“Horse Bled to Death”; “Complete Fracture of Neck”; “Rider Reported Hearing a Bone Break”; “Horse Dropped Dead” – Some of Illinois’ Dead This Year

Through a FOIA request to the Illinois Racing Board, I have confirmed the following deaths at that state’s tracks thus far this year:

Gargoyle, Jan 2, Hawthorne T – “comminuted P1 fractures”

Can’t Stop the Cat, Jan 11, Hawthorne T – “broke down with a fetlock complex”

Cupboard, Mar 1, Hawthorne T – “horse went down – multiple carpal fractures”

Hazel Anne, Mar 22, Hawthorne
“[T]he horse was acting up during transport. The driver pulled over in a rest area to check the horses. At that time, all the horses were standing. This horse did continue to kick. He resumed his trip and about 15 minutes later the horse was no longer acting up in the trailer. When he went to unload the horses, he discovered the horse had gone down in the trailer and bled to death. He thought another horse had trampled it but when he looked further into what happened in the trailer it appears the horse got over the partition and broke the partition which allowed the horse to go down. Examination…shows the left hind groin area was macerated and femoral arterey [sic] was ruptured leading to the exsanguination. The horses mucous membranes were white also indicative of a hemorhagic event. The horse was enroute to begin training and had never raced.” (Hazel Anne was two years old.)

Just a Secret, Mar 23, Hawthorne
“3/16/19 the horse is found with a large bruise on right side of chest and abdomin [sic] with unkown [sic] origin. The horse was sore but walking normal. 3/17 the horse is ataxic and febrile. 3/18-3/22 Baytril given daily, DMSO and Toltrazuril given every other day. 3/19 Flucort given IV. 3/23/19 the horse is down in the stall and unable to stand. The horse is humanenly [sic] euthanized.”

Smart Daddy, Mar 28, Hawthorne T
complete fracture of neck, euthanized on track”

Myrtle’s Boy, Apr 6, Hawthorne T
“The rider reported hearing a bone break. On Dr. Gilman’s arrival the horse was down and could not rise. Drs. Martin and Folker-Calderon performed a site necropsy. The horse had a comminuted fracture of the neck of the right scapula.”

Cashel Rock, Apr 11, Hawthorne R – “open joint disarticulation, ligament rupture

She’s So Needy, May 10, Arlington R (euthanized Jul 6)
“Rear limb laminitis secondary to left rear foot injury – rotated P3, euthanized due to grave prognosis.”

Jersey’s Heat, May 10, Arlington R (euthanized May 13) – “comminuted carpal fracture”

Allie’s Aflirt, May 11, Fairmount R – “flipped, hit head prior to race – horse died

Chis Conquest, May 12, Arlington T – “collapsed – comminuted fracture of scapula”

Amazon Nellie, May 14, Arlington T – “open, disarticulated fetlock”

Prue, May 15, Arlington T – “horse dropped dead training”

Winning Homer, Jun 14, Arlington T (euthanized Jul 20) – “laminitis”

New Dancer, Jun 28, Arlington T (euthanized Jun 29) – “[multiple] sesamoid fractures”

Buck Snort, Jul 4, Arlington R – “sesamoid fractures with DSL rupture”

Stand With Honor, Jul 13, Arlington R
“The horse went down around the 1/16 pole with left front open, bilateral sesamoids fractures, DSL rupture and loss of support column. The joint was disarticulated. The horse was very fractious on the track. Drs. Martin and Folker-Caldreon cuncurred [sic] that the horse shold [sic] be euthanized. The trainer was present and gave permission to euthanize on track. The horse was humanely euthanized and taken by ambulance to the designated area.”

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  1. And this is horse racing……oh god I’m sick and tired of reading about the terror, the pain and the final deaths of these poor animals who did not ask for this.

  2. How many more have to die?
    Educating the public is the key to end the horrors of horseracing.
    The public needs to see the truth behind the greed and glamor of the horse racing tracks across the nation.
    Patrick, you and everyone at Horseracing Wrongs are doing this very thing.
    Bless you all and God Speed!
    Thank you,
    Marianne Harrington

  3. Yet another horrifying end for these racehorses as the pro-horse racing entities go silent.
    They seem to find their big, loud mouths and proclamations that they “love their family members,” when the timing is right for them.
    When the timing is wrong, especially in a stake race where they can’t hide the fact when a racehorse snaps its legs-off and goes down, “mars” the race and it’s always the racehorse’s fault it seems.
    “investigations” that lead to nowhere, are kept secret for the most part including the vet/doping records leading up to the racehorse dying and, presto, you’ve got legitimized massive maiming and killing of racehorses to no avail – they just keep on doing it.
    How can anybody, in their right mind continue to defend/participate in this blood bath?
    Only human life and blood sucking parasites – that’s who.
    For years now, Patrick has been meticulously gathering the facts, via FOIA requests, and putting them here for all to see.
    This is no “sudden” rash of racehorse killings nor is it just on one track, Santa Anita, this has been going on for years on ALL tracks only now we have statistics behind the long forgotten names and faces of their profit slaves.

  4. I’m at the point where I want to know, but at the same time, I don’t want to know. The constant cruelty and abuse, the pain these horses go thru from the beginning of their lives to the usually very short conclusion. The smug faces of smiling owners and trainers living off torture and death. The barrage of willfully ignorant, if not downright corrupt, apologist defending and continuing to promote one of the vilest examples of animal cruelty in America (I would say racing is on par with the Yulin Dog Festival for sheer atrocities). The forgotten broken and abused butchered in slaughterhouses.
    If I could wish any Karma on these people in the racing industry, it would be that they would come back as EVERY one of the horses they destroyed, to feel every needle, every broken bone, the colic and laminitis from drugs, the beatings with whips, the electric shocking, and finally the terror and pain of the slaughterhouse. That their eternity would be a never-ending cycle of the torment they gave to so many.

    I need to go out and hug my horse now.

  5. Please don’t tell me that ANYONE involved in the Mob-controlled horseracing business “loves” horses. They don’t! Owners, jockeys, & trainers see these beautiful, gentle, graceful animals as expendable objects. When the horses are no longer useful, they are shipped to Canadian or Mexican slaughterhouses, which are hell on earth. The horses are tortured before they are killed. Are YOU complicit???

  6. Cupboard was my horse I was in school when it broke down broke my heart my family quit horse racing for awhile I cried like a baby had that horse since he was a 2 year old it broke my heart but I do plan on returning to the industry. I do believe we need alot of rule changes and test for drugs and so on ik the pain of loosing a horse and I don’t want this to ever happen again fyi I’m 19 years old

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