Pennsylvania: 115 (Dead) Reasons to End Horseracing Subsidies

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. In the wake of Governor Tom Wolf’s proposal to strip (and redirect to education) the corporate welfare currently propping up Pennsylvania Horseracing, I think it a good idea that this list be sent (by as many advocates as possible) to each and every member of the General Assembly.

Senate Contacts
House Contacts
And to reinforce his enlightened position: Governor Wolf’s contact

(Please note: While I previously reported on deaths through Mar 31, I’ve combined the two reports here for maximum effect.)

Matchplay Hanover, Jan 7, The Meadows T – “fractured tibia”

She’s a Monster, Jan 7, Parx R (euthanized Apr 1) – “fractured knee”

Londie Lou, Jan 7, Parx R – “fractured pastern”

Miss Impazible, Jan 8, Penn T – “fractured ankle”

Clarista, Jan 11, Parx T – “fractured femur”

Blame Us All, Jan 12, Penn R – “fractured ankle”

Only You, Jan 27, Parx T – “fractured cannon”

Macho Brew, Feb 4, Penn S – “colic”

Blaze Star, Feb 9, Parx T – “fractured ankle”

Happier You, Feb 18, Parx R – “fractured knee”

Salem Loop, Feb 25, Parx S – “colic” (66 races, most recent Jan 28)

Kelly’s Silver, Feb 27, Parx S – “colic” (raced just 4 days prior)

Red Bomber, Feb 27, Parx T – “tendon/ligament rupture”

Hay Iris, Feb 28, Penn T – “fractured cannon”

Munningsfornothing, Mar 1, Penn R (euthanized May 9) – “fractured knee”

Lily Ain’t Foolin, Mar 2, Parx R – “fractured cannon”

Justin K, Mar 4, Penn T – “fractured ankle”

R Power Grid, Mar 5, Parx R – “fractured ankle”

Promise Blue Chip, Mar 19, The Meadows R – “sudden death”

Dontridetheclutch, Mar 21, Penn R – “fractured ankle”

Haitian Hill, Mar 23, Penn T – “sudden death” (five years old)

Anodyne, Mar 25, Parx S – “pleuritis”

It’s Show Time, Mar 30, Penn R (euthanized Apr 8) – “fractured knee”

Hail’s Statement, Apr 4, Penn T – “fractured pastern”

Real Creel, Apr 11, Penn T – “sudden death” (five years old)

Super D, Apr 16, Penn T – “sudden death” (three years old)

Silver Witch, Apr 23, Parx T – “fractured ankle”

Doublethestyle, Apr 23, Parx R – “sudden death” (63rd race)

Ugottahaveheart, Apr 27, Penn R – “fractured ankle”

High Irish Ibis, Apr 28, Presque Isle T – “fractured ankle”

Tighten Up, Apr 30, Parx R – “fractured ankle”

Paula’s Dream, Apr 30, Parx R – “fractured cannon”

Circle Unbroken, May 16, Penn R – “multiple fractures, knee”

Conscience, May 20, Parx R – “fractured knee” (50th race)

Thunder’s Rollin’, May 24, Presque Isle T – “sudden death”

Rebel Vow, May 27, Parx R – “fractured ankle”

No Contingency, May 28, Parx R – “fractured ankle” (59th race)

Two Step Time, May 28, Presque Isle S – “illness” (last raced Apr 13)

Altercation, Jun 1, The Meadows R – “sudden death”

Miss Gee’s Love, Jun 1, Parx R – “fractured ankle”

A. P. Royal, June 4, Parx T – “fractured ankle”

Quizlet, June 6, Penn S – “infection”

Eagle Dance, Jun 6, Penn R – “fractured ankle”

Nick’s Rose, Jun 8, Presque Isle S – “illness” (last raced Mar 23)

Sweet Lou’s Blues, Jun 12, Harrah’s R – “fractured RH”

Dezzer, Jun 13, Parx T – “sudden death” (four years old)

Sugar Boost, Jun 14, Parx T – “sudden death” (three years old)

Colonel Dax, Jun 15, Penn R – “fractured knee”

Archies Gal, Jun 20, Penn T – “fractured ankle”

Vidarr, Jun 25, Parx R – “fractured knee”

Rove, Jun 29, Parx R – “fractured ankle”

Baby Cat, Jun 30, Parx S – “colic” (87 races, most recent May 25)

Daybreaker, Jul 1, Parx R – “fractured cannon”

Gerard N Mo, Jul 1, Pocono T – “fractured ankle”

Believemejustwatch, Jul 3, Presque Isle R – “fractured knee”

Ella Minnow P, Jul 9, Presque Isle T – “fractured shoulder” (being prepped for 1st race)

Respuesta Global, Jul 12, Presque Isle S – “illness” (yet to be raced)

Amazing Start, Jul 13, Penn R – “fractured ankle”

Moonliteonthebeach, Jul 16, Harrah’s T – “fractured LH”

Your All That, Jul 16, Penn S – “infection”

Neverenoughkandi, Jul 18, Penn R – “fractured ankle”

Better Made, Jul 21, Presque Isle T – “tendon/ligament rupture”

Swell, Jul 22, Parx R – “fractured ankle”

Yeah Rocky, Jul 22, Parx R – “fractured femur”

Miss Samurai, Jul 22, Penn T – “hoof”

Springtime Wind, Jul 25, Presque Isle R – “fractured ankle”

He’s Cotton, Jul 27, Parx T – “fractured ankle”

Bud Fox, Jul 27, Parx T – “fractured ankle”

Irish Jonah, Jul 27, Parx R (euthanized Jul 28) – “fractured knee”

Midnight Poker, Aug 3, Parx R – “fractured pastern”

Shanghai Chick, Aug 10, Parx S – “colic”

yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, Aug 12, Parx S – “laminitis” (again, two years old)

Oh K Funnybone, Aug 13, Parx S – “colic”

Classic Lines, Aug 17, Penn R – “fractured shoulder”

Irish Lassie, Aug 20, Presque Isle R – “sudden death” (four years old)

Pacific Panther, Aug 24, Pocono R – “sudden death”

Next Ivestment, Aug 26, Presque Isle R – “fractured forearm”

Pueblo Libre, Aug 28, Parx T – “fractured ankle”

Aptus, Sep 3, Presque Isle R – “fractured pastern”

Credo, Sep 10, Parx R – “fractured knee”

Liness of David, Sep 10, Presque Isle R – “fractured knee” (1st race)

Nyx Warrior, Sep 12, Penn R – “fractured pastern”

Tapit in Stilettos, Sep 13, Penn T – “fractured ankle”

Bash, Sep 14, Parx R – “fractured knee”

Mystery Witness, Sep 18, Parx S – “pneumonia” (raced 3 days prior: 58 lengths back)

Reiki, Oct 1, Pocono R – “sudden death”

With Exultation, Oct 3, Presque Isle S – “colic” (raced 56 times, most recent Sep 30)

Linda Listen, Oct 6, Parx R – “fracture”

Trainfourtwentyone, Oct 7, Parx R (euthanized Oct 8) – “fractured ankle”

Nimble and Quick, Oct 7, Pocono T – “fractured pastern”

Tizprocess, Oct 8, Parx R – “fractured ankle”

Butch Cassidy, Oct 8, Parx R – “fractured ankle”

Als Alex, Oct 10, Penn R – “sudden death” (three years old)

Elevated, Oct 12, Parx R – “other”

Salty Caramel, Oct 14, Parx R – “fractured knee”

Got It, Oct 15, Parx T – “fractured ankle”

Indian Bucks, Oct 16, Presque Isle R – “fractured knee” (50th race)

Race Me Home, Oct 20, Parx R – “sudden death” (a “DNF” on Sep 30, too)

Wilderness Gate, Oct 21, Parx R – “sudden death – cardiac” (four years old)

La Bella Pina, Oct 28, Parx R – “fractured knee”

Avaline Hanover, Oct 31, The Meadows T – “sudden death”

Jill Madden, Nov 2, Parx R – “tendon/ligament rupture”

Motown N, Nov 9, Pocono T – “fracture”

Tricky Gamble, Nov 12, Parx R – “fractured knee”

Justenuff Hope, Nov 17, Parx R – “fractured pastern”

Ventura Highway, Nov 20, Penn R – unspecified but race chart said “never mattered”

We Did, Nov 25, Parx S – “pneumonia” (last raced Oct 6)

Half Ton of Fun, Nov 25, Parx R – “fractured pastern”

Baron Barracuda, Nov 26, Penn T – “fractured ankle”

Indian Guide, Dec 6, Penn T – “fractured pastern”

Singing Solo, Dec 14, The Meadows T – “fracture”

Emoticon, Dec 17, Parx S – “colic” (last raced Nov 29)

Gotta Be Strong, Dec 21, Parx T – “fractured ankle”

Ursa, Dec 26, Penn R – “sudden death” (three years old)

Delta Outlaw, Dec 28, Parx R – “fractured ankle”

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  1. This is a lot of information to process as long as a person takes the time to read everything. Thank you for making the effort, Patrick, to gather all of this information and share it with concerned people.

  2. One hundred and fifteen (115) premature deaths in one year at Pennsylvania tracks and possibly more we don’t know about. That is a lot of dead horses for a corrupt gambling business.

    And fourteen (14) of these young horses just DROPPED DEAD. Some of the horses died of ‘illness” – one died of “other” – another of “hoof”(pretty casual reporting!) and still others of pneumonia. Mystery Witness was started just three (3) days before dying of pneumonia – that poor horse finished 58 lengths back – a high probability she was forced to run when she was already dying, OUTRAGEOUS!

    What is wrong with these people?!!!

    • I interpret the cause of sudden death as heat stroke or heart attack. I am not certain if there is any other cause of death when a horse drops dead suddenly. It doesn’t explain much to say sudden death, hoof, or “never mattered” or even “not a factor.”

  3. This Kill List is heartbreaking, disgraceful, and unacceptable.
    There are no amount of jobs that justify this carnage – none.
    Of course the pro-horse racing entities including the feed stores are crying loss of business and jobs.
    The usual crap.
    What the politicians need to realize is that the funds boosted into education will create lots of jobs, good, decent jobs while educating our youth – the future of this country.
    PA residents need to rise up, call, write and bang on the doors of their politicians there and DEMAND that NO MORE MONEY goes to this pathetic, morally deprived business whose only claim to fame is carnage.
    So sorry for all racehorses listed above.
    May your spirits rain down a living hellfire on those who harmed and killed you.

  4. Pure, utter savagery….for measly bets no less. 115 magnificent souls crudely abused and ultimately killed by despicable vermin. Ventura Highway- “never mattered”?? As in, “he’s now DEAD who cares why he died”? THAT kind of “never mattered”? “Sudden death” in 2, 3 and 4 year olds?? Colics and pleuritis and forced to race just to get to that finish line?? Oh, but HOW they “love” their horses…I am sure these 115 horses as well as the other thousands and thousands dead constantly felt that “love” either through the whip, the electric shock, the drugs and ultimately the needle. Repulsive parasites. All of them. Karma WILL catch up with you.

    • And what is even sadder, why did these maladies escape a trip to the vet to be cured or medically controlled? No one should have dependent animals that will not take proper care of them. Any animal.

      • Yes Nancy, you brought up an important point that people should know.
        Racehorses have NO legal protections under our animal cruelty laws however minimal they may be.
        Owners and trainers can deny life saving vet care and meds with NO repercussions whatsoever.
        You can’t do that to a domestic pet because you would be charged with Felony Animal Cruelty laws.
        Also, as we see on a daily basis, they are not even held accountable when they die.
        They can dope, maim, dump and kill them because this is horse racing.
        This pathetic and unnecessary gambling venue must end and be put in the history books where it belongs.

    • “Never mattered” pretty much sums up the racing industry’s view of the majority of their horses. They should post a picture of Bridget Maloney in the landfill with that banner of “Never Mattered” and make it the racing industry’s new poster when they’re advertising good clean family fun.

  5. A pile of manure has more integrity than this business ever has or ever will.
    I mean look at the overall state of horse racing in this country.
    Every top trainer has multiple doping violations with a long trail of dead racehorses under their care, custody, and control.
    Bob Baffert was involved with outright fraud, cheating, and a major cover-up involving JUSTIFY, one of the biggest scandals in horse racing history, that netted the connections 60 million dollars for starters.
    The CHRB, even under intense scrutiny, covered it up and what came out of this?
    NOTHING – absolutely nothing because there’s Teflon Bob STILL training, racing, and winning.
    Then there’s racehorse beater extraordinaire MIKE SMITH who beat the crap out of American Pharaoh coming down the stretch at Keeneland and nothing was done about it.
    We then find out that Kentucky has NO WHIPPING REGULATIONS meaning that a racehorse can be beaten into the ground, and they have been regrettably, with NO repercussions whatsoever.
    This is coming from a state who claims to be the “horse capital of the world.”
    You know we live in a crazy world when Saudi Arabia, of all places, disqualifies and takes away purse money from Mike Smith when he did what he’s made a career of: BEATING THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF A RACEHORSE!
    The beautiful champion filly racehorse MIDNIGHT BISOU was incessantly and repeatedly beaten by Mike Smith down the stretch during the running of the Saudi Cup.
    It was heart wrenching to watch and nobody, after watching this video, can say that Mike Smith is more than just a sadistic, abusive horse beater – FULL STOP.
    Anyways, a country that has stoned women to death for disobeying her husband, most can’t drive, and must be accompanied by a male relative to go out in public, for the most part, is the country that suddenly gets a “moral burp” when it comes to racehorses getting beaten!!???!!?
    Are you kidding me?
    Here’s the worst part.
    Mike Smith APPEALED the decision today and intends to fight it back here in the USA.
    Again, Mike Smith is nothing but a sadistic, malicious horse beater that probably enjoys what he has done, continues to do, and fights hard to do.
    Nobody, not one person on this God forsaken planet can come to the conclusion that Mike Smith deserves to not only be fined, but thrown in jail for Animal Cruelty charges.
    Then there’s the owners of American Pharaoh and the ill-fated NEHRO who made over 40 million dollars selling AP and many more millions cutting deals with his horses – Zayat.
    The racehorses at the farm in Lexington KY were so neglected, according to sources, that they had to bring in outside caretakers to get the situation under control while he was being sued left, right, and center.
    Total disregard for the racehorses who got beaten, doped, maimed and killed (NEHRO) to perform.
    All of them, every single one of them, going through the Keeneland sales – their fate unknown.
    We have the names, tracks, and times of racehorses who were standing in their stalls with BROKEN LEGS for hours (Mary Johnson provided the name ROCKAROO) with NO vet/medical treatment!
    This is ONE that we know of, but there have been plenty more.
    There is deeply ingrained corruption at every level of this “psycho show” involving our politicians while the residents and taxpayers of their respective state are getting ripped-off as millions is going to support this “freak show” instead of meaningful community essential services such as education.
    I could go on and on……..
    Every single entity takes a bite out of these racehorses for only one reason: to flip a buck.
    What more do we need to know?
    There should be no doubt, unequivocally, that this business is a death pit for racehorses with very few climbing out unscathed, and for those who make it out alive, usually a life of neglect or a horrific ending on the slaughterhouse floor so it sickens me when I hear The Stronach Group CEO Belinda Stronach continue to say that their reforms will ensure that horse racing can be enjoyed for generations to come.
    No, Ms. Stronach I can ensure you that horse racing will not be around long enough for future generations so just do the right thing, get out of this killing business and into residential/commercial development.
    It’s inevitable and it’s the right thing to do for the racehorses.

    • Forgot to mention, and important to note, that the owners of MIDNIGHT BISOU DEFENDED Mike Smith’s ride! So for those of you who claim that the owners “care” or that they are “ignorant” to what exactly is going on with their racehorse just think about that.
      Here are the owners watching their champion filly MB get the living crap beaten out of her while she’s doing everything she can to run as fast as she can – say that this is “okay.
      She’s made $7.25 MILLION DOLLARS, but that still isn’t enough for her owners to protect and defend her while she’s getting the living shit beaten out of her all the while trying hard and running her ass-off!
      Without skipping a beat they now have announced plans to run her in the “Breeders Cup, and than work backwards from there.”
      Of course they will make millions if they sell her as a broodmare or keep her and sell her foals so who cares if she gets beaten right?
      This is horse racing where beating, and killing racehorses is totally acceptable and that’s why it needs to END.

      • The San Felipe at Santa Anita today. Race 8. Honor AP running with Mike Smith onboard. Suspension??

      • Right Nancy.
        True to industry form the jockeys usually get to pick, in conjunction with the stewards, what days they are to serve their suspension.
        Of course it’s a no brainer that they pick the days when the track is “dark” actually closed.
        Also, jockeys learn to manipulate a system that’s already tipped in their favor because they know that when they “appeal” a suspension that they are permitted to ride until the appeal is heard.
        They also know that by the time the appeal is heard everybody has forgotten about it and moved on.
        They quietly slip away with little to no repercussions and onto their next beating victim.
        They play up on the optics of the situation intentionally because how can a jockey be a beater if he’s still riding right?
        It’s just so vile and so detrimental on a racehorses’s well-being.
        I bet that next time MIDNIGHT BISOU is coming down the stretch, feels a bone about to break or is in pain she will choose to keep on running instead of getting the crap beaten out of her, which usually results in a career-ending or fatal breakdown.
        The whip, especially beating the way Mike Smith beat on her, contributes to breakdowns in some capacity.
        This business is so out of touch with the racehorses and the public that it’s no wonder their going down.

  6. Yet another reason to immediately SUSPEND and END ALL horse racing subsidies now: COVEX-19!
    Right now, on a global scale, the human species are in a LIFE and DEATH situation and if you think this is not serious – think again.
    My niece is a PhD biological disease researcher at a top Canadian university.
    She’s currently studying the disease pattern of IBS to find a cure, but along with many other of her colleagues they have now switched gears to try and assist and/or identify this virus.
    Her and her colleagues are risking their lives to help find something that can expedite a vaccine.
    She gets lots of insight probably more than most of us.
    Make no mistake about it – this virus is deadly and what they haven’t been saying is that it’s evidently mutating.
    So that means that younger people and children who have been somewhat immune up to this point will suddenly start to get this virus in serious mode.
    Before we demanded that horse racing subsidies ended to educate our children and even though this is amazing this COVEX–19 virus should be every single persons priority.
    Republicans or Democrats, black or white, rich or poor we must pull ALL resources together and it’s going to take lots of money.
    We are all in this together.
    END the money going to horse racing now, we’re talking BILLIONS collectively, and put that money into fighting this COVEX-19 virus and anything left over to our educational institutions.
    It was outrageous to support this killing show BEFORE this virus, but now there’s no other priority than this.
    I hope all of you and your families remain safe and here’s another issue that could become a major dilemma.
    What if there’s a cluster of outbreaks in the stable areas of racetracks?
    Whose going to take care of the horses?
    We saw this industry FAIL on a grand scale when it came to taking care of the racehorses in Puerto Rico after the tornado when many of them DIED in their stalls from lack of feed and neglect.
    There was this multi-billion dollar industry doing little to nothing to prevent these deaths.
    I suppose they figured that these racehorses were the “walking dead” anyways because most were spent on American soil and sent over there for some more abuse including multiple stake winning racehorses that were dumped true to industry form.
    That emergency situation is nowhere near what could become an emergency situation as a result of the COVEX-19 virus and you can’t rely on these horse racing parasites to take care of their own – they never have especially after their done maiming them.
    Can you imagine that?
    Thousands of racehorses not being taken care of?
    We also saw this business FAIL on a grand scale when it came to contingency plans for EVACUATION procedures during the fires in California when over 40 racehorses burned to a crisp in their stalls because The Stronach Group and their horse racing entities didn’t have a plan and/or a inadequate one at best, and left the racehorses in their stalls up to the last minute long after they were being told to evacuate by ER and firefighters.
    These people only care when their racehorse is flipping a buck for them.
    I bet you they don’t have a plan in place if people get sick and they have to shut down their precious little profit slaying business.

    • Unfortunately, this post almost 3 weeks ago is now reality.
      True to industry form, they are banging on our politicians doors for MORE handouts to take care of their business and profits.
      Horse racing has made millions so far this year in profit while most tracks receive additional handouts via taxpayers or casino profits.
      Some tracks are remaining open (Santa Anita, Gulfsteam) thereby spreading this virus to people and to our community with no remorse whatsoever as long as they can make their wagering profits.
      We are all in the middle of a catastrophe, sadly, but horse racing should be last on the list when it comes to any help whatsoever, but since they don’t even take care of the very racehorses that make them millions why would they take care of their labor – for the most part they never have!
      The only solution is to STOP all funding to horse racing and watch them shut down one track at a time.
      The properties can be replaced with much more positive business entities that the entire community can benefit from.
      It’s long overdue to end this antiquated business model based on widespread suffering and dying.

  7. As Patrick often points out and supporters of HRW agree: the bulk of American racetracks would not exist if they were not getting some form of handouts.
    We know that the increase in obscene casino profits to this industry has translated to an exacerbation of the abuse, exploitation, dumping, maiming, cheating, corruption, and killing of racehorses as if it isn’t bad enough without them.
    Not even a smidgen of those profits go to even take care of them when they are done crippling them.
    As PA local and state governments, before COVIT-19, were on the verge of bankruptcy unable to finance essential community services, they were giving this money for racehorses to run in circles, generate wagering profits, and/or die and get dumped.
    Enter Covit-19.
    Our country is in an economic free fall and if it wasn’t bad enough to give them money before it’s critical that ALL funding to horse racing get immediately stopped until further notice.
    Nevertheless,like Santa Anita – Pennsylvania horse racing has started a petition to force the PA government to allow them to open up to horse racing, back to business as usual and hey where’s our money?
    Yet again, they fall back on their true and tried claim that horse racing is a huge economy and paint a doom and gloom picture to PA politicians and residents that they NEED horse racing more than ever.
    No they don’t nor does any community.
    What they fail to mention is that for every dollar they generate they get about $10 in handouts that could go towards other economic sectors that the whole community benefits from.
    In Ontario Canada, with their buddy Premier Ford at the helm, they got a portion of the 100 million per year to actually pay owners for the horses they have in training right now while they are on lock down.
    $1500 per horse per month going to owners who own million dollar farms in Ontario and often Florida, who fly down to the Keeneland sales to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a horse – yes they are the ones to receive $1500 per horse per month and I’m outraged just as anybody should be.
    It’s the owners that chose to buy, invest, and exploit a racehorse.
    Why should Ontario taxpayers pay for that under normal circumstances let alone now when they are scrambling for money in much needed sectors that save human lives?
    It’s incredulous that the HBPA in conjunction with Woodbine actually got this approved.
    It just goes to show how connected they are to our policitians.
    I say sell their racehorses, sell their million dollar farms and use that money to support yourself.
    Just like Ruth Chris’s steakhouse has been ordered to repay 20 million – the horse racing in Ontario all the owners should have to repay this money.

  8. I’m reposting this because it’s now more critical than ever to support Gov. Wolfe’s intentions to stop casino subsidies to PA horse racing and divert it into education.
    A strong response from the “horsemen’s groups” AKA HBPA of course when their billions in profit will no longer go for them to dope, beat, cripple, dump and kill racehorses with no repercussions whatsoever.
    The HBPA feel ENTITLED to this money and are accusing the government of stealing it from them and they know that this will END horse racing in PA – thank goodness for that!
    The usual antiquated argument of jobs conspicuously and deliberately omits the fact that if this money were going to education and community essential services it would create much more jobs, decent jobs, and the entire community would benefit.
    It was NEVER their money to begin with just a powerful lobby that had the ears of politicians that are too spineless to stand up and say ENOUGH.
    There is not near enough people going into this business to sustain it in any way so that will leave taxpayers and/or subsidies required to pick up the tab for years to come when this money should be going to positive entities into our communities.
    Python Pat – you will no longer be able to kill racehorses, claim racehorses and suck the life and blood out of them until they drop dead and do it over and over again like you have been for YEARS.
    That goes for all of them – true parasites with no remorse for the racehorses.
    PLEASE WRITE GOV. WOLFE to support his proposition.

    • Gina
      You are 100% right. The gang is already circling the wagons with jobs that will be lost,agriculture suffering, farriers and all associated with the overall picture. They aren’t wasting any time on this issue.

    • There is a Standardbred farm that has a woman employee who has been in the business of working with the broodmares and the foaling for something like 40 (FORTY) YEARS, if I recall correctly. There is another individual who sells hay to the tune of something like $875,000 a year and he definitely has that attitude of ENTITLEMENT. It is sickening to think about where the majority of these Standardbreds end up and we are supposed to feel sorry for these people, if “their” corporate welfare is terminated.
      I’m having a lot of difficulty feeling empathy for any of these people. They can do what so many college students do; apply for student loans and get an education in something besides exploiting the **** out of innocent sentient beings!!!

    • Gina, thank you for pointing out that the people involved in getting hundreds of thousands of DOLLARS in SUBSIDIES think that THAT MONEY BELONGS TO THEM AND NOBODY ELSE!!!!! THEY ARE GREEDY CORPORATE WELFARE RECIPIENTS!!!! THIS NEEDS TO BE CLEARLY CHANGED TO REDISTRIBUTE THIS MONEY TO PERPETUATE MORAL PURSUITS as much as possible and horseracing is NOT A MORAL PURSUIT!!!

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