delaware T
Badrock Canyon, Jul 27, Emerald T
unidentified, Jul 27, Indiana T
Shakespeare’s Girl, Jul 27, Mountaineer R (euthanized Jul 28)
Indian Nobility, Jul 27, Saratoga R
Margie’s Gold Coin, Jul 28, Louisiana R
Abeachindynasty, Jul 29, Arapahoe R
King Windsor, Jul 29, Charles Town R (euthanized Aug 5)
Merry Moon, Jul 29, Los Alamitos R
Infosec, Jul 29, Santa Rosa R
Princess Sela, Jul 29, Thistledown R
Mon Verset, Jul 30, Evangeline R
Awesome Group, Jul 30, Mountaineer R
Tiz a Lucky One, Jul 30, Santa Rosa R
Taylear, Jul 30, Santa Rosa R
Whistle Included, Jul 31, Mountaineer R (euthanized Oct 21)
Domestic Warrior, Aug 1, Saratoga R
Busy Busy Busy, Aug 2, Parx R
Greatwhite Buffalo, Aug 2, Presque Isle R
Lebowski, Aug 2, Saratoga S
Jesse’s Story, Aug 2, Yonkers R
Iwannabejustlikeu, Aug 3, Batavia R (euthanized Aug 20)
Jonrah, Aug 3, Saratoga T
Believe in Kitten, Aug 4, Belterra R
Midnight Visitor, Aug 4, Saratoga R (euthanized Aug 5)
Bad Asset, Aug 5, Belterra R
Lew’s Legacy, Aug 5, Charles Town R
Charlies Gun, Aug 5, Hazel R
Wheels Up Now, Aug 5, Saratoga T
Recepta, Aug 5, Saratoga T (euthanized Nov)
Bonita Bully, Aug 6, Albuquerque R
El Tio Piano, Aug 6, Delaware R
Beavis, Aug 6, Monmouth S
Store of Value, Aug 6, Monmouth T
C.C. Water Back, Aug 6, Mountaineer S
Overspent, Aug 6, Retama T (euthanized Aug 11)
Fancy Zoomin, Aug 6, Retama R
Charlie Renee, Aug 6, Thistledown T (euthanized Aug 11)
Handsome N Dashin, Aug 7, Albuquerque R
Get Your Greek On, Aug 7, Columbus R
Isutalkintome, Aug 7, Presque Isle R
Burst of Fire, Aug 7, Presque Isle R
McCann’s Half Full, Aug 7, Santa Rosa T
unidentified, Aug 8, Indiana S
Uno Pecador, Aug 11, Arlington R
Summer Scorcher, Aug 11, Del Mar R
Hadfunlastnight, Aug 12, Del Mar R
Heather Belle, Aug 12, Hazel R
Kernel Slanders, Aug 12, Penn R
A.P. Pass, Aug 12, Remington T
Miss Special Regard, Aug 12, Santa Rosa R
Highly Confident, Aug 13, Albuquerque R
Mansion House, Aug 13, Gulfstream R
Kr Crusin Cartel, Aug 13, Los Alamitos R
Foxie Gotham, Aug 13, Santa Rosa T
Jicote, Aug 14, Arlington R (euthanized Aug 24)
Quick Navigator, Aug 14, Emerald R
Shining Cartel, Aug 14, Gillespie R
The Lefty, Aug 14, Gillespie R
I.E. Flash, Aug 14, Laurel R
Unusualy, Aug 15, Del Mar T
Victorious Lover, Aug 15, Finger Lakes T
Mango Tart, Aug 15, Mountaineer S
Phone Call, Aug 15, Remington T
Comprehend Mystery, Aug 16, Charles Town S
Awesome Vacation, Aug 17, Delaware T
unidentified, Aug 18, Indiana T
Carlita Shake, Aug 19, Evangeline R
He’s Rockin, Aug 19, Hazel T
unidentified, Aug 19, Indiana S
Horatio Jetta, Aug 19, Louisiana R
Tighten Up, Aug 19, Yonkers R
Alicanto, Aug 20, Del Mar T
Prince Corredor, Aug 20, Saratoga T
One Seven One, Aug 20, White Pine R
All the Marbles, Aug 21, Del Mar T
Git On Bob, Aug 22, Finger Lakes R
unidentified, Aug 24, Arlington S
Elusive Neko, Aug 24, Saratoga T
Logans Mystery Man, Aug 25, Fair Grounds R
Hez Royal William, Aug 25, Fair Grounds R
Conrad, Aug 25, Indiana R
Bob Le Beau, Aug 25, Saratoga R
Ring of Truth, Aug 25, Saratoga R
Warriors Roar, Aug 26, Belterra R
Bay Apache, Aug 26, Mountaineer S
Daniel Did It, Aug 26, Timonium R
Bustin to Win, Aug 26, Timonium R
Holey Molar, Aug 27, Mountaineer R
Little Louella, Aug 27, Penn R
Twelfth Fan, Aug 28, Emerald R
Desert Trial, Aug 28, Saratoga T
Jennymeister, Aug 29, Charles Town T
Unblunted, Aug 29, Delaware R (euthanized Aug 30)
Royal Journey, Jul-Sep, Del Mar T
Chubasco, Jul-Sep, Del Mar T
unidentified, Jul-Sep, Del Mar R/T/S
unidentified, Jul-Sep, Del Mar R/T/S
unidentified, Jul-Sep, Del Mar R/T/S
unidentified, Jul-Sep, Del Mar R/T/S
Here Comes Da Boom, Sep 1, Gulfstream R
Jla Strictly Busines, Sep 2, Fair Grounds R
Classy Star, Sep 3, Canterbury R
Cascade Cat, Sep 3, Emerald R (euthanized Sep 5)
Private Thrill, Sep 3, Finger Lakes R
Distinctive Star, Sep 3, Gulfstream T
Miss Mongolia, Sep 3, Gulfstream T
Ocala Spirit, Sep 3, Gulfstream R
Brave Rooster, Sep 3, Gulfstream R
Austin’s Argument, Sep 3, Remington R
Judge Henry, Sep 4, Golden Gate T
Super Nova, Sep 5, Arlington R
Chasing Aces, Sep 5, Del Mar R
Chaching Pete, Sep 6, Emerald S
Sayalittlprayrfrme, Sep 7, Batavia R
Illhuffanillpuff, Sep 7, Charles Town T
Time’s Concern, Sep 7, Louisiana R
Mapimi, Sep 8, Remington R
Broad Acres, Sep 8, Remington R
McDynamite, Sep 8, Yonkers R
Black Doblin, Sep 9, Aqueduct T
Alittlebitofmagic, Sep 9, Belterra R
Can’t Stop the Kid, Sep 9, Gulfstream R
Its Only Fair, Sep 9, Saratoga T
Insurance Premium, Sep 10, Delaware T (euthanized Sep 16)
Kafwain’s Ghost, Sep 10, Emerald R
Faulty Tower, Sep 10, Retama R
Fonepferesh, Sep 13, Mountaineer R
Registrada, Sep 13, Parx R
Neala Girl, Sep 14, Remington R
Bayou Royalty, Sep 16, Belterra R
Beauty Girls Dream, Sep 16, Delaware S
Patriot Joe, Sep 16, Energy S
unidentified, Sep 16, Indiana S
Flying Carlos, Sep 16, Louisiana R
unnamed, Sep 17, Belmont T
Ima Polaris, Sep 17, Energy R
Indiana Stones, Sep 17, Finger Lakes R
Sgt. Major Ross, Sep 17, Finger Lakes R
unidentified, Sep 17, Indiana S
Why Argue, Sep 17, Mountaineer T
Doc Hennessy, Sep 17, Ruidoso T
Cute Boy, Sep 17, Thistledown R
Princess Talia, Sep 17, Thistledown R
Bet With Charlie, Sep 18, Churchill R
Blue Cres, Sep 18, Zia R
Dreaming of Bella, Sep 19, Mountaineer R
Core Competency, Sep 19, Saratoga T
Three’s a Trump, Sep 19, Thistledown R
Playncardswitroddy, Sep 20, Harrington R
Age of Fluffy, Sep 21, Presque Isle R
Phil’s Wildcat, Sep 22, Belterra R
What a Cat, Sep 22, Monmouth S
Sr Inseperable, Sep 23, Lone Star R
Cam Dan Kadandy, Sep 23, Saratoga Harness R
Exclusive, Sep 23, Thistledown R
Wind Warrior, Sep 24, Arlington R
Iberian, Sep 24, Gulfstream W T
unidentified, Sep 24, Indiana T
Dannhauser, Sep 24, Laurel R
Boxcar Babe, Sep 24, Lone Star R
Smiling Reuben, Sep 25, Albuquerque R
Lost in D Shuffle, Sep 25, Finger Lakes S
Feisty’s Cause, Sep 25, Pleasanton R
Itsastormynight, Sep 25, Portland R
Dontevnthnkaboutit, Sep 26, Finger Lakes T
Notwhoiseemtobe, Sep 27, Finger Lakes R
Fan Demon, Sep 27, Mountaineer R
Apostles Creed, Sep 27, Yonkers R
All About Attitude, Sep 28, Charles Town T
Power Heat, Sep 28, Gulfstream W T
My Fast Sensation, Sep 29, Evangeline R
Cara Chica, Sep 29, Remington T
yet-to-be-named, Sep 30, Belmont S
Ivory Debt, Sep 30, Lone Star S
Lil Dip a Nitro, Sep 30, Los Alamitos R
Derby Fan, Sep 30, Remington R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury T
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury T
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury T
Moscow Miss, Oct 1, Gulfstream R
Fort Smith, Oct 2, Belmont R
Rockin’ Rockstar, Oct 2, Presque Isle R
Onlytheshadowknows, Oct 3, Belmont T
Wizsito, Oct 3, Portland R
Sky Crew, Oct 3, Thistledown R
Bluesie Brown, Oct 3, Turf T
Sassy Samba, Oct 4, Gulfstream T
Blazingsuccess, Oct 6, Fresno R
The Suprise Coronas, Oct 6, Lone Star R
yet-to-be-named, Oct 8, Finger Lakes T
The Real Tone, Oct 8, Northfield R (euthanized Oct 10)
Given the Chance, Oct 8, Thistledown R
Miss Pink Diva, Oct 9, Keeneland R
Princess Melania, Oct 10, Delaware R
Hotrod Justice, Oct 10, Mountaineer R
Jennie Says So, Oct 10, Parx R
Money Makin Mike, Oct 10, Santa Anita R
Willy, Oct 11, Belmont S
Take Me Away, Oct 11, Finger Lakes R
My Silver Badge, Oct 11, Mountaineer R (euthanized Oct 27)
Forty Purrs, Oct 12, Indiana R
Keyed for Speed, Oct 12, Thistledown R
Michelle’s Trip, Oct 13, Charles Town T
No Problem Paddy, Oct 13, Charles Town R
Sooner Or Later, Oct 13, Remington R
Boston Strong, Oct 14, Laurel R (euthanized Nov 12)
Paint Me Furious, Oct 14, Will Rogers R
Cinder Block, Oct 15, Belmont R
Full Moon’s Mass, Oct 15, Charles Town R
Desire Gone Astray, Oct 15, Gulfstream T
D D Chicks Piloto, Oct 15, Prairie R
R Slick Talker, Oct 15, Prairie R
China Girl Lover, Oct 15, Santa Anita R
Cats Serenade, Oct 16, Laurel R
Irish Bride, Oct 16, Pompano S
Aikman Rose, Oct 16, Turf T
The Silver Frisby, Oct 17, Belmont T
Sachicomula, Oct 17, Finger Lakes R
Holy Highway, Oct 18, Mountaineer S
Macho N Awesome, Oct 18, Turf T
A Chip and a Chair, Oct 19, Belmont T
She’s My Ghibli, Oct 19, Belmont R
Excite Me, Oct 19, Turf T
Baccelo, Oct 20, Belmont T
Winter Games, Oct 20, Belmont T
Long Blooming Rose, Oct 21, Belmont T
Fitz’s Storm, Oct 21, Hawthorne R
Corona Ela, Oct 21, Los Alamitos R
Nationbuilder, Oct 22, Great Meadow R
Bobby McDuffie, Oct 22, Penn R
All Y’all, Oct 23, Keeneland R
Kerisma, Oct 23, Mountaineer R
Laura’s Babydoll, Oct 23, Santa Anita R
Highly Classified, Oct 24, Turf R
Profitable Lover, Oct 25, Mountaineer R (euthanized Nov 4)
Freudian Fantasy, Oct 25, Mountaineer R
Prodding, Oct 26, Indiana R
Pauline’s Pride, Oct 26, Laurel T
Cantina Butterfly, Oct 26, Parx S
Double Louie, Oct 29, Charles Town R (euthanized Mar 6)
Sparkling Jewel, Oct 29, Charles Town R (euthanized Dec 12)
First Prize Denim, Oct 29, Evangeline R
Grand Star, Oct 29, Gulfstream W T
Vodka Effort, Oct 29, Lone Star R
Da Big Dawg, Oct 29, Mountaineer R
Awesome Encounter, Oct 29, Santa Anita R
Shesaperfectbeamer, Oct 29, Turf R (euthanized Oct 30)
Bluegrass Lady, Oct 30, Laurel R
Zee Note, Nov 1, Mountaineer T
Hunt Basket, Nov 2, Charles Town T
Davie Nightmare, Nov 2, Gulfstream T
Gambler Five, Nov 2, Penn R
Hi Summerbird, Nov 3, Delaware S
Dolce Surprise, Nov 4, Gulfstream W R
Rango B, Nov 4, Lone Star R
Phoebe Moon, Nov 4, Mountaineer S
Corona Del Inca, Nov 4, Santa Anita R
Sequoyah Lightning, Nov 5, Delta R
Surreal Dream, Nov 5, Finger Lakes S
Spectacular Shirin, Nov 5, Finger Lakes R
Don’s Girl, Nov 5, Gulfstream T
Will Be Magical, Nov 6, Gulfstream T
U.S.S. Boxer, Nov 6, Laurel R
Suzy’s Storm, Nov 6, Mountaineer R
Way Out Willie, Nov 6, Mountaineer R
West Is Best, Nov 6, Pennsylvania Hunt R
Golden Empress, Nov 7, Mahoning R
Toowindytohaulrox, Nov 7, Santa Anita T
Whispering Dancer, Nov 9, Churchill R
Don Jules, Nov 9, Pimlico T
Randi’s Diamond, Nov 9, Turf T
Millenial, Nov 10, Churchill R
Mister Pippit, Nov 10, Churchill R
Delta Code, Nov 10, Delta R
Shark Rules, Nov 11, Pompano T
Daves Gone Bananas, Nov 12, Belmont T
Englehart, Nov 12, Belmont T
Bam Bam Brown, Nov 12, Westampton Farm (NJ) T
Graypromise, Nov 12, Zia R
Arrogant Officer, Nov 13, Laurel R (euthanized Nov 14)
South Philly Magic, Nov 14, Parx R
One More Polish, Nov 14, Zia R
Flatter Talk, Nov 15, Mountaineer R (euthanized Nov 22)
Miss Mountineer, Nov 16, Charles Town T
Tiz Candy, Nov 16, Churchill R
Zingarella, Nov 16, Finger Lakes R (euthanized Nov 17)
Ima Handsome Dude, Nov 16, Gulfstream W R
True Bayou, Nov 16, Mahoning R
Wealwayshave Paris, Nov 17, Delta R
Holy Flip Flop, Nov 17, Remington R
Our Sweet Lilly, Nov 18, Aqueduct T
Lovely Elle, Nov 18, Gulfstream S
Commotional, Nov 18, Remington T
Actively, Nov 19, Aqueduct S
Rory Monarchos, Nov 19, Hawthorne T (euthanized Nov 20)
Dr. Abramson, Nov 19, Parx R
My Buddy Rob, Nov 19, Remington R
Wayln Brent George, Nov 19, Remington R
Lyrical Passage, Nov 20, Del Mar R
Sing Like a Bird, Nov 20, Los Alamitos R
Jo Dancer, Nov 20, Mountaineer R
TNT Party, Nov 21, Portland R
Suspecttommy, Nov 22, Mountaineer R
Conja Boo, Nov 22, Remington S
Blitzinonmoonshine, Nov 23, Turf T
Lightning Strike, Nov 24, Churchill R
Kim Royale, Nov 25, Aqueduct R (euthanized Nov 26)
This Miss Can Kiss, Nov 26, Golden Gate T
Ideal, Nov 26, Golden Gate R
Socksbdancing, Nov 26, Hawthorne R
Star Cover, Nov 26, Pocono R
Outrun Em All, Nov 26, Tampa Bay T
Tripski, Nov 26, Turf T
Trixie Topper, Nov 27, Del Mar R
Trump Diesel, Nov 27, Del Mar R
Flat Out Licked Em, Nov 29, Finger Lakes R
Supah Guy, Nov 29, Turf R
Justenuffaddie, Nov 30, Finger Lakes R
Flaming Fever, Nov 30, Finger Lakes R
Energy Spirit, Nov-Dec, Del Mar T
Flaming Vixen, Dec 1, Del Mar R
Cole’s Magic Vow, Dec 1, Delta R
Hot Hand, Dec 2, Remington R
Millennium Flower, Dec 2, Turf T
Adair, Dec 3, Del Mar R
Oklahoma Rust, Dec 3, Remington R
Ardena, Dec 3, Remington R
Kelly With a Twist, Dec 4, Golden Gate R
All of Barbados, Dec 4, Gulfstream T
Sinistra, Dec 5, Belmont T
Boo Boo Dancer, Dec 7, Charles Town R
Perfect Spot, Dec 7, Mahoning R
Bruner, Dec 7, Mahoning R
Queen Patron, Dec 7, Penn R
Ella’s Kitten, Dec 7, Turf T
Brim, Dec 8, Hawthorne R
Maybe Tonight, Dec 8, Pimlico T
Really Mistya, Dec 9, Charles Town R
Paszcatch, Dec 9, Golden Gate R
Crystal Belle, Dec 10, Belmont T
Maisla, Dec 10, Delta R
Warrior’s Magic, Dec 10, Hawthorne T
Dynamy Road, Dec 10, Mahoning R
My Bo Chop, Dec 10, Tampa Bay T
Wicked Attitude, Dec 10, Tampa Bay T
Kings R Blue, Dec 11, Los Alamitos R
Final Betrayal, Dec 11, Parx R
Considered Opinion, Dec 12, Mahoning R
Mean Streets, Dec 14, Charles Town T
Mandevillian, Dec 14, Delta R
Sierra Ancha, Dec 14, Penn R
Gone Till Dawn, Dec 17, Tampa Bay T
Seeking the Sherif, Dec 20, Laurel T
Streakin Lane, Dec 20, Sunland R
Nevada Kid, Dec 21, Mahoning R
AK’s Candy, Dec 22, Charles Town R
Dragonfly Chaser, Dec 23, Hawthorne R
Tactical Hero, Dec 23, Laurel R
Beware the Fury, Dec 23, Laurel R
Fnf Bruja, Dec 26, Portland R
Rolling Thunder, Dec 26, Portland R
Surfer Chub, Dec 27, Parx R
Jazz Pizzaz, Dec 27, Tampa Bay T
Twobobs, Dec 27, Turf T
Walkers Sentry, Dec 28, Turfway R
Knight of Sun, Dec 29, Mahoning T
Greenstein, Dec 30, Hawthorne R (euthanized Jan 1)
Starcrossed, Dec 30, Mahoning T
Sinster Blue, Dec 30, Tampa Bay T
Noble Mojave, Dec 30, Turf S
Condo Prince, Dec 31, Aqueduct R
Little City Girl, Dec 31, Charles Town T
Just Jack, Dec 31, Laurel R

The Killing Fields: Dead Racehorses at the Various Tracks (964)

Rillito Park: 1 dead racehorse
Turf Paradise: 28 dead racehorses

Oaklawn Park: 6 dead racehorses

Del Mar: 26 dead racehorses
Golden Gate Fields: 25 dead racehorses
Los Alamitos Race Course: 17 dead racehorses
Santa Anita Park: 26 dead racehorses
Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton: 2 dead racehorses
Big Fresno Fair, Fresno: 1 dead racehorse
California State Fair, Sacramento: 1 dead racehorse
Sonoma County Fair, Santa Rosa: 6 dead racehorses

Arapahoe Park: 10 dead racehorses

Delaware Park: 26 dead racehorses
Dover Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Harrington Raceway: 1 dead racehorse

Gulfstream Park: 55 dead racehorses
Gulfstream Park West: 12 dead racehorses
Hialeah Park: 10 dead racehorses
Tampa Bay Downs: 26 dead racehorses
Pompano Park: 4 dead racehorses

Arlington Park: 12 dead racehorses
Fairmount Park: 2 dead racehorses
Hawthorne Race Course: 11 dead racehorses
Balmoral: 1 dead racehorse

Indiana Grand: 21 dead racehorses
Hoosier Park: 4 dead racehorses

Prairie Meadows: 13 dead racehorses

Churchill Downs: 16 dead racehorses
Ellis Park: 1 dead racehorse
Keeneland: 5 dead racehorses
Turfway Park: 4 dead racehorses

Delta Downs: 22 dead racehorses
Evangeline Downs: 12 dead racehorses
Fair Grounds Race Course: 5 dead racehorses
Louisiana Downs: 11 dead racehorses

Laurel Park: 28 dead racehorses
Pimlico Race Course: 7 dead racehorses
Timonium: 2 dead racehorses

Suffolk Downs: 2 dead racehorses

Hazel Park: 3 dead racehorses

Canterbury Park: 9 dead racehorses

Columbus Racing: 1 dead racehorse

White Pine County Fair: 1 dead racehorse

New Jersey
Monmouth Park: 7 dead racehorses
Gaitway Farm: 1 dead racehorse
Westampton Training: 1 dead racehorse

New Mexico
Albuquerque: 10 dead racehorses
Ruidoso Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Sunland Park: 46 dead racehorses
Sunray Park: 3 dead racehorses
Zia Park: 3 dead racehorses

New York
Aqueduct Racetrack: 11 dead racehorses
Belmont Park: 39 dead racehorses
Finger Lakes Racetrack: 28 dead racehorses
Saratoga Race Course: 19 dead racehorses
Batavia Downs: 2 dead racehorses
Buffalo Raceway: 4 dead racehorses
Saratoga Harness: 5 dead racehorses
Tioga Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Vernon Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Yonkers Raceway: 9 dead racehorses

North Dakota
Chippewa Downs: 1 dead racehorse
North Dakota Horse Park: 1 dead racehorse

Belterra Park: 12 dead racehorses
Mahoning Valley: 16 dead racehorses
Thistledown: 13 dead racehorses
Miami Valley: 1 dead racehorse
Northfield Park: 3 dead racehorses
Scioto Downs: 1 dead racehorse

Fair Meadows: 3 dead racehorses
Remington Park: 30 dead racehorses
Will Rogers Downs: 5 dead racehorses

Portland Meadows: 6 dead racehorses
Eastern Oregon Livestock: 1 dead racehorse
Grants Pass: 1 dead racehorse

Parx Racing: 25 dead racehorses
Penn National: 19 dead racehorses
Presque Isle Downs: 7 dead racehorses
Meadows: 1 dead racehorse
Pocono Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Malvern Steeplechase: 1 dead racehorse
Pennsylvania Hunt Steeplechase: 1 dead racehorse

South Dakota
Fort Pierre: 2 dead racehorses

Lone Star Park: 14 dead racehorses
Retama Park: 7 dead racehorses
Sam Houston Park: 8 dead racehorses
Gillespie County Fair: 3 dead racehorses

Great Meadow Steeplechase: 1 dead racehorse

Emerald Downs: 15 dead racehorses

West Virginia
Charles Town Races: 55 dead racehorses
Mountaineer Racetrack: 39 dead racehorses

Energy Downs: 2 dead racehorses
Wyoming Downs: 1 dead racehorse

Arizona Department of Gaming
California Horse Racing Board
Colorado Department of Revenue
Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission
Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Idaho Racing Commission
Illinois Racing Board
Indiana Horse Racing Commission
Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
Louisiana Racing Commission
Maine Department of Agriculture
Maryland Racing Commission
Massachusetts Gaming Commission
Michigan Gaming Control Board
Minnesota Racing Commission
Nebraska State Racing Commission
Nevada Gaming Control Board
New Jersey Racing Commission
New Mexico Racing Commission
New York State Gaming Commission
North Dakota Racing Commission
Ohio State Racing Commission
Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission
Oregon Racing Commission
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Texas Racing Commission
Virginia Racing Commission
Washington Horse Racing Commission
West Virginia Racing Commission
Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission
The Jockey Club
Track Officials

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. That said, my information is only as good as the information I receive. If it can be proved that a horse appears in error, I will dutifully remove.

Patrick Battuello