How They Die, Too

The following is a companion list to “How They Die.” While the industry attempts to dismiss these deaths (“non-racing”), make no mistake, these stabled-at-the-track, awaiting-next-race horses are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones who snap legs on raceday or rupture hearts in morning practice. Victims, all. (Again, this is but a sampling of information I annually receive from racing commissions.)

Boat Drinks: “the horse returned to the track with laminitis in all four limbs – rotated through the sole”

Cantina Butterfly: “the horse was down, depressed had labored breathing and a very swollen face with a bad odor and some nasal discharge…died before a tracheotomy could be performed; severe extensive cellulitis, severe gastric ulcers, renal papillary necrosis, severe traumatic osteoarthropathy”

Ivory Debt: “head trauma from flipping in barn September 29, severe CNS signs September 30 – euthanasia after contacting insurance company” (yes, after suffering head trauma, this horse had to wait a day before being put down – because of money)

unnamed 2-year-old: “found dead in stall, fractured pelvis with hemorrhaging”

Blow By: “found dead in the stall; pneumonia or possible head trauma during shipping”

Big Gene: “severe septicemia rear legs with necrosis – laminitis all four” (two years old)

Honest Abe: “bowel evisceration secondary to a castration surgery earlier in the day”

Quittin Time: “the horse shipped in from Arkansas with a 103 degree temperature…developed laminitis…today the horse’s coffin bone rotated out the bottom of its foot”

name withheld: “found dead in stall – the presence of an acute traumatic lesion to the left hind limb…suggests colt became uncomfortable during the night and injured his limb while rolling/becoming cast or otherwise struggling; gastric ulceration was severe enough in this case to have caused pain, in addition to the colonic lesion…large numbers of tape worms in the cecum”

Two Step Turn: “[trainer] stated that one of his workers found the horse dead on the floor”

Hoppy Hour: “marked diffuse chronic fibrinous arthritis of the left hock – the thickened joint capsule along with the abundant fibrin suggest a chronic, on-going process” (two years old)

Genaro: “colicky, unresponsive to treatment, died next day – ruptured intestine”

JC’s Dream: “broken carpus, very thin, very lame”

Olmeca: “ruptured bladder”

Lady Lucilla: “shipped in with shipping fever, abscess, and fluid in lungs”

New Ellenton: “head trauma, seizuring, hypovolemic shock”

Rainy Night: “found lame in her stall on 11/15; euthanized on 11/22 for severe hemorrhage from gastrocnemius tear/trauma”

Sayalittlprayrfrme: “rough trip in trailer to track, sustained laceration over L eye, seemed ok initially but was found down in stall and in extreme distress later that afternoon, vet treated without improvement – euthanized”

My Precious Stolita: “severe colic – horse was found dead in stall”

Bronze Bomber: “pleural pneumonia with four-feet laminitis”

Legasistic (probably sic): “evisceration of abdomen”

Mister Dark Eagle: “tracheal collapse/trauma”

Indio: “discovered dead in its stall; horse had stopped eating the day before”

Just Dance With Me: “drowning incident”

Shotgun Love: “euthanized for severe laminitis both front feet”

Sherlock’s Hope: “acute severe laminitis in all four feet”

Arrogante de Oro: “horse treated for colic on 6/11 [five days after last race]…found dead in stall at 4:00 AM by groom/night watch”

Myarchangel: “flipped in street, fractured skull”

Classic Kate: “penetrating abdominal wound – humanely destroyed”

Kershner: “sudden death; had been treated for colic, intestinal rupture”

Bigapplehereicome: “found dead in its stall”

Lovely Elle: “dead in stall 4 am”

Mongolian Eagle: “eight weeks of ataxia”

name withheld: “colic of 2-day duration…appeared to recover, then expired suddenly, most likely due to a distended or ruptured bowel”

name withheld: “horse flipped…suspect cranial fracture, hemorrhaged”

name withheld: “found in stall – suspect colic”

name withheld: “flipped in stall – head trauma”

name withheld: “dead in stall”

El Borracho: “found dead in am, no signs of struggle”

Bettarun Realfast: “horse had laminitis of greater than 7 days duration…developed colic today – not responsive to any medications…euthanasia”

Citizen Ofthe West: “found dead – colic”

Silver Bullet Rf: “found dead in stall; 360-degree torsion of colon”

Nacimientos Clasic: “horse died during night – colic”

Wagon #1 (probably sic): “found dead in stall”

Speedy Trick: “colic – died in stall overnight”

Asophisticatedmomma: “horse was found dead – horse was insured”

Sms First Dibs: “found dead”

Carmon’s Trick: “found in stall dead”

Quick Coconut: “being treated for a cold – found dead in stall”

Freudian Dilemma: “found deceased in stall – gastric/digestive issues”

Rip Loves Maize: “collapsed in stall and expired”

Lemon Iceking: “being treated for recurring bronchopneumonia without resolution – found dead in stall”

Yodelmesomemagic: “found dead in stall – suspect colic”

Mias Mark: “flipped in washrack, fractured skull – dead on arrival”

The Grey Bullet: “found dead in stall”

Lebowski: “found dead outside stall, treated previous day for gastrointestinal issue”

Jade Run: “found down in stall, unable to stand; in distress; possible reaction to pre-race [left blank] – euthanized”

Morning Joe: “previously fx near LR pelvis, stall rest prescribed; 2 months later his health took a turn for the worse…found down in stall…got horse standing…demonstrated considerable distress – decision made to euthanize”

Mr Reid: “found dead in stall; previous surgery for severe colic…predisposed to colic”

Clever King: “found deceased in stall – being treated for colic”

Start It Up: “laminitis both front feet”

Totally Discreet: “laminitis both front feet”

Fashion Fund: “found down in stall & removed to clinic where filly was diagnosed with comminuted left femoral & pelvic fractures”

The Lucky Dream: “collapsed and died in stall – suspected heart failure or aneurysm”

Majic Laughter: “found dead in stall – history of colic”

Superbe Rulah: “horse not feeling well; found dead in stall – suspected acute colic”

Monsterinthepaint: “died after being removed from trailer – colonic ulceration with colitis”

Beautiful Mimi: “flipped in stall – hit head fracturing neck…died”

Demo: “being treated by vet for lumbosacral neuropathy with rectal/urinary disfunction; developed severe UTI and was found dead in stall”

Wild Perfection: “horse found dead in stall – unattended death”

Hawaiian Move: “sudden death post-exercise on equine wheel…died shortly after returning to barn”

Warair: “found deceased in stall”

Eye Opening Dream: “found deceased in barn” (was raced just three days prior)

Special Jessie: “dead in stall”

Floyd Hanover: “[trainer] found horse dead in barn”

Platinum Sensation: “found dead in stall”

Ladys Bad Boy: “[found] the horse dead in his stall”

Kettle’s Kid: “shipping fever”

Rangersleadtheway: “severely neurologic”

Built Bok Tuff: “horse was found dead in stall…with apparent signs of severe colic; Dr. Robinson reportedly treated the horse for colic [the day before]”

Sally Ali: “horse was found dead in barn on backside in early morning hours; showed signs of colic, endotoxemia; exact cause of death unknown – no necropsy performed”

Jumpn On Glass: “horse found dead in stall – signs of colic and endotoxic shock” (was raced just three days prior)

Jenny Cartel: “died in stall after being treated for several days for respiratory/lung disease”

My Lucky Shot: “horse died of colic and arrived at clinic deceased”

Miss Executive Gray: “found dead in stall…history of pleuritis with pulmonary abscessation”

D’forest Diva: “found dead in stall”

Phoebe Moon: “colic, enteritis – found dead in stall”

Waverly Force: “neurologic disease”

Catana: “found dead in stall”

Temple of Doom: “found dead in stall”

Hard Play: “found dead in stall – cause unknown”

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  1. Why aren’t the “professionals”: trainers, vets, etc. who are handling these horses, being prosecuted for criminal neglect? If they were human athletes, hopefully there would be criminal prosecution? These people are earning tons of money by abusing and neglecting these animal athletes. Too bad this information is not being broadcast at the tracks where the damage is occurring.

    • The drugs and poor care can make the colic and not caring about the feet is another reason. Also urinary infections and bowel blockage from drugs to make the horses run when they are sick already.
      What a shame because it is all about the money.

  2. Every single one of these deaths are a direct result of this vile business and their vile business practices.
    The practices and/or mandatory business procedures are all designed to keep sick, and lame racehorses going to fill the wagering coffers.
    Most all rules and regulations are designed to protect the billions in wagering profits not the horses.
    They would like you to believe that, but the facts prove otherwise.
    Furthermore, many of these published findings were PREVENTABLE issues that were not properly addressed with vet care, and got so bad it led to death.
    In any normal setting an animal would be removed from an owner for “neglect” if they were not providing necessary vet care, but not horse racing.
    These racehorses languish in a confined area, locked in their stall, with no neutral entities going into these stable areas to check on these horses, and subsequently report the situation.
    Quittin Time: “the horse shipped in from Arkansas with a 103 degree temperature…developed laminitis…today the horse’s coffin bone rotated out the bottom of its foot”
    This is one horrific example, and this never should have happened.
    This horse suffered greatly, and this example is cruelty to animals and should have been punishable by law.
    From tapeworms to gastric ulcers – these are all preventable issues.
    Any domestic pet owner knows to put their pets on preventable parasitic medication.
    Ulcers are a direct result of stress from a multitude of factors that are common, and widespread in horse racing.
    This list is a microscope on a horrific business that is getting away with killing animals all for commercial gain.
    The list is heartbreaking because it clearly shows just how much these racehorses suffered.
    The trouble is there are so many more probably suffering from the exact same things right now.
    This is what your supporting every single time you place a bet, every single time you promote this.
    So sorry for these victims of this vile industry.

    • Gina,It’s all well and good that we admonish these brutal non-caring and or ignorant trainers.I’ve witnessed a horse who severely injured himself the day before during a race,he could barely walk.This was not a case of putting the horse down.this horse needed time off.As the horse stood in his stall,the vet went in and injected him.The vet then went into the trainers office and repeatedly asked the trainer”how does he look”?…. “how does he look now”?….Some how this horse was not put down but knowing the trainer and the vet,when I left an hour later the horse was still standing,but I knew this horse would not be there in the morning and he wasn’t.I never knew what really happened to this horse but he just disappeared.I think this “SPORT” needs to come clean “transparency”if this is a problem,I think a sure fire way to get results in changing this “SPORT”is not to bring attention to the trainers but rather name names of owners,not the stable name but the individual owners who on the outside have legitimate business.Right now these owners hide behind a stable name,let the public and their business associates know that these seemingly decent people are involved in such a dirty game that abuses and exploits animals,for greed.Is it easier and cost effective to put a horse down with a non-life threatening injury or euthanize to collect insurance.Maybe there could be disclosure as to,when a horse gets put down it should be public knowledge of the particulars of the injuries,the insurance,the owner (not the stable name)and the exact payout.Maybe, if possible an outside independent oversight board to investigate each death and insurance claim.There seems to be too many unknown deaths,there needs to be a stricter regulation,there seems to be too much self regulation,which we know leads to corruption and it doesn’t work.I’m afraid this “SPORT”will never change and it will never be eradicated,it’s here to stay,as is.

      • Yes indeed – the owners are complicit in this scenario and the trainers take the fall.
        Most all decisions are run by the owners who either agree to them or not.
        Owners are well aware of all the dope going into any horse they own because they pay the bill, and they are the ones who usually give the nod to the trainer to “get rid of the horse,” when it’s no longer making money.
        Owners make the decision to go into this business and spend the tremendous amount of money it takes to keep a racehorse going – approximately $3000 – $5000 per month per horse.
        An oversight, neutral board is long overdue, but this business is guarded like Ft. Know.
        This business doesn’t allow outsiders to come in and get jobs.
        All key positions are only given to those who uphold the same mentality and who will protect the maiming, dumping, and dying.
        Most of these positions are paid for by taxpayers like you and me.

  3. This month the voted for legal gambling in the state. The horse track was exempt from being a gambling place. Approval for 4 counties to have casinos is a green light. Oaklawn the track announced last week they were building a $100 million dollar hotel and expanding their casino which was not considered a casino until now. They called it games of skill and danced around the laws for years. I feel for the horses. This mega track is in the smack in the middle of town and I don’t even drive within 20 blocks of this disgusting animal abuse stadium. It makes me sick how many people attend because some are ignorant thinking the horses are taken care of which is crap. I let anyone know I am against this abuse. Some look at me dumb founded and others hang their head and say it is sad. All in the name of money and revenue for the town. Next month the horses start to arrive for the race meet in January. This abuse will go on for 4 months. While the Cella family build their stupid hotel. One person CAN make a difference when awareness is concerned. I know of 10 people that do not attend because of the information I gave them and had them read this site to back me up. Thank you Patrick and all rescuing organizations and the activists that champion for these precious living gentles. Thank you!!!!!!

  4. Chad Brown throw away million dollar winner 8 year old German bred Wake Forest racing today for 8k claimer you can see he wants no more of it. Trainer Danny Gargan just running the horse into the ground next some low end racino probably Mountaineer rock bottom claimer then finally the ultimate the slaughterhouse. Save the horse the trouble take him now instead of beating the hell out of him and keeping in a stall for 23 hours a day. You think with over a million in the bank someone would give him the dignity of a retirement home.. Were are you Old Friends!!

    • I reviewed the racing record of WAKE FOREST, and it’s so deeply disturbing how this racehorse is being continually abused for this vile business.
      This horse has made over $900,000 and it STILL isn’t enough for these horse abusers to stop on him, give him the retirement and soft landing that he’s ran his ass-off for.
      These people absolutely sicken me.
      Today he was claimed AGAIN by trainer Jorge Abreu for former owner Michael Dubb so another round of abuse certainly coming his way because the vet records don’t follow the horse.
      At this point, nobody knows how many times his joints have been injected, what issues he has (he most certainly has some issues after running this hard to produce this kind of money), and the round of needles will begin all over again.
      Just last year, Wake Forest won a Grade II race at Gulfstream Park earning $116,000 for the partnership of Michael Dubb, Sheep Pond Partners, and Bethlehem Stables.
      These owners are known to run at the top of the game and they have dumped plenty of horses once they are no longer performing at top levels, and after they’ve made lots of money.
      Today, one of those owners, Michael Dubb, claimed this horse back for $8000.
      I hardly think that it’s an altruistic measure to finally give him the soft landing he deserves.
      It’s clear that this horse is pretty much done, and finishes in the bottom 3rd for $8000.
      This game is a display of animal cruelty, and shows the darkest side of human nature.
      It’s horrific from the start to the end.
      I hope that Wake Forest makes it out alive.

  5. Why aren’t these “tracks” monitored by Reliable Vets/Doctors??? Some that can’t be paid off to lie about these poor animals. This crap needs to stop!!

    • I knew of three horses on a major circuit within a two week period were sabotaged by assault,clearly intentionally injured by someone.Examined by three different vet’s and not one vet would stick to his original opinion that these injuries were inflicted by someone.The track itself,instead of creating an investigation got defensive and got more involved in a coverup.How is anything going to change with such fear,deception and dishonesty.

    • How are you so sure?
      I hope your right, and thanks for sharing.
      I have him on my stable mail so I can see if he gets worked or run again.

      • Michael Dubb, the Long Islamd developer, has been around racing for quite a while and when I saw he had claimed for $8,000 I thought
        maybe, just maybe he was going to right by the horse.. I do believe he will retire him. Dubb does not race at that level.

    • Awesome. But extremely telling of this industry, isn’t it? – the LISTS of horses that racing FANS are fretting over!…horses not even an equine’s prime age still racing that they want retired! Why? – don’t the horses love their “job”? Isn’t racing just as safe as horses running in their pastures? Aren’t they treated like kings and queens? Don’t they get better treatment than owners’ and trainers’ own children? Don’t they get the best veterinary care?

      Not only incriminating in that respect, but hey, aren’t there only a “few bad apples” in racing? – so WHY the need to follow so many horses fans feel are “at risk” and WHY do they need to be CLAIMED?

      Racing and its fans can’t help but indict the industry just by opening their mouths.

      • This weekend has shown what the true mentality of the racing world is. Along with the claim of Wake Forest comes the mercy claim of yet another high earning, graded stakes winner, who, at age 9, was still toiling in 7500 claimers. This horse is Chips All In. He had run in the illustrious Breeders Cup years ago, and won numerous stakes races. And as is form, as his abilities began to fade with time, he was dropped into claiming races and claimed twice. Now this last group of crap owners took him to Idaho to run him in cheap races, because they felt he “needed to get his confidence back”. These dumbasses apparently felt that maybe the confidence lacking, never once thinking that his now 8 year old body was fatigued?? For an allowance race in idaho – he made $990. And was also pulled up with an undisclosed injury. And the reason it wasn’t disclosed? The connections felt they had been painted in a bad light regarding running the horse there. That’s telling, alone.
        But yet, this long suffering horse came back at 9, and was dropped into a $7500 claimer this last weekend. The connections were given multiple offers, but nope, they didn’t want to part with this horse! So instead, since he performed poorly in a $7500 claimer, they were going to drop him further into a $5000 claimer on this Friday. On less than a week’s rest. Thank goodness a group of people, including the former owner for whom he had made so much money, claimed him to retire.
        The fact that the current owners were so incredibly desperate to eke out the last pennies this horse could make is the sad, pathetic reality of the majority of low level claimers in this country. I’m wishing a life of beautiful retirement for Chips All In, and appreciate the efforts that that group of people made to get this poor horse away from those pathetic scumbags.

  6. Maybe Micheal Dubb has a some what of a heart after all. Go get some more you dump that put money into your pocket, and give them a 2nd chance they deserve it good luck to you..

    • Nice gesture to retire the horse, couldnt be more relieved for the guy but heres the cold hard truth. The horse was just sold at f/t in july for 90k claiming to be competitive at the top level ,and 4 months later the horse is retired after racing for a tag of 8k way to make an 82,000 dollar profit and look like a hero when in reality the horse never should have gone to auction in the first place

      • Exactly, Billy. These wealthy racing folks who claim horses for retirement are NOT heroes. They owe the horses that AND more. How about providing them with HOMES and leave the too-few available spots in rescues for the poor horses that don’t have a multi-billion dollar industry that is responsible for them even being born!

    • Yes. Gargan has quite a history. He could not operate In any business other than the cesspool of racing – the only “business” he and his ilk can thrive. In.

    • I agree and as long as they don’t race him again, go and load him up, and bring him to a safe, forever home.

  7. STOP PARTICIPATING IN THIS DEPRAVEDLY CRUEL INDUSTRY — INFORM your friends & neighbors of the AGONIZING TRUTH that takes place behind the scenes — our magnificent, sweet, intelligent, sensitive horses suffer immensely — let’s SHUT DOWN HORSE-RACING EVENTS forever.

  8. Wake Forest is going to Old Friends Equine for retirement in Georgetown,Ky. 136 acres of lush Kentucky blue grass a great facility with a special owner, and people who genuinely care about the care of retired equine animals enjoy Wake Forest.. Too bad there’s not more places like especially for your 9 to 5 hard knocking low end claimers who deserve it just as much as Wake Forest probably more..

  9. Hopefully Wake Forest will get to hang out with Bank of Dad at Old Friends – he was another tough, low-end claimer that was saved because of this great site and the beautiful people that follow it!

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