“Dislocated Ankle, Euthanized [on] Track” – 5 Kills in Wyoming, 2019

Through a FOIA request to the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019.

Captain N Black, Jun 15, Energy R – “knee, euthanized barn”

Jess El Chamaco, Jun 22, Energy R – “shoulder, euthanized track” (first race)

Ap Bear Lake, Jun 29, Energy R – “dislocated ankle, euthanized track”

Get Loud, Jul 7, Wyoming R – “ankle, euthanized barn”

Eyesa Special Bolt, Sep 8, Sweetwater S – “colic, subsequently died”

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  1. “Colic, subsequently died” sounds suspiciously like the horse was just left in a stall to suffer through it. Not that any of us here would be surprised.

  2. When an owner’s horse has colic they should take care of it immediately, then maybe, just maybe, the horse could be saved. Owners and trainers should be aware when their horses are in trouble and act immediately to correct whatever is going on with them, whether mentally or physically! They probably can’t take the time from counting all the money their dead horse has earned for them! Those racehorses run their hearts out to win, their care should be a #1 priority!

    • Sharon- that’s IF they want to take care of it, and IF they even have the money to do so. I remember when I was at the track, another trainer’s horse was colicking in our shedrow. I stayed with the horse as he pawed and circled, pawed, circled, then started sweating and rolling… finally the trainer showed up, and saw me at his stall. He casually walked up and asked what was going on. I told him the horse was exhibiting colic symptoms for about 45 min at that point, at which time the trainer shrugged and said, “he’s done this before.” He walked into the stall, pulled the horse’s sheet off him, shrugged again and said “guess we will see if he’s still here in the morning”. No call to the vet, no banamine paste, or anything to ease this horse’s suffering. Most of all, no concern. And I had thought this guy was one of the “good guys”. I was quickly learning there’s no such thing in racing. This guy also doesn’t win very often, so I can imagine that finances were his main concern. Sad reality of low tier track life. My heart broke more that day.

      • It’s shocking to know that people can have horses and be such morons about taking care of them.

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