Effective Leafleting:

  • Designate a set number of leafleters for your protest. We recommend that the leafleters not look like part of the group – no holding signs or wearing “activist clothing.” The leafleters should always be professional and approachable.
  • Prior to the protest, position leafleters outside the parking lots where people are coming through and, if possible, near the entrances. It’s best to place leafleters before and/or after the protest line.
  • Leaflets should be distributed with a positive attitude and a smile. “Would you like some information about Saratoga Race Course?” or “Here is some information about what is happening here today.” Again, always be professional and courteous.
  • Please refrain from placing leaflets on cars or other property. It’s best to hand them directly to passersby (assuming, that is, they are willing to accept).
  • If someone says “No,” or utters something unkind, simply smile and refocus to the next person. Do not engage in confrontation (even if someone takes a leaflet and crumbles it up in front of you). The animals need us to remain calm. (See guidelines for a successful protest.)
  • After the protest or leafleting event, please take a few moments to check the area for discarded leaflets and pick them up. Reuse what you can and dispose of the rest accordingly.