Why Wasn’t This Poor Girl Euthanized on the Track?

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks last year. Please note: Maryland provides the most detail in the nation. Therefore, I will post in installments so that each of these deaths can be fully appreciated (previous ones can be found here).

Thats My Dude, Aug 14, Pimlico S
“Approximately six months ago, trainer Kieron Magee noticed the horse had trouble breathing after breezing. Trainer ran the horse one time and decided to rest [him] at the farm. Horse did not improve and decision was made to have tie-back surgery. After surgery, the horse did improve, however this was temporary, and the horse’s health declined. Severe bilateral bronchopneumonia with abscessation – euthanized.”
TMD was four years old. His last race was two weeks prior to dying: last, 31 lengths back.

Sunny Spirit, Nov 12, Laurel R
“Horse pulled up lame. When loaded onto the van, [she] became unstable with significant swelling…euthanized in the van. [Multiple] complete, comminuted pelvic fractures with abundant hemorrhage.”

Dr. Daniel (commission vet): “Sunny Spirit was racing in her very first race with high hopes for her future from the trainer. Near the 1/4 pole, the rider felt that she wasn’t giving any effort and essentially pulled herself up. Upon my arrival, [she] appeared neurologic in both her rear limbs. While riding to the barn, [she] became more unstable and uncomfortable. The decision was made to euthanize on the ambulance to end her suffering quickly. The fractures of Sunny Spirit’s pelvis were catastrophic.”
And yet they didn’t euthanize this poor girl, just two years old, out on the track?

Gemmy Be Good, Nov 13, Laurel T
“Filly pulled up quickly at the finish and was knuckling on both hind limbs. [She] was neurologic and had crepitus near her right hip. [Multiple] complete, comminuted pelvic fractures – right side shattered into multiple large pieces. Euthanized on track.”
Gemmy Be Good, below, was two years old and being prepped for her debut.

Noble Home, Nov 17, Laurel T
“Horse was injured at 1/4 pole: shattered LF pastern; severe ligament, tendon, and cartilage damage – euthanized on track.”
Noble Home, like Gemmy, was two and being prepped for his debut.

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  1. 😥—- After spending my life, ~(i.e., as a retired 35-year Career R.N., having worked as a U.S. Air Force Nurse Corps nurse and in three States, total)~ always trying to “Do No Harm,” and only trying to provide competent/compassionate care to my patients, ………… for the life of me ………… I cannot understand ………… the “MINDSET” of Racing Commission Veterinarians who are performing these (often extremely thorough!) Equine Autopsies.

    If these poor horses were HUMAN instead of EQUINE, the torture ………… [i.e., which these wonderful/warm-blooded FELLOW MAMMALS of ours were found, on autopsy, to have suffered, time-and-time-and-time-and-time again!] ………… would, in my opinion, elicit SOME sort collective outrage from most “ethical” HUMAN Healthcare Practitioners.

    I think most folks would say that both Human Healthcare Practitioners -and- Equine Healthcare Practitioners have at least one thing in common, and that would be ………… a very solid/strong “Ethical Base” from which to work from & care for their respective ~ill/injured/suffering~ patients, either human or equine.

    I personally fail to see any “Ethical Base” in Racing Commission Veterinarians, [particularly in those who perform Equine Autopsies!] ………… who. remain. silent. ………… about the undeniable/documented torture, i.e., that’s part-and-parcel of their Life’s WORK.

  2. The misery frozen on the faces of these horses from their final moments of agony is heart-breaking.

  3. More horrendous injuries and treacherous killings of horses from the Maryland meat grinder racetrack of horrors; I can’t help but think that the veterinarians are proud of what they do for the Maryland Racing Commission… 🤬🤮

  4. What???? The $455 Million State-backed bond loan proposal passed in the NYS Legislature???? “…at no cost to the taxpayers.”
    That seals the deal on the approximately $230 Million in Video Lottery Terminal payments and all government subsidies and government-directed benefits including tax write-offs and tax exemptions to horseracing in New York. This is horrible!

  5. How fair is it To race horses to thier Death Also with the amount of
    Accidents They have ? They are not Toys to be played with Myselfe ,family & friends Think its shocking to do this to any horse , Also the hights of some of the fences are far to high for the poor hores to jump causeing more accidents

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