Deaths just disclosed by the NYS Gaming Commission:

Lady Sansa, Belmont, original injury April 28: “fetlock injury sustained while training 4/28; surgery performed 4/29; developed laminitis post-op, euthanized due to poor prognosis.” She was three years old and was an import from Ireland.

Teardown This Wall, Buffalo, May 30: “developed colic, unresponsive to medical treatment; euthanized due to poor prognosis.” He was five years old.

Micromillion, Belmont, June 3: “colic, subsequently euthanized due to poor prognosis.” She was four years old and was coming off a training session the day prior.

This brings the 2021 NY Death Toll to 44. That’s 44 fully sentient beings sacrificed for gambling. America, are we not better than this?

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Apocalypse died on the Vernon Downs track after a race Friday – “heart attack,” they’re calling it. Apocalypse was just five years old. Heart attack. What a foul, disgusting business. This, by the way, marks the seventh harness death in NY this year; that, is an extraordinary number.

New York horseracing receives almost $250 million in corporate welfare every year – taxpayer handouts keeping afloat a (for the most part) dying industry. This constitutes a triple wrong: it’s an affront to our free-market system; it cheats schoolchildren out of millions of desperately-needed education dollars; and most important to us here, it allows for the continued abuse and killing of intelligent, sensitive, beautiful creatures.

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