“She Kicks the Walls Really Badly”: Horse Made to Suffer With Broken Hip for Almost Two Months

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019 (previous ones here.) Please note that in the wake of Santa Anita, Maryland began releasing much more detail. Because those details – and the words of the vets – are so powerful (and damning), I will release these in installments so as to give each death its proper due. Please share.

To the Stars, Aug 25, Timonium R
“open disarticulation of pastern joint…euthanized on the track”

Dr. Daniel: “From where I was observing, it appeared that he took a bad step near the wire. This was an unusual injury in my experience. I do not believe this is something that anyone missed in the pre-race exam or post parade warm-up. I believe this was just an accident that unfortunately occurred.”

To the Stars was 9 years old, and this was his 106th time under the whip. 106th – “I do not believe this is something that anyone missed … I believe this was just an accident that unfortunately occurred.” Vile.

Hanky Panky, Aug 31, Laurel T
“sudden death syndrome from acute heart disease with myocardial degeneration”

Hanky Panky was but three years old: “acute heart disease.”

Scrap Copper, Sep 2, Laurel T
“catastrophic LF sesamoid fractures and palmar osteochondral disease; hemorrhage within the suspensory ligament; LH [other left leg] fetlock joint has a detached bone/cartilage or mineralized ligament; cerebellar hemorrhage and fractured occipital bone…there is blood oozing from the nares and mouth; stomach, large ulcer glandular mucosa; chronic callous of the distal right rib – old fracture possibly”

Dr. Sivick (private vet): “Scrap Copper had a non-displaced lateral condyle fracture of the RF fetlock [not the one that had the breakdown] in December 2018 following his last race. He was sent for surgery and had 1 screw placed across the fracture. The horse [also] had a P1 chip fracture in his RH fetlock.”

That’s a detached bone in one leg, fractures in the other three (with a screw in one), a skull fracture, a possible rib fracture, multiple areas of hemorrhage, “blood oozing from the nares and mouth,” and a “large” stomach ulcer, to boot. Imagine this poor animal’s suffering. And now consider, it was all for $2 bets.

Blameitonthekiss, Sep 7, Laurel R (euthanized Nov 1)
“[T]he left acetabulum was fractured in two places, and the head of the left femur was a rough reddish color from cartilage erosion.”

Dr. Sorum (private vet): “She has been lame since her last race, thought it was a foot abscess and one came out in September, but she has stayed lame. Blocked the foot on October 17th to rule it out, stayed lame. Think I also blocked stifle, can’t remember [can’t remember?]. I was off last few days when she took a turn for the worse. She kicks the walls really badly.”

“She kicks the walls really badly,” after, that is, being made to suffer with a broken hip for almost two months. Vile is too kind.

Great Herman, Sep 21, Laurel T
“collapsed and died on the track”

“Collapsed and died” at just three years old.

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  1. How can anyone be ok with this? These people are void of a limbic system. I pray to God that horseracing ends now…

  2. This just goes to show you the quality of the veterinarians at Laurel. I never thought of this before but it could be that good veterinarians don’t want to do that kind of work. Some of the comments that these Dr.’s (?) make are inbelievable. The horse that was 9…..the dirtbag did not believe it was something somebody missed. He was missing something. His brain.

  3. Have these morons figured out that the horses are kicking,thrashing, banging around,…because you MORONS are keeping them as SLAVES. How would you like to be kept prisoner? You people are sick AND evil. People SUCK

  4. Reading the injuries and what the veterinarians say is nauseating. The veterinarians are barbaric to participate in contributing to the suffering and death of these horses. It is evident that horseracing needs to be ended completely! There are other things these people can do without torturing horses and causing their pain, suffering and death. These barbaric buffoons should be locked up and let out of their cells in shackles and chains and made to do manual labor.

  5. How on earth do these veterinarians live with themselves after witnessing and being a party to the cruelty, horrific suffering and death of the innocents who they’ve sworn to protect the health and welfare of??
    Oh yeah, I forgot. It’s the money!!!

  6. Ok! NO…JUST NO!! THESE F**N BUTCHERS need to be locked up! But only after their hips are broken, legs shattered and be taken out of their misery 2 years later, not 2 months! If they don’t croak in the meantime. This makes me so incredibly angry! Who allows These professional excrements to “practice”? They even express themselves like a mediocre 7 year old! Who the hell are you? You diabolical, pitiless savages?? Can’t qualify you as human….normal humans carry love, compassion, empathy in their hearts. Where did you come from and who handed you a license? For GOD’S SAKE…JUST…GO…AWAY

  7. These are not veterinarians. These are butchers paid to inflict and endorse the most horrific pain and abuse on living sentient beings. They took a hypocritical oath to their wallet and nothing more. These human wastes have their heads so far up their asses they wouldn’t notice if a horse came out of a stall without a head and would probably give the okay for that horse to race, citing that “they don’t believe this is something that anyone missed, but rather just an accident that unfortunately occurred”. Un-freakin-believable.

  8. This reads like a horror story of cruelty, professional incompetence and negligence.
    Where is human decency??,

    To The Stars spent 6 yrs and 9 months at various tracks with 106 starts and no break. At 9yrs old he started 3 times the month he died in the dirt. Even the tough track warriors are shown no mercy. Shameful.

    Blameitnthekiss won her last race 9/07/2019 and made $20,748 for her connections. In that race, she was up for claiming although it was optional. Strange her “loving” connections chose to offer her for sale – did they know something?
    And the vet. Dr. Sorum, could not remember if he blocked her stifle…could he not check the record – was there a record?!

    As for Scrap Copper, how could that poor horse have sustained so many serious injuries including a skull fracture with brain hemorrhage and possible rib fracture.

    If one did not know better, one would think he was hit by a truck.
    His last race was 8/18 and this was his condition on 9/2, all of 2 weeks later. How he suffered in his short 3 yrs. of life

    This is unbelievable!!! What is the real story here??

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