Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 37 kills on Maryland tracks in 2015 (unless otherwise noted, fatal injuries were leg fractures of one kind or another):

4-year-old Pop Pop Kiss, January 2, Laurel, training
“sudden death”

6-year-old Dual Exhauzt, January 9, Pimlico, training

3-year-old Princess Marcela, January 9, Pimlico, training
“died, 3/16 pole – neurologic”

4-year-old Ear D’Rhythm, January 9, Laurel 7 (died January 10)
chart said “lame, vanned off”; FOIA document says “died” – not euthanized

3-year-old Cattagirl, January 21, Laurel, training

4-year-old Wonderfella, February 14, Laurel 4

3-year-old Cosmic Gold, February 14, Laurel 7

7-year-old Mr. Flexible, March 13, Laurel 7

4-year-old Second Round, March 19, Laurel 9 (euthanized March 23)

6-year-old Eltham, March 21, Laurel 9 (euthanized March 26)

5-year-old Ellies Tattle Tale, April 4, Pimlico 1

7-year-old Cherokee Empire, April 6, Laurel, training

3-year-old My Sweet Ellierose, April 10, Pimlico 5

5-year-old Cyclone Warrior, April 11, Laurel, training

3-year-old Mytrack Marie, April 11, Laurel, training

2-year-old Ms Bricker, April 19, Pimlico, training

3-year-old Tiz B the One, April 23, Pimlico 1

2-year-old Muniz, April 24, Pimlico 3

6-year-old Who Dat Boy, April 25, Pimlico 5

5-year-old Kylie’s Cozy Kid, April 30, Pimlico 4

3-year-old Prayer Cloth, May 5, Laurel, training

4-year-old Yesterday Sings, May 25, Pimlico 1

4-year-old Evelyn’s Colors, July 4, Laurel, training

5-year-old Passionate Concern, August 4, Laurel, training (euthanized August 5)

6-year-old Minescape, August 8, Laurel 2 (euthanized August 11)

4-year-old Hertzalot, August 9, Laurel 8 (euthanized August 12)

5-year-old Sharp Richard, August 14, Laurel 5

3-year-old Storming Sixty, August 21, Laurel, training

5-year-old Lagi Lagi, August 29, Timonium 3

5-year-old Blue Deep, September 12, Laurel, training

5-year-old He’s Not Bluffin, September 13, Laurel 4

3-year-old Great Smile, October 6, Laurel, training

5-year-old Margaret High, October 12, Laurel, training

3-year-old Me Darlin Jackie, October 24, Laurel, training

3-year-old Tygra, November 9, Laurel, training

5-year-old Do It for Fun, November 27, Laurel 4

2-year-old Kind of Silver, December 29, Laurel, training

Also, 4-year-old Miss Woodburn was euthanized at Pimlico on August 4 for an injury sustained at Delaware Park July 21 (race 3).

In addition, 6 still-active horses died on track grounds from what the industry refers to as “non-racing” causes. Here at Horseracing Wrongs, though, they are no less casualties of this sordid business than the ones above.

4-year-old True Cruiser, March 26, Laurel
“chronic [blank]”

6-year-old Avarice, June 1, Laurel

5-year-old Eli’s Gin, July 11, Laurel

3-year-old My Prayer, July 19, Laurel
colic, “died” – not euthanized

6-year-old Dune Dancer, September 20, Laurel

3-year-old Doc’s Hope, December 10, Pimlico

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Through a “Public Information Act” request, I have confirmed the following 38 kills on Maryland tracks in 2014. (Note: The Commission documents did not include any of what the industry refers to as “non-racing” deaths – colic, “barn accidents,” etc. Surely, though, there were several of those, too.)

4-year-old Trick the Queen, January 18, Laurel 5
chart said “broke down”

2-year-old Love Is Enough, January 31, Laurel, training

3-year-old Victory Unveiled, February 1, Laurel, training

5-year-old One to a Royal, February 1, Laurel, training

2-year-old Salt Block, February 6, Laurel 4
chart said “broke down”

3-year-old Marie B, February 20, Laurel, training

5-year-old Giant Indian, February 26, Laurel 7
chart said “broke down”

4-year-old Tropical Treasure, March 5, Laurel, training

6-year-old Bravo Romeo, March 7, Laurel 2
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

4-year-old Spookorific, March 9, Laurel, training

6-year-old Cooper River, March 14, Laurel 3 (euthanized March 29)
chart said “rank, lost rider, fell”

3-year-old Pure Afleet, March 19, Laurel 1 (euthanized March 24)
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

4-year-old Diva On Demand, March 22, Laurel 4
chart said “broke down”

6-year-old No Shenanigans, April 4, Pimlico 5
chart said “broke down”

6-year-old Hudson Ridge, April 6, Pimlico 9
chart said “broke down”

6-year-old Mass Destruction, April 11, Pimlico 4
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

2-year-old Think Money, April 29, Pimlico, training

6-year-old Mad Magic, May 9, Pimlico 1
chart said “broke down”

3-year-old Handsome Harley, May 16, Pimlico 6 (euthanized May 24)
chart said finished fine

4-year-old Der Boss, June 1, Pimlico 2
chart said “broke down”

3-year-old Jump Two, September 5, Laurel, training

5-year-old Boastful Dancer, September 11, Laurel 9
chart said “pulled up lame”

3-year-old Charliesirishpride, September 20, Laurel 2
chart said “collapsed in upper stretch”

4-year-old Tenleytown, October 2, Laurel 7
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

3-year-old Angel of Mercy, October 11, Laurel 8
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

5-year-old Cactus City Road, October 13, Laurel 2
chart said “broke down”

6-year-old Magnificent Moon, October 23, Laurel 4 (euthanized November 14)
chart said “returned lame, vanned off”

3-year-old Springs R Loaded, November 1, Laurel, training

Standardbred Donttellporkies N, November 4, Rosecroft

2-year-old Seeyouinthecountry, November 11, Laurel, training

4-year-old Midnight Music, November 14, Laurel 6
chart said “broke down”

2-year-old Tip It On Back, November 19, Laurel 4
chart said “broke down”

3-year-old Boca Babe, December 4, Laurel 2
chart said “broke down”

4-year-old Born to Sail, December 17, Laurel 3
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”

4-year-old Very Potent, December 20, Laurel, training

2-year-old Mo Bagels, December 26, Laurel 8
chart said “broke down”

6-year-old Silent Appeal, December 27, Laurel 4
chart said “pulled up, collapsed”

3-year-old Bonnet Carre, December 27, Laurel 9 (euthanized December 29)
chart said “pulled up lame, vanned off”