To those who profit from, bet on, watch, or otherwise support horseracing, the burden falls to defend/explain the following list.

Some of the horses killed at U.S. tracks in 2019, in the words of the industry itself. Please note: I have not included California and Maryland deaths, as those states provided the most (gruesome) detail and merit stand-alone views: Cal; Maryland.

(all italics added by me) (R: Racing; T: Training; S: Stall)

Mr First Regard, Jan 4, Sunland R
internal bleeding – euthanized on track

The Pokester, Jan 7, Northfield R
broke front right leg – complete

Heza Wild Dragon, Jan 11, Sunland R
dead upon arrival

Get Into Mischief, Jan 12, Gulfstream T
heart attack” (two years old)

Flying Kolors, Jan 12, Sunland R
cardiovascular [and] fractured knee…died on track

Raise the Mast, Jan 15, Charles Town S
broken back

I’lbeamonkeysuncle, Jan 15, Portland R
sudden death – vessel ruptures in lungs

Ucanalwaysbebetter, Jan 23, Keeneland T
cannon fracture – bone embedded in tendons and ligament

Tripwire, Jan 26, Gulfstream R
collapsed fatally

Euro Zing, Jan 26, Turfway T
broke both front shoulders

Jubilance, Jan 27, Turf S
spinal cord trauma

Hawaiian Appeal, Jan 31, Delta R
post exertional distress, sudden death

Aeromosa, Feb 10, Tampa Bay R
sudden death” (three years old)

Queen Jeanne, Feb 22, Turfway R
[multiple] fractures; [multiple] torn veins; soft tissue damage is extensive

For Pops, Feb 26, Belmont T
collapsed and died

Ibetyoucanwiggle, Mar 9, Northfield R
acute collapse, heart stopped, agonal breaths, died within three mins

Mighty Zealous, Mar 10, Belmont S
severe respiratory distress…euthanized

Midnight Retreat, Mar 15, Emerald S
gastric rupture

Ghost Speaker, Mar 19, Retama T
sudden death on track” (two years old)

Hazel Anne, Mar 22, Hawthorne S
ruptured femoral artery – bled to death

Liberty Valance, Mar 25, Mahoning R
slab fractures [both front] knees

Miss Mimosa, Mar 28, Belmont T
cardiovascular collapse” (three years old)

Smart Daddy, Mar 28, Hawthorne T
complete fracture of neck

Tell It Ina Melody, Mar 28, Turfway R
[multiple] fractures; [torn] artery and vein

Notcho Daddy, Apr 5, Tampa Bay R
collapse, cardiac episode” (two years old)

Myrtle’s Boy, Apr 6, Hawthorne T
rider reported hearing a bone break – fracture[d] neck

Cathedral Reader, Apr 6, Keeneland R
[multiple] torn tendons and ligaments; ruptured suspensory

Kimyun, Apr 6, Remington R
paralyzed hind, unable to rise after race

yet-to-be-named filly, Apr 7, Lone Star
pneumonia/colitis/renal failure

Mandel, Apr 10, Keeneland R
[multiple] fractures; the following soft tissues were torn or ruptured: palmar annular ligament, suspensory ligament, sesamoidian ligaments, [multiple] tendons

Atomic Sealster, Apr 11, Tioga T
fell over…subsequently stopped breathing

Wiwi Celebration, Apr 13, Tampa Bay R
fracture; severed/ruptured ligament

Hoped For, Apr 18, Keeneland T
fractures; tearing of digital artery and vein

Amandine, Apr 19, Keeneland R
[multiple] displaced fractures; soft tissue damage is significant

Atlantic Slew, Apr 20, Fonner R
bled out [after falling]

Shut the Gate, Apr 22, Will Rogers R
head trauma

Amos P, Apr 26, Charles Town S
head trauma

Andariego, Apr 29, Remington R
fell, neck fracture

Wire Me a Valentine, May 4, Remington R
fractured both [back legs], pelvis

Rg I Hop Fast, May 4, Remington R
thrashed and collapsed in starting gate

Allie’s Aflirt, May 11, Fairmount R
flipped, hit head prior to race – horse died

Prue, May 15, Arlington T
horse dropped dead training

Rare Escape, May 16, Remington R
head trauma

Shanghai Billy, May 20, Emerald T
ligament rupture

Laser Lynn, May 21, Mountaineer R
collapsed – sudden death” (three years old)

Golden Julia, May 25, Saratoga T
pelvic injury, acute blood loss

Game Lad, May 27, Delaware R
acute catastrophic rupture of ligaments

Super Bound, May 27, Prairie R
crashed into gates

Iza Secret, May 27, Remington R
collapsed, tried to get up, no control of hind limbs

Mercusio, May 29, Delaware T
collapsed – sudden death” (three years old)

Beau Dan, May 30, Belterra R
fell at 3/16 pole – open, compound, disarticulated fracture

Irish Miss, May 31, Belterra R
horse bucked, kicked, and exhibited bunny hopping; upon stopping, her hind legs collapsed – suspect pelvic fracture, spinal cord trauma” (her first race)

Heaven Rocks, Jun 1, Buffalo R
in distress, collapsed

Coronas Al Jaguar, Jun 2, Sunray R
pulmonary hemorrhage collapse, sudden death

Glenwheresmymoney, Jun 7, Emerald R
pulmonary hemorrhage

I Miss Jumbo, Jun 9, Thistledown T
broken pelvis

[name redacted by Commission], Jun 13, Churchill S
skull fracture, spontaneous hemorrhage from both nostrils

High Beam, Jun 13, Churchill R
pulled up with severe ataxia and white mucous membranes; horse collapsed and died within few minutes – massive pulmonary hemorrhage

Spicey Corona, Jun 15, Delta R
neurologic, paresis/paralysis

Firm, Jun 15, Monmouth R
collapse on track post-race” (three years old)

Easy Livin, Jun 15, Monticello T
collapsed on track and died

Senator Tequila, Jun 16, Ruidoso T
broke back

Bless His Heart, Jun 20, Churchill T
rupture with tearing

Secret Agent Girl, Jun 22, Albuquerque T
collapsed on racetrack, sudden death

Pomera, Jun 23, Belterra R
rupture of sesamoidean apparatus and complete dislocation of fetlock joint

Doc Brown, Jun 23, Emerald T
fractures both front legs

After Jody, Jun 27, Delaware R
[multiple] catastrophic fractures

Tomy, Jun 29, Albuquerque T
collision with [another] horse

Will Call, Jun 29, Churchill R
horse collapsed and died – massive hemorrhage [in] thorax and abdomen; extensive hemorrhage [in] spine, neck, and hip

Ap Bear Lake, Jun 29, Energy R
dislocated ankle, euthanized on track

Machine Learning, Jul 4, Monmouth R
[multiple fractures with] avulsion

Watyurname, Jul 6, Ruidoso R
fractured shoulder; severe hemorrhage

Dash For The Cash, Jul 9, Monticello R
died following 2nd place win

Fight Night, Jul 12, Saratoga R
fell heavily after the wire…euthanized on track

Montezuma Ridge, Jul 13, Arapahoe S
found dead in stall with trauma” (two years old)

Jess Moonflash, Jul 14, Ruidoso R
compound fracture both front fetlocks

Fabulous Prince, Jul 15, Finger Lakes R
skull fracture

Overlord, Jul 15, Saratoga S
colonic rupture

Luckycuba, Jul 19, Delaware S
found dead with blood and foam at the nostrils

Maximum Volume, Jul 19, Prairie R
sudden death” (three years old)

High Profit, Jul 21, Arizona Downs T
head [and] spine trauma

Racy Opinion, Jul 21, Emerald R
fractured spine

Carolina Reaper, Jul 23, Mountaineer R
fell, died

Colonel Lewis, Jul 24, Thistledown R
horse dislocated ankle – open, degloved

Squeeze My Corona, Jul 27, Retama R
spinal cord fracture

Misspent Youth, Jul 27, Saratoga T
cardiovascular collapse

Sir Navigator, Aug 4, Ellis R
horse finished race, collapsed and died

Purple Flowers, Aug 15, Belterra R
complete dislocation of fetlock joint

Anything, Aug 17, Belterra R
bone fractured into multiple pieces

It’s Flashy, Aug 17, Finger Lakes T
expired after breezing

Dna Dales Cece, Aug 24, Indiana R
fractured both front ankles

Royal Inheritance, Sep 6, Belmont T
collapsed and died

Four Times Lucky, Sep 6, Harney Fair R
internal bleed

Facunda, Sep 6, Retama R
spinal cord fracture

Brave Spirited, Sep 7, Charles Town R
sudden death, pulmonary hemorrhage

Believein, Sep 13, Churchill T
[multiple] fractures; severe soft tissue damage

Tapalot, Sep 14, Emerald R
fractures both front legs

Smarter Yet, Sep 14, Northville R
cardiovascular collapse warming up for a race

Burnout B, Sep 15, Will Rogers R
fractured skull [and] spine

ShezSugarSweet A, Sep 19, Plainridge R
collapsed and died instantly, no definitive cause found

B P Rocket, Sep 20, Keeneland T
shoulder fracture; [torn] tissues; extensive gastric ulcers” (three years old)

Queen Elsa, Sep 23, Saratoga Harness S
found deceased in stall

Southern Slugger, Sep 26, Indiana S
acute gastric rupture

Noontime Salsa, Sep 28, Delaware T
exercise-associated sudden death” (three years old)

Iana, Oct 3, Charles Town R
leg shattered

Elverson, Oct 3, Charles Town R
neck and head fractures

Stella d’Oro, Oct 4, Keeneland R
multiple fractures; massive soft tissue damage

Go Oshie Go, Oct 12, Hawthorne R
dropped dead on track

Indy’s Quick Image, Oct 13, Delaware S
found dead – acute brain hemorrhage

Call to Victory, Oct 20, Keeneland R
[multiple] open fractures; extensive soft tissue damage; extensive ulceration of stomach” (three years old)

Maggie Pie, Oct 24, Remington R
fell hard on neck – deceased in stall next day

The Keeper, Nov 2, Keeneland T
open fractures – fragments missing, large fragment embedded in ligament

Grand Peak, Nov 3, Will Rogers R
fractured skull [and] spine

Bv Tempted, Nov 8, Will Rogers R
fractured [both] front limbs

Fm Dynasty Rock, Nov 9, Lone Star R
facial/nasal fractures – massive blood loss

Tico’s Premed, Nov 11, Zia R
collapsed post race, died” (three years old)

Coronas Dashin Injun, Nov 16, Zia R
broken back

Rancers Dancer, Nov 17, Zia R
broke leg above knee, died [not euthanized] in place

Goneonamission, Nov 24, Belmont S
found deceased with apparent head injury

Tigers Rule, Nov 24, Churchill R
[multiple] fractures with tearing of artery and vein

Too Deadly, Nov 26, Evangeline R
skull [and] spine fractures

Elegant Bay, Nov 30, Churchill R
multiple fractures; soft tissue damage is severe

Fast Steppin, Dec 6, Zia T
shattered pastern

Sierra Steel, Dec 7, Turf R
fractured pelvis

Bright Diamond N, Dec 14, Yonkers R
fell over, died on racetrack

Thecaptainnshawneel, Dec 20, Sunland T
broken back

Warminister A, Dec 28, Freehold R
sudden death, cause unknown

Olly Wonder, Dec 31, Turfway R
severe tearing of tendons and ligaments

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  1. Innocent horses dying every day.
    Just look at this list.
    Defend this, horseracing industry!

  2. This brutality against horses must be stopped! This sadistic abuse of horses is criminal! There is no defense of this barbaric cruelty to horses that is honest. There is no honest person of sound mind that could or would defend this inhumane and willful abuse and torture of horses. This dark, evil side of horse racing is not what the racing industry as a whole wants the gullible public to see. Wise up, stand up and do something to stop this filthy, ugly carnage!

  3. This horror show is a brutal blood bath full of parasites and this list proves it yet again.
    Then this: “Much as it pains me, it’s the right thing to do,” said Aidan Butler, executive director of California racing for The Stronach Group. “I don’t want to be in the position to where the horsemen are left hanging. They need to know what they’re pointed toward.”
    This is the official comment coming from The Stronach Group who owns the death track Santa Anita on having to delay the start of their race meet.
    I’m sure it really pains all of you racehorse killers yet, it doesn’t “pain you” to know that you are facilitating racehorses suffering and dying on a daily basis?
    Press release after press release, and let’s not forget about Belinda Stronach’s aggresive “safety reforms” – what happened to that?
    I guess it got forgotten when Mongolian Groom snapped a leg-off and crumbled to the dirt right?
    No less than 7 vets on the grounds observing this obviously lame racehorse in the morning and reviews of all of their PP’s yet MG was permitted to run?
    If it “pains you” so much than shut your bloody killing ring down.
    Furthermore, TSG is so concerned about the horseman “left hanging?”
    The only thing left hanging is the shattered bones of racehorses dropping dead on your killing ring because you insist on making millions in profit off their lives and those horseman that supposedly care so much? – laughable.

    • It is so deplorable and despicable that all of these racing industry people really care about is their own selfish desires and lust for “fame” and “fortune” at the expense of the health, safety and well-being of these beautiful horses. I can’t wait until the government subsidies to this evil industry are terminated. It’s past the time for these degenerate human beings to get jobs and do work that contributes to the betterment of all life instead of sucking the life out of horses!!!!!

      • Wanda, I’m a TOTAL believer in…..judge a society by how it treats animals. To me being the ultimate animal lover, well let’s just say mine are ALL spoiled rotten. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Animals have pure hearts. We MUST be THEIR voice.

  4. Look at this PARTIAL list, racing industry supporters, and tell us with a straight face that COVID-19 isn’t the best thing to come along for helping all of you to hide these horrors. You had no way to keep industry outsiders from documenting and disseminating stories and images of these disgusting, disturbing, daily events. Until…Voila! Pandemic restrictions save the day. Now, y’all have only “authorized” witnesses to this horror show. And, let’s face it: THEY are certainly not eager to incriminate themselves in this horse-killing fiasco.
    So, congratulations, track officials, regulators, and everyone else in this sick game. And, all hail Coronavirus for keeping your blood sport sputtering along for another year.

  5. Every race horse is ” checked ” by vets before every race to make sure that they have no health issues. Either these horses suddenly developed these deadly issues by magic or these vets are incompetent worthless trash who care only about the money. Geee, I wonder which is the truth ?

      • Yes, the horses are quote: checked by a track vet. It’s a mere formality. The pre-race “check” consists of a naked-eye look by a track vet as the horse walks by and that is basically it, to the best of my knowledge. I think the racing industry has a totally different concept of this pre-race “exam or check” than what most people would think that it should be.
        What is and what should be are two totally different things.

      • For many years it’s always been mandatory that horses that run at thoroughbred tracks must be checked by a vet AND be completely sound in order to race. Apparently that’s no longer being done regularly OR competently.

    • The vets cast an eye over each horse during the pre-race parade in the saddling enclosure (here in Australia) and this is regarded as a veterinary check before the horse goes out onto the track to race. I’ve witnessed horses appearing lame, appearing distressed and carrying pre-existing injuries and the vets pass the horses fit to race. I once saw a vet pass a horse to race when clearly the animal had an issue. I questioned this vet after the race (the horse pulled up with a health issue) because I knew that he was the private vet for that stable and here he was employed by the racing authority on race day – this is not unusual. Conflict of interest it most certainly is. And I’ve also come across racehorse vets who are part owners of racehorses.

      • I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of vets are nothing but corrupt idiots. I’ve dealt with them dealing with cats and dogs and I’ve found them to be incompetent. Now, however it appears that this ENTIRE profession is corrupt.

    • Here in Ohio, the vet watches the horse walk in the paddock and, if there is no visible issue, the horse is cleared to race. That’s it. That is the vet check of which you speak.

      • Judging by all the responses here about vets NOT doing their job, this appears to be one of the MAJOR reasons why this sport is over run with horse deaths on a daily basis. They are corrupt ! On the other hand, with all these NEVER ENDING injuries and deaths, why doesn’t this industry DEMAND that breeders start cross breeding their stock with different breeds that are STRONGER and HEALTHIER ! The average racehorse has NARROW DELICATE legs. Their legs appear to be the main cause of MOST deaths. Why isn’t this issue addressed by racing associations ? I honestly do not believe that the average gambler would mind or even care if the horse they are betting on is heavier then the typical thin legged thoroughbred. Gamblers are only interested in winning. This sport can EASILY become a good sport again if –and only if– there are MAJOR changes.

    • “I’ve dealt with them (vets) dealing with cats and dogs and found them to be incompetent”. Now you sound like the idiot. Eight years of college education, four of those years in medical school, but you know more about medicine than the vet? You realize it’s harder to get into vet school than medical school? You realize that vet students share the same classes as med students for their first two years? You probably know more than your doctor, lawyer, and accountant too. You probably argue with your kid’s pediatrician. The biggest problem in veterinary medicine is idiot clients who think they know better. The greatest danger faced by most pets is their owner. The breeder told me to do this, my neighbor told me to do that. Do you want the vet who graduated last in their class? Probably not any more than you want any professional who did but your comment says way more about you.

  6. J Williams, have you heard that expression about taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque? I enjoyed reading your comments up until you took that s-c-r-e-e-c-h-I-n-g wrong turn. Ooops!

    • What ” wrong turn ” ?? I am just stating that this sport can be improved and made safe. Is there something wrong with SAFE ?

      • Horseracing is cruel and horses suffer in the racing industry. The word SAFE in horseracing is a delusion. Do you honestly believe that racing a 14 year old Thoroughbred is safe just because he didn’t break a leg or collapse?

      • J Williams it’s important to clarify the main issue which often gets missed. The vet/treatment records DON’T FOLLOW THE HORSE!
        It has nothing to do with incompetent vets, but everything to do with the deliberate non-disclosure of records.
        The pre-race vet check is just public wallpaper for the most part to sedate the public into thinking that only good horses are permitted to run. Nothing could be further from the truth as the kill lists clearly show.
        There are 2 categories of vets on the track 1. State 2. Private
        The state vet conducts the approximately 2-minute vet check. They have no clue as to the medical history of any given racehorse. This would be equivalent to running in the dark blindfolded.
        2. Private Vet. They are hired by the Trainer to provide daily “care” of a racehorse from doping (therapeutic or otherwise), to diagnostics (x-rays, CT scans, bloodwork etc). They even administer the Lasix (if that’s what it is) 4 hours prior to competing directly into the jugular vein. These private vets keep their treatment records and chronic issues of any racehorse SECRET and they don’t supply that to the state vet.
        It should be obvious to anybody that a private vet has a financial vested interest in doing whatever it takes to placate the Trainer, Owner to keep that racehorse going and flipping a buck.
        For example, a 10 y.o racehorse with previous fractures that are about to shatter the state vet has no clue as to the medical history of that racehorse or even what the private vet has administered to that racehorse before the vet check to mask lameness issues.
        Any vet in this country who gets a new dog appointment requests the medical records from the previous vet plus they have the owner fill out a questionnaire about the medical history of that dog.
        It’s obvious as to why it’s imperative for vets to know what’s going on.
        Not horse racing.
        They deliberately hide the records because if the state vet or public had knowledge of the medical treatments then their dirty business would be exposed.
        Furthermore, probably about 90% of racehorses would be scratched based on their medical treatment history.
        This business needs to fill races and the wagering coffers and it’s done at the detriment of the racehorse.
        These policies are deliberate and the ongoing daily, abusive business practices are required to keep sore racehorses flipping a buck and if they die?
        So what – they are merely disposable gambling chips.
        It’s systemic racehorse abuse with zippo accountability to anyone or agency.

  7. Horseracing is wrong through and through. It has been predicated on running two year olds since before 1874. That is a crucial violation of true horsemanship. Horses should not be used as gambling chips at all anyway.

    • Regardless of how wrong you think this sport is, face facts that stopping it won’t be easy since it’s basically run by millionaires. Making it SAFER would be much easier to accomplish. The greyhound racing industry was destroyed by PETA and other animal organizations because that sport is run by ” average ‘ every day people. They never had a chance against organized animal rights people. HOWEVER, going against rich horse racing people AND expect to win against them is quite a different story.

      • “[Make] [horseracing] SAFER…” – safER isn’t good enough when there are sentient beings having their lives risked for profits and entertainment purposes.

        This industry can create and implement all the “safety protocols” they want – bring drug use (legal and illegal) to a complete halt – stop racing skeletally immature horses – breed for more bone – license only those who would NEVER cheat nor take additional risks with the horses they use to pay their bills – ensure racehorses live daily lives that best mimic how equines live in the wild (not isolated and confined but rather amongst their own herd) – all that and more (including providing lifelong homes when the horses are no longer racing) could be done and racing will STILL cripple and kill horses simply because speed kills.

        Horses are going to suffer injury and fall ill outside of racing – but horses don’t have to suffer injury and fall ill BECAUSE of the increased risks racing places on them. Racing doesn’t have to exist. It’s unnecessary. We can find entertainment that doesn’t risk an animal’s life.

      • This industry doesn’t want to change and make racing “safer” – that would affect their pocketbooks.

        A pro-racing individual made this comment on an article about a couple of racehorse dopers – quite telling coming from someone who supports this industry;

        “Sorry that you are weary, but the race track is its own microcosm with a unbreakable code of silence like no where else. In saying that, to WHOM and WHERE on ANY Racetrack U.S.A., are the “good ones gonna flip”? Where the “good ones” will be taken seriously and not treated like pariahs and traitors? I have personally witnessed some of these attempts of those ‘trying to do the right thing,’ watching them get treated worse than dirt, called liars, scorned, disdained by management, peers and whoever so badly— they were forced out. It’s ok to name names of the proper people/management/state boards/jurisdictions etc. if you can. The horse racing industry has no desire to catch, expose, punish in any meaningful manner the dopers and cheaters. Doing that would affect their bottom $$$ line. Especially the BIG names. The industry has bigger things to worry about, you know, like wagering handle, stud fees, ridiculously bulked out and surgically corrected sale yearlings and ridiculously fast breezing fractions at 2 yr. old sales. Just so much easier to look the other way. Just keep raking in all the money as fast as they can.”

      • They are sacks of shit, and morally bankrupt. Don’t give that excuse about rich people. I have relatives that make these jokers look like they’ve got nothing. They don’t know the kinda money I’m talking. It’s who you are as a human #MORALITY. Do YOU have morals?….j williams?

      • We do not THINK it is WRONG. we KNOW it’s WRONG. And if you would have read the hundreds if not thousands of Patrick’s posts here you would have known too. There is no such thing as safe-er where this cruel, abusive industry is concerned. Look at all the so called reforms in California. What do they have to show for it?? More deaths NOT less.
        And here is another fact, perhaps the most compelling one. This industry is NOT run by millionaires. Some became millionaires because politicians kept and keep injecting hundreds of millions of $$ into this archaic, shallow industry. And they have done so FOR YEARS. We’re talking public money that could have instead been allocated to education, healthcare, housing, culture etc. But I suppose those are not important, right? Let’s “help” the horse racing industry instead to sustain its imbecile bettors, owners, trainers, vets etc. and kill baby horses In the process. SOOO…no public money, no horse racing…without it, your so called “millionaires” would not be able to survive! And, have you asked yourself how much money these “millionaires” are spending for their horses’ aftercare?? We’ll tell you…ZERO, ZILCH, NADA! They use them to fatten their wallets, abuse them, maim them and then…dispose of them!! #endhorseracing

  8. J Williams, there is nothing wrong with SAFE as you put it.
    However, there is something very wrong/flawed in THINKING that horseracing could ever be made SAFE. The racing industry people have “built a huge false front” to make people think that racing could be safe. Every blog post on HORSERACING WRONGS is evidence that any phony rules or any other phony attempt to make people believe that horseracing is safe or safer is a lie/falsehood/ snow job/ pulling the wool over your eyes.
    You are right that putting an end to horseracing is NOT easy. That is no excuse to give up!

  9. J Williams,
    Patrick Battuello can tell you all about the “truth” of the lie of reform. Go back to the beginning of the HORSERACING WRONGS blog and read the truth about reform until you’re crossed-eyed, so to speak, and then go tell the JOCKEY CLUB about your strategic plan to make horseracing safe and I’m sure they will listen and laugh. There is no way that they give a @$%€ about crossing Thoroughbreds with any other breed of horse or to make any kind of changes that you suggest. Stay safe, J, and don’t spit in the wind, okay?

  10. J Williams, racing is not interested in any changes or rules to protect the horse. If there was interest in protecting the horse, why over all the years and all the deaths are there STILL NO rules specific to horse welfare. As long as racing exists horses will continue to be overworked, brutally whipped, drugged and killed at the tracks and in the slaughterhouses. They will continue to stand in cramped stalls 23 hrs. each day suffering from untreated digestive ulcers and other problems. Where are the standards of care? Plus, the irresponsible breeding for speed resulting in fragility and an oversupply of horses will continue.

    Racing is a gambling business and winning is all that counts. Unfortunately for the voiceless athletes winning justifies the means. There is no oversight and no accountability. It is a corrupt autonomous business with no central governing body. Any “improvements” touted by this business are on paper and are usually just “recommendations”. That will not change.

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