In the 1st at Thistledown Monday, Qualifly “gave way late and returned bleeding from the nostrils” – which is indicative, of course, of pulmonary hemorrhage. While this is by no means unusual, I bring it to your attention because the 7-year-old Qualifly was being whipped (by Luis Rivera) right to the end, even after he began to fall back (no doubt because he was bleeding from the nostrils). Qualifly is the #4:

And would you believe that the very next day, it happened again. Yesterday, once again in the 1st race, 4-year-old Lilac Lace “gave way late and returned bleeding from the nostrils.” Lilac is the #6 (on the outside):

Thistledown, like all the other six Ohio tracks, is a racino, meaning it is being wholly propped up by slots revenue – slots revenue that would otherwise be going back to the state for education. If you’re an Ohio resident, let your voice be heard:

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According to the chart, Bootdaddy Justice fell and was “vanned off” in the 5th at Horseshoe (the rechristened Indiana Grand) yesterday. While the chart did not make mention of it, the announcer relayed that Bootdaddy was “fractious” while being loaded. Perhaps he was already injured/sick/compromised? (Since Horseshoe is one of those tracks that gives nothing up, confirmation will have to wait till my FOIA.)

According to the chart, Miniconjou did just fine in the 11th race at Churchill June 11 – finishing third and winning almost $13K for his people. The chartwriter, however, conveniently neglected to tell us what happened immediately after. This from the Racing Commission: “horse collapsed on the racetrack and died of an apparent heart attack.” An “apparent heart attack,” that is, at the age of three. But the news was not all bad: the jockey, says the Commission, “escaped injury.”

This is horseracing.