“Carcass Removed by M & S Pet Removal”

Through a FOIA request to the New Jersey Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. (Note: Almost every report came with this: “Carcass Removed By M & S Pet Removal.” From “majestic athletes” to carcasses.)

Rock Star, Apr 27, Freehold R – “Place of Death: Pit at Freehold Raceway”

So Good, Apr 29, Monmouth T – “probable heart attack” (five years old)

Red Gum, May 12, Monmouth R – “trauma LF fetlock…euthan[ized] on track”

Orra Moor, Jun 15, Monmouth R – “[multiple] fractures”

Firm, Jun 15, Monmouth R – “collapse on track post-race” (three years old)

Joey Flash, Jul 4, Monmouth T – “compound, comminuted ankle fracture”

Machine Learning, Jul 4, Monmouth R – “[multiple fractures with] avulsion”

Paganini, Jul 4, Monmouth R (euthanized Jul 5) – “sesamoid fracture”

Metallic, Jul 7, Monmouth R – “on track, 3/8 pole”

Diamonds for Jack, Jul 9, Monmouth T – “comminuted condylar fracture”

Jerseymooseisloose, Jul 14, Monmouth R – “sesamoids fracture, suspensory failure”

Classy Dragon, Jul 16, Freehold T – “knee, ankle”

Frittata, Jul 20, Monmouth T (euthanized Jul 23) – “torn suspensory”

Spiral Bound, Jul 27, Monmouth R – “fractured ankle”

Hijacker, Sep 1, Monmouth R – “fractured pastern”

Old What’s Up (sic), Sep 27, Monmouth T – “coming out of gate – possible aneurysm”

Eastern Front, Oct 6, Monmouth R (euthanized Oct 7) – “Place of Death: Rake Yard”

Carolina Day Dream, Oct 12, Monmouth T – “comminuted fracture”

Across the Bridge, Oct 13, Monmouth R – “Place of Death: Rake Yard”

Heavenly Blessed, Oct 20, Monmouth T – “complete fracture of cannon bone”

Warminister A, Dec 28, Freehold R – “sudden death – cause unknown”


  1. Since horses are recognized as livestock while they are alive, how do horses become “recognized” as pets when they are dead and their bodies need to be removed from their place of torture and death?

    • Precisely what I was wondering, Wanda!
      The cruelty continues even after their deaths. Zero respect for these amazing creatures. So Heartbreaking!!

  2. Another sickening report exposing this vile business for what it is and for what it does to racehorses.
    When alive they are gambling chips, there to generate wagering profits and to flip a buck for their connections.
    The next step is usually crippling/maiming/unsound sore, painful racehorses that are doped to fill races.
    The inevitable usually happens as chronic, painful ailments finally give way, which usually comes in the form of snapped-off limbs, cardiovascular collapse etc etc.
    To think that the New Jersey politicians have recently approved 100 million dollars to “revive” their dead horse racing business is abhorrent.
    A recent poll proved that about 86% of New Jersey residents DON’T SUPPORT horse racing and they are outraged that their government has given this precious taxpayers money when their roads are falling apart.
    Again, another back room deal shoved through with no input from taxpayers who pay for it.
    Again, the delusional proclamation of jobs, jobs, jobs, and promotes the economy.
    We know and we have seen that this is a bunch of delusional crap because any other business creates more DECENT jobs minus all the corruption and racehorses dying.
    Former New Jersey Republican Governor Christie reviewed horse racing and concluded that it was a total waste of money and if they wanted to continue then they would have to pay for it themselves.
    In fact, he had several proposals from non-horse racing businesses that would have provided more DECENT jobs if they tore down the track or have casino gambling without supporting horse racing.
    His decision shut down horse racing because they are NOT financially sustainable and require years and years of handouts paid for by taxpayers.
    Take for example, Woodbine Racetrack who got 345 million per year for 12 years of taxpayers money and they STILL wen’t back to the taxpayers trough to get another 100 million per year – it’s insanity.

  3. My mind CANNOT wrap itself around this horrific obscenity — after all the good HORSES have done for us Humans, this is so BEYOND WRONG and HATEFUL — I have no more words — what do we do? — we MUST SHUT DOWN the brutal, unconscionable, sadistic depraved industry of HORSE-RACING — FOREVER.

  4. I applaud all the above comments. Money is the root of all evil and here the horses
    pay with their lives. End this charade!

    • “Place of death: pit or rake yard” – not anywhere remotely comforting with the people who are supposed to love these horses like their children. Just dragged to dirt lot and left to be disposed of like a bag of trash, with splintered limbs and fractures and internal injuries caused by the depraved sadistic exploitation system STILL allowed to continue despite its ugliness on display for the world to see. This is not ignorance that deserves our understanding and forgiveness – this is willful abuse, torture, and destruction of horses for profit and entertainment, and to anyone still involved in this industry I say, quite literally, to Hell with you.

      • Nancy, thank you for remembering BRIDGET MOLONEY. I just shared two articles on Facebook regarding this Thoroughbred racing mare that was exploited and killed by the horseracing industry at Mountaineer in West Virginia, then disposed of in a garbage dump.

      • And please don’t forget Rockaroo who laid on the backside of Mountaineer for two hours until the track vet showed up to euthanize her. She died on the same day (in the morning hours) as Bridget Moloney.

    • I agree. The word carcass is meant to degrade animals – it helps to “justify” our mistreatment of them and it is okay to throw a dead horse in a garbage pit since it is just a carcass!!

  5. And in place of fatal injuries or how the horse died, statements such as “Place of Death” Pit at Freehold Raceway and Rake Yard at Monmouth. No “cause” of the deaths stated but who in racing cares let alone asks questions.
    No respect for the horse in life and so it follows in death.

  6. Money, Money and more money. I wish people would get this through their thick heads that animals were not put here for our entertainment AT ALL and they serve a purpose and its not for entertainment or to make humans money,…….they don’t care about money. Its just sick………how animals are just used then disposed of once not needed anymore or they are not a money maker like they used to be. This to me is criminal but hey our justice system is not for us and is for the criminal.

    • The ANIMALS are the only INNOCENTS. These people in racing are there I suspect because they have nothing hopeful,positive, or anything to offer society. All they know how to do is torture animals.

  7. Thank you for continuing to expose the abuse of racehorses. I worked at Liberty Bell Racetrack in Philadelphia for several years in the seventies. What I witnesses caused me to leave. So sad this abuse continues.

  8. Wanda. Rebecca and I were right on the story when it broke. Of course we knew the outcome when charges were brought up. NO PROBLEM dumping in some landfill dump. Heaven knows how many others lay there.

    • I found a third article on The Blood Horse online that states that there was no abuse to BRIDGET MOLONEY. That statement is obviously a falsehood, a whitewash and a no-brainer cover-up which is despicable and despisable! It’s the sanitized version of a very corrupt system that denies the obvious abuse of a racehorse. It’s vile and depraved to use and abuse a horse until he or she cannot give anything more but his or her life. Most, if not all, of the horses killed by racing seem to be under 10 years old. The average life span of a horse is 20 years. So you know something is horribly, horribly wrong when you see reports of dead racehorses under the age of 10-years-old. Even people with little to no experience with horses ought to be able to see that something is horribly wrong about horses being dead at such young ages.

  9. How very sad. There will come a day when we pay for our abuse of the earth and it’s creatures . Shut this useless so called sport down where no one cares about the horses. Charge this owners with abuse and end the meaningless waste of young horses for no other reason the human greed.

  10. I can’t believe I live in a country that celebrates horse racing TORTURE!

    • Right? It defies all logic, empathy, compassion, and humanity that it hasn’t yet been outlawed in a single state.
      Key word: YET.

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