Defend This, Horseracing Apologists

To those who profit from, bet on, watch, or otherwise support horseracing, the burden falls to justify the following in 21st Century America.

Some of the racehorses killed thus far in 2021, in the words of the industry itself. Please note: I have not included California and Maryland deaths, as those states provide the most (gruesome) detail and merit stand-alone views.

(all italics mine)

Treasured Bond, Jan 3, Ohio
“collapsed on track, deceased when arrived”

Doc Gardner, Jan 4, Ohio
“found dead at 6 am – cecal rupture, exsanguination [bled out]”

From the Get Go, Jan 5, Arizona
“sudden death” (two years old)

He Doesnt Listen, Jan 7, Arizona
“severe fractures, ruptured tendons, ruptured ligament, extensive hemorrhage”

Taylor’s Addiction, Jan 14, Arizona
“LF limb fractured into greater than 7 pieces, digital flexor torn”

Favored, Jan 15, Florida
“fell, and perished on the track” (first ever race)

Jd El Muneco, Jan 18, Arizona
“complete, comminuted fracture through the neck of the right scapula; other findings: chronic gastric ulcers and stomach worms” (just a year old)

Abby Swan, Jan 27, Arizona
“severe, acute, open fracture of the RF fetlock with dislocation; severe subcutaneous hemorrhage; torn tendon; torn ligament; displaced distal limb”

All About Stella, Jan 27, Ohio
“The horse was being transported to the racetrack after being purchased at a sale. She kicked out the window…and hung her leg over the ramp. This resulted in severing the tendon, joint capsule, and artery.”

Da Alpha, Feb 7, Florida
“fractured neck [presumably in starting gate]”

Trivial, Feb 17, Illinois
“After returning [to barn] it was noted that the horse did not seem right and was wobbly. The horse [then] collapsed dead in the stall.”

Rockshaw, Feb 25, Arkansas
“dropped dead after training”

Lunar Heat, Mar 2, Ohio
“found dead at 6 am – dark, red froth and bloody liquid drain from both nostrils”

Daddy’s Angel, Mar 6, Arkansas
“collapsed and died while training” (four years old)

Ramona Lover, Mar 8, Arizona
“P1 has been obliterated and is in multiple fragments, some of which protruded through the skin”

Cambassador, Mar 9, Ohio
“shattered pastern into numerous small fragments; no large pieces to anchor or plate together”

Goodgolly Mismolly, Mar 11, Ohio
“Mare found unstable in stall. Mare became violently painful, cast herself, and died. The second cervical vertebra was fractured in half with compression of the spinal cord. The left side of head had multiple, massive hemorrhages.” (two years old)

Disciple, Mar 23, Ohio
“multiple large fractures left knee”

Acting Sweet, Mar 31, Oklahoma
“cervical fractures”

Deal the Lady In, Apr 1, Oklahoma
“head fracture”

Silvanus, Apr 2, Arizona
“severe, open, comminuted fracture of tibia and fibula; sharp piece of bone protruding out of wound; multiple fragments of tibia within the hock joint”

Lethal Glory, Apr 3, New Mexico
“broke neck”

Fortified Effort, Apr 7, Arizona
“fetlock fracture followed by traumatic dislocation of joint, collateral and annular ligaments ruptured”

Hakman, Apr 10, Ohio
“Horse fell over fallen rival. Horse was unable to stand, and…deteriorated with paralysis and evidence of spinal fracture. Horse was euthanized on the track.”

Quality Line, Apr 13, Arizona
“open fracture that contains dirt and hair; right side of the face and neck bloody and covered in dirt and debris; two ticks in the deep left ear canal; four ticks in the right ear canal; significant chronic ulceration in the stomach”

T C’s Image, Apr 19, Oklahoma
“cerebrum hemorrhage”

Allgorilla, Apr 24, Florida
“collapsed, sudden death” (had just turned four)

Cougartown Blues, Apr 26, Indiana
“collapsed on track after win – fatal pulmonary hemorrhage” (three years old)

Brandywines Secret, Apr 28, Pennsylvania
“suffered catastrophic injuries to both front legs [but] was walked into ambulance”

S K Flyer, Apr 30, Florida
“fell to the track, sudden death” (three years old)

Zeke the Streak, May 3, Ohio
“groom arrived at 3:30 am and found horse deceased in stall – cecal perforation”

Jess Good Advice, May 8, Oklahoma
“extensive gastric rupture”

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, May 13, Florida
“fell and split rear legs”

Charlie’s Heir, May 22, Illinois
“horse went down, had a few spasms, and died”

Geometrico, May 24, Florida
“found [dead] at 4:20 am” (three years old)

Pearls in Charge, May 25, Ohio
“Exhibited distress and began to ease herself from race. Jockey continued to ride her out. Just prior to finish line, she pulled herself up, collapsed and died.”

Incredible Shark, May 29, New Jersey
“severely comminuted and displaced skull fracture”

Horseyoucameinon, Jun 2, West Virginia
“fractured both tibias”

Elite Attraction, Jun 7, Indiana
“flipped, skull fracture”

Hush’s Storm, Jun 10, New Mexico
“horse died in stall, colic – no vet needed” (11 years old, had been raced 86 times)

G Q Girl, Jun 14, Ohio
“After the race she became distressed…became very lame, then collapsed and died. This mare died from blood loss coming from a major artery.” (she bled out)

Big Cypress, Jun 16, Pennsylvania
“suffered catastrophic injuries to both front legs”

B’s Wild Man, Jun 16, West Virginia
“severed spinal cord”

Straightupp, Jul 6, New Mexico
“collapsed, hemorrhage, sudden death” (two years old)

Canary Islands, Jul 25, Illinois
“pelvic trauma: both back legs would not move and horse stood knuckled over”

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  1. As has been said before, this is indefensible!!!!!
    At the same time, the horse racing insiders will make their lame playbook excuses, such as “trainer” (or licensed abuser of Thoroughbreds), Keri Brion, stated/made the lame excuse that people who hate seeing horses falling and dying are not educated. We who are not psychopathic animal abusers and horse killers relentlessly in pursuit of money (fame and fortune) by causing the suffering and dying of horses and passing it off as “tradition” just have not learned to be so completely twisted in the head that we could believe that it’s okay to do the barbaric and absolutely horrible and appalling things to horses to force them through fear and pain to run on a racetrack.

    To say that horseracing can be reformed is an admission that horseracing has things wrong with it. But, since horseracing cannot be reformed anymore than the devil himself can be reformed, brace yourself for the barrage of lies to deceive the public at large or anyone who has not been exposed to the inherent and everyday cruelty of forcing horses to gallop on racetracks carrying a whip-wielding jockey or exercise rider causing lameness in the horses and other injuries to the horses. The pain that horses are forced to endure is unimaginable, unthinkable and totally unacceptable!!!!!

  2. Patrick, out of curiosity…who has the most kills? I figure it would have to be new york?, or california? Just because all I know about (the sickest,most egregious) my guess would be new york. I’m not gonna lie …I would get the most satisfaction seeing new york go down. The sickest cases I know about trace back to them. And how fun would it be seeing those lazy losers have to go out in the world and WORK. (Real Job). I have always said shutter ny or ca, Poof …GONE. Yaaaaaah 🥳

    • There is a shortage of truck drivers in the United States. There are real jobs for truck drivers right now! A person who meets the basic requirements of age, health, vision, and work ethic can sign up for truck driving school and in a matter of weeks after completing the course be employed doing something that is needed!

      • That would require these human leeches to actually work for a living instead of surviving off the misery and exploitation of defenseless sentient beings. Never gonna happen.

        • That is where work ethic comes in among other things. I can only hope and pray that there are those people who are somehow involved in the industry, (that are not die-hard psychopaths), that have become disillusioned about what they thought the “Sport of Kings” was “supposed to be” and what it is in reality and want a way out of the participation in the pain, suffering, death and destruction of equines.
          For the die-hard psychopaths, they deserve a “job” making little rocks out of big rocks while connected to their fellow inmates by a chain, if you know what I mean.

      • We know of an outrider who did just that! Quit the industry as she could earn more $$ driving a gravel truck. To rub it in a little more to those who persisted in this crooked , crummy, gamboling game, she showed up 1 day with a nice truck & showing how she was earning 3 times as many $ driving an a/c equipped gravel truck with power steering & air ride seat! Economics will surely limit or eliminate this industry especially if all public mandated subsidies are taken away. The gravel company was across the road from our now gone 1 mile track & the company is still there while the track is now gone! She was smart to switch careers when she did.

  3. There is a big steeplechase meet in Far Hills on Saturday. AND it features The Mean Queen.For those of you who are unaware the connections of the Mean Queen just lost Baltimore Bucko not long ago. So once again they send out horses instead of retiring. I believe also one of that Elliot horses are jumping. Remember him,the one on the phone sitting on a passed away horse for all to see. He got his wrist slap and he’s back in business folks.

    • Totally DISGUSTING. That poor gelding broke down almost immediately! How the HELL did that vet pass him to race?!!!!!!!!

      • Oh yeah ….in a recent race the dear baby had a speed figure of 4. That gelding was NOT sound.

  4. I think nearly all the fine folks still in the Wonderful World of Racing don’t even try to defend their sick game anymore. About the best they can do against their adversaries (us, and the rest of the increasingly informed, animal-loving public) is dismiss, deflect and deny.
    My experience with them is that they’ve finally come to realize that their end is near, and their last, best hope for keeping their blood sport dreams alive in this country is to ignore queries from anyone outside their cloistered little top-secret horse-killing club.
    (*I wish a few of them would even attempt a half-hearted defense of their indefensible addiction to animal abuse. But, the second they start, another racehorse is invariably killed in this disgusting anti-sport. So they gotta start all over again, and tell themselves that the comically-titled HISA can save them from the inevitable end:)

    • Some people “defend” the abuse of racehorses by saying, “You don’t know what you are talking about.” That is just so “special” and such a lame excuse. Meanwhile, the horses suffer from the constant everyday cruelty..

  5. What needs to happen is NO more creating new life. Take CARE of the lives that are already here and make damn sure NO one goes to the slaughter house and guarantee a FOREVER HOME for ALL of them. That is how it must be done. Anything short of that SOLUTION is UNACCEPTABLE.

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