“Thrashed and Collapsed in Starting Gate” – 19 More Dead Horses for Apologists to Account For

Through a FOIA request to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks thus far this year. Please note, however, that the Commission did not forward any data on stall deaths; surely, there were some.

C Four, Feb 6, Will Rogers T – “humerus fracture”
Where’s Wendell, Feb 23, Will Rogers T – “humeral fracture”
Decapi Kid, Mar 22, Remington R – “subcutaneous hemorrhage”
Kimyun, Apr 6, Remington R – “paralyzed hind, unable to rise after race”
Vf Blood Brother, Apr 6, Remington R – “cannon fracture”
Street General, Apr 8, Will Rogers R (euthanized Apr 24) – “carpal fracture”
Shut the Gate, Apr 22, Will Rogers R – “flipped, head trauma”
Andariego, Apr 29, Remington R – “fell, neck fracture”
Friendly Isle, May 2, Remington R – “carpal fracture”
Rg I Hop Fast, May 4, Remington R – “thrashed and collapsed in starting gate”
Kawlija N Smoke, May 11, Remington R – “radial fracture”
Mister Heavy Foot, May 11, Will Rogers R – “sesamoid fracture”
Rare Escape, May 16, Remington R – “fractious in gate, head trauma” (two years old)
In the Chrome a Zone, May 18, Remington R – “scapular fracture”
Iza Secret, May 27, Remington R – “collapsed, tried to get up, no control of hind limbs”
Lil Lexie Lake, May 27, Remington R – “slab fracture”
Despain Gl, May 30, Remington R – “metacarpal fracture, sesamoid fracture”
M G Dashing Secrets, Jun 9, Fair Meadows R – “carpus fracture”
Giagantibug, Jun 30, Fair Meadows R – “shoulder fracture”

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  1. I have shivers as I read this, and I have tears in my eyes.
    I saw Street General’s race on TV, and right away noticed something was very wrong as he crossed the wire. His jockey pulled him up very abruptly on the gallop out. The horse started hopping right away, and was definitely off. So, what does the pos jockey CJ MCMahon do, turns him and tried to jog him back to the winners circle to get his pic taken, but the horse was so obviously off and limping, he slowed him to a walk to try to hide the horse’s cripply gait. I called over to Will Rogers right away and talked to a woman in the racing office and told her – “is a vet even going to look at this horse?! He’s very lame and jockey was trying to trot him back and he couldn’t even jog!!” She promptly put me on hold, and came back a few minutes later with the explanation that the horse would be looked at at the test barn, because he had to go there anyhow since he had won the race, but that she appreciated my concern for the horse!
    Now in the meantime, the horse was unsaddled in the winners circle, and was led, HOBBLING, to the test barn. Apparently he wasn’t even worthy of ambulance ride!! The horse had also been claimed in that race. From what I saw in that ride out by the jockey, he definitely knew he had a sore horse and didn’t even bother to get his trash lazy ass off him!
    And this is how much “concern” Will Rogers Downs had for a crippled, broken down horse! I am devastated for this poor horse and the pain he must’ve endured being dragged back and forth just so he could get his picture taken for the last time for that pos exploiter joke of a “trainer” Karl Broberg!

    • Peggy,your story reminds me, a few years ago,claiming race at Aqueduct, horses were running in a tight pack,one of the ones along the rail goes down hard,two more horses couldn’t avoid her and you see them Flying doing cartwheels,I’ll never forget that EVER.Thing is the horse that broke down (catastrophically) had just been a voided claim recently(prior race)…3 Dead horse’s!,just like that.I called Aqueduct immediately,to no avail. These people are F’n SICK. Michelle Nevin was the trainer.

  2. I worked at Will Rogers when it first opened just for 1 season.
    I assisted with opening up this track given my experience and background.
    Most all racehorses that I saw, including looking up their PP’s to determine if they were eligible for a race fell into 2 categories: racehorses who could not compete at the other tracks since Will Rogers is a solid “B” track or racehorses who had made their former owner(s) lots of money including stake horses and were dumped because they were no longer performing at the upper levels.
    I was also made aware of the many medical issues that most all had since I was a friend with the vet at the time.
    All, every single one of the racehorses that were former high level performers had major chronic issues including some who had about 12 screws in their cannon bone holding the bone together from previous fractures.
    These racehorses had been sold at kill auctions and ended up getting sent back to the track.
    Some even had a stamp across their Foal papers saying RETIRED, but these low life scums found a way around it by having the Foal papers re-issued or were just so brazen that they handed them in that way.
    Despite my complaints to have them ruled-off because of their issues the good old HBPA ruled over me and said that a “horseman” can do what it wants with its property.
    I directly saw 3 racehorses die in the first week I was there, mostly training, and most of them long race records that started out at prominent tracks like Saratoga, Gulfstream or Santa Anita with top trainers/owners who dumped them either into claiming or had a lapse of PP;s then showed up on this track.
    Some of the lapses were 3 years or more and were usually former stake horses that probably ended up as riding horses and then dumped at a kill auction where many trainers/owners visit to buy one of these gems, send them back into racing, and abuse them until they drop or die.
    These racehorses have a horrific life so don’t believe that they are “treated like family” – no way.
    They are mere disposable gambling chips that are used, abused, dumped and killed.
    This is horse racing.

  3. Monsters!!!! This and dog racing are WRONG in so many ways!!!! It has to stop!!!!😢🤬

    • Monsters is too kind a word for these PURE EVIL scumbags. Dog fighting,Dog racing,Horse racing,anything that scumbags use to line their pockets with BLOOD money. Animals are not props to be tortured for humans entertainment. These fuckers need to get a life,and leave the poor animals alone.

  4. They’re treated clearly as PROPERTY
    NOT any respect. Warmth. Concern for these highly intellectual animals

  5. This abuse needs to stop! It’s time for people to start filing abuse law suites against these people.

  6. Only a big rotten POS participates In such cruelty. I can only hope that all participants in this industry is beat to death. I have no sympathy for you greedy murderers!

  7. I cannot believe The Animal Control doesn’t take these people to court and charge them with Animal Cruelty. If they would stop racing horses until they were 4 yr old and start after their bones are set as adults and start training them at 2 -3 yrs old we would not see this many fatalities and injuries to horses. The Horse Racing Commission MUST CHANGE THE AGE RULES. It’s that simple. Anything Else should be classified as Animal Cruelty and the Commision and Owners shoukd be charged and sent to jail for killing innocent horses.

    • They watch racehorse after racehorse snap their legs-off, drop in the dirt and die.
      They watch them die from cardiovascular collapse, respiratory blood soaking, colic, laminitis etc. etc. etc. all while in active training and racing.
      This, Susan, has been going on FOR YEARS and is STILL going on.
      Neither the pro-horse racing entities or individuals will change this and neither will any reforms.
      They REQUIRE abusive business practices to keep racehorses filling races and increasing the wagering profits.
      Furthermore, they will NEVER change racehorses starting as 2 years old and you can thank the Kentucky Derby for that because in order for a racehorse to qualify for the Derby (which is the main goal of any trainer/owner) they must accumulate a certain amount of money in their 2 year old racing in order to qualify.
      So the entire system is set-up around 2 year olds racing.
      This is their sole motivation not he health and welfare of the racehorses as they like most to think because if they cared even one iota then they wouldn’t be doing this or be involved in any capacity it in the first place.
      The ONLY solution to stop this cruelty circus and public butcher show is to SHUT IT DOWN – FULL STOP!

  8. I hate this industry! How can the Horseracing boards ignore all this ongoing abuse? Weekly deaths due to leg fractures and pulmonary issues. The cause of deaths are apparent and still nothing! I truly don’t know how you low life scum bags are able to sleep at night! I truly hope you all in the industry are the next victims of a very violent crime just like the horses are your victims!

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