“Hauled Off” After Fracturing Skull/Spine – and Other Oklahoma Kills

Through a FOIA request to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. (This is Part 2; Part 1 here.)

Wire Me a Valentine, May 4, Remington R – “fractured both [back legs], pelvis”

Jc Big Chief, Jun 21, Fair Meadows R – “right front”

Sugar Shaker, Jul 5, Fair Meadows R – “flipped in gate, hit head”

Mh Mean Eyed Cat, Jul 14, Fair Meadows R – “fractured sesamoid”

Flying With Scissors, Jul 19, Fair Meadows R – “fractured [leg]”

Kiss Me Im Flash, Jul 24, Fair Meadows R – “fractured [leg]”

Linon Me, Jul 25, Fair Meadows R – “fractured scapula”

River Digger, Aug 10, Remington T – “[broken] shoulder” (being prepped for first race)

Little Gemma, Sep 3, Remington T – “lacerated shoulder”

Whiskey Doctor, Sep 14, Remington R – “fractured carpal bones”

Burnout B, Sep 15, Will Rogers R – “fractured skull/spine” (chart said “hauled off”)

Classic Road, Sep 20, Remington R – “fractured fetlock”

Sunset Dreamer, Sep 28, Remington R – “fractured limb”

Okie Tornado, Oct 11, Remington T – “fractured sesamoid”

Ride the Sea, Oct 11, Remington R – “fractured limb”

Jess Chew, Oct 11, Will Rogers R – “fractured [leg]”

Peves Miss Choctaw, Oct 11, Will Rogers R – “fractured limb”

Dramatic Excape, Oct 16, Remington R – “fracture, soft tissue”

Young Lochinvar, Oct 17, Remington R – “fractured limb”

Maggie Pie, Oct 24, Remington R (“deceased in stall” next day) – “fell hard on neck”

Dg Believer, Oct 24, Will Rogers S – “deceased in stall” (two years old)

Eagle Out of Sight, Nov 2, Will Rogers R – “fractured limb”

Grand Peak, Nov 3, Will Rogers R – “fractured skull/spine”

Bv Tempted, Nov 8, Will Rogers R – “fractured [both] front limbs”

Miss Reignbow, Nov 12, Remington S – “equine herpesvirus” (last raced Oct 30)

Munyak, Nov 26, Remington R – “fractured [leg]”

Stina, Nov 26, Remington R – “fractured [leg]”

Friendly Freddy, Nov 29, Remington R – “fracture, soft tissue”

Marine Pilot, Nov 30, Remington T – “sudden death on track”

Wild Day, Dec 11, Remington R – “fractured limb”

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  1. I think the Federal Bureau of Investigations should mandate an immediate shutdown of all horseracing at all racetracks in the United States. Horseracing is to horses what the Coronavirus is to humans: serious and seriously fatal. The Coronavirus outbreak is a serious threat to human health and horseracing is a serious threat to equine health. The FBI can do what they can to go after people who commit drug crimes. I feel a sickening feeling that the FBI investigations are not about protecting horses but rather attempting to bring drug abusers and drug traffickers to some degree of justice. I just hope it could be more about protecting horses than just about drug-related crimes that happen to involve horses as victims.

    The lists of horses and their fatal injuries read like a list of brutal crimes against horses that would obviously be taken more seriously if the victims of death by sadistic torture were human victims.

  2. Reading the horrific ways that these horses died it’s hard to believe these are described as “accidents”. Both back legs and pelvis broken? Fractured skull and spine? Both front legs broken? Sounds more like these horses were jumping off cliffs than running a flat dirt track. And the horse that died the day after falling hard on her neck? Did any of her “loving” connections even bother to have her checked out after her “accident”?

    • So many questions, Rebecca, and no answers….
      Many of the injuries sound like the horse was hit by a truck or jumped off a cliff, as you said.

  3. Oklahoma horse racing is another state that has been on economic life support for YEARS!
    It’s another example of millions of casino profits going to support horse racing instead of communities.
    It’s another example of local/state politicians not doing their job to support community residents perhaps because they are getting financial benefits from the money being diverted into horse racing.
    Like all other tracks racehorses continue to die horrific deaths as all listed above.
    Another track in another state with another Kill List.
    It just goes on and on and those in a position to stop this do nothing.
    This is heartbreaking, it’s got to end.

  4. Great news, everybody! The Jockey Club has just released its latest Equine Injury Database results, and U.S. horse racing has been proven to be SAFER THAN EVER!
    Their clinically-controlled, highly-scientific process, “…shows a decrease in the rate of fatal injury in 2019 (1.53 per 1,000 starts) compared to 2018 (1.68 per 1,000 starts), The Jockey Club announced today.”

    Congrats to all in the horse racing industry for their hard work in making all this super-safe, life-saving safety possible. We must now disregard the daily bloodbath we all only THINK we’re witnessing, because, sorry, The Jockey Club says it just isn’t so. Hooray!

    • Thank you, Kelly, for your latest update about The Jockey Club’s lamest way of attempting to sweep their heinous horse-killing activities under the rug. As if we would not know the difference, they once again prove that they are despicable and not about to do anything different to actually protect horses. I appreciate your sarcasm! They are all despicable criminals and not about to change their morally depraved and vile mindset or way of doing things.

  5. Appalling, atrocious, abominable, heinous UNFORGIVABLE..”flipped in gate and hit head”?? and the minion on top had no clue this poor horse was trying to tell him “get the f** off me, I no longer want to do your bidding”??!! Of course, he did but CARE he did NOT. “Hauled off???!! Unbelievable!! ..hauled off Where?.? the landfill perhaps?? These writers are no better than the rest of these excrements. Relentless cruelty in life -after having stuffed their bellies and wallets off of them – and ZERO empathy in death for these poor horses. Just HORRIFIC.

  6. Is this a case of how to make statistics lie for you??
    It would be interesting to see what input was used to come up with their final stats.
    This business has zero credibility.
    Wonder if the horses that are “made to disappear” like in Navarro’s barn are counted ? And at the very least, what are the criteria used to “qualify” a death to be counted as a racing “fatality”…once again, so many questions….

    • I believe there is a “magic bullet” formula for determining which dead horses to count and which dead horses not to count as dead horses in their statistics. It’s too sickening to go into it but it involves dishonesty and deceit, of course.

      • Won’t let me answer your question directly Wanda, so hope you’ll get this answer one way or another…

        You wouldn’t even need to offer or accept any bribes!
        The Jockey Club’s Equine Injury So-Called Database IS ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY. The tracks that DO volunteer to submit their “data” are under no mandate (except for their own industry’s; wink, wink) to offer information about the deaths, accurate or otherwise. And of course, the more deaths they DO report, the worse they look. So all parties involved are motivated to hide and under count the piles of dead horses they generate.

        Further, JC officials will NEVER offer a viable explanation for this deceptive system, because, hey, that’s horse racing.

    • The criteria? Here’s the one and only standard The Jockey Club uses to determine which deaths get reported to their fraudulent “database.” Ready?

      1. Track officials have to FEEL LIKE REPORTING the horse’s death.

      2. Ha ha. Gotcha! There is no #2 reporting standard.

      Accurate system, huh?

      • So, IF I were one of those scumbags and I had bludgeoned my conscience to death years ago for the sake of making some “fast easy money” I could take a bribe under the table and that dead horse and that dead horse (and so on and so on) would magically not be counted, right? In other words, what standards? They don’t have standards to do what they do to horses.

      • I understand that it is horribly wrong however they manipulate the numbers (and continue the non-stop cruelty, torture and killing of racehorses) to come up with the so-called safety rating and it just needs to be stopped!
        Since both numbers are over 1.50 we could just round up both figures to the nearest whole number and say 2 horses per 1,000 starts for 2018 and 2 horses per 1,000 starts for 2019.

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