Apologists: Read Details of These Ohio Kills Then Try to Defend Racing

Through a FOIA request to the Ohio State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. (This is Part 2; Part 1 here.) As usual, the Commission did not forward stall deaths; in addition, only one training kill was disclosed. In other words, the true toll in Ohio is much higher than what I’ve been able to report, and I’ve been able to report 47 dead horses.

Soroa, May 21, Thistledown R
“Horse fractured cannon and fell at 1/8 pole, euthanized on track.”

Beau Dan, May 30, Belterra R
“Fell at 3/16 pole. Open, compound, disarticulated fracture of the fetlock. Horse was humanely euthanized.”

Irish Miss, May 31, Belterra R
“Broke from gate unseating rider. Horse continued to travel erratically down the rail. She bucked, kicked, and exhibited bunny hopping. Upon stopping, her hind legs collapsed. Suspect pelvic fracture with nerve damage as well as spinal cord trauma. Horse was humanely euthanized.” (her first race)

I Miss Jumbo, Jun 9, Thistledown T
Broken pelvis, humane euthanasia.” (being prepped for her first race)

Coraline, Jun 11, Thistledown R
“Horse fractured ankle – displaced – during race. Blood collected before euthanasia.”

Pomera, Jun 23, Belterra R
“Mare went down at 1/8 pole. Rupture of sesamoidean apparatus and complete dislocation of fetlock joint – open, compound. Humanely euthanized.”

Colonel Lewis, Jul 24, Thistledown R
“Horse dislocated – open, degloved – ankle at 3/8 pole and was euthanized on track.”

Forza, Jul 30, Thistledown R
“Horse fractured cannon – open – at 1/8 pole and was euthanized on track.”

Quinnehtukqut, Aug 10, Thistledown R
Fractured shoulder at 3/8 pole, euthanized on track.”

Purple Flowers, Aug 15, Belterra R
“Mare broke down at finish line. Breakdown of sesamoidean apparatus with complete dislocation of fetlock joint. Mare was humanely euthanized.”

Anything, Aug 17, Belterra R
“Filly pulled up just past 1/4 pole. 3rd carpal bone had fractured into multiple pieces. Horse was humanely euthanized.”

Tango Lima, Aug 20, Thistledown R
“Horse fractured cannon bone – open, displaced – and was euthanized on track.”

Uncle Lite A (sic), Aug 31, Northfield R
“Horse collapsed at 1/2 – comminuted, open fracture of cannon bone. Gave [meds] prior to euthanasia for shock and pain.”

Wicked Drive, Sep 2, Thistledown R (euthanized Sep 3)
Comminuted, displaced knee fracture. Owner elected euthanasia.”

Carol Marie, Sep 9, Belterra R
“Filly bobbled at 1/4 pole. Multiple carpal bones fractured. Humanely euthanized.”

Blues Story, Sep 10, Thistledown R
“Horse fractured ankle – displaced – at wire, euthanized on track.”

She’s Flat Out, Sep 11, Thistledown R
“Horse fractured ankle at 3/8 pole, vanned and [euthanized].”

Beltway, Sep 11, Thistledown R
“Horse fractured ankle – comminuted, open – at 1/2 pole. Blood collected before euthanasia.”

Fashion Shot, Sep 13, Belterra R
“Pulled up at 1/16 pole. Bilateral sesamoid fractures. Horse was humanely euthanized.”

Super Franchise, Oct 26, Mahoning R
“Horse pulled up very lame after race…vanned off. Owner elected euthanasia.”

Valparaiso Hanover, Oct 28, Northfield R
Comminuted P1/P2 fracture. Blood drawn prior to euthanasia.”

Iamthebest, Oct 29, Mahoning R
“Horse fractured right knee – multiple, comminuted, loss of column support – after 3/8 pole, euthanized on track.”

Arabella, Dec 7, Northfield R
Comminuted, open fracture of pastern joint. 200 cc euthasol.”

Macca Tree, Dec 14, Mahoning R
“Horse fractured cannon bone – open, displaced – at 3/16 pole. Blood collected before euthanasia.”

Whisper Barrow, Dec 14, Mahoning R
“Horse ruptured DDFT during race. Blood collected before euthanasia.”

Vertifiable, Dec 17, Mahoning R
“Horse fractured sesamoids – comminuted, displaced – at 5/16 pole, euthanized on track.”

Rooster Did It, Dec 21, Mahoning R
“Horse rebowed LF during stretch run, vanned…humane euthanasia.”

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  1. These hideous injuries to horses from racing are proof that horseracing is cruelty and torture to horses. If only the owners and everyone involved could be locked up…

  2. So incredibly difficult to read.
    Inhumane abuse and cruelty but humane euthanasia…really?? how disgusting!
    Do these parasites actually want us to believe that they have compassion or even one cell of goodness left in them? We do NOT. They all need to go. And they will when this horrific industry SHUTS DOWN. And it can’t be soon enough.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me why the racing industrry (globally) constantly, and without fail, describes its THOUSANDS of “much loved” horses’ euthanasias as being HUMANE. Oh please.
    A pleasure riding horse on a trail ride is suddenly spooked by a storm, the branch of a tree comes crashing down in front of of him and he suffers a catastrophic limb fracture. Vet called in to put this horse out of his misery and humanely euthanases him.
    This HUMANE euthanasia above described, simply and absolutely, cannot be compared in any way whatsoever with the racing industry’s so called “humane” euthanasias. These horses are not breaking down and suffering catastrophic injuries and being killed due to a freak accident. These horses are breaking down and dying due to –

    being forced to gallop at high speed when they are not up to the task;
    these horses are being mercilessly whipped forcing them to gallop faster beyond their natural limitations;
    many horses are forced to race when carrying pre-existing injuries and/or sore, tired;
    many horses are drugged.

    The racing industry industry has the hide of an elephant to state that its horses are HUMANELY euthanased when they’ve set their horses up in an environment to cause them to be at high risk to break down catastrophically.
    I have no words for my disgust.

  4. This is not the sport of kings but an inhumane atrocity that kills many many wonderful young horses.
    This is a corrupt business!!A business that takes young horses and grinds them up due to injuries that
    they did not need. Stop this insane so called sport.It is not a sport when animals are involved.Money talks
    and this has to end.

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