“Found Dead With Blood and Foam at the Nostrils” – Delaware Kills, 2019

Through a FOIA request to the Delaware Dept. of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. Of note, the Delaware Park euthanasias were reported thus: “horse was humanely destroyed” – as if inserting the word “humanely” somehow exonerates them. It doesn’t. More accurate to simply say, “horse was destroyed” – by the “connections,” by the officials, by the bettors and fans. Horses destroyed by horseracing, the industry. Full stop.

Elle Michele A, Mar 27, Dover R – “catastrophic radial fracture”

yet-to-be-named, Apr 1, Delaware T – “severe, displaced humerus fracture”

Rumble, Apr 22, Harrington R – “sudden onset cardiac dysrhythmia”

Princess Nora, May 16, Delaware T – “humerus fracture”

Johnny Jump Up, May 22, Delaware R – “sesamoid fracture”

Pinedo Pandemonium, May 27, Delaware T – “humerus fracture”

Game Lad, May 27, Delaware R – “acute catastrophic rupture of ligaments”

Lookingforanewhome, May 27, Delaware R – “catastrophic sesamoid fractures”

Mercusio, May 29, Delaware T – “collapsed – sudden death” (three)

Cadiz, Jun 6, Delaware T – “condylar fracture”

Well Graced, Jun 13, Delaware R – “catastrophic fracture, disarticulation”

After Jody, Jun 27, Delaware R – “[multiple] catastrophic fractures”

Destructive Flo, Jun 30, Delaware T – “most likely acute pulmonary hemorrhage”

Luckycuba, Jul 19, Delaware S – “found dead with blood and foam at the nostrils”

The Good Odds, Jul 25, Delaware R (euthanized Jul 28) – “catastrophic fractures”

Texas Dolly, Jul 30, Delaware S – “pneumonia/pleuritis”

Glencairn, Aug 5, Delaware R – “displaced sesamoid fractures”

Tidy Stripe, Aug 8, Delaware R – “displaced sesamoid fractures”

Tricky Rose, Sep 9, Delaware R – “catastrophic humerus fracture”

Lucboski, Sep 9, Harrington R – “catastrophic fracture”

Dispel, Sep 11, Delaware R – “[multiple] catastrophic fractures” (first race)

Blarp, Sep 12, Delaware R – “sesamoid fractures with extensive tissue damage”

Bound for Glory, Sep 17, Delaware T – “lame, fracture”

Noontime Salsa, Sep 28, Delaware T – “exercise-associated sudden death” (three)

Indy’s Quick Image, Oct 13, Delaware S – “found dead – acute brain hemorrhage”

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  1. Destroyed, is my new word to describe what is happening to the precious horses which, by the way, He created the day before He created man.

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    • Billy, thank you for the link. Seeing that Garcia was unlicensed and found guilty of “contributing” to the death of Indy’s Quick Image from a reported “brain hemorrhage” makes me wonder what was the cause of the hemorrhage that poor horse suffered. The fact that Garcia received a 5 yr. suspension (not that these suspensions mean much in reality) makes me very suspicious of what really happened to Indy’s Quick Image. But of course the suspension could be mainly because of the license issue since the horses are disposable, anyway.! The truth is very elusive in this crooked business. Maybe the guy should be in jail, not just on suspension.

      Also, Glencairn received “unauthorized shockwave therapy”!! The details behind these lists of fatally injured horses and those “found dead” would reveal a lot about the horrendous abuse these horses are subjected to even before they die.
      This is a criminal enterprise.

      • It’s SICKENING, isn’t it Rose. On 2-14, I had posted about Glencairn and the illegal shockwave he received only several days before he broke down and died…I C&P it and it’s below. This damn filthy industry…

        And there is more sickening information regarding the breakdown and death of Glencairn. From an article by Bill Finley in the Thoroughbred Daily News regarding the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission overturning a suspension and fine for the alleged role trainer Anthony Pecoraro took in shockwaving Glencairn in late July, this…

        “The case revolved around 5-year-old Glencairn, who suffered a catastrophic injury in a $5,000 claiming race run on August 5 at Delaware Park. It was his first start after a six-month layoff [it was actually a 4-month layoff] and after he had competed in a $25,000 claimer at Aqueduct for trainer Gary Gullo. After an investigation, the DTRC alleged that Pecoraro and [David] Neilson [part owner] were in violation of rules regarding shockwave therapy, which do not allow use of the machines within 10 days of a race.”

        And from an article by Frank Vespe in The Racing Biz, this…

        “During a follow-up investigation, Commission Executive Director John Wayne learned from owner Jack Damico that Neilson, the farm owner, had billed him for shockwave therapy for Glencairn that, according to the bill, took place July 31. It’s a violation of Delaware’s rules to shockwave a horse within 10 days of a race. The state’s regs also require that any shockwave therapy be reported to the Commission’s veterinarian; that had not happened in this case.”

        The reason the DTRC overturned the penalty? (and FYI, Pecoraro continued to train – he never missed one day because of the suspension) – again from the Finley piece, this…

        “…the Delaware Park stewards did not cite the trainer responsibility rule when making their original ruling. Though voting to dismiss the charges against Pecoraro, DTRC Chair Duncan Patterson made it clear that he felt Pecoraro got by on a technicality. ‘The initial ruling did not have a trainer responsibility paragraph in it,’ Patterson said. ‘It was left out. It was a screw up.’”

        So to put the pieces together, Glencairn ran in a 25K claiming race in April in which he finished last of 12. Then nothing – no races. According to a bill received by owner Damico from owner Neilson, Glencairn received shockwave therapy on July 31 (from the Vespe piece). Five days later, on August 5, Glencairn was raced in a 5K claiming race at Delaware Park – from Equibase, this; “Glencairn went wrong in the right front HEADING INTO THE FIRST TURN”. And as we know from Patrick’s post, EUTHANIZED.

        Glencairn is dead – shockwave therapy was administered in violation of their own rules – no one is being held responsible – and all the DTRC’s Patterson can say is “IT WAS A SCREW UP”?



  2. The only way that they can say “humanely” euthanized is if the veterinarian gave the horse a shot of the drug that speeds up death. It is a technical term, in my opinion, unless they lied and are just misleading people to believe a veterinarian euthanized the horse. There is absolutely nothing humane about the way the horseracing industry uses and abuses horses to cause these horrific and catastrophic injuries to bones and heart and lungs and skull and brain and other soft tissues. No horse should have to suffer these unnecessary and sadistically cruel and painful injuries. Horseracing is inhumane treatment of horses.

  3. These horses were destroyed the minute they started their “careers” in the racing industry. This is beyond disgusting, that horses suffer horrific injuries like this EVERY DAY on EVERY TRACK and there is no accountability, no repercussions, and perhaps the most vile, absolutely no sympathy or empathy from the parasites living off them. These bastards have no soul.

  4. Rebecca 👏👏👏👏👏👏 BEAUTIFULLY said. Their fate was sealed the moment they were brought into this unfair world. F’n SICKOS.

  5. Somewhere along the line, society has given a nod or green light for race tracks to exist. A building requires a permit to be issued from the city or county. Who and what applied for that permit? Who and what issued it?
    A business requires a license to operate that specific type of business. Who and what applied for that license? Who and what issued it?
    Behind every business is one or more people.
    Each state has commissions and agencies to ensure standards and legal requirements are met to qualify a person or a group of people to do business in each state.
    Who are the pillars of our communities? Who are the decision makers? Who are the developers? Who are the investors? Where do these people go and who do they interact with? They’re everywhere you are: neighborhoods, city council meetings, church services, school board meetings, employment, entertainment, volunteering, fundraising, politics, etc.
    Reality is like a cold slap in the face. If you miss your alarm for work early in the morning, you can use that fear to jolt you into new habits, doing better for yourself and every animal you love, or you can sit around wringing your hands in despair.

  6. Unfortunately the assholes in this racing industry will just never quit until the last horse is dead. The horses are branded from the moment they become the property of these bastards as those poor souls who will end up dead either on the track or at the track. There is just no accountability for the abuse and slaughter of these race horses. As long as people keep attending these races we will never have the control to stop it – it is so corrupt right from the bottom to the top. It is a disgrace beyond words – humans are the worst abusers in the whole god damn world. Shame on all of you involved in this horrendous so call “sport of champions.”

  7. Luckycuba. Any one bother to find out what the cause was or did they just shrug their shoulders and say ” Oh well”.

    • Luckycuba, “found dead with blood and foam at the nostrils” certainly cries out for an investigation to include an necropsy and the same goes for Indy’s Quick Image , dead from an “acute brain hemorrhage”.
      I doubt any meaningful investigations took place and even if there was any I doubt there would be any public disclosure. There is no accountability in racing – it is a law unto itself.
      We could call the Delaware Racing Commission and ask if the deaths were investigated and wheather necropsies were conducted. If nothing else at least they would know people are paying attention.

      John Wayne, Executive Director
      (302) 994-2521 Ext: 8970

      Sarah Crane (Inspector)
      (302) 994-2521
      Business Ext: 7135/7314

      • Further, Indy’s Quick Image, was raced at Delaware on 10/2 then shipped to Parx and raced on 2/12 then “found dead” at Delaware the next day, 2/13, with an “acute brain hemorrhage”.
        Plus, the horse was assigned a Beyer speed rating of “0” in his last 3 races after he changed hands. And he finished over 34 lengths off the winner in his last race.
        Clearly, Indy’s Quick Image was not able to race – WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO HIM ??

      • CORRECTION : Indy’s Quick Image raced on 10/2/2019 at Delaware, 10/12/2019 at Parx not 2/12 and then was found dead from an “acute brain hemorrhage” at Delaware on 10/13/2019 not 2/13, Apologies for the mistake.

      • The people responsible for contributing to the death of INDY’S QUICK IMAGE are listed on the website of the State of Delaware, Department of Agriculture, Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission, 777 Delaware Park Boulevard, Wilmington, Delaware 19804//Office of the Stewards. There are rulings listed/documented against three different individuals regarding the death of INDY’S QUICK IMAGE and the numbers of the Stewards rulings are (126-2019), (133-2019), (134-2019). The only way to read them from the website is to click on it and it downloads to your device. I didn’t find anything about any necropsies done.

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