Let This Be the Last Thoroughbred Kill I Have to Report for Massachusetts

Through a FOIA request to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at that state’s tracks in 2019. Please note, however, that Suffolk Downs, Massachusetts’ (and New England’s) only Thoroughbred track, ran but a handful of dates last year; Mass’ other track, Plainridge, is harness. Please further note that Suffolk was permanently closed after its meet concluded, so it falls to us to keep the whole of New England Thoroughbred Racing-free, and toward that end, we at HW are working hand in hand with Massachusetts-based activists to do just that.

Royal Ransom, Jun 29, Suffolk R – “compound, comminuted fracture of metacarpus”

ShezSugarSweet A, Sep 19, Plainridge R – “collapsed and died instantly – no definitive cause found”

Poisonous, Oct 14, Plainridge R – “comminuted fracture of phalanx”

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  1. The management behind Suffolk Downs must not be allowed to re-establish racing in Great Barrington.

  2. Nowhere in their backroom discussions, deals is there representation from the community or from community groups and/or taxpayers – NOWHERE while these deals continue to net the horse racing business billions in casino profits that are intentionally being diverted from essential community services.
    Our politicians needs to wake-up and smell the coffee because this is absurd for these type of secret deals to be going on that affects millions of people.
    Of course the racehorses are their voiceless victims and by virtue of their inability to have a voice at these bargaining tables they are the biggest losers.
    It’s long overdue to hold this industry accountable, stop funding this animal abuse, and to shut them down.

    • Too many people don’t have a f’n clue as to what their “elected” representatives are doing. It’s really sad that some people are too lazy or stupid to get themselves INFORMED!!! That money that’s KILLING horses,could be used to provide services and beneficial things to make lives better. It’s really maddening to think about it. WAKE the F up people!!!

  3. Although I’m sad about more racehorses dying for this vile business, I’m simultaneously elated and rejoicing knowing that this hell hole for racehorses is forever gone.
    It should have been shut down a long time ago, but better late than never.

  4. “Collapsed and died instantly” – if only the racing industry would do the same.
    What an amazing day it will be when death pits like Santa Anita close forever.

    • Ha! They’re still fighting (lamely), but even their lashing-out is getting more feeble and halfhearted. Of course, it helps that one couldn’t have bought a more telling, public display of incompetence, cruelty, and horse-killing arrogance than Santa Anita’s this past weekend. Even NBC Sports covered it; NBC!

      The Disgrace Race Place is not long for this world.

  5. Thank you for being the hope for all race horses and their tireless activists. May we pray for the day when horse racing is but a memory.

  6. From your lips (or keyboard) to God’d ears, Patrick! Huge step forward. Thank you! Now let’s get all the other wretched death traps shut down forever!!

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