Killed, 2017

The following horses died at U.S. racetracks in 2017. Please note, however, that there are piles of data (dead horses, that is) not available to us: horses injured racing or training and euthanized off-site (i.e., not reportable); the too-badly-damaged euthanized after being taken in by rescues; the dead who simply fall through the cracks of apathetic or slipshod reporting to and from racing commissions.

What’s more, not every state gives us all the data we request. Louisiana, for example, only forwards racing deaths, arguing that training and stall deaths are beyond their purview. And most significant, we have zero access to the horses killed at the over 200 private training facilities strewn across the land. In short, we estimate that over 2,000 racehorses perish in America every year. Over 2,000. For $2 bets.

Horses Killed on or at U.S. Tracks, 2017 (R: Racing; T: Training; S: Stall)

Tap It In, Jan 1, Golden Gate R
White Coco, Jan 2, Parx R
Massena, early Jan, Belmont T (euthanized Jan 23)
unidentified, Jan 3, unidentified Kentucky track T
Ruhl Paul, Jan 3, Mahoning R
Playmetheblues, Jan 3, Parx R
Running for Annie, Jan 3, Turf R
Genuine Swaty Child (probably sic), Jan 4, Sunland R
Erase the Deficit, Jan 5, Penn R
Candu Cait, Jan 6, Gulfstream R
Catira Rock, Jan 6, Gulfstream R
Water Tower, Jan 6, Parx T
Lilly Lips, Jan 6, Sunland R
Tough Fame, Jan 7, Golden Gate R
Jrs Runaway Tonight, Jan 7, Louisiana R
Jackie Jo, Jan 7, Mahoning R
Aubrees the First, Jan 8, Tampa Bay T
With Love Too, Jan 8, Turf R
Mydancingshadow, Jan 8, Turf R
Super Rich, Jan 10, Mahoning R
Winter Storm, Jan 10, Sunland R
Denis Queen (probably sic), Jan 11, Sunland T
Comeonletsplay, Jan 12, Charles Town S
Ground Control, Jan 12, Charles Town R
Germaine’s Boy, Jan 13, Oaklawn R
Wild Thing, Jan 13, Penn T
Discreet Duke, Jan 13, Penn R
First Notion, Jan 14, Charles Town T
Divine Kaleb, Jan 14, Fair Grounds R
Copingaway, Jan 14, Gulfstream R
Prague, Jan 15, Gulfstream T
Creeker’s Cat, Jan 15, Oaklawn R
Fortune Faded, Jan 16, Aqueduct S
Call Me an Illusion, Jan 16, Louisiana R
Upside Brown, Jan 17, Belmont T
Whip N Nay Nay, Jan 17, Gulfstream T
Uncle Hen, Jan 17, Parx R
Northern Mine, Jan 17, Parx R
Kinghorn, Jan 18, Penn R
King Lou, Jan 19, Sam Houston T
Latent Fire, Jan 20, Charles Town R
Lupos Phantom, Jan 20, Gulfstream T
Judith’s Novel, Jan 20, Mahoning T
T. Montana, Jan 20, Santa Anita R
Irish Filibuster, Jan 20, Turfway R
Prince Zurs, Jan 21, Aqueduct R (euthanized Feb 2)
Cinnamon Apple, Jan 21, Fair Grounds R
Heavy Head, Jan 21, Monmouth T
Charming Vicky, Jan 22, Aqueduct T
Lost Note, Jan 22, Aqueduct R
Kristi Q, Jan 22, Aqueduct R
Nancy’s Spider, Jan 22, Laurel R
Pass Me One Too, Jan 23, Louisiana R
Corona Makes Amends, Jan 23, Louisiana R
Kipalizer, Jan 23, Sam Houston T
Fateel, Jan 24, Sunland T
Glacken Too, Jan 25, Golden Gate T
Becky’s Boy Brian, Jan 26, Charles Town T
Hayq’s Fable, Jan 26, Oaklawn R
Tawny, Jan 26, Santa Anita R
Definitely Dylan, Jan 26, Sunland T
Viola’s Victory, Jan 26, Sunland T
Jules, Jan 27, Belmont S
Yankee Tales, Jan 27, Belmont T
Chromed Out, Jan 27, Charles Town T
Boparoundtheclock, Jan 27, Charles Town T
Whiskey Wizard, Jan 27, Gulfstream T
Conquest Vixen, Jan 27, Gulfstream W T
Delia’s Mystery, Jan 27, Oaklawn R
Bold Deed, Jan 27, Penn R (euthanized Feb 16)
Factuality, Jan 27, Sam Houston R
Bonnies Sparky, Jan 28, Sunland R
Lucky Rascal, Jan 28, Tampa Bay R
Henry Is Henry, Jan 29, Fair Grounds R
Gone Thru Fire, Jan 29, Los Alamitos R
Downhill Dale, Jan 30, Penn T
Roi Soleil, Jan 30, Turf R
Pin and Win, Jan 31, Parx R
Music in the Storm, Jan 31, Sunland R
Sharp Stick, Feb 1, Penn R
Golden Ocean, Feb 2, Golden Gate R
Mr. Winter, Feb 2, Laurel T
Piracy, Feb 2, Oaklawn R
Edzactly, Feb 2, Penn R
Elusive Fleet, Feb 2, Sunland T
Gretna Graeme, Feb 2, Tampa Bay T
Dry Ice, Feb 3, Cal Expo R
Onelastgoodbyekiss, Feb 3, Penn T
Masonio, Feb 3, Turfway R
Sizzling Bel, Feb 4, Golden Gate R
Lord Ruler, Feb 4, Gulfstream R
Sir Prize, Feb 4, Louisiana R
Papa Archie, Feb 4, Parx T
Crafty Gizmo, Feb 4, Parx R
Benanti, Feb 4, Penn S
Peppermintonice, Feb 4, Sunland R
Mrs Peacock, Feb 4, Tampa Bay T
Sir Got Class, Feb 4, Turf R
Spirit Rules, Feb 5, Golden Gate T
unidentified, Jan 30-Feb 5, Santa Anita R/T/S
Locket Alley, Feb 5, Sunland R
El Trompito, Feb 5, Turf T
Kiasma, Feb 6, Northfield R
Big Unit, Feb 8, Buffalo R
Starship Stache, Feb 9, Tampa Bay R
Blameiton Brooklyn, Feb 10, Aqueduct R
Gotta Try, Feb 10, Charles Town T
Chocopologie, Feb 11, Delta R
Surfside Chic, Feb 11, Parx R
Eaglemaker, Feb 11, Santa Anita R
Clovers Meltdown, Feb 11, Sunland T
Diamond Tour, Feb 11, Tampa Bay R
Itsnotezbeinbreezy, Feb 11, Tampa Bay R
Frat Star, Feb 12, Aqueduct R
Regulus, Feb 12, Aqueduct R
unidentified, Feb 7-Feb 12, Los Alamitos R/T/S
unidentified, Feb 7-Feb 12, Los Alamitos R/T/S
Ttt the Conquistador, Feb 12, Louisiana R
unidentified, Feb 6-Feb 12, Santa Anita R/T/S
Indian Nate, Feb 12, Turf R
Furious Lil Miss, Feb 13, Mahoning R
Northern Exchange, Feb 15, Charles Town R
Mr. Ripken, Feb 15, Charles Town R
Your Turn, Feb 15, Penn R
Five Wars, Feb 17, Gulfstream T
BCF’s Victory, Feb 17, Parx T
Famous Attitude, Feb 17, Retama T
Abbys Shooting Star, Feb 17, Sunland R
Gonnawinalot, Feb 17, Tampa Bay R
Lady Nura, Feb 18, Gulfstream T
Mr. Rose, Feb 18, Gulfstream T
Not a Love Song, Feb 18, Parx T
Applegate Cove, Feb 18, Will Rogers T
Trudys Lucky, Feb 19, Laurel T
Ra Indio Tizok, Feb 19, Rillito R
Storming Candy, Feb 19, Santa Anita R
Dixie Ballet, Feb 19, Santa Anita R
Visual Delight, Feb 20, Sam Houston R
unidentified, Feb 13-Feb 20, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, Feb 13-Feb 20, Santa Anita R/T/S
Wheretheparty’sat, Feb 21, Monticello R
My Precious Stolita, Feb 21, Sunland S
Glorias Girl, Feb 21, Sunland R
Doginabox, Feb 22, Turf S
Flat Out Filly (sic perhaps), Feb 22, Turf S
Clever Bling Chick, Feb 22, Turf T
A Risky Peace, Feb 22, Turfway R
Vivi’s Magic, Feb 23, Delta R
Small Boy Jr., Feb 23, Penn R
Bullet Thief, Feb 24, Charles Town R
Dance the Waltz, Feb 24, Los Alamitos R
Denis Girl (probably sic), Feb 24, Sunland T
Don’t Undermind Me, Feb 25, Delta R
Theboyzproudntrue, Feb 25, Delta R
Mda Gold Chick, Feb 25, Louisiana R
Fabulous Kid, Feb 26, Belmont S
Kingston Bay, Feb 26, Gulfstream R
B Evas Lucky Lad, Feb 26, Pompano R
Amberella, Feb 26, Rillito R
unidentified, Feb 21-Feb 26, Santa Anita R/T/S
Missy’s Hat Trick, Feb 27, Belmont T
yet-to-be-named, Feb 27, Gulfstream T
Carlientita, Feb 27, Hawthorne T
Jet for Yonder, Feb 27, Louisiana R
Guybrush, Feb 27, Turf T
Native Americanqueen, Mar 1, Remington T
Les Wireless, Mar 1, Remington T
Windsor Pitch, Mar 2, Charles Town R (euthanized Mar 4)
Three Tootsies, Mar 2, Fair Grounds R
Lawyer Daggett, Mar 2, Oaklawn R
Chance of Luck, Mar 2, Tampa Bay T
Adorable Man, Mar 3, Charles Town T
Saint’s Fan, Mar 3, Fair Grounds T
Tribal Journey, Mar 3, Penn T
Big Daddy’s Dream, Mar 4, Emerald T
Saratoga Citizen, Mar 4, Gulfstream R
Huracan Americo, Mar 4, Gulfstream R
She Spoke French, Mar 4, Laurel T
Paranapiacaba, Mar 4, Laurel T
Poised ‘n Ready, Mar 4, Oaklawn R
Aleander, Mar 4, Parx R
Alajrose, Mar 4, Sam Houston R
Tattenham, Mar 4, Santa Anita R
Tizcano, Mar 5, Gulfstream W T
unidentified, Mar 1-Mar 5, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, Mar 1-Mar 5, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, Mar 1-Mar 5, Santa Anita R/T/S
Dickens, Mar 5, Tampa Bay R
Niigani Coyote, Mar 6, Parx T
Shotgun Love, Mar 7, Aqueduct S
Quorum of Joy, Mar 7, Turf T
Inexcess Time, Mar 8, Turf T
Mahanco, Mar 9, Delta R
Morgans Harbour, Mar 9, Gulfstream S
Rhett’s Image, Mar 10, Golden Gate R
Sc Dustychampion, Mar 10, Sunland R
Six Pack Pop, Mar 11, Emerald T
Royal Saint, Mar 11, Laurel R
Eagle Bayou, Mar 11, Remington R
Nowalking, Mar 11, Santa Anita R
Read the Dream, Mar 12, Aqueduct R
Baby Lia, Mar 12, Gulfstream R
Stormy’s Return, Mar 12, Gulfstream R
Initiative, Mar 12, Los Alamitos R
Record Store, Mar 12, Pompano R
unidentified, Mar 6-Mar 12, Santa Anita R/T/S
Happydazarehereagain, Mar 13, Dover T
Kay’s Finesse, Mar 13, Laurel T
Ifimlyinimdyin, Mar 13, Penn T
Sir Newton, Mar 13, Tampa Bay T
Gold Line Express, Mar 13, Will Rogers R
Callmeback, Mar 14, Mahoning R
Sweet Sunday, Mar 14, Sunland R
Indio, Mar 15, Delaware S
Keihl Crissia, Mar 16, Golden Gate R
Glacial Ocean, Mar 17, Tampa Bay T
Groom Scholarship, Mar 18, Charles Town R
King’s Palace, Mar 18, Golden Gate R
Tf Eyesa Firefighter, Mar 18, Louisiana R
Exquisite Bling, Mar 18, Oaklawn R
It’s a Process, Mar 18, Penn T
Solar Zone, Mar 18, Santa Anita R
Exciting Valentine, Mar 18, Sunland T
unidentified, Mar 13-Mar 19, Santa Anita R/T/S
Rat City Ruby, Mar 20, Emerald T
Chocolate Tycoon, Mar 20, Emerald T
Ohio, Mar 20, Gulfstream W T
unidentified, Mar 20, Hoosier T
Hail Casper, Mar 20, Turf T
unidentified, Mar 21, unidentified Kentucky track S
Lots of White, Mar 21, Louisiana R
Miss Anteas, Mar 22, Penn R
He’s a Dandy, Mar 22, Turf T
Don’t Be Coy, Mar 24, Charles Town R
Pure Joy, Mar 25, Fair Grounds R
Boat Drinks, Mar 25, Hawthorne S
Find Your Revenge, Mar 25, Laurel T
Papa Howg, Mar 25, Turf T
Smack Talk, Mar 25, Turf T
Shakeyogroovething, Mar 25, Turfway R
Camp Cielo, Mar 26, Oaklawn R
Flyen Low, Mar 26, Remington R
unidentified, Mar 20-Mar 26, Santa Anita R/T/S
Star of the Storm, Mar 26, Sunland T
Five Star Bert, Mar 27, Turf T
Little Sparrow, Mar 28, Charles Town S
Hawk Will Never Die (probably sic), Mar 28, Penn T
Maelstrom, Mar 28, Saratoga Harness S
Proud Ruben, Mar 28, Sunland T
Kickin Carver, Mar 28, Turf T
unidentified, Mar 29, Indiana T
Ole Straw, Mar 29, Sunland S
Blanchfield, Mar 30, Charles Town R
Great Wit, Mar 30, Fair Grounds R
Aaron of Goshen, Mar 30, Fair Grounds R
Z Besha, Mar 30, Oaklawn R
Big Boi Brother, Mar 30, Remington R
ZZ Rider, Mar 31, Hawthorne R
Eleanor Gee, Mar 31, Oaklawn T
Oakley, Mar 31, Penn S
Jacky James (probably sic), Mar 31, Sunland T
Skyfall, Mar 31, Sunland R
Second City, Apr 1, Aqueduct R
unidentified, Apr 1, Indiana T
The Pickett Factor, Apr 1, Oaklawn R
Incognito, Apr 1, Saratoga Harness R
yet-to-be-named, Apr 1, Tampa Bay T
Thundersgold, Apr 1, Turf T
Lo Duca, Apr 1, Turf R (euthanized Apr 3)
Jeff and J’s Dream, Apr 2, Fair Grounds R
Ideal Behavior, Apr 2, Laurel T
Stalk, Apr 2, Laurel R
unidentified, Mar 27-Apr 2, Santa Anita R/T/S
In Closing, Apr 2, Tampa Bay R
Spring Ahead, Apr 3, Charles Town T
Worthy One, Apr 3, Laurel T
Evelyn E, Apr 3, Penn T
unidentified, Apr 4, unidentified Kentucky track T
All a Beat Tentation (probably sic), Apr 4, Sunland S
Market Mayhem, Apr 4, Turf R
Johannah Jo, Apr 5, Mahoning R
Sunday Dawn, Apr 5, Turf S
Mac North, Apr 6, Charles Town S
Y Ya Gottabedatway, Apr 6, Hawthorne R
Heros Six, Apr 6, Remington R
Liscloon, Apr 7, Meadowlands S
Cyclic, Apr 8, Charles Town R
Saturday Command, Apr 8, Golden Gate R
Citizen Ofthe West, Apr 8, Sunland S
Young Moon, Apr 8, Sunland R
Mac’s Posse, Apr 9, Belmont T
Snap To It A, Apr 9, Harrah’s R
Langtanz, Apr 9, Keeneland R
Really Big Bird, Apr 9, Laurel R
unidentified, Apr 3-Apr 9, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, Apr 3-Apr 9, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, Apr 3-Apr 9, Santa Anita R/T/S
Brazilian Barbeque, Apr 9, Turf R
Cespedes, Apr 10, Aqueduct T
Donna’s Dream, Apr 10, Tampa Bay T
Warrior’s Dance, Apr 11, Parx R
File and Rank, Apr 11, Sunland T
Naci Knothead, Apr 11, Sunland R
unidentified, Apr 12, Indiana T
unidentified, Apr 12, Indiana T
In My Dust, Apr 13, Keeneland R
He Talks a Lot, Apr 15, Remington R
Flair Weather, Apr 15, Sunland R
Imslopokerodriguez, Apr 15, Tampa Bay T
Smart Answer, Apr 15, Tampa Bay R
Joshua’s Miracle, Apr 16, Emerald R
Mo Wees, Apr 16, Gulfstream R
Bridle Me, Apr 17, Penn T
Built Bok Tuff, Apr 17, Sam Houston S
unidentified, Apr 18, unidentified Kentucky track T
Barker, Apr 19, Parx T
Zephyrous, Apr 20, Charles Town R
Toastedmarshmallow, Apr 20, Delaware T
unidentified, Apr 20, Indiana T
Special Street, Apr 20, Lone Star R
Southern Thang, Apr 20, Tampa Bay T
Receiver, Apr 22, Belmont T
Driving Miss Dixie, Apr 22, Fonner T
Reach the World, Apr 22, Santa Anita T
Flatterfly, Apr 23, Aqueduct R
AJ’s Wolf, Apr 23, Laurel T
unidentified, Apr 17-Apr 23, Santa Anita R/T/S
Yorkshire Inn, Apr 23, Tampa Bay R
All Class, Apr 24, Finger Lakes T
unidentified, Apr 25, Indiana T
Mudbug, Apr 27, Delta R
Mere Aglise, Apr 27, Finger Lakes T
Say It Isn’t True, Apr 27, Hawthorne R
Ammo, Apr 27, Penn R
No Double Dippen, Apr 28, Arapahoe T
Rich ‘n’ Tuck, Apr 28, Belmont S
Cornedbeefncabbage, Apr 28, Belmont T
I’m the Lucky One, Apr 28, Parx T
Belated Gift, Apr 28, Penn T
Choice Indian, Apr 29, Finger Lakes T
Cinchona, Apr 29, Gulfstream T
Blonde Flyer, Apr 29, Lone Star R
Jess a Dejon, Apr 29, Turf R
Aragonite, Apr 30, Belmont R
unidentified, Apr 24-Apr 30, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, Apr 24-Apr 30, Santa Anita R/T/S
Avalancha, May 1, Parx R
Hymn’s Girl, May 1, Turf R
unidentified, May 2, unidentified Kentucky track T
Floyd Hanover, May 3, Meadows S
Martha Again, May 3, Mountaineer T
Give Mea Reason Baby, May 4, Arapahoe S
Tee Mata, May 4, Delta R
Classic Ruler, May 4, Santa Anita R
Be Wild, May 6, Charles Town R
Stick Shaker, May 6, Laurel T
Grey Guarters, May 6, Louisiana R
Savanali, May 6, Mountaineer T
Out the Gate Doin 98, May 6, Remington R
Puissant, May 7, Belmont T
unidentified, May 1-May 7, Santa Anita R/T/S
Dealingatthegate, May 7, Tampa Bay R
unidentified, May 9, Hoosier R
unidentified, May 9, unidentified Kentucky track T
unidentified, May 10, Indiana R
Mystic Beach, May 11, Delta R
unidentified, May 11, unidentified Kentucky track T (died next day)
Slick William, May 11, Penn R
Cassies Dynasty, May 11, Remington R
Big Red Rocket, May 12, Churchill R
Jess Open Up, May 12, Remington R
Vf Bigtime Stanley, May 12, Remington R
Stormeor, May 13, Arapahoe S
Jackieboy, May 13, Arlington R
Malibu Eyes, May 13, Gulfstream W T
Cartel Time, May 13, Remington R
Cobra Kiss, May 13, Thistledown R
Lucky Ann, May 14, Lone Star R
I Am Another, May 14, Lone Star R
Oshie, May 14, Mountaineer R
Chick Cashing Cowboy, May 14, Pocatello R
unidentified, May 8-May 14, Santa Anita R/T/S
Silk Spinner, May 15, Finger Lakes R
Trekas, May 15, Sam Houston R
A.P. Brannigan, May 15, Will Rogers R
Finding Candy, May 16, Parx R
Danika P, May 16, Scioto R
Ruth, May 16, Will Rogers R
Classy Chris, May 17, Belmont R
Sky Changer, May 17, Charles Town R
TG Julio, May 18, Delta R
Amazin Secret, May 18, Evangeline R
Steamroller, May 18, Prairie R
Mr Wine Opener, May 19, Arapahoe R
Red Atlantic, May 19, Belterra R
Songfortheofficer, May 19, Evangeline R
Quick Coconut, May 19, Finger Lakes S
Hucks Party, May 19, Hazel R
Cowboy Prince, May 19, Prairie R
Olympic Royale, May 20, Los Alamitos R
A Salty Corona, May 20, Sam Houston R
Contour, May 21, Arapahoe R
In Giants’ Boots, May 21, Mountaineer R (euthanized May 30)
unidentified, May 15-May 21, Santa Anita R/T/S
Sing and Pray, May 22, Emerald S
Yo Adrienne, May 22, Finger Lakes T
unidentified, May 22, unidentified Kentucky track T
Individuality, May 22, Mountaineer S
R Sleeping Beauty, May 24, Finger Lakes R
All Irish, May 24, Gulfstream T
Dutchie Baby, May 24, Mountaineer R
It’z My Valentino, May 25, Delaware S
Ttt El Vago, May 25, Delta R
Nl Linda Zoomin, May 25, Delta R
Medalquest, May 26, Arlington R
Sudden Sam, May 26, Santa Anita R
On the Deadline, May 27, Finger Lakes R
Letithappen, May 27, Golden Gate R
You Know Juneau, May 27, Penn R
Dominant Diversion, May 27, Ruidoso R
Greelaterra, May 27, Thistledown T
Storm the Shore, May 28, Belmont R
This Flights Flyin, May 28, Remington R
Iba Favorite, May 28, Ruidoso R
unidentified, May 22-May 28, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, May 22-May 28, Santa Anita R/T/S
Lakalas, May 28, Saratoga T
unidentified, May 29, Churchill R
She’satoughbroad, May 29, Parx R
Rubyslittlegem, May 29, Ruidoso R
Calli Way, May 29, Santa Anita R
Stormin Tina, May 29, Santa Anita R
unidentified, May 30, unidentified Kentucky track T
Here’s the Moon, May 31, Monmouth T
Jon’s Big Purchase, Jun 1, Churchill R
Favorite Star, Jun 1, Remington R
Hotbutteredsoul, Jun 2, Churchill R
Tarpon Hanover, Jun 2, Hawthorne (harness) R (euthanized Jun 3)
Back Again, Jun 2, Los Alamitos R
No Secret Anywhere, Jun 2, Remington R
Jess a Poison, Jun 2, Ruidoso R
Happy Match, Jun 3, Belmont R
Fast Dash for Credit, Jun 3, Delta R
Squeeky Cat, Jun 3, Evangeline R
Don’ttakemelightly, Jun 3, Louisiana R
Cali Sue Boo, Jun 3, Penn T
Individual Design, Jun 3, Santa Anita R
Sentosa Island, Jun 3, Scioto R
You Bettor Beware, Jun 4, Arapahoe R
Bradley’s Sunshine, Jun 4, Gulfstream R
Chicken Noodle, Jun 4, Prairie R
unidentified, Jun 1-Jun 4, Santa Anita R/T/S
Jailhouse Jessica, Jun 6, Pocono R
Tsm Money Dragon, Jun 6, Pocono R
Nothingbutdaylight, Jun 7, Lone Star S
Slip the Cable, Jun 8, Charles Town R
Built Lika, Jun 9, Delta R
unidentified, Jun 9, Hoosier R
Flyin My Corona, Jun 9, Indiana R
Supero, Jun 9, Laurel R
Tiger Bourbon, Jun 9, Penn T
Sally Ali, Jun 9, Retama S
Flashy N Fabulous, Jun 9, Ruidoso R
Avenue Road, Jun 10, Charles Town R
Task Force Glory, Jun 10, Churchill R
Sugar Foot Anne, Jun 10, Delaware R
El Jarocho, Jun 10, Delta R
National Trust, Jun 10, Parx R
Sharp as a Tack, Jun 10, Tioga T
Erascritto, Jun 11, Belterra R
Sixiest, Jun 11, Fair Meadows R
unidentified, Jun 6-Jun 11, Los Alamitos R/T/S
Amber Dubai, Jun 11, Mountaineer R (euthanized Jun 12)
San Nicolo, Jun 11, Mountaineer R
Just Meteor, Jun 11, Ruidoso R
Fancy Firewater, Jun 12, Ruidoso R
Northern Rail, Jun 13, Parx R
Madam Machen, Jun 14, Mountaineer T
Hawks Linda Lou, Jun 14, Oxford R
Thunderclap Newman, Jun 15, Arapahoe T
Siberian Laughter, Jun 15, Golden Gate R
El Rustico, Jun 15, Gulfstream R
Tiznow and Forever, Jun 16, Arapahoe R
Testarossa Red, Jun 16, Hazel R
Templeton Rye, Jun 16, Penn T
[illegible name], Jun 16, Ruidoso S
Pilototechick, Jun 17, Delta R
Save Dixie Faith, Jun 17, Fair Meadows R
Secret Coeur, Jun 17, Ruidoso R
Sky Princess, Jun 18, Belterra R
Chrome Finish, Jun 18, Buffalo R
My Bright Idea, Jun 18, Churchill R
Simferopol, Jun 18, Gulfstream R
Tootsiswild, Jun 18, Penn S
Jumpn On Glass, Jun 19, Retama S
Street Spice, Jun 20, Delaware T
Dandyman, Jun 20, Fairmount R
Tunnel Beach, Jun 20, Presque Isle T
Malibu Squeeze, Jun 21, Belmont S
Afinetimeforwine, Jun 21, Emerald S
Flowing Snow Fury, Jun 21, Fair Meadows R
unidentified, Jun 21, unidentified Kentucky track T
Iva Scaped, Jun 21, Lone Star T
Sporty Big Boy, Jun 22, Saratoga Harness R
Local One Thirty, Jun 23, Emerald S
Tizzywizzy, Jun 23, Lone Star T (euthanized Jun 24)
Defining Temptation, Jun 23, Ruidoso T
Gold Rush Hush, Jun 23, Ruidoso R
Deliberate Diamond, Jun 24, Thistledown T
Bk Skat Kat, Jun 24, Wyoming R
Non Stop, Jun 25, Belmont R
Stef and Me, Jun 25, Belterra R
Harlan’s Mischief, Jun 25, Churchill R
From Zero to Deserio, Jun 25, Wyoming R
unidentified, Jun 19-Jun 25, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, Jun 19-Jun 25, Santa Anita R/T/S
unidentified, Jun 26, Keeneland T
Flying Bullet, Jun 27, Belmont T
unidentified (most likely Mandalorian), Jun 27, Indiana R
unidentified, Jun 27, unidentified Kentucky track T
Stone Cross, Jun 27, Presque Isle R
Adirondack Dancer, Jun 28, Belmont S
Hidden Accounts, Jun 29, Belmont S
Princess Elsana, Jun 29, Canterbury R
Fiveoclocksomwhere, Jun 29, Charles Town R (euthanized Jun 30)
Big Otter, Jun 29, Penn S
Ed’s Dream, Jun 29, Saratoga Harness R
Panthers Fast Dash, Jun 30, Arapahoe R
Valeski, Jun 30, Canterbury R
Anthony the Saint, Jun 30, Charles Town S
Spicoli, Jun 30, Churchill R
Willieverwin, Jun 30, Evangeline R
Specially Valentine, Jun 30, Fair Meadows R
unidentified, Jun 30, unidentified Kentucky track T
Pinkie Blu, Jun 30, Laurel T
Ciao Amore, Jun 30, Mountaineer T
Radiant Angel, Jun 30, Prairie R
Vulcan’s Eagle, Jun 30, Ruidoso R
Atlantic Bull, Jul, Mountaineer T
Timna, Jul 1, Charles Town T (euthanized Jul 27)
Michaelslittleally, Jul 1, Delaware R
His First Love, Jul 1, Delta R
Slacks of Course, Jul 1, Gulfstream R
unidentified, Jul 1, unidentified Kentucky track S
Parks Wave Dancer, Jul 1, Retama R
Quality Boy, Jul 2, Albuquerque R
Stanley’s Friend, Jul 2, Arlington R
Dream Player, Jul 2, Belmont R
Perfect Meeting, Jul 2, Emerald S
Smokey Point, Jul 2, Emerald R
Brother Soldier, Jul 2, Los Alamitos R
Angels From Heaven, Jul 2, Pleasanton T
Salty Gal, Jul 3, Canterbury R
Small Print, Jul 3, Finger Lakes T
unidentified, Jul 3, unidentified Kentucky track T
Mo Ebo, Jul 3, Parx T
John’s Afleet, Jul 3, Parx R
Browneyed Bachelor, Jul 3, Parx R
Michael Addison, Jul 3, Presque Isle R
Blue Martini, Jul 4, Parx R
Trueville, Jul 4, Presque Isle T
Not My Note, Jul 4, Ruidoso T
Royal Leap of Faith, Jul 4, Ruidoso T
unidentified, Jun 26-Jul 4, Santa Anita R/T/S
Miss Contempt, Jul 5, Evangeline R
Favorite Vision, Jul 5, Wyoming T
Perry Dash Back, Jul 6, Retama T
Queen B, Jul 6, Saratoga T
Banging With Stoli, Jul 7, Delta R
The Great Bambina, Jul 7, Delta R
Siete Cuarenta Siete, Jul 7, Retama R
Unbridled Critic, Jul 8, Albuquerque R
Talking to Charlie, Jul 8, Albuquerque R
Strange Brew, Jul 8, Belterra R
Im Just Good, Jul 8, Hazel R
unidentified, Jul 8, Hoosier R
Papa Vinny, Jul 8, Laurel R
A Secret Dawn, Jul 8, Ruidoso R
unidentified, Jul 9, unidentified Kentucky track T (euthanized Jul 10)
Do the Nae Nae, Jul 9, Mountaineer R
Three Six, Jul 9, Ruidoso R
No Nukes, Jul 10, Hazel S
Tonto’s Sister, Jul 11, Louisiana R
Crown Domenica, Jul 12, Thistledown R
Pagan Exchange, Jul 13, Charles Town R (euthanized Jul 18)
Lulu’s Rush, Jul 13, Delaware S
Maritime Pulpit, Jul 13, Monmouth T
Abridged, Jul 14, Albuquerque R
Sapporo, Jul 14, Belmont R
Baytown Princess, Jul 14, Belterra R
Cherokee Callie, Jul 14, Belterra R
Sidearm, Jul 14, Canterbury R
unidentified, Jul 14, Indiana S
Regal Babe, Jul 15, Buffalo R
Midas Dancer, Jul 15, Canterbury R
Belle’s Candy, Jul 15, Charles Town R
Sendero Six, Jul 15, Gillespie R
Trisha’s Trove, Jul 15, Hazel R
Mr Flash the Cash, Jul 15, Ruidoso R
Leathers Slappin, Jul 15, Thistledown R
Mongolian Eagle, Jul 16, Arlington S
Rule the City, Jul 16, Belmont R (euthanized Sep 29)
Cool It, Jul 16, Monmouth T
Noble Change, Jul 16, Mountaineer R
unidentified, Jul 17, unidentified Kentucky track T
Bobby Z, Jul 17, Thistledown R
Cold Hearted Shark, Jul 18, Northfield R
A Lot of Style, Jul 19, Emerald S
Sistriot, Jul 20, Arlington R
Sonof a Monstercat, Jul 20, Belterra R
One More Orman, Jul 21, Emerald S
Cooper Road, Jul 21, Prairie R
Odie My Man, Jul 22, Charles Town T
Bigapplehereicome, Jul 22, Delaware S
DC Dancer, Jul 22, Delaware R (euthanized Aug 3)
Signorina Ermenia, Jul 22, Emerald R
Rozaman, Jul 22, Great Falls R
Herriot, Jul 22, Monmouth R
Adonaki, Jul 22, Parx T
Wanztbwicked, Jul 22, Saratoga T
Sunny Dee, Jul 23, Golden Gate T
Big Man Rocket, Jul 23, Monmouth T
Creole Winner, Jul 23, Ruidoso R
Fashion Delight, Jul 23, Yonkers R
Madame Butterfly, Jul 24, Gulfstream W T
Win Tuscany, Jul 24, Mountaineer R
Cuadrante, Jul 25, Parx R
Senator Josy, Jul 26, Fair Meadows R
Dr. Stone, Jul 26, Finger Lakes S
unidentified (most likely E Nine), Jul 26, Indiana R
Strawberry Bomb, Jul 26, Presque Isle R
Evasive Maneuver, Jul 26, Thistledown R
Mister Tom Tom, Jul 26, Thistledown R
Golden Light, Jul 27, Del Mar R
Accomplice, Jul 27, Gulfstream R
Limoges, Jul 28, Belterra R
My Brother Johnny, Jul 28, Charles Town T
Eos Firewater, Jul 28, Fair Meadows R
Angels Seven, Jul 28, Saratoga R
Beduino Smooth Zevi, Jul 29, Albuquerque R
Suddenly Seymour, Jul 29, Canterbury R
Thousandinmypocket, Jul 29, Gulfstream T
Bella Kittens, Jul 29, Gulfstream T
unidentified, Jul 29, Indiana T
unidentified, Jul 29, Indiana R
Wonderman, Jul 29, Laurel R
Royal Line of Fire, Jul 29, Retama R
Patty Del Rey, Jul 29, Ruidoso R
Howard Beach, Jul 29, Saratoga T
Positive Waves, Jul 29, Saratoga T
Cajun Cookin, Jul 30, Golden Gate T
Starship Menace, Jul 30, Gulfstream R
Amazing Lady, Jul 30, Los Alamitos R
unidentified, Jul 31, unidentified Kentucky track T
Brooklyn Major, Jul 31, Saratoga R
Hard to Want, Aug 1, Delaware T
Purrin’ Proud, Aug 2, Delaware R
unidentified, Aug 2, Keeneland T
Van Persie, Aug 2, Penn R (euthanized several days later)
It Is Back, Aug 2, Penn R
Marshall Plan, Aug 2, Saratoga T
Zipping By, Aug 3, Charles Town R
Dance With Gio, Aug 3, Delaware R
Joe Franklin, Aug 3, Parx T
Fall Colors, Aug 3, Saratoga R
Munjaz, Aug 3, Saratoga R
Marvelous Kaos, Aug 4, Del Mar R
Steam Burner, Aug 5, Evangeline R
Stormin Dude, Aug 5, Gulfstream T
Spy Dancer, Aug 5, Indiana R
Lakeside Sunset, Aug 5, Saratoga T
Olivias Little Bro, Aug 6, Albuquerque R
Blow Me a Kiss, Aug 6, Arapahoe R
Irish Keys, Aug 6, Columbus R
Warrior Call, Aug 6, Delaware T
unidentified, Aug 3-Aug 6, Los Alamitos R/T
Dont Gang Up On Me, Aug 6, Prairie R
Crushed Ice, Aug 6, Prairie R
Unbroken Chain, Aug 6, Saratoga R
Generous Woman, Aug 7, Mountaineer R
Duquesne Whistle, Aug 7, Saratoga S
Shem Creek, Aug 8, Mountaineer R (euthanized Aug 9)
Pass the Dice, Aug 8, Parx R
Big A’s Darlin, Aug 8, Ruidoso S
First Bank of Papa, Aug 9, Albuquerque R
Remy Royale, Aug 9, Emerald S
Chatain’s Tank, Aug 9, Louisiana R
Cougar Hanover, Aug 9, Monticello R
Love You Bad, Aug 9, Monticello R
Golden Panther, Aug 9, Mountaineer T
Okie Ride, Aug 9, Remington T
Heisman (probably sic), Aug 9, Ruidoso S
Raysunett, Aug 9, Thistledown R
Glitzy, Aug 10, Delaware R
Pandamonia, Aug 10, Delaware R
Hot Cajun Sauce, Aug 10, Finger Lakes T
Cornerback Sack, Aug 10, Presque Isle R
Run Lucky Run, Aug 11, Gulfstream W T
Mc Hottie, Aug 11, Penn R (euthanized Aug 14)
Sweetneida, Aug 11, Saratoga R
Grc Graceful Azoom, Aug 12, Albuquerque R
Permian, Aug 12, Arlington R
Smokinisashame, Aug 12, Columbus R
La Dominadora, Aug 12, Mountaineer T
Cams Director, Aug 12, Pocono R
Six K Laura, Aug 12, Retama R
Straitouttathefunk, Aug 12, Thistledown R
unidentified, Aug 9-Aug 13, Del Mar R/T/S
Gold Revelation, Aug 13, Emerald R (euthanized Aug 24)
Cascade Kitty, Aug 14, Emerald S
Charm the Lute, Aug 14, Louisiana R
Dark Humorista, Aug 15, Arlington S
Silver Bullet Rf, Aug 15, Ruidoso S
Meteoroid, Aug 16, Saratoga R
Sweet Point, Aug 17, Gulfstream T
Mooch, Aug 17, Ruidoso T
Sayonara Rose, Aug 17, Saratoga R
Like A Prayer, Aug 18, Penn S
Sb Itty Bitty, Aug 18, Sweetwater S
Mr Lane, Aug 18, White Pine R
Sing in the Hands, Aug 19, Gulfstream W T
Maze of Stones, Aug 19, Parx T
Silver Ice, Aug 19, Santa Rosa R
Travelin Soldier, Aug 19, Saratoga T
Ronson, Aug 19, Thistledown R
Dreamy, Aug 19, Thistledown R
Siberian Rush, Aug 19, White Pine R
unidentified, Aug 14-Aug 20, Del Mar R/T/S
Credit Ready, Aug 20, Laurel R
Eb Traffic Rock, Aug 20, White Pine R
Calzini Rossi, Aug 23, Delaware S
Saints Be Praised, Aug 23, Delaware R
That’s Amore, Aug 23, Finger Lakes R
unidentified (most likely Sucess Is Racing), Aug 23, Indiana R
Mizz Quoted, Aug 23, Thistledown T
Smokealittlesmoke, Aug 24, Evangeline R
Bronze Bomber, Aug 24, Ruidoso S
Girlslovechocolate, Aug 25, Finger Lakes S
Z Rock, Aug 25, Ruidoso T
DE Last Shot, Aug 26, Albuquerque R
Color Me Blush, Aug 26, Belterra R
unidentified, Aug 26, unidentified Kentucky track T
Unclear, Aug 26, Pocono T
Un Tres Able, Aug 26, Prairie R
Comisky’s Sister, Aug 26, Remington R
That Mr. P, Aug 26, Saratoga S
Lisa’s Premier, Aug 26, Timonium R
Boots N Pants, Aug 27, Albuquerque R
Mestizo, Aug 27, Columbus R
Big Daddy Etb, Aug 27, Elko R
Shot Glass, Aug 27, Ellis R
Sweet Tashi, Aug 27, Emerald R
Prayer for Da Bric, Aug 27, Ruidoso R
Mist Ter Noble, Aug 27, Ruidoso R
Makinabundle, Aug 27, Sweetwater R
unidentified, Aug 28, unidentified Kentucky track T
Vitality, Aug 29, Del Mar T
Wanna Rock N Roll, Aug 30, Batavia R
Secret Shopper, Aug 30, Del Mar R
Alpha Dance, Aug 30, Finger Lakes R
Angel’s Gabriel, Aug 30, Laurel T
Wise Heart, Aug 31, Parx T
Aggie’s Honor, Aug 31, Saratoga T
Heal Do It, Sep 1, Albuquerque T
Eye for an Eye, Sep 1, Albuquerque R
Jess a Leap, Sep 1, Albuquerque R
Karen Kan, Sep 1, Belmont T
Behind the Times, Sep 1, Timonium R
Cuban Argument, Sep 1, Timonium R
Irish Prayer, Sep 2, Belmont T
Triple Net, Sep 2, Charles Town R (euthanized Sep 4)
Castana, Sep 2, Columbus R
Bokeh, Sep 2, Delaware R (euthanized Sep 3)
Happy High Porto, Sep 2, Evangeline R
Inspired Flight, Sep 2, Laurel T
Burst of Dash, Sep 2, Prairie R
My Millionaire, Sep 2, Retama R
Fisher Stel Corona, Sep 2, Ruidoso R
unidentified, Aug 29-Sep 3, Los Alamitos R/T
Zoomin Effortlessly, Sep 3, Ruidoso R
Sb Hoonigan, Sep 3, Sweetwater R
Bay City Blues, Sep 4, Finger Lakes R
Nacimientos Clasic, Sep 4, Zia S
Billy’s Sweetheart, Sep 5, Delaware S
unidentified, Sep 5, Indiana T
Jm First Down, Sep 6, Albuquerque R
Timber, Sep 6, Finger Lakes S
unidentified, Sep 6, unidentified Kentucky track T
Cody Coy, Sep 6, Northfield R
Just Zip It, Sep 7, Arlington R
Hardwin, Sep 7, Delaware R
Hubertofhavasu, Sep 7, Golden Gate T (euthanized Sep 8)
Riot Act, Sep 8, Albuquerque R
Firstprizelove, Sep 8, Fair Grounds R
Latin Danger (sic), Sep 8, Gulfstream W T
unidentified, Sep 8, Indiana T
Niigon Express, Sep 8, Laurel R
Darlene’s Vision, Sep 8, Parx T
Run Stormy Run, Sep 9, Central Fair R
Quality Guy, Sep 9, Central Fair R
Holy Zendaya, Sep 9, Charles Town R
Mutazen, Sep 9, Kentucky R
Discreetly Leah, Sep 9, Los Alamitos R
Fast Talkin Man, Sep 9, Louisiana R
The Schwam, Sep 9, Parx R (euthanized Sep 10)
Little Miss Avery, Sep 9, Penn T
Combee, Sep 9, Penn R
Aria, Sep 9, Remington R
Jess Rockn, Sep 9, Zia R
Out of Aces, Sep 10, Golden Gate R
Olivia My Girl, Sep 10, Presque Isle R
She’s Lit Up, Sep 11, Mountaineer R
Tera Inferno, Sep 11, Zia R
Rusty Road, Sep 11, Zia R
Ice Maker, Sep 12, Finger Lakes S
Cherishabull, Sep 12, Louisiana R
Lady Lilyann, Sep 12, Thistledown R
Zulu Echo, Sep 15, Belterra R
Mucho Paso, Sep 15, Charles Town R
Bullet Bobby, Sep 15, Charles Town R
Personal Princess, Sep 15, Gulfstream W T
Regal Note, Sep 15, Laurel R
Clear Status, Sep 15, Penn R
Lighthouse Reef, Sep 16, Charles Town T
You’re My Favorite, Sep 16, Fairmount R
Gloria Patri, Sep 16, Laurel R
Mi Padre, Sep 16, Louisiana R
Aziah’s Good Girl, Sep 16, Penn R (euthanized Sep 21)
Shatterenthestars, Sep 16, Remington R
Rooster Ray, Sep 16, Retama R
Top Fortitude, Sep 17, Belmont R
unidentified, Sep 12-Sep 17, Los Alamitos R/T
Yet Another Wain, Sep 17, Zia R
Thirsty Girl, Sep 18, Arlington T
Not for Truth, Sep 18, Delaware T
Aldalma, Sep 18, Delaware R
Hank Who, Sep 18, Finger Lakes R
Somekindasexy, Sep 18, Saratoga T
unidentified, Sep 19, Keeneland T
Submit, Sep 20, Belmont R
Rolling Tizway, Sep 20, Mountaineer R
What’s Up JP, Sep 20, Thistledown R
Legal Tendora, Sep 21, Finger Lakes R
Vestibule, Sep 21, Remington R
Madgirl, Sep 22, Belmont T
Terzaluna, Sep 22, Churchill R
Storm Troops, Sep 22, Gulfstream T
Seventy Niner, Sep 22, Laurel R
Bv Im in a Hurry, Sep 22, Will Rogers R
Warair, Sep 22, Will Rogers R (died Oct 12)
Al’s Nightmare, Sep 23, Belmont T
Act Your Wage, Sep 23, Energy R
Key to the Bank, Sep 23, Indiana R
unidentified, Sep 23, Keeneland T
Irap, Sep 23, Parx R (euthanized Oct 20)
Hard Slider, Sep 24, Emerald R
Smell Perfume, Sep 24, Los Alamitos R
Catching Fire, Sep 24, Turf T
Sherlock’s Hope, Sep 25, Belmont S
My Man Colton, Sep 25, Louisiana R
Cora Bear, Sep 26, Delaware T
Wildcat Honey, Sep 26, Mountaineer R
Frisky Business, Sep 26, Penn T
Beeswacker, Sep 26, Thistledown R
Scootin Bay, Sep 27, Batavia R
Kidron, Sep 27, Delaware R
Dancing Wind, Sep 27, Gulfstream R
Wildwood Nafir, Sep 27, Mountaineer R
Retrade, Sep 27, Presque Isle R
Ouray, Sep 27, Thistledown R
Hocus Pocus Cat, Sep 28, Presque Isle R
Red Cash, Sep 29, Saratoga Harness R
Tizfun, Sep 29, Turf T
El Capitan, Sep 29, Will Rogers R
Tizquick, Sep 30, Belterra R
Judys Girl, Sep 30, Energy R
Hidden Talent, Sep 30, Lone Star R
Cinematic Cat, Sep 30, Portland S
Altanero, Sep 30, Zia R
Jess a Tres, Sep 30, Zia R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury R
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury T
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury T
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury T
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury T
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury S
unidentified, May-Sep, Canterbury S
Shadows of Love, Oct 1, Charles Town S
Eyema Dancer, Oct 1, Energy S
Station Wagon, Oct 1, Parx R
You’re a Survivor, Oct 2, Delaware R
Shake Things Up, Oct 2, Parx R
Dollys Party Doll, Oct 2, Turf S
Texarkana Rose, Oct 3, Laurel T
El Soborno, Oct 3, Mountaineer R
Rolling Star, Oct 3, Zia R
Bar Bandit, Oct 3, Zia R
Princess Bossy, Oct 4, Belterra R
Tap Step, Oct 4, Charles Town T
Little Ginger, Oct 4, Remington R
Big Boy Baze, Oct 4, Zia S
Sundance Flyer, Oct 5, Remington R
Colonel Slewie, Oct 5, Remington R
Mias Mark, Oct 6, Mountaineer S
High Dive, Oct 7, Charles Town T
Amazing Campisi, Oct 7, Delaware T
Allie’s Event, Oct 7, Delaware R
unidentified, Oct 7, Hoosier S
unidentified (most likely Capriza), Oct 7, Indiana R
Ten City, Oct 7, Keeneland R
Donnie’s Cool Cat, Oct 7, Remington R
Falcon’s Chance, Oct 7, Saratoga Harness R
Bodacious Giggles, Oct 7, Zia R
Paid the Chick, Oct 7, Zia R
Smokey Wend, Oct 9, Delaware R
unidentified, Oct 10, unidentified Kentucky track T
Songof Inspiration, Oct 10, Zia R
Princess Izabella, Oct 11, Hawthorne R
Warning Sign, Oct 11, Remington R
Blazing Image, Oct 12, Fresno R
Ben’s Moment, Oct 13, Hawthorne T
Favorite Check, Oct 13, Los Alamitos R
Big Gene, Oct 13, Retama S
Hold On Momma, Oct 14, Belmont S
Cabo Wabo Baby, Oct 14, Retama R
Roberta Brooks, Oct 14, Saratoga T
Galilianco, Oct 15, Keeneland R
Mashpee Pond, Oct 15, Mountaineer R (euthanized Oct 16)
Carson City Guy, Oct 15, Zia R
Shez Smokin, Oct 15, Zia R
Cooper Canyon, Oct 17, Zia R
Freudian Dilemma, Oct 18, Finger Lakes S
Judge Maggie, Oct 18, Finger Lakes R
Gone Jak, Oct 19, Gulfstream W R
unidentified, Oct 19, Hoosier R
Warrenscrystalized, Oct 19, Santa Anita R
Wicked Heat, Oct 20, Laurel R
Bourbonfuhrme, Oct 21, Belmont R
Tevere, Oct 21, Charles Town R
Rue Ga Rue, Oct 21, Hawthorne T
unidentified, Oct 21, Indiana T
Jerandson, Oct 21, Laurel R
unidentified, Oct 22, Indiana T
I Am Iron Max, Oct 22, Keeneland R
Turkey Creek, Oct 22, Mountaineer R
Vegas Vic, Oct 22, Santa Anita T
unidentified, Oct 16-Oct 22, Santa Anita R/T/S
Rockndinamite, Oct 22, Zia R
Hopeful Moves, Oct 22, Zia R
Caspian Winner, Oct 23, Charles Town T
Big Gally’s Answer, Oct 23, Parx R
Majestic Won, Oct 23, Pompano T
Rip Loves Maize, Oct 24, Finger Lakes S
Kershner, Oct 24, Turf S
unidentified (most likely Way Down the Line), Oct 25, Indiana R
Rome New York, Oct 25, Portland S
Sr. Quisqueyano, Oct 25, Thistledown R
Saratoga Swayz, Oct 26, Belmont T
Silver of Oz, Oct 26, Remington R
Mps Miss Zaza, Oct 27, Evangeline R
Dancing Nora, Oct 27, Hawthorne R
Handfuls Gem, Oct 27, Indiana R
Ana Ruth, Oct 28, Charles Town S
French Edge, Oct 28, Gulfstream T
Tildeath Do Uspart, Oct 28, Parx R
Honest, Oct 28, Parx R
Broad Surprise, Oct 29, Laurel R
unidentified, Oct 26-Oct 29, Los Alamitos R/T
unidentified, Oct 23-Oct 29, Santa Anita R/T/S
Riverside Flash, Oct 29, Zia R
Bistro, Oct 30, Laurel R
Ruth’s Lotus, Oct 30, Mahoning R
Myarchangel, Oct 30, Mountaineer S
D’forest Diva, Oct 30, Mountaineer S
Hyde Park Express, Oct 31, Belmont T
Elite Kid, Oct 31, Belmont T (euthanized Nov 11)
Ronnie’s Whey, Oct 31, Finger Lakes R
Jump Shot Johnny, Oct 31, Penn T
Semiprecious, Oct 31, Portland R
Cecie Go Home, Oct 31, Zia T
Altona Cat, Oct 31, Zia R
Crimson Music, Oct 31, Zia R
Distorted Union, Nov 1, Delaware T
unidentified, Nov 1, unidentified Kentucky track T
Granites Peak, Nov 1, Mahoning R
Ferdie’s Fedora, Nov 2, Charles Town T
Windsor’s Clouds, Nov 2, Charles Town R (euthanized Nov 3)
Charbonnet, Nov 2, Delta R
Papa Freud, Nov 3, Aqueduct R
Peggys Music Maker, Nov 3, Charles Town R
Tiz a Treasure, Nov 3, Churchill R
Cheekaboomboom, Nov 3, Del Mar R
Tomoe, Nov 3, Gulfstream T
Everybodys Hope, Nov 3, Hawthorne R
Leather Goods, Nov 3, Laurel R (euthanized Nov 19)
Debbyz Wingz, Nov 4, Delta R
Patriot Man, Nov 4, Gulfstream T
Gran Airspeed, Nov 5, Gulfstream T
unidentified, Nov 5, unidentified Kentucky track T
Groupthink, Nov 5, Parx R
Golden Glint, Nov 5, Parx R
La Moneda, Nov 5, Turf R
Sooner Boomer, Nov 5, Turf R
Left the Galaxy, Nov 6, Finger Lakes T
Cosmic Destiny, Nov 6, Parx R
Lady Aconite, Nov 7, Delaware T
Hazel Meadow, Nov 8, Mountaineer R
Harlans Belle, Nov 9, Parx S
Realta Ean, Nov 10, Hawthorne R
Song for Jade, Nov 10, Los Alamitos R
Arkansas Frank, Nov 10, Retama S
Hy Brasil, Nov 11, Aqueduct R
Friesani, Nov 11, Penn R (euthanized Nov 13)
Dashin Foose, Nov 11, Zia R
Jess Sisters, Nov 11, Zia R
Prohibition, Nov 12, Del Mar R
Bistro Lights, Nov 12, Turf R
Blue Over You, Nov 12, Zia T
Tee At Two, Nov 13, Hawthorne T
Ogan’s Runner, Nov 16, Belmont T (euthanized Nov 17)
Momma’s Moonshine, Nov 16, Finger Lakes T (euthanized Dec 1)
Jamaalaree, Nov 16, Turf S
Russian Radiance, Nov 17, Golden Gate R
Aspic, Nov 17, Penn R
Breezed Bayou, Nov 17, Tampa Bay T
Turcotte, Nov 18, Belmont T
Muay Thai, Nov 18, Charles Town R (euthanized Nov 25)
Combined, Nov 18, Fair Grounds R
unidentified, Nov 13-Nov 19, Del Mar R/T/S
El Comander, Nov 19, Mountaineer R
Split Step, Nov 19, Zia R
Act Surprised, Nov 20, Finger Lakes R
unidentified, Nov 20, unidentified Kentucky track T
Spanish Jazz, Nov 20, Turf R
Awesome Time, Nov 20, Zia R
Toast Him Above, Nov 21, Evangeline R
Black Jules, Nov 21, Mahoning R
Goldies Nugget, Nov 21, Mountaineer S
Francesca Cristina, Nov 21, Mountaineer R
Iggy Loco, Nov 22, Aqueduct R
Rainy Night, Nov 22, Belmont S
Isle Master, Nov 22, Charles Town S
Twilight Danz, Nov 22, Charles Town T
unidentified, Nov 22, unidentified Kentucky track T (euthanized Nov 24)
Classic Reward, Nov 22, Mahoning R
Blu Moon Ace, Nov 22, Penn R
Golden Dude, Nov 22, Tampa Bay T
Mesoma, Nov 23, Fair Grounds R
Lizzie’s Cat, Nov 24, Charles Town T
Mountain Hawk, Nov 24, Charles Town R (euthanized Nov 28)
Raining Moolah, Nov 24, Churchill R
Wonwonwon, Nov 24, Delta R
Winter Wish, Nov 24, Finger Lakes R
Jazzy Sun, Nov 24, Hawthorne R
Courageous Sadie, Nov 24, Penn R
Lay Down the Law, Nov 24, Pimlico T
Bail, Nov 25, Belmont T
Green Time, Nov 25, Charles Town R
Highborn, Nov 25, Gulfstream T
Wicked Is Good, Nov 25, Remington R
Spence Girl, Nov 25, Tampa Bay R (euthanized Nov 26)
Vmr Rebel, Nov 25, Zia R
Wood Be a Bullet, Nov 25, Zia R
Sideman, Nov 26, Golden Gate R
unidentified, Nov 20-Nov 26, Los Alamitos R/T
Nanango, Nov 26, Zia R
Putalidonit, Nov 26, Zia R
Regalstone, Nov 27, Portland R
Compadre Sam, Nov 27, Turf R
Good At Goodbye, Nov 27, Zia R
Two Dollar Pistol, Nov 27, Zia R
Lady Chatterley, Nov 28, Turf T
Officer Ridge, Dec 1, Charles Town T
Thundergram, Dec 1, Hawthorne R (euthanized Dec 6)
Chidamac, Dec 1, Los Alamitos R
Tanner’s Popsicle, Dec 1, Remington R
Dont Tell Danna, Dec 1, Turf T
Arsene Wenger, Dec 2, Evangeline R
The First Star, Dec 2, Northfield R
Campeona, Dec 2, Penn R
Eyesfirst, Dec 4, Laurel R
Hondos Celesticman, Dec 5, Zia S
Warbuck’s Curfew, Dec 5, Zia R
Ransom Day, Dec 6, Penn R
Our Ship Is In, Dec 7, Charles Town R
Lee’s South, Dec 7, Penn T
Endless Mile, Dec 8, Golden Gate R
Paynterly, Dec 8, Remington R
Fusaichi Red, Dec 9, Aqueduct R
Lucky Sugar, Dec 9, Belmont T
Forrest Grump, Dec 9, Charles Town R (euthanized Dec 13)
That’s Who I Am, Dec 9, Charles Town R (euthanized Dec 11)
Sky Stanza, Dec 9, Fair Grounds R
Saldamente, Dec 9, Los Alamitos R
Dularie, Dec 9, Tampa Bay T
Sunset Arch, Dec 10, Laurel T
Chambord Lace, Dec 11, Mahoning R
Polar Air, Dec 12, Hawthorne T
Coco, Dec 13, Gulfstream S
Jury Wise, Dec 13, Mahoning R
Honor Earned, Dec 13, Tampa Bay R
Sippy Cup, Dec 15, Laurel R
Dancing Thru Fire, Dec 15, Los Alamitos R
Platinum Sensation, Dec 15, Penn S
Bad Grammar, Dec 16, Charles Town R
Independence B, Dec 16, Evangeline R
My Girl Janelle, Dec 16, Fair Grounds R
Hollywood Icon, Dec 16, Sunland R
Gran Misterio, Dec 16, Sunland R
Saturday Storms, Dec 16, Tampa Bay T
Bullet Miss, Dec 17, Los Alamitos R
Arizona Dreamer, Dec 18, Turf R
Legasistic (probably sic), Dec 19, Sunland S
Flying Bob Ed, Dec 19, Sunland R
Cosmic Ruby, Dec 19, Westampton Training Center (NJ) T
Magician’s Bullet, Dec 22, Gulfstream R
Frau Riley, Dec 23, Gulfstream T
Ari’s Turn, Dec 23, Meadows R
Humarumba, Dec 23, Sunland R
Tiz Holy, Dec 23, Sunland R
Kimbell, Dec 24, Sunland R
Into Kings, Dec 26, Golden Gate R
Creating Mischief, Dec 26, Penn S
Prospector Road, Dec 27, Charles Town S
Joshuas Glory, Dec 27, Turf R
Late Again, Dec 28, Delta R
K Wave, Dec 28, Tampa Bay T
Time in Motion, Dec 29, Gulfstream R
Am I Blue, Dec 29, Santa Anita R
Party Beads, Dec 29, Sunland T
Jess My Choice, Dec 29, Sunland R
Not My Style, Dec 30, Charles Town T
Fervent Femme, Dec 30, Golden Gate T
Pequena Maty, Dec 30, Golden Gate R
Speighgal, Dec 30, Gulfstream R
Sophieshardtocatch, Dec 30, Tampa Bay R

The Killing Fields: Dead Racehorses at the Various Tracks (1142)

Rillito Park: 2 dead racehorses
Turf Paradise: 40 dead racehorses

Oaklawn Park: 12 dead racehorses

Del Mar: 9 dead racehorses
Golden Gate Fields: 22 dead racehorses
Los Alamitos Race Course: 23 dead racehorses
Santa Anita Park: 46 dead racehorses
Cal Expo: 1 dead racehorse
Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton: 1 dead racehorse
Big Fresno Fair, Fresno: 1 dead racehorse
Sonoma County Fair, Santa Rosa: 1 dead racehorse

Arapahoe Park: 10 dead racehorses

Delaware Park: 30 dead racehorses
Dover Downs: 1 dead racehorse

Gulfstream Park: 43 dead racehorses
Gulfstream Park West: 10 dead racehorses
Tampa Bay Downs: 28 dead racehorses
Pompano Park: 3 dead racehorses
Oxford: 1 dead racehorse

Pocatello Downs: 1 dead racehorse

Arlington Park: 9 dead racehorses
Fairmount Park: 2 dead racehorses
Hawthorne Race Course: 16 dead racehorses

Indiana Grand: 23 dead racehorses
Hoosier Park: 6 dead racehorses

Prairie Meadows: 9 dead racehorses

Churchill Downs: 11 dead racehorses
Ellis Park: 1 dead racehorse
Keeneland: 9 dead racehorses
Kentucky Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Turfway Park: 4 dead racehorses
unidentified track: 25 dead racehorses

Delta Downs: 22 dead racehorses
Evangeline Downs: 12 dead racehorses
Fair Grounds Race Course: 14 dead racehorses
Louisiana Downs: 19 dead racehorses

Laurel Park: 34 dead racehorses
Pimlico Race Course: 1 dead racehorse
Timonium: 3 dead racehorses

Hazel Park: 5 dead racehorses

Canterbury Park: 19 dead racehorses

Great Falls: 1 dead racehorse

Columbus Racing: 4 dead racehorses
Fonner Park: 1 dead racehorse

Elko County Fair: 1 dead racehorse
White Pine County Fair: 3 dead racehorses

New Jersey
Monmouth Park: 6 dead racehorses
Meadowlands: 1 dead racehorse
Westampton Training: 1 dead racehorse

New Mexico
Albuquerque: 15 dead racehorses
Ruidoso Downs: 29 dead racehorses
Sunland Park: 40 dead racehorses
Zia Park: 35 dead racehorses

New York
Aqueduct Racetrack: 17 dead racehorses
Belmont Park: 40 dead racehorses
Finger Lakes Racetrack: 27 dead racehorses
Saratoga Race Course: 21 dead racehorses
Batavia Downs: 2 dead racehorses
Buffalo Raceway: 3 dead racehorses
Monticello Raceway: 3 dead racehorses
Saratoga Harness: 6 dead racehorses
Tioga Downs: 1 dead racehorse
Yonkers Raceway: 1 dead racehorse

Belterra Park: 13 dead racehorses
Mahoning Valley: 13 dead racehorses
Thistledown: 18 dead racehorses
Northfield Park: 4 dead racehorses
Scioto Downs: 2 dead racehorses

Fair Meadows: 6 dead racehorses
Remington Park: 29 dead racehorses
Will Rogers Downs: 7 dead racehorses

Portland Meadows: 4 dead racehorses

Parx Racing: 43 dead racehorses
Penn National: 48 dead racehorses
Presque Isle Downs: 9 dead racehorses
Harrah’s Philadelphia: 1 dead racehorse
Meadows: 2 dead racehorses
Pocono Downs: 4 dead racehorses

Lone Star Park: 8 dead racehorses
Retama Park: 13 dead racehorses
Sam Houston Park: 8 dead racehorses
Gillespie County Fair: 1 dead racehorse

Emerald Downs: 18 dead racehorses

West Virginia
Charles Town Races: 60 dead racehorses
Mountaineer Racetrack: 32 dead racehorses

Central Fair: 2 dead racehorses
Energy Downs: 3 dead racehorses
Sweetwater Downs: 3 dead racehorses
Wyoming Downs: 3 dead racehorses

Arizona Department of Gaming
California Horse Racing Board
Colorado Department of Revenue
Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission
Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Idaho Racing Commission
Illinois Racing Board
Indiana Horse Racing Commission
Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
Louisiana Racing Commission
Maine Department of Agriculture
Maryland Racing Commission
Massachusetts Gaming Commission
Michigan Gaming Control Board
Minnesota Racing Commission
Nebraska State Racing Commission
Nevada Gaming Control Board
New Jersey Racing Commission
New Mexico Racing Commission
New York State Gaming Commission
North Dakota Racing Commission
Ohio State Racing Commission
Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission
Oregon Racing Commission
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Texas Racing Commission
Virginia Racing Commission
Washington Horse Racing Commission
West Virginia Racing Commission
Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission
The Jockey Club
National Steeplechase Association
Track Officials

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. That said, my information is only as good as the information I receive. If it can be proved that a horse appears in error, I will dutifully remove.

Patrick Battuello