Maryland: “The stomach ulcer with bleeding was severe, and I suspect it affected his performance.”

Through a FOIA request to the Maryland Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year.

Lady Macho, Mar 18, Laurel R
“The horse fell to the track and [another horse] collided with [her]: shattered pastern, multiple lacerations, profuse arterial bleeding, euthanized on the track.” Also: “degenerative joint disease [three limbs].”

Lady Macho was six years old.

Hello Jamrock, Apr 2, Laurel R (euth Apr 11)
“Horse was very fractious in the gate and hit her hind end; developed an infection/cellulitis in RH; subsequently developed laminitis in LH – euthanized.” Also: “previous surgery on both [emphasis mine] knees in Mar 2022.”

Hello Jamrock was just three years old.

We Call Him Clyde, Apr 8, Laurel T
“Jockey noticed something was wrong and pulled up: comminuted [many pieces] pastern fracture.” Also: “severe bleeding stomach ulcer; post-mortem rat predation on the face.”

Pathologist: “The stomach ulcer with bleeding was severe, and I suspect it affected his performance and wonder if he could have been anemic.”

We Call Him Clyde was just three years old.

Witty Banter, Apr 18, Laurel T
“Around the 3/4 pole the rider heard a loud pop: multiple fractures.” Also: “degenerative joint disease in all four fetlocks.”

Witty Banter had turned seven that very day.

Havnameltdown, May 20, Pimlico R
“The horse was injured at 3/8 pole and then ran loose: open, disarticulated fetlock; comminuted sesamoid fracture; severe tendon damage.” Also: “degenerative joint disease [all four limbs] – severe [in leg that broke]; large nematodes scattered throughout the intestine, approximating up to 20 worms total; stomach ulcers.”

Dr. Daniel (commission vet): “Havnameltdown tragically broke down and ran loose, which most likely worsened the injury…. When all vets reached the colt, it was obvious that the only humane option was to euthanize immediately.”

Havnameltdown (below) was just three years old.

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  1. Just goes to show you how WELL TAKEN CARE OF these people in charge handle the wellbeing of these horses. And please note one of the golden boys of horseracing was trainer of one shown above. This absolutely 💯 sickening.

  2. Way to take care of your horse, Bob Baffert! Oh wait, that’s right, you’re the one that was watching him break down and said “oh damn”, like, “gee what a bummer”. You would think with all your money, as well as your owner’s money, you could at least WORM your high priced horses?!
    And, folks, if this is the care the high-priced horses receive in the high-priced barns, what can we expect of the low-level claimers??

  3. Marie, later in the day, he didn’t even remember the horses name when questioned by the interviewers.

  4. As an individual who has empathy for the horses and the horrendous abuse and neglect that they are forced to endure by their human connections as well as all other human participants, can you imagine being forced to be there like a fly on the wall and see the abuse and the neglect happening first-hand and not be able to stop it? It’s torture to read about what these horses are forced to endure and not be able to put a stop to it immediately.


  5. I certainly would like to be able to stop these abusers from torturing and killing these poor horses. These greedy abusers allow the horses to be whipped. They allow the horses to work too hard while they are very ill with worms and degenerative diseases of the joints as well as injured tendons. The owners of these horses are very cruel people!

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