“Leg Shattered”; “Ligament Ruptured”; “Neck and Head Fractures”; “Laminitis Both Front Feet” – Some of West Virginia’s 70+ Kills Last Year

Through a FOIA request to the West Virginia Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. (This is Part 3; Part 1 here; Part 2 here.)

Sweet Milk, Apr 28, Mountaineer R (euthanized Aug 17) – “laminitis”

Tomb Robber, Jun 22, Charles Town R (euthanized Jun 27) – “slab fracture”

Longstreak, Jun 27, Charles Town T – “shoulder fracture”

Coleman Rocky, Jul 3, Mountaineer R (euthanized Jul 29) – “condyle fracture”

Pastorelli, Jul 9, Mountaineer R – “sesamoids fracture”

Good Boy Lucas, Jul 10, Mountaineer – “laminitis both front feet”
(five years old, last raced Jun 26)

Unsuspected, Jul 12, Charles Town R – “multiple fractures”

Doc Machen, Jul 17, Mountaineer T – “comminuted MCIII fracture”
(two years old, being prepped for first race)

Hey Willie, Jul 19, Charles Town R – “sudden death”

Carolina Reaper, Jul 23, Mountaineer R – “fell, died”

Cunaviche, Jul 28, Mountaineer S – “large colon torsion”
(51 races, most recently Jul 15)

Northern Rock Star, Aug 7, Charles Town T (euthanized Aug 8) – “ligament rupture”

Parade for Me, Aug 19, Mountaineer R – “compound sesamoids fracture”

Die Hard Di, Aug 22, Charles Town S – “Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis”

Rose’s Asset, Aug 25, Mountaineer R – “compound, comminuted MCIII fracture”

Air Station, Aug 27, Mountaineer R – “compound sesamoids fracture”

yet-to-be-named filly, Aug 31, Charles Town T – “cannon fracture”

Candid Opinions, Sep 2, Mountaineer R – “comminuted radius fracture”
(nine years old, 81st race)

Rebellious Warrior, Sep 6, Charles Town T – “shoulder fracture”
(hadn’t been raced in over three years)

Brave Spirited, Sep 7, Charles Town R – “sudden death, pulmonary hemorrhage”
(first race)

Conquest Point, Sep 8, Mountaineer R – “carpus fracture”

Immediate Release, Sep 19, Charles Town R – “multiple fractures”

Rockaroo, Sep 25, Mountaineer S – “carpi fracture”
(48 races, most recent just three days prior)

Bridget Moloney, Sep 25, Mountaineer R – “sesamoids fracture”
(eight years old, 73rd race)

Ada Cowgirl, Sep 26, Charles Town S – “chronic shoulder lameness”
(seven years old, 26 races)

With the Wind, Sep 28, Charles Town T – “sesamoid fracture”

Iana, Oct 3, Charles Town R – “leg shattered”

Elverson, Oct 3, Charles Town R (same race as above) – “neck and head fractures”

Gotta Fly, Oct 15, Mountaineer R – “carpus fracture”

Lolapop, Oct 22, Charles Town T – “sesamoids fracture”

Distinct Signature, Oct 27, Mountaineer R – “carpus fracture”

Dry Creek Road, Oct 31, Charles Town R (euthanized Nov 4) – “carpus fracture”

Track Bully, Nov 6, Mountaineer S – “septic foot”
(12 years old, most recent race Jul 15)

Blushing Owen, Nov 8, Charles Town R – “elbow fracture”

More Than Willing, Nov 15, Charles Town S – “tibia fracture”
(two years old, not yet raced)

Top Hat Darlin, Nov 15, Charles Town R – “shoulder fracture”

Dubai Road, Nov 18, Charles Town S – “injured and down in stall”
(two years old, not yet raced)

Tap Your Brother, Nov 22, Charles Town T – “carpus fracture”

Gold Sting, Nov 25, Mountaineer R – “carpus fracture”

Baby Dancer, Nov 26, Charles Town S – “chronic arthritis”

Lady Bearoness, Nov 26, Charles Town T – “pastern fracture”

Perfections, Nov 27, Mountaineer R – “compound, comminuted MCII fracture”

Center Ice, Nov 30, Charles Town R (euthanized Dec 3) – “carpus fracture”

Flying Around, Dec 2, Mountaineer R – “comminuted sesamoid fracture”

Creative Mist, Dec 12, Charles Town R – “sesamoids fracture”

Punky Boo, Dec 18, Charles Town R – “cannon fracture”

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  1. These sound like injuries sustained in car wrecks, not simply running down a dirt track. And people STILL don’t think there’s a disgusting problem with horse racing?!

  2. I read the descriptions, trying to avoid seeing the names of the horses affiliated with the descriptions, not because I don’t want to give recognition to the deceased horses but because I am simply horrified that this industry continues to create this degree of carnage. I am also horrified that there are still humans out there who actively participate in, and support, an industry that does an incredible amount of damage to animals that they supposedly love. Incongruous behavior, undoubtedly.

    A couple weeks ago, I got into a “debate” with a Ms. Ashley Lilley about horseracing. The “debate” started on a FB friend’s page when this friend shared a HW post. Lilley jumped on the post with several comments and stated that the posts made here on this blog are/were “propaganda.” I then posted a Shedrow Secrets story that I had written about Lovetobehappy who was damaged, beyond repair, at the age of 3 by an industry that Ms. Lilley supports. Lilley refused to read my story because HW is nothing but propaganda in her opinion. I’m not usually at a loss for words, but what do you say to someone like Lilley? 70 dead horses at the hell hole, Mountaineer, last year and Lilley spews that HW is nothing but propaganda. Obviously, the girl doesn’t know fact from fiction. Again, to quote Mark Twain…”No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.” Thank you, Mr. Twain. You just hit the nail on the head.

  3. This large amount of carnage at only TWO horse racing tracks. And mountaineer only runs a little less than 8 months out of the year. Vile.

  4. Reading this is like something out of a nightmare! The only difference… we will not wake up to all these beautiful horses alive and happy. I cannot believe these “injuries”-rather the inflicted abuse, cruelty and just plain heartlessness. How can a yet unraced 2 year old baby horse just collapse in his stall?? How much abuse are these poor souls subjected to day in and day out!? We all know the answer… JUST PLAIN ABOMINABLE

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