Who We Are

Horseracing Wrongs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to ending the cruel and deadly horseracing industry in the United States.

Please note: While our focus here is on a single industry and a single species, Horseracing Wrongs stands against all animal exploitation. We hold that no animal should be bred, domesticated, and used for human purposes. The wrong, as we see it, begins and ends with animal property; as long as we continue to own them, talk of “rights” is positively meaningless. Accordingly, we are not interested in reform or so-called welfare improvements – simply an end, to horseracing, to all of it.

Facts, as the great John Adams once declared, are stubborn things. And facts are what we present here. We firmly believe that if those coming to this site do so with an open mind, a fresh lens, they will see horseracing not for how it has been sold – as sport, “The Sport of Kings” – but rather as the cruel and deadly (gambling) industry that it is.

If you have a tip or inside information, please email me directly at patrickjbattuello@gmail.com. I will, of course, protect your identity.

Patrick Battuello

Founder, President

Patrick Battuello has been writing on animal-rights issues since 2009 when he launched the Animal Rights blog for the Albany Times Union, one of the first of its kind in the United States. Patrick founded Horseracing Wrongs in 2013. Through his seminal FOIA reporting, he has become recognized as the nation’s foremost expert on racehorse deaths. He and his work have appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, Deadspin; on HBO’s “Real Sports,” CNN, ESPN, among many others. Patrick has also testified (on racing) before the New York State Senate.

Lisa Kirk

Board Member

Lisa Kirk has been active in the animal-rights community for the past 30 years, having protested against puppy mills, circuses, rodeos, trophy hunting, the fur trade, and the dog/cat meat-trade. Lisa also founded Bullie Buddies of Las Vegas, an organization that was dedicated to bringing awareness to the cruelty of dog/cock fighting.

While volunteering at a rescue, Lisa fell in love with a former racehorse, “Twister,” and brought him home, where he was able to live out the rest of his years surrounded by kindness, love, and affection. A former teacher, cheerleading coach, and veterinary technician, Lisa currently resides in Las Vegas with several rescue dogs.

Jennifer Sully

Board Member

Jennifer Sully has dedicated her life to advocating for all animals. With full support from her amazing parents and sister, Jennifer became a veterinary technician in 1994 and vegan in 1998. As time went on, Jennifer realized her voice could be even more beneficial, and she became an animal-rights activist. In 2019, she was proudly named Maryland Organizer for Horseracing Wrongs and has staged countless protests and demos since. Jennifer also organizes turkey vigils in Pennsylvania, as well as a multitude of other Animal Rights events.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys hiking and nature with her partner – and, best of all, snuggling with their eight beautiful (rescued) kitties! To quote one of the chants Jennifer wrote for her protests, “Rise up. Take a stand. Horseracing should be banned.” Together, we WILL end horseracing.

Nicole Arciello

Executive Director

Nicole Arciello has been active in the animal-rights community in Albany, NY, for the past 10 years. Shortly after becoming a regular contributor on the Times Union Animal Rights blog, she co-founded Albany Animal Rights, a local advocacy group that protests various animal-use industries – circuses, rodeos, puppy mills, fur, etc.