Through a FOIA request to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Prairie Meadows in 2020.

She’sagraciouslady, Jun 17, Prairie S – “chondritis”

Realbird, Jun 19, Prairie T – “fractured carpus”

Mucho Macho Dan, Jun 19, Prairie R – “fractured cannon” (74th race)

Elektracutioner, Jun 22, Prairie R – “internal pulmonary hemorrhage”

Stephanie’s City, Jul 13, Prairie S – “joint infection”

Gonna Get Loud, Jul 18, Prairie R – “fractured sesamoids”

Nastylittlesecret, Jul 27, Prairie R (euthanized Jul 29) – “fractured carpus”

Flying Dahl, Aug 14, Prairie T – “fractured cannon”

Added Attraction, Aug 17, Prairie T – “ligament [rupture]”

Daisy Can, Aug 17, Prairie R – “fractured sesamoid”

Browdy Boy, Sep 3, Prairie S – “colic” (had been raced just three days prior)

Mr Fast Dixie Gold, Sep 6, Prairie R (euthanized Sep 7) – “fractured ilium”

Mkswagon Full Ofgold, Sep 12, Prairie R – “fractured sesamoids”

Sweet Walkin’ Suga, Sep 12, Prairie R – “fractured carpal”

Shedrow Secrets

The Tragedy of Broodmares

by Mary Johnson

Where do all the broodmares go when their productive days are over? To bucolic pastures in the Kentucky Bluegrass? Don’t bet on it. We often hear the word “aftercare” emanating from the mouths of the racing apologists as they attempt to peddle the belief that the industry cares about their horses and will provide for them at the end of their “careers.” Of course, those of us who have been in the trenches know that this is just a fallacy propagated by a gambling industry based on the exploitation of the Thoroughbred racehorse. Day after day, week after week, and month after month, we see the TBs who are crammed into kill pens begging for their lives, their bodies battered and bruised. Truth is, the horses who are visible are actually the lucky ones because most go direct to kill, quietly disappearing into the underground slaughter pipeline…never to be seen or heard from again.

For the last year or so, I have been contemplating writing a Shedrow Secrets story about a particular group of vulnerable horses who, once “retired” from the track, are relegated to the dark, shadowy corners of the sinister world of horseracing – the broodmares. Here are the stories of four.

OUR MIMS – Our Mims is a mare well known to those familiar with racing. She was foaled 3/8/74 at Calumet Farm and was a multiple-graded stakes winner who “earned” over $368,000, a remarkable sum for the 1970s. In August ’78, OM fractured her right front cannon bone and was retired to the broodmare band at Calumet where she produced eleven foals over the years. When Calumet journeyed into bankruptcy, she was sold through a dispersal sale at Keeneland in November ’90. Years later, OM was discovered abandoned and forgotten in a cattle field by Jeanne Mirabito. Ms. Mirabito, who had fallen in love with OM as a teenager, went on to provide her with a wonderful home until OM’s death in 2003.

Our Mims

NANNY GOAT – I have a personal interest in discarded broodmares because I have one. Her JC name is Nanny Goat. In October ’17, a former industry contact reached out to me about a 17-year-old broodmare owned by his father. Nanny could get into foal but couldn’t carry to full term so now it was time to unload her. She had moved through multiple auctions after her brief, unsuccessful racing career. Three years in a row her reserve was not met and she was a three-time “no sale” at the Keeneland January Sale. Finally, at the 2015 Fasig-Tipton Sale, she was purchased for $2000. Her exploitation as a broodmare would continue for another two and a half years.

Nanny had eight foals, the best being Erasmo’s Dream who won $156,000. After being exploited in the breeding shed over many years, she was “done”; used up and unable to carry a foal, it was time to “unload” her. Rose Smith and I worked feverishly to place her and contacted multiple rescues including Equine Advocates, Lucky Orphans and Our Mims. All were full with waiting lists (one was two years out). Finding a horse a safe place to land is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. In December ’17, Rose and I finally found an Ohio rescue that agreed to take Nanny. Within a year and a half, Nanny was once again “at risk” as the rescue was closing and the president suggested Nanny be euthanized because she was losing weight and wasn’t “thriving.” Nancy wasn’t thriving for one simple reason…she wasn’t being adequately fed. In late July ’19, I was fed up with the ineptitude and neglect. I stepped up for Nanny and two other underweight horses and the president signed all three over to me.

Nanny Goat, while still in servitude

Nanny Goat’s days of exploitation are over. She is at peace with me, happy in her little herd where nothing is expected of her and she is no longer forced into the servitude of the breeding industry. She is almost 21 now and is enjoying the best time of her life. I wish all horses were as fortunate.

Nanny Goat, safe at last

RIVER BARROW – In early January of this year, a friend of mine on Facebook posted that there was a 2004 broodmare in a feedlot in Pitkin, Louisiana. River Barrow is a 17-year-old Canadian-bred, winner of $114,000, and had produced six foals, although the post said she may have lost her 2020 foal. It was also stated that she had been bred to Apriority on 6/1/20 but was “open,” so it appeared as if she wasn’t in foal. RB raced 35 times and “hit the board” in 13 of those, but her earnings weren’t able to provide her a retirement after being exploited on the track and later in the breeding shed. After the death of her owner this past December, she ended up at one of the most notorious feedlots in Louisiana. Due to the diligence of a group of dedicated advocates, RB was saved from the slaughter pipeline and was re-homed.

River Barrow

FLIP SIDE – In mid-December last year, a racing contact alerted me to an 18-year-old Ohio-bred broodmare located at an auction in Durant, Oklahoma. A multiple stakes winner of $156,000 in 26 starts, Flip Side had produced eight foals for her previous connections and had, most recently, been sold in 2019 for $2800 at the Heritage Place Fall Mixed Sale. According to the original poster, FS’s previous connections were unwilling to help redeem her from the precarious situation she was now in, yet we hear, ad nauseam, that the racing folks love their horses like “family,” which is a lie propagated by an industry where money is king. Although I do not have documentation, it is my understanding that funds were raised for FS’s “bail” and she was “rescued” from the auction, thereby averting a trip across the border.

Flip Side

The stories of these broodmares needed to be told. Unfortunately, there are thousands more just like them. Those that do not meet the expectations of owners are the most vulnerable for going to slaughter. No safeguard for their protection is mandated or funded by the racing industry. The Program Director for the largest TB transitioning program in the country once told me that “all horses need a job even if that job is being a low level broodmare.” How prophetic her words were as she capitulates to an industry that breeds, breed, breeds, then dumps, dumps, dumps. Exploited on the track, then exploited in the breeding shed…there just doesn’t seem to be a safe way out of the servitude. Finally, every single person who profited from the horses’ labors is responsible for their long-term welfare. EVERY…SINGLE…ONE.

In the 4th at Penn last night, Kiss My Note “suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front on the final turn.” He was six; ’twas his 35th time under the whip.

A bit later, in the 3rd at Charles Town, Best Shot “showed no response to riders [sic] urging, sustained a fatal injury mid-stretch when he was struck once more, and euthanized on the track.” Translation: The jockey – Christian Hiraldo – whipped this poor animal both before and after he “sustained a fatal injury.” Hiraldo should be charged with animal abuse; instead, because Best Shot crossed the wire, and because Charles Town is flush with corporate-welfare cash from the attached casino and is therefore able to pay first-last, both he and trainer/owner Timothy Grams got paid ($125). How vile is that? Best Shot was four, and this was his 23rd time under the whip.

The following is a list of horses who died or were euthanized at Camarero Race Track (Puerto Rico) in 2020. Please note, however, that this information came from just one of the two on-site clinics there. In other words, there were surely more than what you see below – and below are the names of 228 dead horses. Again, that’s (at least) 228 dead horses, at a single track, in a single year. By far, the worst I’ve yet seen.

Unless otherwise noted, for on-track – racing (R), training (T) – deaths, the immediate cause was a limb fracture and/or ligament rupture of one kind or another; for stall (S) deaths, the usual suspects – laminitis, arthritis, colic, etc. In all cases, of course, the underlying cause was horseracing itself.

For many racehorses, as you will plainly see, seedy Camarero represents one final stop – the end of the line – after having been made/exploited in the States.

Stop Me If You Can, Jan 2, T
(bred in NY; also raced in NY)

yet-to-be-named, Jan 3, T

Nilmanelis, Jan 3, T
(bred in NY)

Miss Naikan, Jan 4, T

Chip Cricket, Jan 4, T
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Crazy Bull, Jan 7, S
(bred in KY; also raced in FL, PA)

El Pincel, Jan 9, T

Awesome Thought, Jan 9, T
(bred in KY; also raced in KY, FL, IN, AK, NJ, PA, NY)

Private Native, Jan 10, S
(bred in KY; raced in TX, LA, OK)

Adios Felicia, Jan 10, R (euthanized Jan 11)
(bred in FL)

Quack Quack, Jan 15, T
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Indian Scout, Jan 20, S (was raced two days prior)
(bred in KY; also raced in FL)

Tabaco Y Ron, Jan 20, T

Copper Prince, Jan 20, R (euthanized Jan 22) (78th race)

Mireille, Jan 22, T (fractured both knees)
(bred in FL)

El Papiche (probably sic), Jan 24, T

Cuna de Oro, Jan 26, R (euthanized Jan 27)

Shore to Party, Jan 27, S (was raced 52 times)
(bred in NY; raced in FL, NY)

yet-to-be-named, Jan 30, S

Gilded Bullet, Jan 31, R

Mi Prestigio, Feb 1, T

Square City, Feb 2, S
(bred in FL)

Classic Blaze, Feb 2, R (euthanized Feb 4) (59th race)
(bred in LA; also raced in LA, MN, FL, NY)

Imperfect Union, Feb 3, T
(bred in NY; also raced in NY)

Go to Win, Feb 4, S
(bred in FL; raced in FL, PA, WV, OH)

Iniciativa, Feb 5, T (fractured both knees)

Royal Rogue, Feb 7, R (euthanized Feb 10) (68th race)
(bred in FL; also raced in IL, FL)

Quaker Maid, Feb 8, T
(bred in NY; also raced in FL)

Majestic Heir, Feb 10, S
(bred in KY; also raced in LA, KY, NY, FL)

Dave Hoeght, Feb 10, S
(bred in KY; raced in KY, FL, NY, LA, TX)

Handsome Kid, Feb 11, S (“severe respiratory deficit” – was raced two days prior)
(bred in FL)

Ray’s Pride, Feb 13, S

Marvel Falls (probably sic), Feb 15, T

Keigrace, Feb 15, T
(bred in KY)

Time Out of Mind, Feb 17, T
(bred in FL; also raced in KY, FL)

Quality Reward, Feb 18, T
(bred in FL)

Sandy Reef, Feb 19, T

Trust in Diane, Feb 20, T
(bred in KY; also raced in KY, LA, IN, DE)

Gran Misericordia, Feb 22, R (euthanized Feb 26)

El Rubio R, Feb 25, T

Fight for Rags, Feb 28, T (fractured both knees)
(bred in KY; also raced in FL)

Flat Out Cat, Feb 29, S
(bred in LA; raced in LA)

Botafuego, Feb 29, R

Surianita, Mar 1, S (one year old, yet to be raced)

Scottish Sky, Mar 1, R (euthanized Mar 3)
(bred in KY; also raced in Canada, FL)

El Chuco, Mar 2, R (euthanized Mar 6)

Dreaming of J C, Mar 3, T
(bred in KY; also raced in KY, FL)

Escogido, Mar 3, T

Two On Tap, Mar 3, T
(bred in FL)

Queen Nicholai, Mar 4, T
(bred in KY)

Ghostly Games, Mar 6, T (fractured both legs) (was raced 71 times)
(bred in FL; also raced in NJ, FL, PA, WV, MD, DE)

Lea Abi, Mar 7, R (euthanized Mar 9)
(bred in FL)

Adamas Dream, Mar 8, R (euthanized Mar 11) (fractured both knees)
(bred in FL)

Forito, Mar 10, T
(bred in KY)

Impressive Again, Mar 12, T
(bred in KY)

Another Engineer, Mar 13, T

Super Pediatrix, Mar 13, T

Johanna’s Delight, Mar 13, T (was raced 61 times)
(bred in KY; also raced in WV, PA, OH)

McManaman, Mar 18, S (was raced five days prior)
(bred in KY; also raced in FL)

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Mar 21, S (“severe” laminitis – again, two years old)

Don Honey, Mar 23, T

Dattts the One, Mar 26, S
(bred in TX)

Emblema, Mar 30, T
(bred in PA)

Social Stranger, Apr 8, S (was raced 56 times)
(bred in KY; also raced in FL, NJ, PA, DE, MD)

Cotton Field, Apr 8, S
(bred in KY; also raced in FL)

Sensationalsamurai, Apr 8, S
(bred in NY)

Yorky, Apr 13, S
(bred in KY; also raced in MD, FL, NY, PA)

Presenter, Apr 18, S
(bred in NY; also raced in MD, DE)

Elsenordeloscielos, Apr 18, T (was raced 82 times)
(bred in KY; also raced in FL)

Molly’s Princess, Apr 22, S

Three Times Hannah, May 11, S
(bred in FL)

Four to Go, May 11, T
(bred in FL)

Lluvia de Nieve, May 15, S (was raced 63 times)
(also raced in FL, Venezuela, Panama)

Gyoza, May 15, T (multiple fractures and “severe” arthritis – just four years old)
(bred in KY; also raced in WV, FL, NY)

Native Hero, Jun 3, S (was raced 74 times)
(bred in NY; also raced in NY)

La Nacional, Jun 5, S

Angel Antonio M, Jun 5, T

Grand Ginjo, Jun 5, T
(bred in IN; also raced in IN, KY, LA, FL, OH, WV)

Dichoso, Jun 5, R (euthanized Jun 6)

Rate of Return, Jun 6, S
(bred in KY; also raced in FL)

Priority Pass, Jun 6, S (laminitis – two years old)

yet-to-be-named, Jun 10, T

Concertista, Jun 10, R (euthanized Jun 15)

Little Tricks, Jun 11, R (euthanized Jun 20) (“severe limp”)
(bred in MD; also raced in MD, OH, WV)

Pocantico, Jun 12, S
(bred in NY)

Cadete Azul, Jun 12, R (euthanized Jun 15)

yet-to-be-named, Jun 13, S

Getaway Arch (probably sic), Jun 13, S

Lindor, Jun 13, R (euthanized Jun 15)

Aimer Mieux, Jun 15, T
(bred in Canada; also raced in Canada, FL, OH, WV)

Havana’s Speed, Jun 22, S (“severe limp”) (was raced 51 times)

Margarito C, Jun 24, S

Aisha B, Jun 24, T

Prosperada, Jun 25, T

Sol de Luna, Jun 29, T

Golda, Jun 29, T
(bred in FL; also raced in FL, DE)

Monmouth Beach, Jul 5, R (euthanized Jul 6)
(bred in KY; also raced in NJ, DE, NY)

Raison Tiz, Jul 8, T
(bred in KY; also raced in FL)

Diamond Works, Jul 8, T
(bred in FL)

Miroc, Jul 11, S
(bred in NY; also raced in NY, MA, PA, FL)

Dari Logic, Jul 11, T

Awesome Ceebett, Jul 12, R (euthanized Jul 14)
(bred in KY)

Zamarata, Jul 13, S (was raced 95 times)
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Amanda Victoria M, Jul 16, R

U. S. A. Sweetie, Jul 19, R (euthanized Jul 20)
(bred in NY; also raced in NY)

Dopico, Jul 21, T (fractured both knees)

Princess Holiday, Jul 22, T
(bred in KY)

Latin Speaker, Jul 22, T
(bred in KY)

Cinco Y Dos, Jul 22, T (was raced 50 times)

Promesa, Jul 25, R (euthanized Jul 27)

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Jul 31, S (laminitis – again, two years old)

Rigel’s Halo, Jul 31, S (“neurological symptoms”)
(bred in FL; also raced in FL, PA, OH)

La Lista Girl, Aug 3, S (“cranial injury”)

July Moon, Aug 3, R (euthanized Aug 8)
(bred in FL)

Half Leader, Aug 10, S (was raced 67 times)
(bred in KY; also raced in OH, KY, WV)

Chica Zoom, Aug 13, R (euthanized Aug 14)
(bred in NY; also raced in PA, NY)

Capoeira Kid, Aug 14, T

Baby Cinderella, Aug 14, T

Fascinadora, Aug 15, S

Teveolola, Aug 20, R (euthanized Aug 25)

Priority Run, Aug 24, R (euthanized Aug 25)
(bred in NY; also raced in NY, FL, PA)

Rethinkme, Aug 24, R (euthanized Aug 25)
(bred in NY; also raced in FL)

Lumberjack’s Crown, Aug 26, S
(bred in KY)

Junction, Aug 26, T (was raced 55 times)
(bred in KY; also raced in NY, FL, PA, MD, DE)

Sudden Prince, Aug 26, R

Byers Beware, Aug 27, T
(bred in OH; also raced in OH)

Midnight Pleasure, Aug 27, T (fractured both knees)
(bred in KY; also raced in CA, KY)

Play Me Now, Aug 27, R (53rd race)
(bred in PA; also raced in DE, PA)

Sunny Puzzle, Aug 28, T (was raced 62 times)
(bred in KY; also raced in KY, LA, NY, PA, WV, OH)

Lucky Lou Pal, Aug 31, S
(bred in NY; also raced in NY, PA)

Tolen, Aug 31, T

Meads Bay, Aug 31, R (euthanized Sep 1)
(bred in KY; also raced in NY)

Coordinada, Sep 1, T

Barefoot Angel, Sep 2, T
(bred in NY; also raced in NY)

El Puma, Sep 2, R (euthanized Sep 9)

La Chele, Sep 4, S
(bred in FL)

Mi Sobrina Lara, Sep 4, T

Conservadora, Sep 4, R (euthanized Sep 5)

Megann Ride, Sep 7, R (euthanized Sep 11)
(bred in FL)

Golden Alina, Sep 9, S
(bred in KY; also raced in FL)

Tapit Classic, Sep 10, R (euthanized Sep 14)
(bred in FL)

Twisted Licorice, Sep 11, T
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Tropical Beauty, Sep 11, R (euthanized Sep 15)
(bred in FL)

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Sep 12, T

Criticada, Sep 12, R

The Great Provider, Sep 14, S (was raced 61 times)
(bred in MD; also raced in MD, WV, PA, VA)

Noche Oscura, Sep 16, T

Juan Miguel S., Sep 18, T (was raced 61 times)

City Gold, Sep 18, T
(bred in KY; also raced in DE, NY, NJ, MD, VA, KY)

Rahy Momenta, Sep 20, R (euthanized Sep 21)
(bred in KY; also raced in FL)

Mi Primer Intento, Sep 21, T

Dr. Cotton Jen, Sep 22, S
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Corazonado, Sep 22, T

America in Storm, Sep 24, T
(bred in KY)

Atlantic Street, Sep 24, R (euthanized Sep 25)

Bendita, Sep 25, T
(bred in KY; also raced in FL)

El Porteador, Sep 26, T

Saturdaywhataday, Sep 27, S (was raced 75 times)
(bred in KY; also raced in FL, DE, PA)

Mud Bullet, Sep 27, S (“neurological”)

War Agent, Oct 4, R (euthanized Oct 6)
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Propulsora, Oct 8, S

Nitro, Oct 9, T
(bred in KY)

Dark Bloom, Oct 9, R (euthanized Oct 12) (54th race)
(bred in KY; also raced in KY, AK, IA, OK, IL, OH)

Corcovado, Oct 10, T (was raced 78 times)

Chester B, Oct 10, R (63rd race)
(bred in KY; also raced in CA, PA, DE, MD, FL)

Mr. Canada, Oct 11, R (60th race)
(bred in KY; also raced in PA, FL, KY, NY, DE, NJ)

Trianita, Oct 11, R (euthanized Oct 12)

Daddys Sweet Tooth, Oct 12, S
(bred in KY)

Tiz a Superslew, Oct 14, T
(bred in KY; also raced in OH, IN)

Andromeda’s Risk, Oct 14, T (was raced 69 times)
(bred in NY; also raced in NY, PA)

Mojo’s Queen, Oct 14, T (fractured both legs)
(bred in FL; also raced in KY, FL, NY)

Morb Rock (probably sic), Oct 17, S

Rotor, Oct 17, S (euth for “poor body condition”: 12 years old, had been raced 99 times)
(also raced in FL)

Frisky’s Storm, Oct 17, T
(bred in LA; raced in LA)

Baby Slim, Oct 17, T

Reina Catalina, Oct 19, S
(bred in KY)

Justificado, Oct 22, R

El Pollito, Oct 23, S

Bali Breeze, Oct 24, T
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Steel Beach, Oct 26, T
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Keep Me Grounded, Oct 29, S
(bred in KY; also raced in NY, PA, NJ, FL)

Papo Metra, Oct 29, T

Colonizador, Oct 29, R

Panamami, Oct 29, R

Plagio, Oct 31, S (was raced 67 times)

Kamikaze Gift, Nov 2, T

Rumbera, Nov 4, T (fractured both knees)

See the Song, Nov 5, S
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Prince Chitu, Nov 5, T
(bred in FL)

Caladan, Nov 5, T
(bred in KY; also raced in DE, MD, NJ, WV)

Timuquana Place, Nov 6, S
(bred in FL; also raced in IN, KY, LA, DE, PA, FL)

Justin Magic, Nov 6, R (euthanized Nov 7)
(bred in KY)

Pure Devil, Nov 7, R

Ciudad Condal, Nov 7, R (euthanized Nov 9) (61st race)

Jazz Musical (probably sic), Nov 9, S

Aroma Latino, Nov 9, T

Historico, Nov 10, T

Starship Pinnacle, Nov 13, R (euthanized Nov 14)
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Pretty Lawyer, Nov 15, S
(bred in KY)

My Baby Boo, Nov 15, R (euthanized Nov 16)

Power Hall, Nov 20, T
(bred in FL)

Seahawk Wave, Nov 21, S
(bred in WA; raced in CA, TX, OK, LA)

I’m More Ready, Nov 23, T (fractured both legs)
(bred in NY; also raced in FL)

Lady Girona, Nov 23, T

Strike Swiftly, Nov 29, R (euthanized Dec 1)
(bred in KY)

Olimpiada, Nov 30, T (9 years old, was raced 104 times)

Rizzigirlrubyred, Dec 3, T
(bred in FL)

Pequeno Ton, Dec 7, T (was raced 77 times)

Lapidary Lady, Dec 8, T
(bred in NY)

My Love Charlotte, Dec 10, R
(bred in NY)

Emergency Code, Dec 11, R (euthanized Dec 12)
(bred in FL)

Pinturita, Dec 14, S

Valeryan Steel (probably sic), Dec 18, S

Yadira M, Dec 19, S
(bred in FL)

Muchi M (probably sic), Dec 19, T

Chili Nelson, Dec 21, T (fractured both knees)
(bred in KY; also raced in KY, OH)

On Patrol, Dec 23, S
(bred in KY; also raced in NY, FL, AK, KY, VA)

Madam Mike, Dec 23, T
(bred in FL)

Ms. Violette, Dec 23, T
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

Pretty Alyssa, Dec 23, T (“cranial trauma”)

Localizada, Dec 23, R

Against the World, Dec 26, S
(bred in KY)

Melodiosa, Dec 26, R

Little Nick V., Dec 27, S
(bred in FL; also raced in FL)

V My Queen, Dec 28, T

Inductora, Dec 30, T

Unica Bella, Dec 30, T

Whispering Speaker, Dec 31, S
(bred in Canada; also raced in Canada, AK, KY)

For anyone interested in donating to Puerto Rico’s boots-on-the-ground aftercare, please visit Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare.

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed a pair of training kills at Los Alamitos Sunday: Don’t Stop Lookin, three, and Noor Khan, four. The latter, the board says, was a victim of “sudden death,” whatever that means. California can now boast (at least) four kills on the young year, giving (again) the lie to “groundbreaking safety reforms.”