Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018. Please note, however, that when asked about “non-racing” deaths (colic, laminitis, etc.), the Commission responded thus: “We do not have records regarding off track horses.” So, obviously, this list is incomplete.

Not Above Love, January 7, Laurel T

D. K. Two Step, January 12, Laurel R

No Love Lost, January 14, Laurel R

Vua Saigon, January 26, Laurel R

Vim, February 3, Laurel R (euthanized February 4)

Arrivano, February 4, Laurel R

Summer Gems, February 16, Laurel T
“right front”

Gato Dolce, March 10, Laurel R

Bandits Glory, March 23, Laurel T

Admiral Alexis, March 25, Laurel T

Little Jimmy B, March 29, Laurel T

Raging Regina, March 31, Laurel T

Sticksandbricks, April 14, Laurel T

Ice On the Severn, April 14, Laurel R

Tango Delta, April 14, Laurel R

Colonel Crawford, May 17, Pimlico R

Awesome Alma, May 24, Pimlico R
“ankles” (yes, both)

Ok Braveheart, June 10, Ocean R

Asian Trick, June 20, Laurel T
“left front”

Royal Pass, June 24, Laurel R
“collapse” (two years old)

Minor Legend, July 14, Laurel R

Kaitain, July 14, Laurel R (euthanized July 21)
“left hind”

Defenestration, July 15, Laurel T

Markeesa, July 15, Laurel R

Amigo, July 15, Laurel R

Archie’s Revenge, July 22, Laurel R

Menorah Lora, July 28, Laurel R

Amplify, August 16, Laurel R

Tiz a Trill, August 24, Laurel T
“right front”

X Tra Real, September 13, Pimlico T
“collapse” (four years old)

Crafty Estate, September 14, Laurel R
“collapse” (six years old)

Simpson, September 14, Laurel R
“left front”

Skrilla, September 30, Pimlico T
“right front”

Straight Tequila, October 5, Laurel R

Rubys Fire, October 5, Laurel R

Inorbit, October 14, Laurel T

Yankee’s Milestone, November 8, Laurel T
“right front”

Reedini, November 9, Laurel T
“right front”

Dove Dynasty, November 9, Laurel T

Whateverybodywants, November 14, Laurel T
“screw failure”

Adversary, November 22, Laurel R

Candlestick Nic, December 8, Laurel R

Hazana, December 10, Laurel T

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017. Unless otherwise noted, immediate cause of death was limb break of one kind or another – underlying cause, of course, horseracing itself. (Note: The Commission did not forward records on what the industry calls “non-racing” deaths. In addition, nothing on the state’s two harness tracks. In other words, this list, horrific though it is, is ultimately incomplete.)

Nancy’s Spider, January 22, Laurel, race 5
(two years old, second race; first race: last of 13, 56 lengths back)

Mr. Winter, February 2, Laurel, training

Trudys Lucky, February 19, Laurel, training

She Spoke French, March 4, Laurel, training
“sudden” (two years old)

Paranapiacaba, March 4, Laurel, training

Royal Saint, March 11, Laurel, race 8

Kay’s Finesse, March 13, Laurel, training

Find Your Revenge, March 25, Laurel, training

Ideal Behavior, April 2, Laurel, training

Stalk, April 2, Laurel, race 8

Worthy One, April 3, Laurel, training

Really Big Bird, April 9, Laurel, race 8
“sudden” (race chart said “collapsed”)

AJ’s Wolf, April 23, Laurel, training

Stick Shaker, May 6, Laurel, training

Supero, June 9, Laurel, race 1

Pinkie Blu, June 30, Laurel, training

Papa Vinny, July 8, Laurel, race 1

Wonderman, July 29, Laurel, race 7
“sudden” (race chart said “collapsed”)

Credit Ready, August 20, Laurel, race 7

Lisa’s Premier, August 26, Timonium, race 10

Angel’s Gabriel, August 30, Laurel, training

Cuban Argument, September 1, Timonium, race 1

Behind the Times, September 1, Timonium, race 1
(42nd race, in final six finishes averaged 23 lengths back; trainer/owner, David Shorts)

Inspired Flight, September 2, Laurel, training
(coming off back-to-back last-place finishes, combined 39 lengths back; trainer/owner, Phil Schoenthal)

Niigon Express, September 8, Laurel, race 9

Regal Note, September 15, Laurel, race 5
(second race; first race: last, 20 lengths back)

Gloria Patri, September 16, Laurel, race 1

Seventy Niner, September 22, Laurel, race 4

Texarkana Rose, October 3, Laurel, training

Wicked Heat, October 20, Laurel, race 3

Jerandson, October 21, Laurel, race 10

Broad Surprise, October 29, Laurel, race 5

Bistro, October 30, Laurel, race 2

Leather Goods, November 3, Laurel, race 5 (euthanized November 19)

Lay Down the Law, November 24, Pimlico, training

Eyesfirst, December 4, Laurel, race 3

Sunset Arch, December 10, Laurel, training

Sippy Cup, December 15, Laurel, race 4

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on Maryland tracks in 2016:

Tsonga, January 1, Laurel 3, “ankle”
Cusabo, January 2, Pimlico training, “condyle”
Minor Heir, January 3, Laurel 2, “sesamoid”
Whiskey Rock (sic perhaps), January 13, Laurel training, “condyle”
Half Wed, January 29, Laurel 4, “sesamoid”
Rock Me Gently, February 12, Laurel 5, “leg”
Carved in Stone, March 4, Laurel training, “leg”
Tiz Stormy, March 7, Laurel training, “pelvis”
Consistency, March 12, Laurel training, “ankle”
Personal Property, March 13, Laurel 9, “slab”
Bruno and Me, March 14, Laurel training, “collapsed”
Automagically, March 26, Laurel 2, “collapsed”
Splitter, April 10, Laurel 5, “condyle”
Heather’s Rose, April 17, Laurel 9, “collapsed”
Air Squadron, May 6, Laurel 6, “sesamoid”
Salsalito, May 7, Laurel 1, “condyle”
Homeboykris, May 21, Pimlico 1, “collapsed”
Pramedya, May 21, Pimlico 4, “ankle”
Out With the Blues, May 28, Pimlico 3, “knee”
Jolity, June 16, Pimlico 7, “slab”
I.E. Flash, August 14, Laurel 2, “ankle”
Daniel Did It, August 26, Timonium 2, “sesamoid”
Bustin to Win, August 26, Timonium 3, “shoulder”
Dannhauser, September 24, Laurel 10, “compound”
Boston Strong, October 14, Laurel 3 (euthanized November 12), “leg”
Cats Serenade, October 16, Laurel 9, “sesamoid”
Pauline’s Pride, October 26, Laurel training, “collapsed”
Bluegrass Lady, October 30, Laurel 3, “pelvis”
U.S.S. Boxer, November 6, Laurel 7, “sesamoid”
Don Jules, November 9, Pimlico training, “ankle”
Arrogant Officer, November 13, Laurel 9 (euthanized November 14), “suspensory”
Maybe Tonight, December 8, Pimlico training, “sesamoid”
Seeking the Sherif, December 20, Laurel training, “ankle”
Tactical Hero, December 23, Laurel 2, “condyle”
Beware the Fury, December 23, Laurel 7, “fetlock”
Just Jack, December 31, Laurel 5, “collapsed”


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