30 More Dead Racehorses for Arizona

Through a FOIA request to the Arizona Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks from May 1-Dec 31, 2019 (the first four months of the year can be found here).

La Reina Del Rancho, May 3, Turf S – “colic”
Tizjohndeersway, Jun 15, Arizona Downs R – “fracture LF”
Dashing Star, Jul 7, Arizona Downs T – “spinal injury”
High Profit, Jul 21, Arizona Downs T – “head trauma, cervical spine”
Jomelo, Aug 10, Arizona Downs R – “fractured sesamoids” (63rd race)
Nana’s Rule, Aug 10, Arizona Downs R – “cannon”
Dales Cash, Aug 25, Arizona Downs R – “shoulder”
Out Trump’d Her, Sep 17, Turf S – “colic”
Revykyroan, Oct 13, Turf S – “flipped, head [trauma]”
Whoodat, Oct 14, Turf S – “colic”
Absolute Royalty, Oct 14, Turf R – “fractured sesamoid”
Best It, Oct 14, Turf R – “fractured sesamoid”
Raspberry Punch, Oct 15, Turf S – “pneumonia” (raced 46 times)
Silver Band, Oct 16, Turf T – “fractured leg”
Cold Hard Luck, Oct 18, Turf T – “broken shoulder”
Full Access, Oct 22, Turf R – “fractured carpus”
Saltarin, Oct 28, Turf R – “fractured fetlock”
Erica’s Tiger, Oct 29, Turf T – “trauma”
Dw Carolina Flash, Nov 3, Turf R – “fractured sesamoid”
Survivour, Nov 5, Turf S – “colic”
Cash Money Always, Nov 8, Turf T – “fractured fetlock”
Truly Unusual, Nov 10, Turf S – “colic” (9 years old, raced 98 times)
Eva’s Classy Baby, Nov 10, Turf R – “fractured carpus”
Gottem All Buzzin, Nov 14, Turf T – “abdomen laceration”
Thunder Basin, Nov 24, Turf R – “fractured carpus”
United We Stand, Nov 26, Turf S – “colic”
Raise the Gamble, Nov 26, Turf R – “fracture”
Swayze, Dec 2, Turf R – “ligament tear”
Sierra Steel, Dec 7, Turf R – “fractured pelvis”
Justa Blue Hat, Dec 19, Turf T – “fracture”

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  1. All senseless,needless deaths,and all in the name of corruption and greed.I have NEVER been to a race course to watch horses race or a dog race or any other abusive place that actively uses animals to bring income in,like circuses or paid rides abroad,or to have your stupid picture taken with a caught,tortured wild animal.It is ALWAYS the poor animals that suffer at the hands of greedy,ruthless,flawed humans.Humans as a race should be wiped out and the INNOCENCE left behind..the innocence is the animals and god should send another noah..i wished he’d pick me..i’d gladly obey…WE DO NOT DESERVE THE RIGHTS TO WALK BESIDE ANIMALS…AS ALL WE DO IS TORTURE,MAIM,HURT,ABUSE,HUNT & KILL innocent animals and the majority of it is for fun.I am ashamed to be called human,but WE ALL HAVE A JUDGEMENT DAY WHEN WE DIE…i’m pretty sure i’m going upstairs,but MANY and i mean MANY ARE GOING TO THE RED MAN WITH HORNS..remember life on earth is only a few short years,and how you live reflects of where your sent after death,as where you go after life,you have an ETERNITY there…reap what you sew.

  2. These horses deserved a better life than to die from excruciatingly painful injuries inflicted on them for $2 bets. Horseracing is cruel to horses! The fact that these horses are dead and the only way that I find out the names of these dead horses is by Patrick Battuello diligently and persistently seeking this information from the state racing commission through the Freedom Of Information Act and reporting that information here on this Horseracing Wrongs site is evidence that the horseracing community would prefer to hide their sins against these horses that the horseracing community killed. In an age of technology it isn’t as easy to hide as it may have been 60 years ago. Regardless of the smoke screen that the horseracing community attempts to create with deliberate lies and attempting to hide the dead horses by deliberately refusing to be forthcoming with their names and what injuries they suffered from that caused their death, there are those who seek to share this information and protect horses from the sadistic nature of horseracing. That there are people who willingly stand up and speak up for horses doomed to a life of horseracing gives me hope. These doomed horses are being locked up in a stall for 23 (twenty-three) hours a day for weeks, months, years only to be forced to run when they are taken out of their confinement and be treated like a slave that is expendable. This is a very sadistic, abusive, cruel and tortuous way to treat horses. The horses deserve better than to be slaves every moment of their short lives. They can be allowed to be happy at the hands of compassionate humans.

  3. 50 innocent lives lost! 50!! Senseless, mind boggling and just plain disgusting. And we call ourselves the emancipated species! How shameful. We do not WANT nor NEED horse abuse and cruelty I.e horse racing. People who want to bet because they have nothing better to do with their money (God forbid doing some good) can bet on machines NOT on innocent, voiceless, beautiful, magnificent horses. Be done with it already!!

  4. End horse racing
    Race the humans that enjoy this oh and at 2 years old when there bones are also not devolved enough

  5. This is an inhumane disgrace. How can you treat the very animals who service you as employees, as disposable.. They are not. What you are allowing is unconstitutional, inhumane and the world is watching. You should be sued for animal cruelty, every death an act of negligence, with knowledgeable intent. Stop the murder now…
    I hope the law finds you as fast as these evil deeds gain world attention and your business implodes, dissapear leaving you all with nothing but fines and jail in your future.
    Do the right things. Stop now. Make amends
    Or suffer the wrath,of public knowledge.
    Luna Siciliani

  6. My God, this is horrifying! Utterly cruel! How is this any better than dog fighting!? They need oversight in this! Doesn’t anyone investigate these!?

  7. Must be stopped immidiately!! This is torture and so wrong that horses must die just to satisfy human needs!!
    Step up and do something – so embarrassing to watch this and in particular to discover that this can continue.
    Weak up US!!

  8. OMG!! This is heartbreakibg and disgusting. People who condone and encourage horse racing should be ashamed! If they had any hint of a conscience, they would be. But therein lies the problem. They don’t give a rat’s ass about these beautiful, gorgeous creatures! They could not care less about the pain, agony, torture and abuse they inflict on these beings! Money talks, and talks loudly to these jack offs.
    There is definitely a special place in hell for those people.

  9. Fuck you people and the carelessness that goes on.. this is absurd… You are nothing but a high-priced slaughterhouse

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