Through a FOIA request to the Delaware Dept. of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2021. Please note, however, that after being questioned, the Department said this about the list: “The information you were provided reflects all deaths at Delaware tracks in 2021. There were no stall deaths.” No stall deaths – in a word, impossible. In any event, here is what I do have.

Djokovien, Feb 23, Dover R – “severe, acute pulmonary hemorrhage coming off track”

I Like My Boss, Mar 9, Dover R – “catastrophic fracture coming off track”

Bobby the Greek, Apr 26, Harrington R – “sudden cardiac arrest”

I Love Pearls, May 8, Delaware T (euthanized May 17) – “fractured tibia”

Prettyhappy, May 16, Delaware T – “sudden death – heart attack” (three years old)

Fine N Dandy, May 22, Delaware T – “RF fracture”

Struttinbuck, Jun 3, Delaware T – “fractured ankle”

Splash, Jun 19, Delaware R – “sudden death” (two years old; chart: “stopped abruptly”)

Step Back, Jun 24, Delaware T – “condylar fracture” (being prepped for first race)

Divine Interventio, Jul 24, Delaware R – “fracture, rupture” (53rd race)

Spanish d’Oro, Jul 29, Delaware T – “severe leg injuries and open cuts”

Awesome At Riedes, Aug 4, Delaware T – “fractured shoulder”

Verbien O. P., Sep 18, Delaware R – “compound shoulder fracture”

Maracaibo, Oct 7, Delaware R – “condylar fracture”

Bluegrass On Tap, Oct 18, Delaware T – “pastern fracture”

She’s Luckyinlove, Oct 27, Delaware R – “shoulder fracture” (second ever race)

Through a FOIA request to the Delaware Dept. of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2020.

Abelard Hanover, Mar 2, Dover R – “acute aortic rupture” (12 years old)

Cheri’s Win, Jun 24, Delaware R – “comminuted fracture LF”

Exclamation Point, Jul 8, Delaware R – “comminuted fracture”

Diamond Darlin, Jul 20, Delaware S – “hit head, fractured skull, ruptured major artery – died” (note: not euthanized, just died)

Shaggy Kid, Aug 5, Delaware S – “terminally ill – colon torsion, toxic”

Star Fitzstall, Aug 10, Delaware S – “terminally ill – colic”

Along Came Betty, Aug 24, Delaware S – “terminally ill – laminitis” (three years old)

Thekidsback, Sep 5, Delaware R – “colic [after race]”

Sleeplessdreammore, Oct 4, Delaware S – “terminally ill – cause undetermined”

Dreams of Shirley, Oct 8, Delaware R (euthanized Oct 10) – “fracture RF”

Cali Girl, Oct 9, Delaware T (euthanized Oct 10) – “sesamoid fracture”

Creme de Cerise, Oct 11, Delaware T – “humerus fracture”

Micaro, Nov 19, Delaware T – “knee fracture” (2-year-old being prepped for first race)

Back to Back, Dec 4, Delaware S – “terminally ill – colic”

Through a FOIA request to the Delaware Dept. of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. Of note, the Delaware Park euthanasias were reported thus: “horse was humanely destroyed” – as if inserting the word “humanely” somehow exonerates them. It doesn’t. More accurate to simply say, “horse was destroyed” – by the “connections,” by the officials, by the bettors and fans. Horses destroyed by horseracing, the industry. Full stop.

Elle Michele A, Mar 27, Dover R – “catastrophic radial fracture”

yet-to-be-named, Apr 1, Delaware T – “severe, displaced humerus fracture”

Rumble, Apr 22, Harrington R – “sudden onset cardiac dysrhythmia”

Princess Nora, May 16, Delaware T – “humerus fracture”

Johnny Jump Up, May 22, Delaware R – “sesamoid fracture”

Pinedo Pandemonium, May 27, Delaware T – “humerus fracture”

Game Lad, May 27, Delaware R – “acute catastrophic rupture of ligaments”

Lookingforanewhome, May 27, Delaware R – “catastrophic sesamoid fractures”

Mercusio, May 29, Delaware T – “collapsed – sudden death” (three)

Cadiz, Jun 6, Delaware T – “condylar fracture”

Well Graced, Jun 13, Delaware R – “catastrophic fracture, disarticulation”

After Jody, Jun 27, Delaware R – “[multiple] catastrophic fractures”

Destructive Flo, Jun 30, Delaware T – “most likely acute pulmonary hemorrhage”

Luckycuba, Jul 19, Delaware S – “found dead with blood and foam at the nostrils”

The Good Odds, Jul 25, Delaware R (euthanized Jul 28) – “catastrophic fractures”

Texas Dolly, Jul 30, Delaware S – “pneumonia/pleuritis”

Glencairn, Aug 5, Delaware R – “displaced sesamoid fractures”

Tidy Stripe, Aug 8, Delaware R – “displaced sesamoid fractures”

Tricky Rose, Sep 9, Delaware R – “catastrophic humerus fracture”

Lucboski, Sep 9, Harrington R – “catastrophic fracture”

Dispel, Sep 11, Delaware R – “[multiple] catastrophic fractures” (first race)

Blarp, Sep 12, Delaware R – “sesamoid fractures with extensive tissue damage”

Bound for Glory, Sep 17, Delaware T – “lame, fracture”

Noontime Salsa, Sep 28, Delaware T – “exercise-associated sudden death” (three)

Indy’s Quick Image, Oct 13, Delaware S – “found dead – acute brain hemorrhage”

Through a FOIA request to the Delaware Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018.

Paradise Lost, May 15, Harrington R
“suffered an accident related injury – fracture of the right front leg – while racing at Harrington Raceway and was humanely euthanized”

Mr. Euro, June 18, Delaware R
“was humanely destroyed after suffering a catastrophic injury – left-front medial and lateral midbody sesamoid fracture, complete rupture of the superficial and deep flexor tendon, torn suspensory branches, and an open wound – in the 5th race”

Baccarat Dream, June 20, Delaware T
“sustained an injury – fractured left acetabulum tuber coxae – during training and was humanely euthanized”

Noregretsfornow, June 30, Delaware R
“sustained a catastrophic injury – comminuted condylar fracture – during the 2nd race and was humanely euthanized”

Unbridled Gift, July 4, Delaware R (euthanized July 13)
“sustained a left-front medical comminuted basal sesamoid fracture [and] med suspensory branch trauma”

My Giant, July 25, Delaware R
“suffered what appeared to be cardiac arrhythmia near the finish line…removed with dignity [italics added] to the holding area”

Gallo de Oro, July 26, Delaware R
“suffered a catastrophic injury during the running of the 6th race; the ill-fated [italics added] horse sustained a right front fracture of its medial sesamoid”

Parapente, July 30, Delaware R
“pulled up during her race…determined to have a right front lateral condyle fracture and humanely euthanized at the hospital”

Mairis, August 1, Delaware R
“sustained a left front fracture of the femur or pelvis involve quadriceps insertion”

Off Road, August 25, Delaware R
“suffered a catastrophic injury necessitating it being humanely destroyed; right front biaxial sesamoid fractures among other injuries”

Coverallyourbases, August 27, Delaware R
“suffered an injury – compound, comminuted fracture of left hind 3rd metatarsal – during the running of the 8th race and was humanely destroyed”

You Know Too, September 24, Delaware R (euthanized October 1)
“humanely destroyed after suffering a catastrophic injury – comminuted sesamoid fractures of the left front”

Puturseatbelton, September 26, Delaware T
“suffered a training injury – compound, comminuted left lateral condyle fracture, comminuted left front medial sesamoid fracture – and was humanely destroyed”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Formal Summation, May 15, Delaware
“was examined and determined to be terminally lame…humanely euthanized; postmortem report indicated complete cartilage erosion of both front metacarpal III’s medial condyles, right front medial sesamoid base eroded” (five years old)

Rebel Rithms, July 13, Delaware
“suffered a catastrophic injury while grazing outside its barn, apparently flipping and landing on its neck…report indicated a broken neck”

Flight Crew, September 8, Delaware
“was examined and determined to be terminally lame…euthanized; synovial fluid – cloudy bloody-middle carpal joint, multiple chips” (five years old)

American Diplomat, October 18, Delaware
“diagnosed with right hind cellulitis and foundering and sinking of left hind P3…humanely destroyed” (two years old, raced once)