To those who profit from, bet on, watch, or otherwise support horseracing, the burden falls to justify the following in 21st Century America.

Some of the racehorses killed last year (I have not included California and Maryland; those states provided the most detail and merit stand-alone views).

Elegant Son, Feb 20, Saratoga Harness
“apparent broken neck”

Herecomesangelina, Mar 14, Belmont
“collapsed and died” (two years old)

Never Not Dancing, Apr 11, Saratoga Harness
“apparent broken neck”

Wakanda, May 2, Vernon
“found deceased in its stall”

No More Miracles, May 18, Finger Lakes
“collapsed and expired after a.m. workout”

Kenny Hustle, May 20, Finger Lakes
“suffered sudden death” (three years old)

Daddy Frank, May 25, Belmont
“collided with rail, could not stand after multiple attempts”

President Elect, May 28, Hawthorne
“ran May 28; found dead in stall next morning”

Jba Movin Thedynasty, Jun 5, Wyoming
“died – heart attack” (six years old)

Miss Yum Yum, Jun 11, Delaware
“fractured skull, died”

Band Camp Boy, Jun 11, Energy
“lost LH hoof, euthanized” (two years old)

My Money Is Good, Jun 14, Arapahoe
“complete, displaced, severely comminuted, open [through skin] fracture of the cannon bone” (two years old)

Commending, Jul 2, Arizona
“[multiple] spinal fractures” (two years old)

Vindatude, Jul 3, Saratoga
“collapsed and expired” (three years old)

Alfred Hanover, Jul 11, Northfield
“horse got loose after race, ran erratically, and took off to the pond; personnel ran to assist, but the horse was under water with the bike – drowned”

Playalinda, Jul 16, Monmouth
“[multiple] open, severely comminuted fractures – both hind limbs; large, gaping laceration extending from fetlock to diaphysis, exposure of bone fragments; ruptured and torn ligaments and tendons; environmental debris – dirt, grass – contaminated the fracture site” (again, that’s two shattered legs)

Anna’s Candy, Jul 17, Monmouth
“horse flipped: comminuted, displaced skull fractures with brainstem compression”

Swanky, Jul 18, Arapahoe
“left carpus has fractured bone protruding from the limb and is completely separated and lacking ligamentous or tendon attachments; P1, 2 and 3 remain attached to the protruding metacarpal bone by a thin strand of skin”

Fox Valley Adele, Jul 22, Meadowlands
“sudden death: rupture of pulmonary artery with severe hemorrhage” (two years old)

Sweet Tiramisu, Jul 24, Fairmount
“flipped, hind legs and tail paralyzed, euthanized”

Our Buddy, Jul 27, Arapahoe
“multiple comminuted skull fractures, extensive hemorrhage” (two years old)

Rylees Rose, Aug 3, Colonial
“[likely] gastric rupture, rectal tissue extruding from anus” (three years old)

Rbdocsbestbet, Aug 6, Arizona
“collapsed: pulmonary hemorrhage” (three years old)

Eyesa Got Easyer, Aug 6, Arizona
“fractured/dislocated both front fetlocks” (again, both front fetlocks)

Mort, Aug 9, Belterra
“horse was working, collapsed at 1/16 pole – bled out”

Ready Edge, Aug 10, Colonial
“superficial digital flexor tendon ruptured, deep digital flexor tendon shredded, medial proximal sesamoid shattered into four pieces”

Romped, Aug 11, Belterra
“horse fell: compound fractures of [both front legs] just below the knees” (again, both front legs)

Roster Bo James, Aug 15, Arizona
“collapsed: pulmonary hemorrhage”

Rockymountain Brew, Aug 15, Prairie
“sudden death at finish line” (three years old)

Road to Meath, Aug 19, Monmouth
“severe subcutis hemorrhage in head, eye, subgingival, laryngeal folds, tracheal wall”

Fillybuster, Aug 25, Belterra
“horse [bled out] due to fracture compromising the vasculature of hind legs”

Strawfly Eagle, Aug 30, Arapahoe
“high-speed trauma: open, displaced fractures [of] left carpus and right fetlock; complete rupture of suspensory ligament; all intra- and peri-articular supporting structures severed” (again, two broken legs; three years old)

Lil Alma, Aug 30, Colonial
“collapsed, got back up and ran 1/8 mile on three legs – tibia fractured into several pieces, surrounding musculature severely shredded, multiple hemorrhages throughout” (two years old, very first race)

Jesst You Watch, Aug 31, Prairie
“found dead” (two years old)

Snowtrick, Sep 2, Remington
“shattered both RF sesamoids”

Beast Market, Sep 3, Gulfstream
“collapsed – unable to be revived” (two years old)

Classic Escape, Sep 4, Monmouth
“[in gate]: severe, extensive injury to the base of the tail and immediately adjacent area (perineum and anus) characterized by tearing of the subcutis from the underlying fascia and musculature; connective tissue and skeletal muscle severely stretched, separated, frayed, and torn with formation of a large cavity between the tissues that was filled with a large amount of blood and necrotic tissue debris”

High Speed Chase, Sep 7, Emerald
“blunt-force head trauma with fractures to the base of the skull and large volume of hemorrhage”

Inhonorofowenjr, Sep 7, Finger Lakes
“collapsed and expired”

Swaggy G, Sep 14, Belterra
“long pastern shattered [after wire]” (very first race)

Eyesa Red Boy, Sep 14, Will Rogers
“flipped, trauma to skull”

No Code, Sep 17, Belmont
“collapsed and died after breezing” (three years old)

Lifetime Delight, Sep 19, Harrington
“pulmonary hemorrhage post-race”

Irish Kid, Sep 21, Remington
“compound fractures of ankle and cannon” (ankle and cannon; two years old)

Palm Reader, Sep 23, Delaware
“cervical fracture, died”

Hey Hey Dancer, Sep 23, Monmouth
“fracture with protrusion of bone fragments, extensive soft-tissue hemorrhage, ruptured and torn ligaments; contamination of the site with foreign particulates – i.e., dirt and other organic debris” (two years old)

Imthefastkind, Sep 30, Lone Star
“flipped in gate, trauma, euthanized”

Legacy Slew, Sep 30, Remington
“collapsed and died – hemorrhage from nose”

Backster Ball, Oct 4, Remington
“hit head”

A. P. Mayday, Oct 8, Remington
“laminitis, pleuropneumonia” (two years old)

Town Square, Oct 13, Belmont
“collision, multiple injuries, euthanized on track”

Azaria, Oct 14, Aqueduct
“catastrophic injury, in distress, euthanized on track”

Icy Intent, Oct 15, Monmouth
“open fracture, multiple tears/ruptures, extensive hemorrhage” (two years old)

Officer Nick, Oct 18, Hawthorne
“horse dropped dead: severe pulmonary hemorrhage” (three years old)

Kj Flying Spirit, Oct 27, Lone Star
“fell in gate, trauma, died”

Kershaw, Oct 28, Monmouth
“trauma, sudden death: comminuted vertebral fracture with displaced fragments severely compressing and crushing the spinal cord”

Cabernet, Nov 1, Dayton
“mare collapsed while racing, made gurgling noises and had blue gums, quit breathing 30-60 seconds after falling, died soon after”

Angel’s Entry, Nov 4, Mahoning
“horse flipped completely over and hit his head; on [vet’s] arrival, he had nystagmus, dilated pupils, blood in ears, and pooling from nostrils”

Maybe Utah, Nov 4, Will Rogers
“[found] dead in stall” (five years old)

Anastasia Nero, Nov 9, Northfield
“horse collapsed on backstretch – bilateral epistaxis [bleeding from both nostrils], hemorrhage from right ear”

La Hermosa, Nov 11, Turf
“head/brain trauma” (two years old)

Purchase Point, Nov 18, Mahoning
“found deceased at 6:30 am [today]” (three years old)

Stormy Lass, Nov 19, Aqueduct
“collapsed and died after wire” (two years old)

Khozie’s Ghost, Dec 9, Hawthorne (euth Dec 14)
“comminuted vertebral fracture, spinal cord compressed and lacerated”

Mercys Bling, Dec 9, Lone Star
“fell, trauma, paralysis, euthanized”

P L Idaho, Dec 10, Freehold
“sudden death: severe bilateral pulmonary [both lungs] hemorrhage; copious amounts of blood drained from the nostrils and mouth, soiling the muzzle, chin, and face”

First Down Icon, Dec 15, Turf
“fractured spine” (two years old)

To those who profit from, bet on, watch, or otherwise support horseracing, the burden falls to justify the following in 21st Century America.

Some of the racehorses killed thus far this year (I have not included California and Maryland; those states provided the most detail and merit stand-alone views).

Raagheb, Jan 14
“[multiple leg] fractures, multiple skull fractures, severe tearing of ligament, severe soft tissue hemorrhage”

Fanci Lindor, Jan 14
“trauma [from collision]”

Tamarando’s Mine, Jan 17
“[multiple] fractures [both front limbs], acute hemorrhage” (again, both front limbs)

Adorable Brittany, Jan 17
“[multiple] open, comminuted fractures; [multiple] ruptures; torn tendon; full fetlock dislocation; soft tissue hemorrhage throughout limb”

Beat the Odds, Jan 22
“[broke] both front cannons” (two years old – broke both front legs)

Circus Ride, Jan 27
“became fractious, reared, hit head on gate: brain trauma, acute hemorrhage”

Charging Nellie, Jan 29
“sudden death” (two years old)

Kodiak King, Feb 16
“scapula fractured into four pieces”

Battletown, Feb 17
“fractured neck”

Harbour Town, Feb 17
“fractured neck”

Burning Blaze, Feb 19
“sudden collapse and death: copious amounts of frank blood and serosanguineous fluid drained from the nostrils and mouth, extensive muscle hemorrhages”

Tf Thrilling Runaway, Mar 1
“pulmonary hemorrhage, died”

Distinguished, Mar 11
“complete, comminuted neck fracture”

Black Drop, Mar 11
“horse collapsed [after race], died within few minutes”

Jersey Jim, Mar 22
“fractured cannon; due to open wound contaminated with dirt, cannon [in] multiple pieces, and intractable pain, euthanasia was recommended”

Chestnut, Mar 22
“flipped, fractured skull, blood from ears”

Guided Missile, Mar 22
“collapsed dead past wire”

Declared Best Card, Mar 24
“[multiple] vertebral fractures”

Upfront And Gone, Mar 26
“sudden death: pulmonary hemorrhage”

Ma Moos Warrior, Mar 28 (euthanized Mar 30)
“multiple displaced pelvic fractures” (he was made to suffer for two days)

All American Candy, Apr 6
“fell: traumatic blunt-force injury to head/neck”

Rum Chaser, Apr 6
“horse collapsed and died around the 3/8 pole”

Shez Ivory Hot, Apr 14
“found dead in morning” (two years old)

Bucket Betty, Apr 15
“found deceased” (two years old)

Sense of Music, Apr 23
“bled [from] both nostrils, died”

Beaver Creek, Apr 27
“collapsed after finish, sudden death”

Bellybutton Icon, Apr 28
“horse fell: [multiple] severely comminuted scapula fractures; severe complete metacarpus fracture – area of degloving with missing skin; large amount of hemorrhage and muscle tearing; acute intracranial hemorrhage; multiple lacerations; dirt and crusted blood on the face; fly eggs on the neck” (two years old)

Dtl Hot Wired, Apr 28
“found dead, appeared to have been in severe distress before death” (three years old)

Bp Heroofthedynasty, Apr 30
“found dead, abrasions around eye/head from rolling”

Tyler’s Admiral, May 3
“flipped, recumbent, blood from skull fracture”

Autism’s Ribbon, May 4
“horse fell: open, comminuted cannon fracture with multiple fragments penetrating skin – one measuring 3.5cmx2.5cm sticking through”

Antagonist, May 4
“slowed dramatically, dropped over dead”

Poppy’s Two Step, May 4
“sudden death post-race”

Relentlessly, May 24
“horse became ataxic, fell over, died”

Whiskey Allround, Jun 10
“collapsed at start, paralysis, euthanized”

Frontal Assault, Jun 17
“horse had history of sporadic epistaxis and would occasionally bleed in stall; on Jun 17, horse bled profusely – blood all over – was agonizing in shock…euthanized”

Bahamian Girl, Jun 23
“heatstroke, fractured pelvis, euthanized”

Chiquito Baby, Jun 26
“fell: open, complete, comminuted, displaced fracture – bone through skin; [multiple] torn ligaments and tendons, [one] ruptured; extensive soft tissue hemorrhage; severe necrosis/sclerosis at fracture site”

Cash Icon, Jun 27
“blunt-force trauma: compound fracture, exposed bone fragments; hemorrhage; extensive soft-tissue tearing”

Outlaw, Jun 27
“[multiple] fractures, tendon sheath fully torn, [multiple] ligaments ruptured or frayed, 10cm-deep puncture wound near the jugular oozing blood”

Dream Fever, Jun 27
“horse became distressed post-race, went down, deteriorated, died”

Horns For Three, Jul 7
“horse slowed down, proceeded to fall to the track, dead on arrival”

To those who profit from, bet on, watch, or otherwise support horseracing, the burden falls to justify the following in 21st Century America.

Some of the racehorses killed in 2021 (I have not included California, Maryland, and Kentucky deaths; those states provided the most detail and merit stand-alone views):

Love Train, Jan 25, Louisiana
“fell – acute head trauma”

Djokovien, Feb 23, Delaware
“severe, acute pulmonary hemorrhage coming off track”

Sisters Cartel, Mar 6, Louisiana
“fractured pelvis, severed muscle, [bled out]” (first-ever race)

Bombay Shaker, Apr 3, Louisiana
“[broke both left legs]” (two years old)

In For the Chase, May 14, Illinois
“horse dropped and died – likely due to extensive hemorrhage within the lungs”

Brakeaway Dash, May 18, Louisiana
“fell – fractured skull, fractured spine”

Scatalycat, Jun 12, Washington
“comminuted, compound fractures [both] forelimbs”

Splash, Jun 19, Delaware
“sudden death” (two years old; chart said: “stopped abruptly”)

Classy Cay, Jun 19, North Dakota
“stumbled, collapsed – fractured both front legs”

Great Scott, Jun 19, Washington
“[broke both shoulders] – comminuted, acute, severe”

Lotta Jb, Jun 19, Wyoming
“shattered knee” (two years old, second-ever race)

Shacks Your Daddy, Jun 22, Illinois
“severe diarrhea, severe colic – horse expired [not euthanized, just died] in stall”

Siesta Moon, Jul 13, New Jersey
“crashed through metal gate: humerus shattered into approximately 11 distinct fragments and numerous small, crushed fragments”

Love Conquers, Jul 16, Louisiana
“collapsed after wire – sudden death”

Commander Chachi, Jul 21, Ohio
“collapsed and died during morning workout – multiple pulmonary blood clots”

Donut Lord, Jul 29, Virginia
“acute cardio-respiratory failure, pleural hemorrhages” (two years old)

Fame to Famous, Aug 3, New Jersey
“severe, acute laminitis – all four feet” (four years old)

Son of Patriot, Aug 5, Louisiana
“acute open [through the skin] fracture in gate”

Diction, Aug 5, Washington
“[broke] both forelimbs, severely ruptured ligaments”

Abiding Star, Aug 7, New Jersey
“collapsed [and died] – severe epistaxis [bleeding from nose]”

Relentless Oatman, Aug 7, Wyoming
“fractured knee, euthanized on track” (two years old, first-ever race, won the race)

Chublicious, Aug 8, New Jersey
“wide exposure of the MC3, bone separated into three fracture components, small amount of tissue holding the site together, heavy contamination with dirt and gravel, complete rupture and tearing of multiple tendons and ligaments”

Cousin, Aug 11, Ohio
“collapsed and died – [multiple] hemorrhages, head, neck, chest”

Belle’s Cachet, Aug 16, Virginia
“extensive hemorrhages in small intestine”

The Tabulator, Aug 19, Ohio
“[multiple] open [through the skin], compound fractures”

Knockout Punch, Aug 21, New Jersey
“severe, complete neck fracture, fragments displaced into the surrounding tattered musculature”

Yeahiknow, Sep 3, Ohio
“collapsed and died” (after finishing last, 28 lengths back)

Dame of the West, Sep 11, Washington
“[broke both front limbs]”

Very Best Skunk, Sep 13, Indiana
“found deceased – abdominal hemorrhage”

King of Miami, Sep 16, Illinois
“collapsed and died – pulmonary hemorrhage”

Make the Call, Sep 22, Ohio
“collapsed, agonal breathing, died”

Wall Streete, Sep 25, Idaho
“traumatic injury after collision with inside rail” (two years old)

Executive Trust, Sep 26, New Mexico
“[broke two legs] past wire”

Three Amigos, Sep 29, Illinois
“chronic, severe degenerative osteoarthritis; no rescue would accept [him]” (four years old)

Golden Lily, Oct 5, Illinois
“came off track in respiratory and cardiac distress – collapsed, paddled, and died”

Cornstalker, Oct 6, Colorado
“acute 180° colonic torsion with rupture”

Sassy Coyote, Oct 8, Illinois
“hit head, seized, and bled from nose, mouth, and ears”

Kings Beach, Oct 10, Ohio
“fractured bone into at least nine fragments, tissues torn and shredded”

Ghost Dancer, Oct 11, New Mexico
“sick three days; found deceased in stall” (two years old)

She’s All I Need, Oct 11, Oklahoma
“explosion fracture”

Briannas Gift, Oct 20, Louisiana
“fell – [broke both front legs]” (second-ever race)

Hail Michigan, Oct 23, Virginia
“fell over a jump and was dead by the time vet arrived”

Cajun Moon, Oct 28, Illinois
“jockey heard a pop: [multiple] fractures”

Insane Lifestyle, Nov 1, Illinois
“collapsed on track dead with blood in nostrils”

Flash Patriarch, Nov 23, Ohio
“found dead in stall around 7 am – cecal rupture” (three years old)

Mora Valley, Nov 26, Illinois
“yesterday the horse had profuse bloody diarrhea; found dead this morning”

Shark Control, Nov 29, Ohio
“suddenly broke cannon when asked to accelerate…caught after about 200 yards”

Half Cocked, Nov 30, Arizona
“severe, acute avulsion fracture; joint is disarticulated with bone exposure and hemorrhage in surrounding tissue”

Naughty Swagger, Dec 14, Arizona
“collapsed, fell, and died past wire: complete fracture of the second cervical vertebrae with exposure of the spinal cord – [cord] partially severed”

Pocket Money, Dec 31, Louisiana
“fractured pelvis, fractured femur” (second-ever race)

To those who profit from, bet on, watch, or otherwise support horseracing, the burden falls to justify the following in 21st Century America.

Some of the racehorses killed thus far in 2021, in the words of the industry itself. Please note: I have not included California and Maryland deaths, as those states provide the most (gruesome) detail and merit stand-alone views.

(all italics mine)

Treasured Bond, Jan 3, Ohio
“collapsed on track, deceased when arrived”

Doc Gardner, Jan 4, Ohio
“found dead at 6 am – cecal rupture, exsanguination [bled out]”

From the Get Go, Jan 5, Arizona
“sudden death” (two years old)

He Doesnt Listen, Jan 7, Arizona
“severe fractures, ruptured tendons, ruptured ligament, extensive hemorrhage”

Taylor’s Addiction, Jan 14, Arizona
“LF limb fractured into greater than 7 pieces, digital flexor torn”

Favored, Jan 15, Florida
“fell, and perished on the track” (first ever race)

Jd El Muneco, Jan 18, Arizona
“complete, comminuted fracture through the neck of the right scapula; other findings: chronic gastric ulcers and stomach worms” (just a year old)

Abby Swan, Jan 27, Arizona
“severe, acute, open fracture of the RF fetlock with dislocation; severe subcutaneous hemorrhage; torn tendon; torn ligament; displaced distal limb”

All About Stella, Jan 27, Ohio
“The horse was being transported to the racetrack after being purchased at a sale. She kicked out the window…and hung her leg over the ramp. This resulted in severing the tendon, joint capsule, and artery.”

Da Alpha, Feb 7, Florida
“fractured neck [presumably in starting gate]”

Trivial, Feb 17, Illinois
“After returning [to barn] it was noted that the horse did not seem right and was wobbly. The horse [then] collapsed dead in the stall.”

Rockshaw, Feb 25, Arkansas
“dropped dead after training”

Lunar Heat, Mar 2, Ohio
“found dead at 6 am – dark, red froth and bloody liquid drain from both nostrils”

Daddy’s Angel, Mar 6, Arkansas
“collapsed and died while training” (four years old)

Ramona Lover, Mar 8, Arizona
“P1 has been obliterated and is in multiple fragments, some of which protruded through the skin”

Cambassador, Mar 9, Ohio
“shattered pastern into numerous small fragments; no large pieces to anchor or plate together”

Goodgolly Mismolly, Mar 11, Ohio
“Mare found unstable in stall. Mare became violently painful, cast herself, and died. The second cervical vertebra was fractured in half with compression of the spinal cord. The left side of head had multiple, massive hemorrhages.” (two years old)

Disciple, Mar 23, Ohio
“multiple large fractures left knee”

Acting Sweet, Mar 31, Oklahoma
“cervical fractures”

Deal the Lady In, Apr 1, Oklahoma
“head fracture”

Silvanus, Apr 2, Arizona
“severe, open, comminuted fracture of tibia and fibula; sharp piece of bone protruding out of wound; multiple fragments of tibia within the hock joint”

Lethal Glory, Apr 3, New Mexico
“broke neck”

Fortified Effort, Apr 7, Arizona
“fetlock fracture followed by traumatic dislocation of joint, collateral and annular ligaments ruptured”

Hakman, Apr 10, Ohio
“Horse fell over fallen rival. Horse was unable to stand, and…deteriorated with paralysis and evidence of spinal fracture. Horse was euthanized on the track.”

Quality Line, Apr 13, Arizona
“open fracture that contains dirt and hair; right side of the face and neck bloody and covered in dirt and debris; two ticks in the deep left ear canal; four ticks in the right ear canal; significant chronic ulceration in the stomach”

T C’s Image, Apr 19, Oklahoma
“cerebrum hemorrhage”

Allgorilla, Apr 24, Florida
“collapsed, sudden death” (had just turned four)

Cougartown Blues, Apr 26, Indiana
“collapsed on track after win – fatal pulmonary hemorrhage” (three years old)

Brandywines Secret, Apr 28, Pennsylvania
“suffered catastrophic injuries to both front legs [but] was walked into ambulance”

S K Flyer, Apr 30, Florida
“fell to the track, sudden death” (three years old)

Zeke the Streak, May 3, Ohio
“groom arrived at 3:30 am and found horse deceased in stall – cecal perforation”

Jess Good Advice, May 8, Oklahoma
“extensive gastric rupture”

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, May 13, Florida
“fell and split rear legs”

Charlie’s Heir, May 22, Illinois
“horse went down, had a few spasms, and died”

Geometrico, May 24, Florida
“found [dead] at 4:20 am” (three years old)

Pearls in Charge, May 25, Ohio
“Exhibited distress and began to ease herself from race. Jockey continued to ride her out. Just prior to finish line, she pulled herself up, collapsed and died.”

Incredible Shark, May 29, New Jersey
“severely comminuted and displaced skull fracture”

Horseyoucameinon, Jun 2, West Virginia
“fractured both tibias”

Elite Attraction, Jun 7, Indiana
“flipped, skull fracture”

Hush’s Storm, Jun 10, New Mexico
“horse died in stall, colic – no vet needed” (11 years old, had been raced 86 times)

G Q Girl, Jun 14, Ohio
“After the race she became distressed…became very lame, then collapsed and died. This mare died from blood loss coming from a major artery.” (she bled out)

Big Cypress, Jun 16, Pennsylvania
“suffered catastrophic injuries to both front legs”

B’s Wild Man, Jun 16, West Virginia
“severed spinal cord”

Straightupp, Jul 6, New Mexico
“collapsed, hemorrhage, sudden death” (two years old)

Canary Islands, Jul 25, Illinois
“pelvic trauma: both back legs would not move and horse stood knuckled over”