Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (Four came without necropsies.)

La Aitana, Jan 24, Laurel S
“pneumonia” (no necropsy)
La Aitana was three years old.

Bonnet, Jan 28, Laurel T
“After the training session, the horse returned to her barn. While the hot walker was cooling [her] down, she collapsed: massive internal hemorrhage.” Also: “previous surgery on ankles; degenerative joint disease [both front limbs]; stomach ulcers.” Then this: “DJD is common in racing horses. This horse is a little bit older than those we usually see, which may explain the severity.”

Dr. Daniel (commission vet): “[N]o amount of treatment would have solved the massive internal hemorrhage she suffered from on the day of her death.” And: “The degree of DJD and the loss of cartilage…certainly limited Bonnet’s future career….” Bonnet, below, was just five years old.

Petion Lass, Feb 3, Laurel R
“Horse sustained injury [and] continued running…. The injury was so severe that the horse was euthanized on the track: [multiple] fractures, ligaments torn, distal portion of limb hanging by small strand of skin, abundant dirt within joint and fracture site, possible bilateral pulmonary hemorrhage.” Also: “degenerative joint disease.”

Dr. Daniel: “The degree of damage and contamination made this injury irreparable. The fact that [she] ran loose for at least 1/8 of a mile absolutely contributed to her demise.” Petion Lass, below, was six years old.

Jamerican, Feb 6, Laurel R
“Catastrophic bilateral pelvic fractures – comminuted, complete, displaced, with abundant hemorrhage. The horse was medicated…but then went down in the equine ambulance. The horse was euthanized in the ambulance.” Also: “broken vessels in the lungs; degenerative joint disease [both] front limbs.”

Dr. Daniel: “My biggest regret in this case was not euthanizing Jamerican on the racetrack as her condition rapidly declined. I was trying to abide by the wishes of management to save as many of these horses as possible. However, I feel that, in doing so, I allowed for Jamerican to suffer for longer than needed. For that, I am deeply sorry.” Jamerican, below, was two years old, and this was her very first race.

Secret Prize, Feb 27, Laurel R
“The horse sustained a broken LF ankle – fetlock dropped, both sesamoids shattered, euthanized on the track.” Also: “chronic degenerative joint disease in all four limbs; stomach ulcers, hemorrhages.” Dr. Daniel: “There was quite advanced degenerative joint disease in this young horse.” How young? Secret Prize, below, had just turned four.

Crying for More, Mar 6, Laurel R
“RF limb: both sesamoids fractured, abundant hemorrhage, damage to surrounding ligaments; severe degenerative joint disease. LF limb: 2-3″ tendon tear, marked avulsion [away from bone], abundant hemorrhage; severe degenerative joint disease.”

Dr. Daniel: “I had concerns in the prerace exam. The RF fetlock had slight heat…and the horse was choppy at the jog with a slight intermittent lameness…. I voiced my concerns to [trainer Kevin Dove] and was told that the horse fretted all night due to a new, just-claimed horse in the stall beside that was very nervous. He felt that his horse would warm up well before the race.” Crying for More, below, was four years old.

Music Mandate, Mar 25, Laurel S
“kicked gate – fracture” (no necropsy)
Music Mandate was three years old.

Stormin’ Cougar, Apr 14, Laurel R
“As the horse was approaching the 5/16 pole, [she] sustained a catastrophic injury. [She then] ran loose until she stopped at the 3/16 pole: open disarticulation of the fetlock, [multiple] fractures, euthanized on the track.” Also: “chronic degenerative joint disease in all four limbs; stomach ulcers, hemorrhages.”

Dr. Daniel: “Upon arrival, the filly…was on her knees with her head on the ground. She very quietly laid down on her right side [and] never attempted to rise. Palpation of the RF limb revealed a fracture, torn ligaments with both sesamoids displaced, [and] torn tendons. I don’t know if I have ever noticed such severe bone bruising on other horses with open fractures. This was actually quite unnerving to me. After reading the necropsy report, it saddens me to see how unwell this horse was with respiratory disease as well as significant joint disease in every joint.” Stormin’ Cougar was three – three – years old. If this doesn’t profoundly sicken you, I’m not sure what will.

Union Betty, Apr 21, Laurel R
“The horse was loaded into the ambulance [and] euthanized in her barn: [multiple] fractures, LF limb.” Also: “old, chronic, complete fracture, RH limb.”

Dr. Daniel: “I made sure to get a good look at her with weight because I had flagged her in the morning for an intermittent lameness that wasn’t always apparent. This was the second time in three starts that I had commented on this to [trainer Kevin Dove]. … In previous races, [she] was very difficult to load into the starting gate. … Palpation indicated crepitus [grating sound] and pain.” Union Betty, below, was four years old.

Monarch Beach, May 14, Pimlico R
from the race chart (no necropsy): “Suffered a catastrophic injury during the gallop out and was euthanized on the track.”
Monarch Beach was three years old.

King Seraf, Jun 10, Laurel T
“colic” (no necropsy)
King Seraf was three years old and was worked out that same day.

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the rest of that state’s kills in 2021. (Other 2021 deaths can be found here.)

Strictly Business, Jun 17, Pimlico S
“History of colic, several days duration; horse became toxic and was euthanized.”

Dr. Daniel: “This was a long, complicated case of colic and enteritis that Dr. Maury did her best to treat in the field. It is unfortunate that referral for 24-hour care was declined multiple times by the trainer. I do feel that this horse may have been saved had this referral happened.” Strictly was three years old.

Wessington Springs, Jul 20, Timonium T
“While galloping [on Jul 19] the horse started to cough and the rider became concerned. Endoscopic exam proved clean. Galloping again on Jul 20, the colt pulled up and became unsteady. The horse then collapsed, bounced off rail twice, struck his head [and] died on the track. Hemorrhage at the base of the heart and in both lungs.”

Dr. Daniel: “The pulmonary hemorrhage in this young colt was overwhelming. I wish we could have determined an etiology…as [he] seemed to have a promising career.” Wessington was two years old.

Keepyourskateson, Aug 15, Pimlico R
“Pulled up and vanned off. Shattered carpal bone in right knee, multiple pieces.” Keepyourskateson was three years old.

Great Cause, Aug 20, Pimlico R
“The filly flipped [in paddock] and struck her head hard on the wall. [She] was recumbent, loaded on the ambulance, transported to barn, and euthanized.” Great Cause, three, had just been sold seven days prior.

Cash Comes First, Sep 7, Pimlico T
“The horse sustained open, comminuted, displaced fractures [in] his left forelimb; avulsed pieces of the ligament [through the skin].” Also: “chronic degenerative joint disease in all four coffin, pastern, and fetlock joints; chronic degenerative joint disease in both the left and right carpus joints; stomach ulcers.”

Dr. Daniel: “The degree of degenerative joint disease in such a young horse is somewhat alarming.” Trainer Henry Walters: “[Previous] surgery was performed on both knees and possibly one ankle.” Cash was three years old.

Valley Vibe, Sep, Timonium T (euthanized Sep 27 at Laurel)
“Left hind fracture, surgery. Developed laminitis [with] separation of the lamina from the hoof wall and marked downward rotation of the coffin bone to the sole involving both [emphasis mine] front limbs.” Valley was two and being prepped for his first race.

Tremendous, Oct 1, Laurel R
“The [horse] flipped over backward in the post parade and landed on his head. The horse thrashed some, but he made no effort to rise. He was bleeding profusely from his mouth, ears, and nose and developed nystagmus – euthanized due to severity of the head trauma.” Also: “severe degenerative joint disease of the fetlock [both front limbs].” Tremendous was three years old.

Kyosha, Oct 3, Laurel R
“Pulled up, unstable, vanned off. Complete, displaced, comminuted fracture – numerous pieces – of both wings of the pelvis [with] abundant hemorrhage.” Also: “degenerative joint disease [both] hind limbs.” Kyosha was three years old.

Bella Thyme, Nov 6, Laurel T
“The horse broke down near the 1/4 pole: complete, open fracture of cannon; left pelvis shattered into four large pieces; abundant hemorrhage into the body cavity.”

Not On My Watch, Nov 6, Laurel T
“The horse collapsed, appeared to be in distress, died – suspect bilateral pulmonary hemorrhage.” Also: “degenerative joint disease [both front limbs]; stomach ulcers.”

Dr. Daniel: “I am surprised to see the degree of degenerative joint disease found on necropsy. It is suspected that Not On My Watch bled severely. I would concur due to the amount of blood found in the horse ambulance coming from the nostrils. It is always a concern that pain is a contributing factor to EIPH. I wonder if joint pain contributed in this case.” Not On My Watch was three years old.

Bust’em Kurt, Nov 13, Laurel R
“Broke down near the 1/4 pole: dislocated fetlock, [multiple] fractures…euthanized on the track.” Also: “severe degenerative joint disease; stomach ulcers.”

Dr. Daniel: “The condylar fracture most likely occurred first. I would say that the sesamoid fractures occurred next, and the total dislocation of the ankle occurred as he was being pulled up. Given the degree of DJD, I would have to think there was a multifactorial cause for this devastating breakdown.” Bust’em was two years old.

Gale Winds, Nov 19, Laurel R
“The horse was removed from the track by ambulance. While at the barn, the horse made several attempts to stand and then fell through the outer wall of the shedrow. Catastrophic fracture of right femoral neck [which] caused catastrophic and irreparable bleeding; Gale Winds was bleeding out.” Also: “degenerative joint disease [all four legs]; stomach ulcers.” Gale was three years old.

Moquist, Nov 21, Laurel T
“Moquist was working this morning and broke down near the 3/8 pole: open [through the skin] fracture; dislocation of fetlock; fractured condyle.” Also: “There is preexisting chronic degenerative joint disease in all four legs, most severe in the front; a prior surgery [with] two screws in right ankle; and stomach ulcers.”

Manicomio, Nov 25, Laurel R
“The horse suffered a catastrophic injury then tumbled forward to the track: open fracture [and] dislocation of the right fetlock; [multiple] sesamoid fractures; tremendous soft tissue destruction; joint affixed to the body by a small piece of skin.” Also: “severe degenerative joint disease.” Manicomio was five years old.

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Nov 27, Laurel T
“Broke down near the 3/16 pole and euthanized on the track. RF leg: severe open, comminuted fractures of MC2, MC3, and MC4; flexor tendon rupture. RH leg: femoral neck fracture.” That’s two broken legs. Also: “degenerative joint disease in LF leg [and] subacute hemorrhage/ulcers [in] stomach.”

Dr. Daniel: “It is always surprising to me to see the degree of degenerative joint disease present even in a young horse….” Again, two years old.

American Playboy, Nov 28, Laurel R
“Open, compound, comminuted fracture of the RF cannon…euthanized on the track.” Also: “degenerative joint disease [both front limbs]; stomach ulcers.” Dr. Daniel: “[The] joint disease may be a result of hard training.” American was two years old.

McElmore Avenue, Dec 26, Laurel R
“Walking back to the barn horse suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground; [vet] arrived on the scene and determined that the horse was dead – most likely pulmonary hemorrhage.” Also: “degenerative joint disease [all four fetlocks]; stomach ulcers.” McElmore was four years old.

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (Because the details, including vet testimony, are so powerful – and damning – I will post in multiple installments so as to give each death its proper due.)

Military Commander, Jun 6, Pimlico R
“Military Commander suffered catastrophic [breakdown]: fetlock completely dropped to ground, [multiple] fractures, significant soft tissue disruption. The proximal edge of the fractured condyle came through the skin after the horse was placed in splint and allowed to bear on limb to load on ambo.” Also: “stomach ulcers [and] severe degenerative joint disease.” Military was three years old.

Kens Lady, Jun 20, Pimlico R
“The horse sustained a catastrophic injury and fell to the track.” Dr. Daniel: “When I arrived at the scene, I assessed…and determined quickly that she would need to be euthanized as she had an open, degloving fracture/dislocation of her LF fetlock.” Also: “stomach ulcers [and] degenerative joint disease.” Kens Lady was three years old.

Sweet Sassafrassy, Jun 20, Pimlico R
“The hind legs of Kens Lady clipped [Sweet Sassafrassy’s] front legs out from under her causing her to fall. [She] thrashed several times and ended up [recumbent]. Scapula shattered into [six] pieces. Euthanized [after being loaded and unloaded on/from ambulance two separate times].” Also: “gastric ulcers and severe degenerative joint disease [all four limbs].” Dr. Dilodovico also notes: “The filly had scars on both front legs from an incident as a baby.” Sweet was five years old.

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. (Because the details, including vet testimony, are so powerful – and damning – I will post in multiple installments so as to give each death its proper due.)

Vern H, May 13, Pimlico R
“The horse appeared to take a bad step. The horse took several more strides and then collapsed…catastrophic injury to the right front shoulder…euthanized on the track.”

Da Chrome, May 29, Pimlico R
“Broke down just past 5/16 pole…believed to have an open [through the skin] fracture of left front ankle…. The horse was euthanized off [italics added] the track.” Also: “The right lip fold is lacerated and the overlying skin is missing deep into the dermis. There is blood coming from the nostrils and the skin around the right eye has…hemorrhage. The skin of the scrotum is also partially missing. Severe ulcers [in] stomach.”

Da Chrome was just three years old. This poor, poor boy.

Silver Sun, Jun 26, Timonium S (scheduled to be raced that day at Pimlico)
“The gelding was tied to the stall wall ready to come to the races. While the connections went to get the trailer, the horse flipped…suffer[ing] acute brain trauma.”