The Big Lie

If horseracing is a sport, then that word must be redefined, for the competitive racing of horses resembles no other accepted sport on the planet:

In what other sport are…

the bodies of adolescent athletes pounded into the ground without remorse?

the athletes kept in intensive, solitary confinement for over 23 hours a day?

the athletes condemned to a life as (literal) chattel?

the athletes drugged and doped without consent?

the athletes whipped – beaten – for motivation?

the athletes routinely dying on the playing field?

the athletes brutally and violently slaughtered upon retirement?

Horseracing a sport? If not for the gravity involved, it would be absurd. No, horseracing is but exploitation of a weaker species for among the most shameful of reasons – $2 bets. To those who sustain this sordid business, we say: Slake those gambling urges with decidedly inanimate slots and scratch-offs; leave the horses out of it. To those who trade in equines in the pursuit of cash and fleeting glory, we say: Find a commodity that doesn’t bleed; take up a hobby that can’t cry out in pain.


– Patrick Battuello

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  1. This is agenda-driven rhetoric from a likely card-carrying member of PETA. Why not focus your attention on the treatment of beef cattle, chickens, etc? Many, many racehorses are well-cared for – even in retirement. Focus groups and legislative acts have taken root in recent years to prevent, or at least make it far more difficult for horse slaughter to continue.

    • Yeah, their agenda is to help animals that cannot speak for themselves. Animals that are regularly injured, killed, exploited and disposed of for profit. The focus is on racehorses because they care about horses. It has nothing to do with other farm animals. Check out horse auction listings and see how many thoroughbreds go to slaughter every single day. Horse slaughter is very legal in Mexico and Canada and that’s where American horses are shipped to be killed. They have minimum, if any regulations about the way horses are killed. 19% of horses that go to slaughter are thoroughbreds. According to the USDA, 70% of the annual thoroughbred foal crop died at slaughter in the U.S. Source: This is a very serious issue.

    • We thought it would end slaughter of horses for meat to outlaw packing plants in the US – but it just enriched the Mexican and Canadian economies, at the expense of the horses, as they are trucked thousands of miles nonstop for days in crowded cattle trucks to Mexico for inhumane slaughter under conditions I can’t even imagine. I do not know how things are in Canada.
      At least here in the US the USDA oversaw the packing plants. I would rather euthanize them than send them to slaughter or watch them starve. How can man be so cruel ?

      • I don’t agree with many of the other comments in this website, but I think this one is spot on. With the best of intentions of stopping horse slaughter, the outcome has become much, much worse. The transportation and treatment of horses (and other animals) going to slaughter is abhorrent. I am not a fan, but at least in the US it can be managed to be more humane. It is a tough era for horses, and it has been for quite a while as we continue to develop grazing land for commercial purposes leaving the cost of the care of horses ever increasing. I see this every single day in Lexington, KY.

        I am not a bettor, but I am a fan of racing and of horses in general. I believe we are best served by assuring that these animals – like all others – are treated fairly and humanely. One has to accept the fact that horses will break down – whether racing or running around in the pasture scuffling with each other…it is an inescapable part of horse ownership. A fellow horseman once said “put a horse in a styrofoam room, and it will find a way to get a cut”. That is so true. Every day I care and worry about the safety of my horses. Are there trainers and owners who need to be kicked out of horse racing? Absolutely! Then let’s work on this, and continue to work on safe surfaces and guidelines and continue to improve regulation of pharmaceuticals administered to horses. But by the standards of this website, if we eliminate racing, then we should eliminate eventing, then we should eliminate riding all together because it is cruel or training is cruel…leaving horsse only to serve as pasture ornaments – and quite expensive ones – and we will soon see a lot more horses going to slaughter.

      • Let’s be clear there’s only one business solely responsible for the “enrichment” of Mexican and Canadian economies and that’s HORSE RACING in a nutshell.
        Brandon you have every right to your voice and to what you want to support just as I do.
        There are plenty of causes that need dire attention on our planet from children to animals, which are the 2 most vulnerable segments of our society.
        Unfortunately, the horse racing business and all their killings are keeping me so busy that I can’t devote any attention to other causes that I deem worth my while.

    • Brandon Quick : Your ignorant comment is like hearing “Blah. Blah. Blah.” You have no clue what these horses go through, physically or emotionally.

    • You most likely have an interest in this industry to conflate chickens and beef cattle in with the “sport” of abusing horses. Obviously, all animals’ lives should be free of confinement, pain and abuse. You may include humans in this scenario. But it doesn’t mean nothing should be done for horses whose short lives are filled with cruelty. Even the very best racehorses’ lives have ended horrifically or are neglected, because they no longer bring in $$$. It’s because of greed, and you know it.

    • The bottom line is that due to the existence of this industry, animals are bred and then subjected to horrific cruelty. Even if the majority are well treated that is no argument for the continued maltreatment of the others. The horse racing industry has shown it cannot be trusted to look after the animals, so it needs to end. If horse racing doesn’t exist, ultimately no one will really care. There are plenty of other things to bet on that don’t involve the torture of animals..

    • Agenda is opinion, rhetoric is sharing that opinion. Are you a person with no opinions? I think not, since you chose to repond. For fun I will guess back that you are a tea-party, NRA card-carrying, homophobic, horse race loving gambling smoker. Just kidding!
      As for myself, I am a veterinarian and can say from firsthand experience that horse racing and any other competitive animal riding, including bull riding, is quite inhumane and does result in suffering for the majority of animals involved. And those that perform poorly or break down (fracture limbs) end up dead later or sooner, respectively.
      As for the slaughter of horses or any other animal, it is inevitable that humans will continue to eat meat for the forseeable future, and these animals need to be cared for, transported and killed in a humane way, they are sentient beings after all. Unfortunately, the legislation you refer to about preventing horse slaughter has been enacted, but the horses are now killed in Mexico and Canada, where the USDA cannot ensure humane conditions. We outsourced horse killing, and that was not a solution.

      As Gandhi said ” The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

      I agree, but I’m a veterinarian, and may be biased : )

      • If horse racing were to end than 20,000 less racehorses would be bleeding out on the slaughterhouse floor despite any rules for transport.
        Almost all racehorses are either running with issues that should necessitate rest or retirement or are on the verge of breaking down due to the inherent nature of this vile business.
        So between 20,000 being saved from slaughter and the rest being saved from broken bodies and spirits.
        That’s good enough for me.
        That’s why shutting it down is the only solution.

  2. Hardly rhetoric Brandon Quick. Over 30,000 TBs go to slaughter in Mexico and Canada every year. Would you be surprised to know that Leonard Blach, owner of Mine That Bird, KEntucky Derby winner, was, and probably still is, involved in trying to open a horse slaughter plant, in Roswell NM in 2013? It is located about a five minute walk down a dead end road behind Blachs barns.

  3. Is it possible to make the human race respect animals? Watch these 2 year olds before their career even begins. I wonder if the people survived. There should be a law against this for sure! It’s something we all have to answer to ask ourselves, “Did we say anything to oppose mistreatment?”. Even a facebook post?
    I want to have a horse someday. It will be loved. Thumbs up to those who love or have a race horse that is cared for properly, and lives a happy full life. To hell with the rest of these thuggy people who have no heart.

  4. You are one of my greatest heroes for your advocacy of our fine four-footed friends who are victims of the racing industry. I frequently see my own horses racing each other for the fun of it so we know that racing is one of the horse’s natural instincts. The major point that we’re all missing is the REASON so many race horses break down, while the mustangs survive while running over rugged terrain. Science has proven that horse shoes are destructive to horses’ hooves! Within an hour of nailing shoes to the bottom of their living organs, horses lose up to 50% of the circulation in their feet! Combine that with the concussion of their weight hitting the metal (even on fluffy racetracks), along with the lack of elasticity and shock absorption and it’s no wonder that they suffer spiral fractures, ligament, tendon and muscular damage. Please help focus the attention to the devastating handicap we enforce upon these creatures = shoes.

    • Thank you for educating me by posting this, Susanella. I didn’t know about horse shoe facts.

  5. I feel bad on betting on harness racing ive only betted once :/ Do you have statistics on harness racing?

      • Hey patrick, since you seem to be the father of all knowledge and you seem to know everything there is about horses, and you want to abolish horseracing, what would you like to do with the 100,000 plus thoroughbreds and standard breds in the U.S? Do you want to just kill them all or turn them all loose? Do you want to tell Kentucky to stop breeding thoroughbreds? Good luck with that! Let me know how that works for you!! What would you like to do with the thousands and thousands of workers and jobs and farms in the U,S alone? This is a billion dollar a year industry…your opinion isn’t going to change that!!

      • So to your point Mr Morton. The slave trade also employed a great number of people, not just the slaves. Just keeping the lines of trade open involved lots of people in port cities and stations along the way – Kinda rude that Lincoln put all of those people out of work, wasn’t it ? As for all the money horse racing makes, PLEASE! New York state tax payers were subsidizing OTB.

  6. Greyhound racing can be just as bad. As a dedicated Greyhound advocate, I take every opportunity to speak up for horses as well. Running doesn’t hurt these animals. The industry does. My hope is that every person who cares about Greyhounds will spare a thought, a word, and a donation to the cause of racing horses, and vice versa.

    • One of the most ridiculous questions asked – but asked so often (by apologists) of us who oppose the unnecessary and harsh horse racing industry. Having horses or caring for them isn’t required to acknowledge all of the harm that befalls horses used in this industry. I don’t have any rescued orcas nor circus animals in my care…yet I’m still very aware of their suffering in those entertainment industries, as well.

  7. I was a race tracker, trainer, exercise rider, groom, stable owner. The industry is hard on horses and hard on those who choose to work with horses. I saw terrible things, I saw death of horses and people, injuries, drugs, cruelty, abuse, screaming, yelling, swearing. I never bet on the horses, just did my job, got paid and moved on to better employment. I still own horses, I think of the terrible horsemanship I witnessed, and I try to always be a kind and caring owner.

    • Dear Bev, They must have chewed you up and spit you out, because good people don’t survive in this game.I do hope you still love the horses but not in the capacity where you had to see all the bad stuff.Hope you doing something you love that you can live with.My dad always told since I was ten years old horseracing is a dirty game.At ten years old growing up in East New York,Brooklyn,I had no idea what he was talking about.All these years later I learned the hard way,he was right,horse racing is a dirty game. DEDICATED

  8. Horse and dog racing must be illegal. Humans can race and do whatever they wish to call it a sport. The animals are not give a choice the list of accidents, atrocities are endless. Tons of foals bred for racing go to slaughter, tons of horses once raced go to slaughter. Its all beyond animal abuse, its revolting and barbaric. There is so much evidence, the people just want to do this for greed and their own egos, it is never about what the animal wants or is best for the animal NEVER

    • Jenny – not all all.
      The majority of rules are passed NOT to protect the racehorse, but to protect the BILLIONS in wagering profit.
      In fact, the main motivation for “jail time” was to keep the horse in the racing jurisdiction after claimed so that races could be filled.
      They don’t want a bunch of racehorses leaving a racing jurisdiction in the middle of a meet.
      So it has nothing to do with protecting the horses as I mentioned.
      Another example are the whipping rules.
      Many people don’t know that a jockey is actually FINED for not hitting the horse enough.
      In the rules, they refer to it as “urging.”
      If a jockey feels a horse has nothing left to give, and doesn’t continue whipping/beating it in the stretch (s)he is actually fined!!!
      Now if this isn’t a reflection on what this industry is about then I don’t know what is.
      In fact, when they have tried to minimize the number of times a horse can be whipped in the stretch the pro-horse racing people fought this hard, and it wasn’t just the jockeys.
      It’s an entire system of abuse, legitimized animal cruelty, whereby the horses are exploited, maimed, dumped, and/or killed for the most part.

  9. Seems one area that can be dealt with is the attachment of the shoes to the 🐴 hoofs. Why not use adhesive less invasive on the horse. Then work on track conditions. Horse racing is in the history of man . You should seek solutions not just the problems. The insurance companies share a part of the problem here.

    • There is only ONE solution Robert, and that’s to shut this entire cruelty circus down.
      No compromises, horse racing WILL go it’s just a matter of time.

  10. To PHILIP–I can assure YOU-FAR more horses breakdown at the track than running aroind, playing, chasing in a pasture!

  11. I just moved here from Long Island.I am sickened that millions is spent on the performance of these horses,who are endlessly taken BEYOND what they can take physically and mentally NO matter what the she.
    I have been around horses.I have rode,trained…
    This Carnage must stop.There must be laws for the Owners to be responsible for uncalled for euthanization Money…..
    Where are all these farms?Advocates for taking these young horses like Traveling Soldier.I know we both cried.He and I .
    Please alert me what the hell is going on and on….
    Thank You

  12. Today at Arlington park 9/7/2017 in race #6 Just zip it died 5 feet after the finish line. I took a couple of pictures as he looked to have a heart attack. The jockey Nicholas Meza was carted off on a stretcher.

  13. Horse racing should be banned across America before more horse deaths prove it is not a sport. It is a greedy business and the emphasis is far from the concern for the lives of the horses.

  14. I believe in a good dose of reality for the most ardent horse racing fan.Go back into the archives,find N.Y.S. Comptroller Alan Hevasi’s report on NYRA.It’s quite educational and I would doubt not too many things have changed since then.It’s an eye opener and the casual as well as the veteran horseplayer will think they just read a Pulitzer award novel,but it ain’t no novel.It does a great job of revealing what this game is really like,he did such a good job somehow he ended up in jail for this inciteful look at the sport of kings. DEDICATED Circa 2004-2005.

  15. The older I become, the less ignorant. Ive been a animal lover since birth. The horse racing community sickens me on the way these animals are truly treated, makes me sick, as does other forms of abude. No, Im not a PETA person, just a 62 year old man who loves animals more then money. The greed on this plant sickens me. Im not perfect but I sure as hell stand for animals, all of them

  16. I don’t know all the numbers but this I do know;-Brandon- you are wrong side up- your arse is where your mouth should be!

  17. Being a horse lover but never believing in horse racing, I look for the day when horse racing is outlawed. It’s not just horses that are mishandled, it’s many animals. When are humans going to stop their inhumanity?

  18. I own racehorses and raced for years trying to do it the correct way. It does not exist. I saw deaths almost every morning. I saw everything from sponging horses to overdoses and blood doping. I held a racehorse on the track during a million dollar race with a broken leg and the owners never showed up. The horses are given a painkiller before they are inspected to race. Horses are given Lasix which depletes minerals to grow strong bones. The jockeys cheat. The gate crew cheat and most of all…the trainers cheat. I retired all my horses to my farm at great expense but worth it. Most horses are sent to slaughter in Mexico…the breeding stallions are relegated to a miserable life. The breeding mares are machines until they cannot produce then discarded.

  19. I am not trying to draw attention away from the subject matter of this post. I simply would like to share some thoughts I had while reading it.

    To the claim, “If horseracing is a sport, then that word must be redefined, for the competitive racing of horses resembles no other accepted sport on the planet”

    The author proceeded to list a few things which definitely occur in horseracing; however, I would like to raise awareness to a few similarities I thought of while reading this post. For the sake of the comparison, I will remove some of the adjectives/adverbs to avoid that chance that these comparisons are taken too literally. Again, I do not wish to distract from the ideas being presented, nor do I wish to diminish the statement being made.

    In what other sport are…

    the bodies of adolescent athletes pounded into the ground without remorse?

    -While their bodies may not be pounded into the ground without remorse and they are debatably adolescents, American Football is notorious for rigorous training and practices of young teenagers, and possibly slightly younger. In this sport, along with many others, the idea of training until you collapse is common and very much encouraged by overenthusiastic parents and coaches, especially at the elite levels of teen sports. The culture around “hell weeks” and practices made to single out the weak are things we accept simply due to the claim that “it’s part of the game” or “it builds character”. Once again, the “without remorse” aspect is debatable; however, I think there are definite similarities with the way many popular American sports associate conditioning or punishments during practices.

    the athletes kept in tight, solitary confinement for over 23 hours a day?

    the athletes condemned to a life as (literal) chattel?

    the athletes drugged and doped without consent?

    -Here there really is no connection, for almost all of the dopping done by athletes is done out of consent. Nonetheless, drugs and doping are very common not only in professional American Football but college and possibly lower ages too. This also does not extend solely to American Football, but also to many other popular sports in the United States.

    the athletes whipped – beaten – for motivation?

    -There have been numerous reports of coaches hitting, verbally abusing, and demeaning players for “motivation”. For example, former Rutgers Men’s basketball coach Mike Rice. I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other cases either reported or not reported of this occurring within sporting environments in the United States.

    the athletes routinely dying on the playing field?

    the athletes brutally and violently slaughtered upon retirement?

    -Lastly, this may be a stretch, but I would consider the number of deaths caused by Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) of retired National Football League (NFL) and National Hockey League (NHL) players to be somewhat of a comparison. There have been numerous reports of players committing suicide as a result of suffering from CTE. On top of that, I’m sure there are many more which have not been reported nor will they ever be reported. In most cases, CTE led to the suicide of these retired athletes. Not only that, but there are significant amounts of evidence which show CTE develops not only in professional athletes but also younger athletes.

    “If horseracing is a sport, then that word must be redefined, for the competitive racing of horses resembles no other accepted sport on the planet”

    To summarize, I think there are definitely some aspects of the list following the prior quote which are similar between horse racing and many other sports on our planet. Like I mentioned before, all these comparisons may be a stretch but I think they are too prevalent to overlook. Once again, I do not wish to distract from the overall message of this post. I just wish to express some thoughts I had while reading this. Please comment and let me know what you think. Whether you agree, disagree, don’t think I should’ve posted this, want to know some sources for some of the factual claims, wish to add or contest something, or if you’d like to share an opinion or anything at all please feel free.

    • Your well presented points fall apart on one fact and one fact alone:
      People have choices – racehorses don’t.
      People are autonomous the racehorses aren’t.
      Racehorses are forced into servitude for profit, human athletes are not forced into servitude.
      People and children have laws that protect them from cruelty and abuse or physical injury.
      Racehorses don’t.
      It’s for this very reason that horse racing is not a sport.
      In a nutshell, racehorses are profit slaves for their slave masters, they don’t share in the wealth they generate as human athletes do – most end up dying on the slaughterhouse floor when they are done maiming them.
      Have you even seen a professional human athlete, after generating millions in profit, die on a slaugherhouse floor or did I miss that point?

      • Very good point. I completely agree. The lack of autonomy for the horses is essential when attempting to compare it to another sport. No comparison can be made between an organized sport which has unions for both players and owners in order to help protect both parties and horse racing which doesn’t have any means of regulation regarding treatment of their “athletes” (horses).

        I just find it interesting to ponder and try to draw comparisons to major sports. Not because I hope to justify the terrible ethics surrounding horse racing, but in an attempt to possibly discover similarities regarding social, economic, ethical, and psychological circumstances throughout the development of athletes in the major sports. For example, an individual who grows up in a low-income family in a low-income area. Is it reasonable to make the comparison that they somewhat lack autonomy as well? Not in the exact same way as horses, for they are not forced into servitude for profit by an owner, but could this individual feel, in an unseen way, forced to endure terrible conditions and treatment while striving to reach professional status? In our society, we see this is hard work, determination, and grit, but do those personal characteristics justify the difficult and, at times, abusive tole an individual may have to go through to reach their goal? This is also considering the fact that a very small percentage of individuals will ever reach the professional level they strive to reach.

        Another example which may hit on your second to last point, “In a nutshell, racehorses are profit slaves for their slave masters, they don’t share in the wealth they generate as human athletes do – most end up dying on the slaughterhouse floor when they are done maiming them”, could be college sports.

        Again this doesn’t address the obvious fact of the inhumane treatment and slaughtering of horses, but it does compare to the point about sharing in the wealth between the athletes or horses, and their owners. In college sports, thousands of athletes push their bodies to the limit and subject themselves to physical, emotional, and psychological abuse at the hands of their coaches and fans, which is again seen as “just another part of the sport”. However, in college athletics, the players receive absolutely no monetary compensation for their efforts. Yes, they do receive scholarships and amazing educations at accredited universities which thousands of other individuals can only dream of having, but does that equate to the millions, if not billions, the NCAA and universities are profiting from ticket and jersey sales, advertisements, and sponsorships? Also, while they are not “slaughtered” like the horses after their careers, but considering the point made above that only a very small percentage of athletes ever reach the professional level, almost all of these college athletes are simply dropped and forgotten once their college careers are done and they can no longer make these giant corporations and universities money from their labor. The amount of college football or basketball players who put their bodies on the line and endure everything in order to reach the pros heavily outnumbers the amount who are successful and able to reap the rewards. Is it too much of a stretch comparing these? Obviously, they are not the same, but I think there are some striking similarities.

        Maybe this is completely off topic. Maybe not. Nevertheless, I think it’s intriguing to think about. Once again, none of this addresses your great point regarding the distinction between the autonomy of human athletes and horses forced to race in horse racing, but it is simply food for thought.

      • I will highlight and respond to a few points:
        “For example, an individual who grows up in a low-income family in a low-income area. Is it reasonable to make the comparison that they somewhat lack autonomy as well?”
        There’s a difference between autonomy and choice.
        For a person that grows up in a low-income family their choices can be limited in scope due to lack of funds.
        However, they still have autonomy, that is, independence/freedom to make choices over one’s self.
        The can choose to continue, even in the light of economic deprivation, knowing that they have to work much harder, but it’s their talent that will overcome that if indeed they have talent.
        As for all your references to our youth being somewhat pressured to perform in sports?
        Well again, they still have the autonomy, the freedom, to walk away if they wish no matter what.
        They are not locked into a 10 x 10 sq ft area with needles plunging in and out of them to make them perform.
        Their owners, in this case parents, doesn’t take all the money they earn and dump them.
        If that were the case, than their parents would be charged with child abuse.
        Furthermore, when you compare the injury statistics of professional athletes vs equine athletes the figures are astounding and disturbing.
        I can assure you that if 2000 athletes died per year on a football field it would be shut down for good.
        Have you ever seen a racehorse take a pen and sign a contract?
        This clearly demonstrates the autonomous aspect of human vs animal.

    • I agree that football exploits poor, often black young men at the expense of their health and futures. And CTE has harmed, and killed many. There are 81,000 college football players in divisions I, II, and III. Can you imagine if 2,025 – 10% of an entering freshman class – died on the field each year?

  20. You said it better than I ever could have, Gina. I received the OBS 2 year olds in training catalog a few weeks ago, and this is a prime example how some of these racehorses breaking down are not the equivalent of a human high schooler – but of a toddler.
    For those not familiar with the “under tack” shows at these baby horse auctions – these horses, at ONLY 2 years old – with a rider on their back- are whipped incessantly to run a brief distance – but AS FAST as they can! The thought is that the faster they run- the better price they sell for – as it will show their future potential for talent, and their precocity.
    Even pro racing people are turning against this practice more and more, as it leaves a trail of maimed babies and horses that never really recover from this high intensity training. Many find it to be silliness – because none of these babies will ever need to run these short distances, at these speeds.
    Many babies are pulled out of these auctions after the under tack show because they have injured themselves, never to be seen again. And even with these babies – they snap legs during these shows, but they are going so fast that it is impossible to pull them up, many falling and cartwheeling down the track, in an effort to minimize the damage and in hopes the baby can be saved.
    And after all is said and done, after they go through these torturous sales, the majority end up being a flop on the racetrack- and they were put through this for nothing. There are videos online of the severity of these sale wrecks. They are sickening.

    • Yes Peggy.
      I attended 2 year-old-in-training sales when I was an active participant in this business.
      I’ve been reviewing the ages of the recent racehorses that have died recently and many, especially the high level stake horses, were either sold at the 2 year-old-in-training sales or started racing as 2 years old.
      You can thank The Kentucky Derby and The Breeders Cup for promoting and facilitating a horse racing environment where racehorses are forced to perform at 2 in order to qualify for these races as 3 year olds.
      Both The Kentucky Derby and The Breeders Cup have completely ignored or will even consider raising their races to 3 – again, the total lack of concern comes out time and again.
      There are only 3 categories of horse racing apologists 1. the abusers 2. the enablers of the abuse 3. Both

  21. If one wants to see the truth in horse racing, all you really have to do is look at the horsemens guides from the tracks, and the stall applications that go with them. This is the basis of what the rules to racing are, then you can go to the arcl website and see the legal permissible medications, along with a list of ruling infractions. Further you can look into horses necropsy reports, and compare that to the horses pp ( racing record) it tells a stort with some basic knowledge of the industry, being this information comes from the same folks that operste the game and they can request vet records, how come they dont punish the people that do this to horses, because they look at it as ” part of the game”.

    santa anita is in damage control mode because and only because the issues that have finally been brought to the surface, down the road at a lesser track, they are starting in 2019 pre race vet exams, now im not sure how long tp has been around but heres an example of the lack of action in this so called “sport”

    I could cite example after example of shit like this over the 5 yrs or so ive followed, enough to fill this page, search and look around on the site, on the net, and ask how in the world do they get away with it,? and wheres the accountability every other sport, and industry has? Sports illustrated a magazine that covered rscing for years got it right, “antiquated” it is. Its no wonder everyone who loves and cares for horses has turned their back on this industry, it is not about the horses, they pay the consequences for everything. Racing cant hide from the truth any longer and must acknowledge their dark side

  22. As long as 40,000-plus Thoroughbred foals are born EVERY YEAR in this country, the bloodbath will continue. Until the public stops supporting this travesty (which I’m ashamed to say I once did), the greed machine will go merrily on grinding up these beautiful, helpless creatures.

  23. I feel for every horse that is part of this filthy dirty game.Horse racing is a DIRTY GAME from top to bottom.I was just reading an article regarding this top trainer at NYRA and how he treats his hired help who are mostly of Latin decent and are easily preyed upon and taken advantage of especially through violating labor laws in many different ways all of which cheats the laborers and puts more dollars in his pockets.I understand how the trainer is responsible but should not NYRA have any responsibility in this criminal activity.I would find it hard to believe that NYRA was not aware of this activity,I believe the NYRA STEWARD BRAULIO BAEZA JR. doles out violations when it involves horsemen,WHAT THE F#*#* happened in this case did he fall asleep is he being allowed to look the other way in certain violations? Which would not surprise me.Now my thought is how does this violation which should have been noticed by BAEZA Jr. A PANAMANIAN by descent,how does he sleep at night knowing these hard working immigrants are being abused.Maybe he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and could give two craps for his fellow Latinos. So long as he has his.For all I know this Labor investigation may also lead to IRS violations.I hope the labor dept. does not stop with Chad Brown.If there are further investigations into the equivalent size stables that’s all well and good but there are many medium size stables that need to be investigated also, i’m Not Saying these are violators but no one should be above the law,which is often not the case at the NYRA racetracks. Let’s see the medium sized stables investigated also,maybe no violations will be found at stables such as Gary Contessa,Gary Gullo,Gary Sciacca,Patrick Reynolds by the Labor Dept.but it wouldn’t hurt if the IRS can look at their books once they get finished with the bigger stables.They are probably clean but you never know.What do they say? The apple don’t fall far from the tree.

  24. How many here have owned race horses? From 20 years of racing, breeding, and training, I can tell you the inside scoop on the cruelty of horse racing. I do not have the time but do your research. Find out how many of these millionaire owners retire their racehorses. How many discard them. Here are a few topics.
    IOC test human athletes for 3000 plus drugs…
    Horseracing…. only 300
    Stallions are abused…..dual hemisphere breeding three times a day then confined
    Mares are machines then discarded when unable to reproduce
    Jockeys fix most of the races….5% purse money doesn’t cut it
    Track Vets are drug dealers
    I could go on but open your eyes to a cruel sport
    BTW…. I have retired every one of my horses to my pasture and pleasure riding……Do you?

  25. Horse racing needs a nation wide board to oversee drug violations and set standards, etc.. Yes, there should be some changes. But, to call for an end to horse racing is not any more reasonable than calling for an end to eating chickens, cows or pigs. PETA kills more dogs per year than horses that die at race tracks. Have you ever tried to find out the name of each and every dog or cat that PETA kills every year ? Why not ? The horse racing industry needs to make some changes, and I hope they do so soon, but I enjoy betting on the horse races, of course, I enjoy eating fried chicken or a cheeseburger , or a blt also. Thanks, John


  27. First of all, the “bodies of adolescent athletes” are not “pounded into the ground”. Horses are regularly broken at 2-3 years old — the same time that many horses begin their racing career. Secondly, horses ALL OVER THE WORLD are boarded in stalls. They are not confined and they are not isolated — and being in a stall is not “intensive”. Third, racehorses are not condemned to a life of racing — they are raced for only a few years. Also, ALL horses are owned — if not by individuals, but by the government, such as the BLM’s mustangs. Fourth, it is against the rules to “dope” the horses unless there is a medical need. Plus, there will always be individuals in sports that do this. Next, the racehorses are NOT beaten for motivation — whips have been used as a tool for training horses since people began riding horses. It does not hurt them at all — the horses are not cut or slashed by the whips — they are tapped. Professional riders use them, young riders use them — the list goes on. What about spurs? If you are so upset about racehorses being harmed, why don’t you include all horses and riders? Many riders use spurs. Next — yes, horses break their legs and that is sad, but it is not unusual for horses to break their legs. It happens all the time. Lastly, racehorses are NOT slaughtered when they retire. Many of them are adopted out into new homes and careers by the owners, or they go to the Humane Society if that is needed. Racehorses are treated very well — you are REACHING so HARD at the “issues” that you listed.

      • And – for you to shrug off and say that horses break their legs “and it’s sad”?! No- it’s HORRIBLE AND DISGUSTING! It should not be happening on a manicured, smooth sandbox! But thanks for proving what the idiots in racing think! Just shrug it off and say – meh- another broken leg, gee, bummer, next up!

    • Horses are forced to do most of what they do in horseracing by people. These people are the equivalent of rapists. They don’t care if the horse doesn’t want to load into the starting gate, for one example among many examples. The horse is forced into the starting gate and there have been many reports of horses getting so badly injured that it becomes a death sentence for the horse. Horseracing is fundamentally wrong on every level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t believe that racehorses are sent to auctions and bought by kill buyers to retire from racing, you have to be delusional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. The sad fact is that this doping behavior and animal cruelty of insipid unconsciousness towards horses is routinely practiced day by day at racetracks across America.

  29. 337 deaths since 2014? Have I misunderstood something? This is utterly grotesque. Hitler couldn’t have been more efficient in designing the slaughter of innocents on a grand scale. Please don’t feel sorry for yourselves, America, that you are losing so many to Coronavirus; any country that can stand by and allow this carnage, deserves no sympathy.

  30. Stop the Over-Breeding, (Yea i’m talking to u Ky), stop the 2yr olds racing, to early. May 1st, for 3yr olds going 5 to 6 fur then building to a mile by end of year. These are not the same horses, not even close, to the old war horses from before the 80s. You know, (The Decade of Greed), back in the day they were bred with hopes of stamina, strength, soundness and durability. And a smart mind was never over-looked. Now, it’s all about early speed, fast maturity and a quick buck in the sales ring. My point is, stop the over-breading and I guarantee with less options, they will take better care of their horses. I’m sure many won’t agree with me, (Ky) but, I implore you to watch Secretariant win the Belmont stakes by 31 lengths, and then tell me that a Race Horse can’t enjoy what he does.. Alot needs to change, but not end..

    • I can’t agree with you. Just because there are less options, they will not take better care of their horses. There’s been a steady decline in foal crop for years, and they aren’t better taken care of now. Most low tier tracks have trainers who can only afford 6 horses or less, and trust me- they are far from being well taken care of. Because of that desperation of trying to keep their tiny “stable” going- those horses are out busting their asses every week or 2, essentially being duct taped together, and are far from sound. And everyone, including the jockeys, know they aren’t sound, but because everyone is so desperate for a few dollars, they are letting them keep racing. And then there is usually no place for a broken down 8, or so, year old, with 60+ starts to go. The second career people prefer younger horses with low starts, and minimal “track jewelry”.
      In the reality of the horse racing world, very few horses are taken care of like secretariat.
      And speaking of secretariat, I remember seeing a video of a granddaughter of his in a 2 year old in training under tack show, who, at full speed, snapped both of her front legs off. That poor filly crashed and cartwheeled down the track so hard that it looked like an automobile crash. It’s a site I can never forget. So much for “royally bred”, and secretariat loving to run.

    • I’m so sickened by your stupid statement that racehorses “enjoy” what they do.
      I’m going to, once again, set the record straight.
      First of all, racehorses don’t consent to what they are forced to do.
      Second, racehorses have no voice so how in the hell can you tell if they like it?
      Third, we know they don’t like it because you are beating the living crap out of them in the stretch. This cruel and inhumane treatment belongs in the Roman times. They can’t even slow down to protect themselves.
      Fourth, they are doped to run. Any moron knows that. So they are doped to perform. That’s artificial stimulation that’s not a willing natural response.

      Lastly, this industry isn’t capable of changing because it requires daily, abusive business practices forcibly perpetrated on non-consenting beings that are confined and restrained while needles are plunged in and out of their bodies.
      No reforms will ever stop the endless, unwanted racehorse mess.
      In fact, while you were busy writing your comment I’m in the middle of desperately trying to save a PREGNANT TB mare that’s about to board the slaughterbound truck.
      A mare that was forcibly-bred by a moron who supports your industry and was dumped when they could no longer afford to feed her.
      Her ribs are protruding as the little feed she’s received has gone to her baby – a natural response to her horrific situation unlike you self-centered apologists who only care about yourselves and what you can suck out of your hosts you pathetic parasites.
      I begged the kill buyer to see her to me for cheaper, but he won’t budge because her foal will increase the weight on the kill scale meaning more money for him.
      Furthermore, they just keep on coming because of people like you.

      Now, if you don’t agree go and beat yourself with a whip into the ground and see how it feels.
      I must get back to trying to raise the money to save her and get her out of harms way.
      Your multi-billion dollar vile industry won’t send one dime to rescue her.
      You all sicken me.

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