Lady Macho is dead after going down in the 2nd at Laurel this afternoon. She was six; this was her 52nd time under the whip. Poor, poor girl. In that same race, Sheknowsthedrill “struck [her] foe” (Lady, that is) and also went down. No word yet on her status. The Daily Racing Form’s Dan Illman called it a “spill.” He is abhorrent.

Through a FOIA request to the Florida Gaming Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s two remaining tracks in the second half of last year. But…

Florida’s recordkeeping is now officially the worst in the nation. In addition to the usual single-page, handwritten “reports” – reports that mostly came without causes – you will see that only one stall death was reported for both of the Florida tracks, Gulfstream and Tampa Bay. And with over 100 combined racedays from Jul-Dec, just four racing kills? Please. In addition, I have a list of 57 horses “vanned off” the two tracks last year who have not been heard from since. Where are they, Florida?

I have of course filed an official complaint and rest assured, I will not let this go. The apathy, the incompetence, is simply intolerable.

Gypsy Dancer, Jul 20, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death” (two years old)
Angel’s Sea, Aug 9, Gulfstream S – “racing-animal death”
The Beast, Aug 21, Gulfstream R – “racing-animal death”
Beast Market, Sep 3, Gulfstream R – “racing-animal death” (two years old)
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Sep 4, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death”
Spicy Empinada, Oct 1, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death” (two years old)
North Caucasus, Nov 18, Gulfstream R – “racing-animal death”
Granny Makes Cents, Nov 19, Palm Meadows T – “racing-animal death”
Isadorable Aida, Dec 7, Palm Meadows T – “racing-animal death” (raced 44 times)
Foolish Heart, Dec 10, Tampa Bay R (euth Dec 13) – “comminuted knee fracture”
Birdnote, Dec 19, Gulfstream T – “racing-animal death”
Bridlewoodmischief, Dec 26, Gulfstream T – “broken stifle” (two years old)

Earlier this month, I posted about seven horses who were inexplicably added to the NYS Gaming Commission’s death database months after the fact. This year, weeks have been going by without any listings – both in deaths and injuries – even while I know horses have been “vanned off.” Clearly, something’s going on in the Commission office. (I am making inquiries.) All this is to say, I have two more belated updates.

Slow Down Summer, a “vanned off in distress” after the 4th at Aqueduct Jan 28, is indeed dead. She was two. Also dead: Amman, “sustained injury to right foreleg” in the 9th at Aqueduct Feb 26. He had just turned three. And that’s that.