“[She] was a beautiful filly with a tragic end.”

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks last year. Please note: Maryland provides the most detail in the nation. Therefore, I will post in installments so that each of these deaths can be fully appreciated (previous ones can be found here).

Last Chapter, Jun 23, Pimlico T (euth Jul 14)
“Horse had been on stall rest since returning lame from last work. Horse was found with complete, comminuted, displaced tibial fracture in the stall. Euthanized.”
Last Chapter was three years old and being prepped for his first race.

Stone Courageous, Nov 5, Laurel T
“Broke down during morning training: [multiple] fractures, hemorrhage, joint and ligament damage.” Also: “marked-severe degenerative joint disease [all four limbs].”

Dr. Daniel (commission vet): “With the degree of joint disease present as outlined by the necropsy…Stone Courageous was going to be a breakdown possibility at any time.” Stone Courageous was five years old.

Wherestheparty, Nov 18, Laurel S
“Filly did not train this morning due to a knee wound. Vet called around 11 am because filly was bleeding from the nose. Vet went to her truck; when she returned, the filly had died. Cause: diffuse hemorrhage in throatlatch region.” Also: “stomach ulcers.”

Dr. Daniel: “Wherestheparty was a beautiful filly with a tragic end that we will never really know how it happened. Based on necropsy, there was a trauma of unknown extent and cause to her throatlatch area.” Dr. Daniel then added this: “It is notable that this filly had no joint disease present.”
Imagine that, it’s “notable” that a two-year-old died without joint disease.

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  1. How can these so-called veterinarians keep their license? Instead of doing no harm, their motto is to do harm, cause harm, kill horses like there’s no tomorrow. This inhumane treatment of horses must be punishable instead of subsidized. This insane cruelty to horses must be stopped!!!!

  2. Considering the known – and unknown – horror this woman has seen and participated in, her words are as hollow and meaningless as her oath to “do no harm”.

  3. The “vet” comes across as completely oblivious to the pain and suffering of the horses and completely oblivious that she’s doing anything wrong. You know it’s very upsetting and I can’t even put it in words, not on this blog anyway.
    It sounds like somebody killed the horse on purpose, the two-year-old filly named WHERESTHEPARTY (Nov.18, Stall death) that was bleeding from the nose and the throat and had an injured knee. It’s like there was an agreement between her and the trainer, “Okay, you kill the horse and I’ll just turn my back while you go ahead and kill the horse and then I’ll pretend we don’t know what happened or have a clue what happened. Okay?” “Okay.” That’s what it was like by reading the vomit-worthy remarks made by the so-called vet. It shall forever remain “a big mystery” because of the filthy, vile, vomit-worthy morons in Horseracing.

  4. I know a couple of equine veterinarians who were going to try and help the racehorses and make a change. One worked for a famous trainer and when she told him the horse needed to rest, he sacked her on the spot. Another was appalled with what he saw, couldn’t change the culture of the racing vets and left in disgust. The great majority of vets in the racing industry are a certain type and simply wouldn’t last as vets outside of racing.

  5. Again, I have to say the only way to end all these abuses to the poor horses is to finally end the racket of horseracing.

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