“Bled Out” After Falling

In a FOIA request to the Nebraska State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Fonner Park last year. This list, however, is surely incomplete, both for Fonner and for the state as a whole. Here is what I wrote back to the Commission:

“[It] strains belief that only four horses died at Nebraska tracks last year. Where are the training/stall deaths? All four were at Fonner; what about Nebraska’s other three tracks – Columbus, Horsemen’s, Lincoln? I respectfully request all the information; if your office does not have all the records, please point me in the right direction.”

And the response: “This is the only information that I have.”

Anyhow, here are the four who were disclosed:

Sweet Richter, Mar 16, Fonner R – “compound fracture cannon”

Gambler’s Choice, Mar 30, Fonner R – “fracture of carpus”

Give Me That Wink, Mar 31, Fonner R – “fracture of carpus”

Atlantic Slew, Apr 20, Fonner R – “bled out” (chart said “fell,” so she “bled out” after falling – imagine that)

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  1. ATLANTIC SLEW, Rest In Peace. I can’t really imagine what happened. In a way I can imagine it, but I have not seen such a horrible thing happen to a horse that would cause bleeding out on the racetrack. It doesn’t make sense that anyone could allow such a tragic thing to happen to their horse if they had the most basic compassion and respect for horses. Evidently, the people involved in horseracing have proven again that safety for the horses is the least of their concerns. Evidently, these people who, in their mental condition of moral depravity, could not seriously respect any horse.

  2. I’m very surprised that you even got that response. Many of these southern and western bush league racetracks have no oversight or recording of deaths and incidents. I’m after Oaklawn every year to record and keep track of horse injuries and deaths. I don’t know if they are doing it or not. All the dirtbags from California and now even New York and Kentucky flock there for pre triple crown races. And the purses are huge which makes dirtbags even more willing to trade their horses for a portion of the purse. Also the track condition last year was atrocious so many good horses were injured and never returned. If I thought it would get them to start revealing the carnage I would go there myself. Dirtbag trainers love it there: all the good ole’ boys that think alike horse deaths in horseracing is the horses fault……”they weren’t sound”. Hate and Fury. If you have any idea on how I can get their grim statistics please tell me.

  3. Fell…..BLED OUT. These people are sick,beyond belief. You people drawing a paycheck from this evil …think about how you will be judged.

  4. Yet again proof of the sad, ugly truth and incredible cruelty of the so called “sport”- HORSE RACING!
    How much lower can they stoop? I thought I saw and heard all the horrors… but today was another heartbreaking “surprise”…fell and bled out”… HOW CAN YOU LEECHES LIVE WITH YOURSELVES? This world would be immensely better without you!

  5. Horrific and deeply disturbing for people who actually have some compassion unlike the apologist parasites.
    Anyways, the ONLY reason why most of these small tracks open is to gain access to the millions of dollars in the state tax accounts.
    It’s the “horsemen” AKA HBPA who gain access to this money and it has been going on for years.
    Our local and state coffers are on the verge of bankruptcy while this remains on the books because nobody ever challenges it and this money often flies under the radar.
    It’s astounding how this vile business gets endless handouts and corporate welfare while essential community services are being denied money due to lack of state funds.
    Yet, they give a bunch of racehorse abusers money.
    It’s unacceptable that our veterans are being denied basic things such as ongolng healthcare while this outdated, unncessary gambling venue gets propped up with state funds and taxpayers money.
    They open to get the money and they will run a horse with 3 broken legs if they have to.
    It’s horrific and it needs to stop.

    • Gina, I had read your plea to Brewster regarding Richard’s Boy but now cannot locate it. Anyway, if he doesn’t stop on him and bring him home, he certainly should. But as goes in this industry, bred for racing, used in racing, but not provided a forever home nor supported for life by racing. “Family members”? They look like bigger fools every time they bellow those words.

      I came across some interesting reading – in the January 21 Thoroughbred Racing Commentary, Jay Hovdey had this to say; “we have to get past the hypocrisy of the American public, who basically don’t know which end eats when it comes to horses.” Hypocrisy of the PUBLIC?

      Firstly, Hovdey is racing industry-employed – and therefore supports its use of horses as gambling tools. Yet he admits horses’ lives are risked when they are raced…as evidenced by his own words; “Vic Stauffer…lapsed into a baffling recitation…even as the earnest dozen [racehorses] were out there putting their lives on the line” (from the December 23, 2013 DRF piece “Jay Hovdey: Hollywood Park goes out on the cheap”).

      He continued in the TRC; “Somewhere in [the public’s] head[s], they have this idea of horses as this mythic creature, gorgeous, fast, powerful beyond words, but also nuzzling little girls, carrots, sugar cubes.” Actually Mr. Hovdey, that sounds like your industry’s folks. Hey, those carrots and sugar cubes and stall balls and even visiting little girls who raise their tiny hands towards the horses confined in their shedrow stalls are YOUR industry’s notion of the “good care” and “love” they receive. We, the public who share our lives with horses, understand what truly enriches their days and it isn’t carrots and sugar cubes.

      Finally, we are also aware of what end eats – DAILY. Those who do not would be, again, from your industry, Mr. Hovdey – owners who have never picked a horse’s hoof, never put on a halter, never taught a youngster to simply lead…yet are always the definition of hypocrite as they peddle their “family members” who can no longer earn.

      • Joy,
        Thank you for sharing that bit of information from Jay Hovdey. It is infuriating and nauseating. He is obviously a liar. Either he knows he is lying because he is paid to promote and perpetuate horseracing, or he is delusional and believes his own lies. In which case, he doesn’t know which end does what!

      • Right on Joy.
        Furthermore, where is Jay Hovdey or any of them when you, me and rescue groups are picking up the broken bones and spirits of their “family members”?
        Nowhere to be found of course.
        Jay since your so concerned about YOUR “family members” than why don’t you provide homes for one or some of the many on Joy’s long list of dumped thoroughbreds?
        Or, you can always send a donation towards their thousands in vet bills whose limbs were destroyed by YOUR industry that YOU support.
        It’s always the people who had nothing to do with their exploitation who end up cleaning up the unwanted racehorse mess that YOU and YOUR multi billion dollar industry and a SOLELY responsible for.

  6. Something I will never understand…people seeing a horse’s leg snap off…and still saying this is something I want to see continue. WTF !!!!!!! Who thinks like that? I’ll tell you who-the sick fucks in this bloodbath.

  7. And, speaking of horror show (aren’t we always, given the nature of racing), Equibase reports THREE horses “injured themselves” in the starting gate at Parx Tuesday for race #2. Wondering what hideous mechanical malfunction caused THAT nightmare. I’m guessing it was as awful as it sounds, because the all-important cheap claiming race they still held was reportedly delayed by a whopping NINE MINUTES.
    Starting gate carnage. Can the Sport of K(ill)ings get any more disgusting?

    • Starting gate carnage, indeed, Kelly – it’s terrifying to see – imagine what it’s like for the horses. One of mine became harder and harder to load…”unruly”, “fractious”. No one cared. And the gate crew just hated him.

      • Joy, you say “One of mine became harder and harder to load…” and I am wondering if you meant a horse you rescued from racing?

      • Wanda, yes…he was one I rescued. Maybe you were thinking I was a racehorse owner? – no, never was. That said, I was an avid horseracing fan for years – I bought the lie that was presented to the public – but I should have known better even given the fact that I was nervous every time I watched a race, concerned a horse was going to be injured. Then I started working at the track every weekend with the rescue and saw what really goes on. The horse I mentioned was my first rescue right off the track…he was ten and had been raced 85 times.

      • Wow! He survived 85 times of being loaded into the starting gates and run against other horses also running for their lives. It is difficult to imagine the constant stress and fear that race horses are subject to daily for so many months and sometimes years. Even though ten isn’t very old for a horse, it is old for a racehorse to survive that long.

      • Yes, Wanda, he survived – he tried to tell everyone around that he didn’t want to race but of course, no one cared and no one listened. He was a WRECK when I took him home – it took months for him to settle in and trust. And he never, in the eighteen years he was with me after the track, could tolerate being in a confined area – the stall was a terrifying place for him.

      • Of course those cretins hated their victim, Joy. He wasn’t compliant with his own abuse. In their dysfunctional eyes, he was merely trying to make their jobs difficult. Anybody with a conscience and a clear head would know the horse was acting out from terror and self-preservation instinct. Of course, those few folks in racing who might have HAD a conscience and a clear head would have walked away in disgust a long time ago.

    • Kelly
      I saw the whole thing. Horse 5 started and his head went over the front part of the gate.then 11 and 12 lost the riders when they started to try to backup
      Eveyone got pulled out. They scratched all 3 at the starting gate . None of the horses looked hurt when they were being unsaddled. The 5 was still not settled down when 2 outriders trying to walk him back to the barn.then ofcourse business as usual.take their numbers down and reload

      • Thank you, Nancy. Even if they were not visibly injured in that cluster*#%@, I’m sure their loving connections are still eager to dump each one as soon as they get the chance. Should only be a few days until all three are physically forced to relive that abuse. Again.

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