Send This to Anyone Who Still Defends Horseracing

To those who profit from, bet on, watch, or otherwise support horseracing, the burden falls to justify the following in 21st Century America.

Some of the racehorses killed last year (I have not included California and Maryland; those states provided the most detail and merit stand-alone views).

Elegant Son, Feb 20, Saratoga Harness
“apparent broken neck”

Herecomesangelina, Mar 14, Belmont
“collapsed and died” (two years old)

Never Not Dancing, Apr 11, Saratoga Harness
“apparent broken neck”

Wakanda, May 2, Vernon
“found deceased in its stall”

No More Miracles, May 18, Finger Lakes
“collapsed and expired after a.m. workout”

Kenny Hustle, May 20, Finger Lakes
“suffered sudden death” (three years old)

Daddy Frank, May 25, Belmont
“collided with rail, could not stand after multiple attempts”

President Elect, May 28, Hawthorne
“ran May 28; found dead in stall next morning”

Jba Movin Thedynasty, Jun 5, Wyoming
“died – heart attack” (six years old)

Miss Yum Yum, Jun 11, Delaware
“fractured skull, died”

Band Camp Boy, Jun 11, Energy
“lost LH hoof, euthanized” (two years old)

My Money Is Good, Jun 14, Arapahoe
“complete, displaced, severely comminuted, open [through skin] fracture of the cannon bone” (two years old)

Commending, Jul 2, Arizona
“[multiple] spinal fractures” (two years old)

Vindatude, Jul 3, Saratoga
“collapsed and expired” (three years old)

Alfred Hanover, Jul 11, Northfield
“horse got loose after race, ran erratically, and took off to the pond; personnel ran to assist, but the horse was under water with the bike – drowned”

Playalinda, Jul 16, Monmouth
“[multiple] open, severely comminuted fractures – both hind limbs; large, gaping laceration extending from fetlock to diaphysis, exposure of bone fragments; ruptured and torn ligaments and tendons; environmental debris – dirt, grass – contaminated the fracture site” (again, that’s two shattered legs)

Anna’s Candy, Jul 17, Monmouth
“horse flipped: comminuted, displaced skull fractures with brainstem compression”

Swanky, Jul 18, Arapahoe
“left carpus has fractured bone protruding from the limb and is completely separated and lacking ligamentous or tendon attachments; P1, 2 and 3 remain attached to the protruding metacarpal bone by a thin strand of skin”

Fox Valley Adele, Jul 22, Meadowlands
“sudden death: rupture of pulmonary artery with severe hemorrhage” (two years old)

Sweet Tiramisu, Jul 24, Fairmount
“flipped, hind legs and tail paralyzed, euthanized”

Our Buddy, Jul 27, Arapahoe
“multiple comminuted skull fractures, extensive hemorrhage” (two years old)

Rylees Rose, Aug 3, Colonial
“[likely] gastric rupture, rectal tissue extruding from anus” (three years old)

Rbdocsbestbet, Aug 6, Arizona
“collapsed: pulmonary hemorrhage” (three years old)

Eyesa Got Easyer, Aug 6, Arizona
“fractured/dislocated both front fetlocks” (again, both front fetlocks)

Mort, Aug 9, Belterra
“horse was working, collapsed at 1/16 pole – bled out”

Ready Edge, Aug 10, Colonial
“superficial digital flexor tendon ruptured, deep digital flexor tendon shredded, medial proximal sesamoid shattered into four pieces”

Romped, Aug 11, Belterra
“horse fell: compound fractures of [both front legs] just below the knees” (again, both front legs)

Roster Bo James, Aug 15, Arizona
“collapsed: pulmonary hemorrhage”

Rockymountain Brew, Aug 15, Prairie
“sudden death at finish line” (three years old)

Road to Meath, Aug 19, Monmouth
“severe subcutis hemorrhage in head, eye, subgingival, laryngeal folds, tracheal wall”

Fillybuster, Aug 25, Belterra
“horse [bled out] due to fracture compromising the vasculature of hind legs”

Strawfly Eagle, Aug 30, Arapahoe
“high-speed trauma: open, displaced fractures [of] left carpus and right fetlock; complete rupture of suspensory ligament; all intra- and peri-articular supporting structures severed” (again, two broken legs; three years old)

Lil Alma, Aug 30, Colonial
“collapsed, got back up and ran 1/8 mile on three legs – tibia fractured into several pieces, surrounding musculature severely shredded, multiple hemorrhages throughout” (two years old, very first race)

Jesst You Watch, Aug 31, Prairie
“found dead” (two years old)

Snowtrick, Sep 2, Remington
“shattered both RF sesamoids”

Beast Market, Sep 3, Gulfstream
“collapsed – unable to be revived” (two years old)

Classic Escape, Sep 4, Monmouth
“[in gate]: severe, extensive injury to the base of the tail and immediately adjacent area (perineum and anus) characterized by tearing of the subcutis from the underlying fascia and musculature; connective tissue and skeletal muscle severely stretched, separated, frayed, and torn with formation of a large cavity between the tissues that was filled with a large amount of blood and necrotic tissue debris”

High Speed Chase, Sep 7, Emerald
“blunt-force head trauma with fractures to the base of the skull and large volume of hemorrhage”

Inhonorofowenjr, Sep 7, Finger Lakes
“collapsed and expired”

Swaggy G, Sep 14, Belterra
“long pastern shattered [after wire]” (very first race)

Eyesa Red Boy, Sep 14, Will Rogers
“flipped, trauma to skull”

No Code, Sep 17, Belmont
“collapsed and died after breezing” (three years old)

Lifetime Delight, Sep 19, Harrington
“pulmonary hemorrhage post-race”

Irish Kid, Sep 21, Remington
“compound fractures of ankle and cannon” (ankle and cannon; two years old)

Palm Reader, Sep 23, Delaware
“cervical fracture, died”

Hey Hey Dancer, Sep 23, Monmouth
“fracture with protrusion of bone fragments, extensive soft-tissue hemorrhage, ruptured and torn ligaments; contamination of the site with foreign particulates – i.e., dirt and other organic debris” (two years old)

Imthefastkind, Sep 30, Lone Star
“flipped in gate, trauma, euthanized”

Legacy Slew, Sep 30, Remington
“collapsed and died – hemorrhage from nose”

Backster Ball, Oct 4, Remington
“hit head”

A. P. Mayday, Oct 8, Remington
“laminitis, pleuropneumonia” (two years old)

Town Square, Oct 13, Belmont
“collision, multiple injuries, euthanized on track”

Azaria, Oct 14, Aqueduct
“catastrophic injury, in distress, euthanized on track”

Icy Intent, Oct 15, Monmouth
“open fracture, multiple tears/ruptures, extensive hemorrhage” (two years old)

Officer Nick, Oct 18, Hawthorne
“horse dropped dead: severe pulmonary hemorrhage” (three years old)

Kj Flying Spirit, Oct 27, Lone Star
“fell in gate, trauma, died”

Kershaw, Oct 28, Monmouth
“trauma, sudden death: comminuted vertebral fracture with displaced fragments severely compressing and crushing the spinal cord”

Cabernet, Nov 1, Dayton
“mare collapsed while racing, made gurgling noises and had blue gums, quit breathing 30-60 seconds after falling, died soon after”

Angel’s Entry, Nov 4, Mahoning
“horse flipped completely over and hit his head; on [vet’s] arrival, he had nystagmus, dilated pupils, blood in ears, and pooling from nostrils”

Maybe Utah, Nov 4, Will Rogers
“[found] dead in stall” (five years old)

Anastasia Nero, Nov 9, Northfield
“horse collapsed on backstretch – bilateral epistaxis [bleeding from both nostrils], hemorrhage from right ear”

La Hermosa, Nov 11, Turf
“head/brain trauma” (two years old)

Purchase Point, Nov 18, Mahoning
“found deceased at 6:30 am [today]” (three years old)

Stormy Lass, Nov 19, Aqueduct
“collapsed and died after wire” (two years old)

Khozie’s Ghost, Dec 9, Hawthorne (euth Dec 14)
“comminuted vertebral fracture, spinal cord compressed and lacerated”

Mercys Bling, Dec 9, Lone Star
“fell, trauma, paralysis, euthanized”

P L Idaho, Dec 10, Freehold
“sudden death: severe bilateral pulmonary [both lungs] hemorrhage; copious amounts of blood drained from the nostrils and mouth, soiling the muzzle, chin, and face”

First Down Icon, Dec 15, Turf
“fractured spine” (two years old)

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  1. There are people out there who will defend anything in the name of freedom of choice. History is full of them. Gladiators butchering wild animals taken fron the wild and killing each other in the ring. People thrown to lions and other animals and torn limb from limb by large beasts pulling on ropes.
    They have eagerly followed the hunting, torture and killing of foxes, hares, deer and other gentle creatures. Their own dogs have been savagely attacked and injured by badgers defending their setts and young.
    It’s well known that when people peacefully protests at these sick and unnecessary attacks they are in turn viciously attacked by the same sick individuals who know the police won’t intervene.
    The British government passed legislation so badly written that is still ignored.
    I have been of the opinion for many years that like the trophy hunters in Africa and elsewhere, if the authorities aren’t interested in putting a stop to it by strong laws, then those who would be prepared to do so should use force to stop these evil people.
    In horseracing the cruelty is carried put in the name of money, lots of it. I believe that the time has come when fire should be fought with fire.

    • Ray Winfield, I get what you’re saying, (at least, I think I do) but as a “civilized society” we have to live within the guidelines of certain laws. Just because there are a lot of people in the USA who are not living within the guidelines of the laws of our democracy doesn’t make it okay to stoop down to the level of the evil that permeates the horse racing industry; it is still supposed to be a democracy.
      I trust that the Federal Bureau of Investigation can and will continue to do their job of investigating the violations of the laws against the use of illegal drugs on horses and the illegal use of legal drugs on horses by trainers and veterinarians who do so in order to enhance the performance of horses and thereby are also guilty of race-fixing and racketeering in addition to the abusing, brutalizing, maiming and KILLING of horses.
      You know the saying, “The power of the pen is mightier than the sword” and I believe that we should all keep that in mind when demanding changes in the laws of the land.

      • Wanda I would love to agree with you about bodies like the FBI but simple observation will confirm that absolutely nothing is done by them or any other body, with the exception of a fine or short suspension. The fines are more than covered by wins, and most trainers have assistants to stand in for the senior person.
        Just look at the numbers of deaths per week and ask yourself, are things getting any better viz a viz horse safety & welfare? Of course not.
        A typically injured horse will pull, tear, dislocate, fracture or break something during a fall. It will experience anythingb y from severe discomfort to excruciating agony until track staff arrive and the decision is made to treat the poor creature or put a bullet in its head.
        While it continues to suffer the race goes on, or concludes to the winners enclosure and the faceless no marks congratulate each other over a profitable race.
        It’s been witnessed on numerous occasions where young children have watched the sad demise of a once magnificent sporting animal writhing in agony, covered in sweat, await it’s likely fate.

        And the next day more will meet the same agonising fate.
        Nothing done. We wring our hands in sympathy and horror, but like troops in a battle there will be plenty to bolster the front line tomorrow.

        • Ray, I can’t say what the FBI is investigating, or not investigating, regarding anything to do with horse racing NOW in the current year, because I don’t have that information.
          A Google search of the Jorge Navarro Doping Scandal will bring up a lot of information on the results of the FBI investigation regarding that case. There are a bunch of other names connected with that case.
          There have been other people whose names I don’t have immediate recollection of at the moment, but anyone who can do an online search can probably find the names and the pertinent information connected with those names. The ones I’m thinking of were veterinarians and also some trainers.
          I don’t think it is in anyone’s best interest to say that the FBI has done absolutely nothing. That is SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Obviously, they cannot wave a magic wand and stop all of the horrendous abuse and brutality against horses.
          I know that horses are still being egregiously and barbarically mistreated and killed. I know we don’t have a “perfect” system, but it is the one we have and we have to live with that. Educating the uninformed public is one of the best and most legal things that can be done to help put a stop to some of this EGREGIOUS CRUELTY to horses by the RACING INDUSTRY.
          I can’t agree with all out complete lawlessness which is what it would be if people took matters into their own hands as a group or otherwise. Violence begets violence, but it is difficult at times not to at least think about how much a person would want to beat the crap out of these horse-abusing, horse-doping, horse-killing modern day barbarians.

          • Let’s agree that we will never agree?
            If I think about walking around the Amazonian Rainforests and come across a couple brutally killing a family of Orangutan I’m not sure getting to a phone and calling police would help the orang’s.
            They need positive help there and then. When you read the numbers that are lost to racing every year, it’s clear the current system doesn’t work.
            When I remind fellow shoppers of the consequences of Palm Oil and the killing of Orangs, many will shake their heads and agree it’s terrible, but go ahead and buy the product anyway.
            Please let’s leave it at that as we will never agree.

            • Ironically, whether we agree or disagree, these senseless, ruthless killings of racehorses and other innocent animals continue. It’s completely frustrating.

  2. How can the carnal mind comprehend what is not carnal?
    Horseracing is for carnal minds because they seek “fame and fortune” while breaking the laws of God and the laws of the land.

  3. How can the owners of these horses live with the cruelty and deaths that they force upon these poor horses due to their selfish participation in the racing of horses? they need to be punished for the cruelty of these animals!

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