12-Year-Old Who Had Been Whip-Raced 96 Times Among 22 Victims in Indiana Last Year

Through a FOIA request to the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s two tracks (Indiana Grand and Hoosier Park) in 2019. Of note, this is the first year Indiana has released the names of the dead. Pressure – across the entire industry – has a way of doing that.

Mikimoto, Apr 11, Indiana S – “flipped, hit head in stall”

Doc’s Chewy, Apr 16, Indiana T – “died after training” (being prepped for first race)

Union Bowman, May 2, Indiana S – “treated for colic, died next day”
Union Bowman was 12 and had been put to the whip 96 times, the last time just four days before the onset of colic.

All About Annie, May 6, Hoosier T – “collapsed on track after training”

Bud’s Bayonet, May 14, Indiana R – “fractured ankle”

Zippy Lou, May 18, Indiana T – “pastern fracture”

A Skinnydipper, May 29, Indiana R – “fractured radius”

Rapid Assent, Jun 4, Indiana R – “fractured fetlock”

Vegas Show Girlie, Jun 25, Indiana T – “laceration” (being prepped for first race)

Hibachi, Jun 26, Hoosier T – “fracture”

Six Shooter, Jul 9, Indiana T – “fractured pastern”

All Right, Jul 13, Indiana R – “fractured shoulder”

Mickie Chase N Ty, Jul 30, Indiana R – “fractured radius”

Nicoles Classygirl, Aug 15, Indiana T – “fractured ankle”

Dna Dales Cece, Aug 24, Indiana R – “fractured both front ankles”

Southern Slugger, Sep 26, Indiana S – “acute gastric rupture”

Sabbatarian, Oct 4, Indiana R – “fractured sesamoids”

Guyeeo, Oct 8, Indiana S – “acute colic” (last raced Sep 17)

Hoosier Monty, Oct 8, Indiana R – “fractured sesamoids”

Huntin Buddy, Oct 12, Indiana R – “tendon rupture”

Shineonmejustice, Oct 25, Indiana R – “cannon fracture”

King Offthe Mountain, Oct 26, Indiana R – “fell on track, couldn’t get back up”

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  1. This list of horses killed by horseracing and in the name of “the almighty wagering handle” is horrible and sad! Who knows how many horses were killed in the past that were not identified, not named and not reported…? It’s necessary that this unacceptable animal abuse is reported in some way so more and more people can become aware of how degenerate and depraved and vile the industry of horseracing is and that gambling on racehorses is unacceptable. Save horses, ban horseracing!

  2. Well Patrick. It looks like you will be getting your wish pretty soon. If Parx does not reform radically it will be gone. And all you people that are fervently wishing for horseracing to end can go to Parx and pick up the thousands of horses that nobody will want. This is not the way for it to end. Too many horses will end up going to slaughter and I’m sure nobody here wants that. Think.

    • Oh I know we have all thought, Mary! And yes, we want horseracing to END and people to become responsible and control breeding rather than kill on the track or any other abominable place. Are you saying a kill on the track is ok? It is NOT and I am really hoping that is not how you intended it to come across. A kill is a kill and we want the horses we love truly and dearly to live not die. Why don’t you enlighten us and tell us how YOU think “this should end”?

    • I think about the fact that horses are being retired to the slaughterhouses everyday. There is no law against owners of horses in the United States to sell their horses to killbuyers. There are no kill reports of horses being sent to slaughter and killed in Mexico or Canada or Australia or Japan or France or any other country where horses are killed and butchered for their meat. So, if horses are not being tortured to death on a racetrack, the horses will be either saved by a rescue or sold to a killbuyer. Some might be sold to a person who is capable of providing a home for the horse and give the horse a chance to be treated humanely. It is up to the horseracing industry insiders to reform themselves and it’s obvious that they are NOT REFORMING THEMSELVES. What are your thoughts on reforming an incorrigible and corrupt industry? Mary m, I wish racehorse breeders, owners, trainers, jockeys, grooms, and the racetrack owners and operators and the gambling and wagering handle people could reform themselves but they are not doing that.

    • What? You’re suggesting that PA horse”men” (who love their horses like family members, after all) won’t spend a few hundred on their suffering, soon-to-be-worthless equines in order to give them a humane euthanasia? That they’ll just fling them on to the slaughter truck like so much equine garbage? Don’t answer that, Mary. We already know the disgusting answer, because it’s what they’ve always done. And can’t do as easily anymore without mass-public shaming.
      And many of us have OTTBs that we DO love (like, well, our family members.) How many more would you like us to take on?

    • Part of the problem, in fact the main problem, is the propping up of a business that is no longer viable and would have gradually folded were it not for the infusion of money . That never should have happened.
      Racing should have been allowed to gradually contract over time as was happening. Pouring money into racing just encouraged breeding and expanded the claiming game which in turn meant more suffering for the horse. And as we know at least 50 % of the foal crop winds up being slaughtered and it has been reported to go as high as 70% .
      Does anyone know what happened to the Calder horses when the track was “shuttered” before being re opened as Gulfstream West ?

    • Thousands of horses ARE going to slaughter, so using that as an ultimatum is ludicrous. So since the racing industry refuses to change their agenda of abuse and killing, it’s somehow our fault they will be shut down? Why don’t you go whine to the industry that’s been maiming and abusing horses for hundreds of years with NO thought as to what will happen to these horses when their connections can’t suck any more money out of them? The racing industry created all these horses, the racing industry gave these horses ulcers and degenerative joint disease and fractures – the racing industry owes these horses more than a death in the dirt or the horror of the slaughter house. These people need to sack up and take responsibility for the fact that THEIR OWN ACTIONS brought this on them, and if they well and truly loved these horses like their children like they constantly claim, they would be more than willing to assure their horses are taken care of beyond the money they exploit them for.

    • “thousands of horses that nobody will want”? – are you referring to their “family members”? – the horses that are like their “children”? – the horses they boast they love so much and prove that by, well, as they say, they work from morning to night simply because they just LOVE them – it has nothing to do with the money, of course – why would they not want them?

      It becomes really difficult to defend this horse-exploiting industry when the truth of what they do all the time – DUMP HORSES – might be under a bigger, brighter spotlight, isn’t that right?…

      Helping unwanted and discarded racehorses has always been something we’ve done – bred for racing, used in racing, but never provided a forever home nor supported for life by racing…they expect everyone else to do that.

    • Now, now, marymbaggaley, wouldn’t all the “good” people in racing step up to help at least some of their “family” members if Parx went belly up? As far as your suggestion to “think” about what would happen to all the unwanted horses, I would like to reassure you that I have been “thinking” about the fate of dumped horses for years and years. Why is it that people that support horseracing can’t seem to grasp a BASIC business concept…Supply and Demand? I have explained the concept over and over and over on this blog as well as other social media outlets, but, for some reason, comprehension of that BASIC concept is elusive.

      I oppose puppy mills. Suppose all puppy mills in the state of Ohio closed down. Would you babble that the mills would need to be resurrected because some of the dogs would end up in a bad place? I sincerely hope your answer to that is a resounding “no.” The end result of abolishing an industry that has caused immense suffering to dogs would be a much better life for the animals moving forward. Same with the horses. Got it?

      By the way, Parx is not interested in any type of reform. It is “business as usual.” A part of that “business” is slaughter. Slaughter is part of the corporate culture. It has always been that way and will continue to be until racing ceases to exist.

      • As Mary said, Parx isn’t interested in reform – their only interest regarding their filthy business are their own wallets – NOT the welfare of their “athletes”. Now with Governor Wolf’s proposal, they’re falling all over themselves exclaiming how much their racing slaves mean to them. Really? – Parx accepts entries from an owner who is known to have been one of the largest suppliers of horses to a Canadian slaughterhouse.

    • Marymbaggaley, can you tell me what happens to the thousands of horses when racing is finished with them?
      The majority of these horses have just reached maturity, give or take a few years. They are chronologically young but they are physiologically old, plagued by injuries, ulceration of their digestive tracts and of course, unnatural wear and tear. Racing is responsible for the overbreeding of these horses. Many do not make it to the track and those that do are there for a relatively few years. Racing has no plan for the horse once his “career” is over. His “loving” connections are missing in action once he is no longer useful to them.
      Racing is why there are so many “unwanted” horses, the ones no longer useful in the business and the those that never make it to the track. These are the horses that makeup the 10,000 or so that are slaughtered year after year after year. You can’t take an animal that can live for 20 plus years on average, use it for 6 yrs or so and then just dump it and walk away.
      Racing assumes the “right” to use the horse but takes no responsibility and is not held accountable for him.
      Rights without responsibility creates problems – in this case, a glut of ongoing “unwanted” horses with nowhere to go.

      • Beautiful synopsis, Rose! A long story made short, concise and accurate so that everyone can understand! Even Mary… if she so chooses, of course!

  3. These are such sensitive creatures to pain and temperament of people. They’re so beautiful it’s a shame that greed and cruelty in people is so REAL these days !! God Bless the innocent , beautiful creations of yours. Seems like man has the ugliest heart

  4. This is so heartbreaking! Horse racing needs to come to an end! They are the ONLY animal that Humans are allowed to exploit legally!!
    Just sickening!

  5. Trying to figure out what our friend, the comedic chartwriter at Aqueduct, meant in races 3 and 7 today. Two horses, in two separate races, “put under protective hold(s)”, and “allowed to fade away.” Is this the new code for euthanized on track? Or is it something benign, like, “The horse just didn’t feel like finishing the race, so just faded off to his/her stall, and is now happily eating dinner”?
    Anybody know? Thanks.

  6. Something I’ve been wondering for quite a while….when you turn on the racing channel (tvg) there’s very rarely anyone there at the tracks.Even on weekends,you don’t see too many. How the hell have they kept this going in the first place??????????

  7. Such beautiful souls to be treated so badly! They run their hearts for their owners and don’t receive the care they deserve everyday!

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