A Pair of Kills in Idaho

Through a FOIA request to the Idaho State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills there in 2019. Please note, however, that Idaho’s last remaining active racetrack, Les Bois Park, closed in 2016. What’s left are state and county fairs, which combined had less than 30 days of racing last year.

Afterwhile Crocodile, Jul 12, Sandy R

Past the Stars, Sep 6, Black Foot R

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  1. Both horses deserved better than what horseracing gave them; cruelty, torture, over raced and death. AFTERWHILE CROCODILE, a 3-year-old Quarter Horse, is dead because of horseracing. If everyone knew how cruel horseracing is to horses, and cared, it would be a thing of the past. SMH!

  2. R.I.P. ‘AFTERWHILE CROCODILE’ and ‘PAST THE STARS’…so sorry the vile business of horseracing abused and killed you both. Fly high and free because you truly are now, until we meet again, Amen!!

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