“Ankle on the ground, bandage holding it together” – Five More Maryland Kills

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks thus far this year:

Doit for Spite, Apr 17, Laurel T – “condylar fracture…euthanized on the track”

Citi Party, May 5, Laurel R – “ankle on the ground, bandage holding it together – fractures, fetlock capsule ruptured, ligaments ruptured”
In addition: “fetlock: degenerative joint disease; stomach: chronic ulcers – stress”

Seeking the Sunset, May 17, Pimlico R – “vanned off, later collapse[d] in his stall – multiple pelvic fractures with severe acute hemorrhage”
In addition: “degenerative joint disease in fetlocks”

Salutelute, May 23, Pimlico R – “[multiple] displaced fractures”

Hero’s Welcome, Jun 15, Laurel R – “both sesamoids fractured”

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  1. Let’s face it…this world would be a hell of a lot better if some humans didn’t exist. Guess they sold their souls a long time ago…they say they love horses, but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t treat even one horse in such a despicable way, a person with half a heart and soul cannot sit back and watch the destruction of these beautiful animals.
    Thanks, again, Patrick for all you do to report your findings to us, hopefully this disgraceful ‘sport’ will end (the sooner the better.

    • This whole thing Never ceases to amaze me…Legs Snapped off,with bandages on them.Snapped Off…are you F’n kidding Me? Money is the root of all evil.

  2. This VILE business continues because of the VILE people who support the ongoing massive suffering, maimimg, and/or killing of racehorses.
    Are we, the people, going to permit this to continue?
    I say – NO FUCKING WAY.
    We need to pull together, get the ballot out in California next year, and shut this public butcher show down!!
    California’s a start.
    At least it will be less racehorses suffering and dying.
    We can tackle the rest just like the Grey2K did.
    This dying, with total impunity, has no place in the 21st century – NONE.
    It should have been shut down years ago and our politicians should STOP financially supporting it instead of supporting our communities with the BILLIONS in casino profits.

  3. I am completely at a loss as to why the myriad of animal welfare groups in America will not contest the racing industry. There are even American groups that reach out to other countries to try to stop animal abuse, and their accounts of abuse are every bit as vile and disgusting as what happens on the tracks on a daily basis. Is it just because it is called a “sport” and therefore deemed acceptable? It isn’t as if what happens to these horses is done behind closed barn doors – their legs snap off in front of thousands of people for shit’s sake!!
    We need to seriously start questioning these at-home animal groups that are always asking for our money and demand to know why the biggest nationwide animal cruelty ring is not only government funded, but ignored and even endorsed by groups claiming to be against the suffering of animals.

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