“Mare Vocalized Then Collapsed…She Expired Shortly After”

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019 (previous ones here.) Please note that in the wake of Santa Anita, Maryland began releasing much more detail. Because those details – and the words of the vets – are so powerful (and damning), I will post these in installments so as to give each death its proper due. Please share.

Aikenetta, Nov 21, Laurel R
“sudden death after race – suspect cardiac; fetlock and right elbow joints: chronic traumatic osteoarthropathy; stomach: chronic squamous ulcers; lungs: multifocal interstitial hemosiderophages – indicative of prior hemorrhage”

Dr. Daniel: “Aikenetta…had mild changes to her shins which had been fired. She had joint capsule hypertrophy of both ankles with moderated decreased range of motion.”

Dr. Sacksen: “Observed mare performing poorly in stretch. Mare vocalized and then collapsed in front of winners circle. On reaching her she was recumbent, mucus membranes were extremely pale/white. She expired shortly after.”

Aikenetta was just five years old.

Bo Vuk, Nov 28, Laurel R
“sesamoid bone has a complete, displaced fracture; intersesamoidean ligament is completely torn; suspensory ligament [has] a longitudinal tear extending from the lateral branch proximally into the distal body; deep digital flexor tendon and superficial digital flexor tendon are frayed and hemorrhagic; palmar annular ligament…torn and hemorrhagic; cartilage loss”

Dr. Daniel: “I have examined Bo Vuk many times in the last few years. He had a thickened distal suspensory of his RF leg. Bo Vuk was closely examined in the post-parade. He was flagged as a horse of concern due to the suspensory ligament. He was sound and the rider had no complaint. Bo Vuk was in the turn near the 1/4 pole when he suddenly pulled up. When I got to him, his RF ankle had suffered a fracture/dislocation and both sesamoid bones were fractured. There was also substantial soft tissue damage. Bo Vuk was humanely euthanized on the racetrack.”

Dr. Walsh: “I flagged the horse on pre-race exam. There was no response to palpation or any indication that this injury would be a problem. When I mentioned to Dr. Daniel, she stated this was an old healed injury that the horse had been running well with.”

Super Annapola, Dec 8, Laurel R (euthanized Dec 11)
“3rd carpal bone fracture…euthanized her because they didn’t want to do surgery”

Dr. Dilodovico: “The filly had a history of a right knee issue on previous exams.”

Super Annapola was four years old and had five previous races; in those, she finished a combined 96 lengths back. “Right knee issue.”


  1. Dr. Daniel- you sound like an incompetent vet, and you failed multiple horses here, causing their deaths, essentially directly, because of your failure to ensure their health and well- being. If I did my job and failed my career this blatantly – I would no longer have a job.
    But I have to say- I have noticed that many state vets are commonly sub-par.

  2. Nice writing, PB. Thank you. I wonder if the veterinarians got wind of you and this log they might pick it up a bit.

  3. Veterinarians? Please! These blood suckers are no more qualified vets than the guy who works on my car. I especially like the subtle element of shock: ” enlarged this, and scarred that, old injuries to multiple areas of the (insert body part) but horse could still drag himself out to the track so was given the okey-dokey to run. Then gosh darn, the horse suffered a catastrophic injury and died. Who would have thought?”
    And then jockey Mike Smith was given an eight day ban for whip use in the Saudi Cup. I suppose he got ” caught up in the moment” like the rest of those sadistic little pricks. This industry is seven layers of f****ed up.

    • This “sport” is not much longer for this world,due to financial obstacles. Tough times are coming,believe it,might make 2008 seem like child’s play.

    • And the same Mike Smith beat the heck out of Zenyatta when she lost to Blame – and it was poor judgement on his part in both races. So in this business, when you misjudge your move you beat up on the horse – some sport – some sportsmanship.

    • Rebecca. PLUS he is having 60% of the massive prize money taken back. On the PR the comment section proves very interesting in regards to whip usage during races.
      I was actually surprised at most of the opinions

  4. Super Annapola ” had a rt. knee issue on previous exams”. That, and the fact she finished 20 lengths back, on average, in her previous 5 races, brings up the question of why she was cleared to race again, and again. Evidently, her connections were given the “green light” to run her until she sustained the fracture that ended her life at 4 yrs. old. Obviously, her “loving” connections did not give a damn about her safety, but even worse, the veterinarians, failed this filly, too. ( Of note, it does not say the fracture was on the right)
    Further, a knee “issue” is NOT a diagnosis. Was the knee x rayed – was it even recommended ? She should have been on the vet’s list, at the very least….
    Clearly, something is very wrong here.

  5. Animal abusers exploiting horses for MONEY and covering up every angle so that the “paying public” don’t find you out!. You are as bad as any individual who beats, whips, kicks, drugs and exploits an animal for your own greedy gain.
    You are being found out, we are aware of the murky underbelly of your dubious business and we aren’t having any of it!
    Seriously, give it up cos we are not buying it!
    This is abuse, neglect and murder!

  6. Again these twats in Maryland, these incompetent cretins! I seriously thought the only job you can hold while being consistently wrong was a meteorologist. Wrong!! At least getting the weather wrong doesn’t kill.
    These imbecils who call themselves vets should have their legs “kinda” broken and whipped to run… faster and faster cause they should be ok, right?? Unfathomable display of unprofessionalism and lack of care and empathy for their patients. I continue to be flabbergasted at how these excrements even hold a license let alone be permitted to practice and constantly KILL with ZERO consequences.
    “Mare VOCALIZED”??? Yes, imbecile…she vocalized before you killed her off. She vocalized because she was in unimaginable pain and she was scared. She vocalized maybe asking for help but who gave a F**K? You and her “loving” connections broke her unimaginably given all her prior conditions. You KILLED HER and knew full well what you were doing. I am sorry… “she expired”??? What kind of a cretin says that about a living being?? Your milk expires you dumb f**k, NOT a beautiful horse.
    The abuse of these gorgeous horses at the hands of these butchers is simply mind blowing.
    You all deserve what’s coming to you, you pieces of crap!

  7. Making a living by ABUSE,EXPLOITATION, of Innocents,is well,…fucking sick. Go get a REAL job.

  8. These vets, in supporting the torture upon these poor horses I can’t help but think of Dr. Mengele…

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