Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks through March 30:

She’s a Monster, Jan 7, Parx R (euthanized Apr 1) – “knee/carpus”
Londie Lou, Jan 7, Parx R – “fracture pastern”
Miss Impazible, Jan 8, Penn T – “fracture sesamoid”
Clarista, Jan 11, Parx T – “fracture femur”
Blame Us All, Jan 12, Penn R – “fracture sesamoid”
Only You, Jan 27, Parx T – “fracture cannon”
Macho Brew, Feb 4, Penn – “colic”
Blaze Star, Feb 9, Parx T – “fracture sesamoid”
Happier You, Feb 18, Parx R – “fracture knee”
Red Bomber, Feb 27, Parx T – “tendon/ligament rupture”
Hay Iris, Feb 28, Penn T – “fracture cannon”
Munningsfornothing, Mar 1, Penn R (euthanized May 9) – “fracture knee”
Lily Ain’t Foolin, Mar 2, Parx R – “fracture cannon”
Justin K, Mar 4, Penn T – “fracture sesamoid”
R Power Grid, Mar 5, Parx R – “fracture sesamoid”
Dontridetheclutch, Mar 21, Penn R – “fracture sesamoid”
Haitian Hill, Mar 23, Penn T – “sudden death” (five years old)
It’s Show Time, Mar 30, Penn R (euthanized Apr 8) – “fracture carpal”

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018.

Lust for Money, January 2, Parx R
no description given, just “euthanized”

Papa’s Missile, January 10, Penn T
“apparent heart attack – expired on track” (six years old)

Marilyn’s Passion, January 25, Penn R
“fractured sesamoids with disruption of the suspensory”

My Cotton Jones, January 29, Parx R
no description given, just “euthanized”

Wind Spirit, January 30, Parx R
“fracture sesamoids, loss of tissue support”

Offlee Charmer, February 1, Penn R
“compound, communited fracture of cannon”

Fiber Sonic, February 2, Penn T
“knee fracture”

My Music, February 6, Parx R
“found dead in barn after race” (five years old)

Jesnik’s Dream, February 8, Parx T
“open, comminuted fracture left fore”

Glittering Justice, February 10, Penn T
“fractured pelvis”

Running Cat, February 13, Penn T
“fractured ankle”

Keep Faith, February 19, The Meadows T
“broke down”

Southhampton Skye, March 17, Parx R
“sesamoids fracture and displaced condylar fracture”

Giles Fair, March 24, Parx R
“open, comminuted condylar fracture”

Midnight With Luti, March 27, Parx T
“sesamoid fractures”

New Road, April 3, Parx R
“open, comminuted condylar fracture”

Moon’s Melody, April 5, Parx T
“fractured pelvis”

Mookie, April 5, Parx T
“fractured scapula”

Chief Kitten, April 10, Parx T
“bilateral sesamoid with suspensory disruption”

Fancy Is My Name, April 11, Penn T
“broken leg”

Valerie Victoria, April 12, Penn R
“broken leg”

North Ocean, April 14, Parx R
“compound pastern fracture”

She’s Spoiled, April 18, Parx T
“spiral condylar fracture”

Smoke’n Go, April 20, Penn T
“broken leg”

E’normous, April 20, Penn R
“bilateral fracture of sesamoids”

Top Street, May 3, Penn R
“horse dropped dead post-race”

Derby Day Mermaid, May 11, Presque Isle T
“possible fractured pelvis”

Maine Edition, May 14, Penn T
“broken humerus”

Prime Number, May 14, Presque Isle R
“broke both sesamoids, torn suspensories”

Mile Street, May 24, Presque Isle R
“sesamoids fracture, suspensory torn”

Betterbringuragame, May 26, Parx T
“died suddenly during training” (three years old)

Karmakaze, May 27, Parx R
“sudden death post race” (five years old)

Hokie Fever, May 31, Penn T
“open fracture of radius with large fracture piece found on the ground”

Sea Boss, June 1, Parx T
“dislocated fetlock”

Good Morning Lou, June 2, Penn T
“slab fracture of carpus”

Simply Tizway, June 4, Parx R
“comminuted fracture of sesamoid bones”

El Heroe, June 4, Penn T

Eight Da Hardway, June 5, Parx T
“compound fracture of both sesamoids”

Bad Game, June 10, Harrah’s R
“open fracture pastern”

Ripped, June 13, Parx T
“compound fracture”

unidentified, June 13, Penn T
“found dead in stall during morning training”

Devious Chic (could be sic), June 18, Parx T
“condylar fracture”

Battle of Dunkirk, June 23, Penn R
“bilateral fractures of proximal sesamoids”

Captain Pedro, July 1, Pocono R
“injured leg during race”

Dig That Mine, July 3, Parx T
“cardiac arrest” (three years old)

Blondie Girl, July 10, Parx T
“sesamoid fractures”

Sound Values, July 19, Parx T
“comminuted fracture”

Street Heat, July 25, Parx T
“cardiac arrest” (five years old)

Lucky Lucky Liam, July 26, Penn R
“collapsed after winning the race” (three years old)

Citi’s Barometer, July 27, Penn R
“fractured sesamoids with disruption of the suspensory”

Love Is All, August 2, Penn R
“horse fell near finish line – compound, comminuted fracture of metacarpal”

Smooth Stone, August 2, Presque Isle R (euthanized September 10)
“ruptured [tendon] and suspensory ligament”

Crimson Secret, August 3, Penn R
“fractures of sesamoids with disruption of the suspensory”

Diamond Don, August 15, Penn T
“collapsed on the track during training” (four years old)

Highway Run, August 17, Penn T
“bilateral fractures proximal sesamoids”

Happy Andyversary, August 19, Harrah’s R
“suffered a seizure and expired”

Mullet Blue Chip, August 19, Harrah’s R
“open fracture ankle”

It Behooves Me, September 8, Penn T
“fracture sesamoids”

Just a Farmer, September 16, Parx R
“compound sesamoid fracture”

Black Kiko, September 20, Penn T
“fracture carpus”

El Chavo, September 20, Penn T
“fractured sesamoid”

Put It Forward, October 5, Penn R
“fracture of sesamoids with disruption of the suspensory”

Full of Charge, October 6, Parx R (euthanized October 7)
“highly comminuted fracture carpal bone”

Greed Is Good, October 7, Parx R
“comminuted fracture both sesamoids with associated suspensory disruption”

Swell Chap, October 10, The Meadows R
“died suddenly on track”

Cute as a Button, October 12, Penn R
“fracture of sesamoids with disruption of the suspensory”

I Like Dreamin, October 16, Harrah’s R
“collapsed – apparent cardiac event”

Any Court Inastorm, October 20, Parx R
“fracture of sesamoids”

Royal Six Shooter, October 25, Penn R
“communited fracture of the phalanx”

E Licious, October 26, Penn R
“horse collapsed just past the finish line – was dead when vet reached [her]” (three years old)

Fever Gone (probably sic), October 30, Parx T
“P1 fracture”

Navasoda, November 9, Penn T
“metacarpal fracture”

Mischievous Star, November 9, Penn R
“luxation with disruption of tendon and suspensory ligaments; condylar fracture; compound, communited sesamoid fracture”

Wentzylvania, November 12, Parx R
“comminuted fracture sesamoid and open condylar fracture”

Skylander Boy, November 23, Penn R
“slab fracture with ruptured ligaments”

Call Me Squirt, November 30, Penn R
“comminuted fractures of the carpus”

Bird of Trey, December 2, Parx R
“open, comminuted fracture sesamoids; MCIII; ruptured suspensory and sesamoidean ligaments; disarticulation”

Let Me Sleep On It, December 8, Penn T
“possible injury to leg”

Warrior Lake, December 10, Parx R
“cardiac arrest” (four years old)

Amanda’s Best, December 11, Penn T
“fractured sesamoid”

Lord Jump Start, December 14, Parx T
“fractured tibia”

Offlee Risque, December 27, Penn R
“fracture of P1”

Ctimene Sweep, December 31, Penn T
“apparent heart attack – expired on track” (two years old)

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

A Thousand Dreams, February 19, The Meadows
“found dead in stall”

Saphira’s Storm, March 14, Penn
“infected leg”

Rachel’s Warrior, May 14, Presque Isle
“suffered anaphylactic shock”

Morenita, May 18, Presque Isle

Zinger’s Winner, June 11, Pocono
“sick horse, was euthanized on the backside”

Tea Party Diva, June 16, The Meadows
“died in barn”

Workerbee, July 2, Presque Isle

Glitter n’ Jazz, July 5, Presque Isle
“infected tendon sheath”

El Gran Noel, July 19, Penn
“rupture of internal carotid”

True to His Word, August 20, Penn
“endotoxemia” (was last raced just four days prior)

Chazelle, September 6, Penn
“found expired in stall” (three years old; was last raced just one week prior)

Lahaina Lad, November 21, Penn
“hypocalcemic tetany”

When in Doubt, November 30, Penn
“endotoxic shock” (two years old)

Come in Berlin (probably sic), December 15, Penn

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2017. Unless otherwise noted, immediate cause of death was limb break of one kind or another – underlying cause, of course, horseracing itself. (“chart” refers to official Equibase race-chart)

White Coco, January 2, Parx, race 3

Playmetheblues, January 3, Parx, race 2

Erase the Deficit, January 5, Penn, race 1

Water Tower, January 6, Parx, training

Wild Thing, January 13, Penn, training

Discreet Duke, January 13, Penn, race 4

Uncle Hen, January 17, Parx, race 5

Northern Mine, January 17, Parx, race 8

Kinghorn, January 18, Penn, race 4

Bold Deed, January 27, Penn, race 7 (euthanized February 16)
(last four races: combined 98 lengths back; trainer/owner, Stephanie Beattie)

Downhill Dale, January 30, Penn, training

Pin and Win, January 31, Parx, race 9

Sharp Stick, February 1, Penn, race 2

Edzactly, February 2, Penn, race 3

Onelastgoodbyekiss, February 3, Penn, training

Papa Archie, February 4, Parx, training

Crafty Gizmo, February 4, Parx, race 9

Surfside Chic, February 11, Parx, race 6
“fractured neck” in addition to fractured leg – died without euthanasia

Your Turn, February 15, Penn, race 7

BCF’s Victory, February 17, Parx, training

Not a Love Song, February 18, Parx, training

Small Boy Jr., February 23, Penn, race 7
after describing fracture, document remarks: “poor body condition” – at three

Tribal Journey, March 3, Penn, training
“pulmonary artery rupture”

Aleander, March 4, Parx, race 3
“fully ruptured suspensory ligament” (chart said “did not travel well”)

Niigani Coyote, March 6, Parx, training
was raced twice in five days in February

Ifimlyinimdyin, March 13, Penn, training

It’s a Process, March 18, Penn, training

Miss Anteas, March 22, Penn, prior to race 8
“reared straight up and landed hard on her head on the road”

Hawk Will Never Die (probably sic), March 28, Penn, training

Evelyn E, April 3, Penn, training

Snap To It A, April 9, Harrah’s, racing
“horse collapsed after the race of a heart attack”

Warrior’s Dance, April 11, Parx, race 9
(chart said “went bad”)

Bridle Me, April 17, Penn, training
(was raced five days prior)

Barker, April 19, Parx, training
“heart attack” (three years old)

Ammo, April 27, Penn, race 5

I’m the Lucky One, April 28, Parx, training
“heart attack”

Belated Gift, April 28, Penn, training

Slick William, May 11, Penn, race 7

Finding Candy, May 16, Parx, race 1
“heart attack” (55th race, second in nine days)

You Know Juneau, May 27, Penn, race 3
“profuse hemorrhage from both nostrils” – died without euthanasia

She’satoughbroad, May 29, Parx, race 1

Cali Sue Boo, June 3, Penn, training
broke both knees (coming off last-place, 33 back May 19; trainer, John Conner)

Jailhouse Jessica, June 6, Pocono, race 6
“collapsed in paddock post-race – died naturally”

Tsm Money Dragon, June 6, Pocono, race 7
“injured leg during race”; “track surface: sloppy”

Tiger Bourbon, June 9, Penn, training

National Trust, June 10, Parx, race 4
(chart said “went bad”)

Northern Rail, June 13, Parx, race 9
“heat stroke – [broke] shoulder”

Templeton Rye, June 16, Penn, training

Tunnel Beach, June 20, Presque Isle, training

Stone Cross, June 27, Presque Isle, race 8
“broken sesamoid, torn suspensory” (third race in June)

Mo Ebo, July 3, Parx, training
“fractured pelvis” – died without euthanasia

John’s Afleet, July 3, Parx, race 2

Browneyed Bachelor, July 3, Parx, race 5

Blue Martini, July 4, Parx, race 10

Trueville, July 4, Presque Isle, training
“heart failure during practice – died instantly” (two total races: last, combined 33 lengths back; “DNF”; owner/breeder, Donald Ming)

Adonaki, July 22, Parx, training
“heart attack” (three years old; raced five days earlier, finished last 32 back; three total races: combined 142 back – trainer, Elias Tapsas)

Cuadrante, July 25, Parx, race 2
(chart said “went bad”)

Strawberry Bomb, July 26, Presque Isle, race 3
(chart said “went wrong, pulled up in distress”)

It Is Back, August 2, Penn, race 8
(chart said “went bad”)

Joe Franklin, August 3, Parx, training

Pass the Dice, August 8, Parx, race 9
(chart said “went wrong”)

Cornerback Sack, August 10, Presque Isle, race 1

Mc Hottie, August 11, Penn, race 5 (euthanized August 14)

Cams Director, August 12, Pocono, race 5

Maze of Stones, August 19, Parx, training

Unclear, August 26, Pocono, training
“collapsed while training on main track and died”

Wise Heart, August 31, Parx, training
(had been raced once: last, 21 lengths back)

Darlene’s Vision, September 8, Parx, training

The Schwam, September 9, Parx, race 8 (euthanized September 10)
“fracture with severe joint disease”

Little Miss Avery, September 9, Penn, training

Combee, September 9, Penn, race 5
(brought up rear in previous four races – all claiming; owner, Kathleen Willier)

Olivia My Girl, September 10, Presque Isle, race 7
“died on track” – without euthanasia

Clear Status, September 15, Penn, race 4
“dislocation of fetlock, rupture of SDFT and DDFT” (was raced just eight days prior – last; trainer/owner, Bernard Dunham)

Aziah’s Good Girl, September 16, Penn, race 4 (euthanized September 21)

Frisky Business, September 26, Penn, training

Retrade, September 27, Presque Isle, race 2
“broke both front legs” (chart said “collapsed” – yes, collapsed from two broken legs)

Hocus Pocus Cat, September 28, Presque Isle, race 8
(going in, four races – combined 84 lengths back; trainer/owner, David Wallace)

Station Wagon, October 1, Parx, race 3
(chart said “went bad”)

Shake Things Up, October 2, Parx, race 7
“fractured shoulder” (must have been bad as race was declared a “no-contest”)

Big Gally’s Answer, October 23, Parx, race 2
“laceration into carpal”

Tildeath Do Uspart, October 28, Parx, race 1
(chart said “in distress”)

Honest, October 28, Parx, race 3

Jump Shot Johnny, October 31, Penn, training

Groupthink, November 5, Parx, race 5

Golden Glint, November 5, Parx, race 7
“fracture sesamoids, suspensory tear, disarticulation fetlock”

Cosmic Destiny, November 6, Parx, race 8
“cardiovascular event”

Friesani, November 11, Penn, race 2 (euthanized at Parx November 13)

Aspic, November 17, Penn, race 6

Blu Moon Ace, November 22, Penn, race 4

Courageous Sadie, November 24, Penn, race 3

Campeona, December 2, Penn, race 4
“horse expired in stall shortly after leaving test barn”

Ransom Day, December 6, Penn, race 4
(two years old, second race; first one: 11th of 12, 22 lengths back)

Lee’s South, December 7, Penn, training
(nine years old, had already been raced 84 times)

Ari’s Turn, December 23, The Meadows, race 3
“broke down (broken leg), euthanized in barn”

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Benanti, February 4, Penn
“colic” (last raced January 28)

Oakley, March 31, Penn
“fractured vertebrae”

Floyd Hanover, May 3, The Meadows
“[trainer] found horse dead in barn” (last raced April 11)

Tootsiswild, June 18, Penn
“went down in stall, could not rise” (three years old, last raced November 30)

Big Otter, June 29, Penn
“chronic undiagnosed lameness” (three years old)

Like A Prayer, August 18, Penn

Harlans Belle, November 9, Parx
“cardiac event in stall” – died without euthanasia (five years old, last raced October 22)

Platinum Sensation, December 15, Penn
“found dead in stall” (four years old; final four races: 55 back and a “DNF”; trainer, Mario Rodriguez; owner, Gilberto Rivera)

Creating Mischief, December 26, Penn
“colic” (two years old; had been raced twice – combined 36 back)

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at Pennsylvania tracks in 2016. (These are the most detailed necropsy reports I have received to date; some came with pictures. Notably, virtually every horse listed below had stomach ulcers. Enough said.)

Stand by Your Man, January 13, Penn 2, “1/3 of left scapula shattered into multiple displaced pieces…severe damage of the surrounding skeletal muscle and soft tissue including a severed blood vessel and severe hemorrhage”; “chronic synovitis of the front fetlocks”

Exceptionalism, February 27, Parx 1, “acute, complete, severely comminuted sesamoid fractures with partial ligamentous tears, joint capsule disruption, and regional hemorrhage”

Have Faith Sister, March 1, Parx 6, “acute, complete, mildly comminuted sesamoid fracture with complete intersesamoidean ligament tear, partial suspensory ligament tear, and regional hemorrhage”

Goldtique, March 5, Parx 9, “this horse was involved in a three horse collision…broken back – death due to vertebral fracture and exsanguination” (she bled out)

Digger’s Jigger, March 5, Parx 9, “this horse was involved in a three horse collision [same as above]…found dead in her stall [next] morning – death due to axial musculoskeletal trauma and exsanguination” (she bled out)

Regal Soldier, March 7, Parx 7, “severely comminuted right hind limb fracture”

Gentle Buzzing, March 24, Penn 7, “marked acute fracture of sesamoid bones”

Dancing Terror, April 9, The Meadows 10, “left hind limb was swollen…with a puncture wound, through which bone was protruding…eight large pieces of bone (and numerous small pieces) present”; “numerous small ulcers” present

Salty’s Hero, April 25, Parx 9, “catastrophic second, third, and fourth metacarpal fractures with suspensory ligament disruption…and regional hemorrhage”

Drive, April 27, Penn 6, “acute comminuted fracture of the metacarpal”

Lovelibuzz, May 3, Parx 4, “comminuted and displaced fractures of the radial, intermediate, third, and fourth carpal bones with hemarthrosis”

Joe Boo Kelly, May 6, prior to Penn 1, “horse became unstable during the post parade and then fell and died – no obvious cause of death”; “the ulceration of the stomach was severe – 90-100 erosions and ulcers”

Nasa, May 7, Parx 6, “displaced fractures of the medial and lateral sesamoid bones with disruption of the sesamoidean ligaments”

Tell Tale Friend, May 9, Parx 8, “acute, comminuted sesamoid fractures with regional hemorrhage and disruption of the sesamoidean ligaments”

Fors Fortis, May 24, Presque Isle 1, “sesamoid bones badly comminuted…suspensory ligament completely transected and avulsed from the bones”

La Moskette, June 7, Parx 2 (euthanized late July), “sesamoid fracture, ligament avulsion – horse failed to recover; “lung: locally extensive acute hemorrhage”

Forbidden Story, June 17, Penn 6, “bilateral sesamoid fractures with partial rupture of the flexor tendons with hemorrhage”

Mike the Hab, June 24, Penn 8, “multiple fractures of carpal bones” (both legs); ulcers “severe”

Lorilee, June 25, Penn 1, “sesamoid fracture, condyle fracture…luxation of MC3 with disruption of the suspensory apparatus”; “spleen is severely congested”

A. Rod Again, June 28, Parx 4, “acute, comminuted, displaced fractures of the medial and lateral sesamoid bones…[multiple joints]: mild-moderate chronic osteoarthritis”

Truly Amazing, June 28, Presque Isle 2, “cause of death was Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage”

Purple Egg, June 29, Penn 5, “sesamoid fracture with disruption of the suspensory apparatus”; “spleen is severely congested”

Maxwell’s Hammer, July 2, Parx 2, “severe tendon rupture”

Notaria, July 12, Parx 2, “sesamoid bones fractured into multiple, displaced fragments…suspensory ligament severely frayed, with near complete fiber disruption”

Anthony’s Flyer, July 16, Parx 2, “traumatic stifle laceration with joint penetration and patellar fracture”

Mr. Perseverance, July 21, Penn 1, “sesamoid fractured into three fragments…ligaments torn”

Greatwhite Buffalo, August 2, Presque Isle 4, “both front fetlocks attached by skin only, leaving the distal cannon bones exposed, covered with ground-in dirt and severe bruising”; “gastric ulcers quite extensive”

Isutalkintome, August 7, Presque Isle 3, “left front fetlock attached by skin only, leaving the distal cannon bones exposed, covered with ground-in dirt and severe bruising”; “gastric ulcers extensive”

Burst of Fire, August 7, Presque Isle 3, “glenoid rim fractured…two pieces of bone pulled away”; “gastric ulcers extensive”

Kernel Slanders, August 12, Penn 8, “sesamoid fractured into three fragments…ligaments shredded”; “score lines and bruising in front fetlocks are suggestive of repetitive osseous stress syndrome, a common finding in fetlocks of racing Thoroughbreds”

Little Louella, August 27, Penn 3, “fractures of the third and radial carpal bones, mild to severe osteoarthritis”; “stomach: severe, chronic, focally extensive ulcers”; “spleen: severe congestion”

Registrada, September 13, Parx 4, “comminuted medial sesamoid fracture”

Age of Fluffy, September 21, prior to Presque Isle 8, “spine fractured”; “gastric ulcers are common in horses on NSAIDs, and in training…these were extensive and may have caused the horse to be painful from them during the paddock period…this may have led to the horse rearing and flipping over backwards”

Rockin’ Rockstar, October 2, Presque Isle 4, “comminuted (many pieces), spiral fracture of humerus, with ends distracted…greater tubercle separated from parent bone; rib fractured”

Jennie Says So, October 10, Parx 1, “acute, complete, open sesamoid fracture with suspensory ligament disruption”

Bobby McDuffie, October 22, Penn 5, “complete rupture of the distal sesamoidean ligaments with hemorrhage”; “the spleen is enlarged and filled with blood”

Gambler Five, November 2, Penn 8, “deep digital flexor tendon completely severed and displaced…dorsal surface of the superficial digital flexor tendon shredded…[multiple] ligaments torn…medial proximal sesamoid bone has a complete mid-body fracture…lateral proximal sesamoid bone fractured into multiple pieces”

South Philly Magic, November 14, Parx 3, “horse had a broken neck and was dead when the veterinarian arrived”

Star Cover, November 26, Pocono 9, “upon exam it was both visually and palpably obvious that there was a complete breakdown injury to the suspensory apparatus; both sesamoids were fractured and the ankle was on the ground when attempting to bear weight – as a result, the horse was euthanized”

Queen Patron, December 7, Penn 5, “compound fracture of fetlock…protrusion of metacarpal and sesamoid bones through the laceration…exposed bones are covered in dirt and debris”; the mucosa of the stomach contains 53 erosions and ulcers”

Final Betrayal, December 11, Parx 8, “sesamoids fractures with extensive ligamentous tearing and hemorrhage”

Sierra Ancha, December 14, Penn 2, “compound comminuted fracture left forelimb…severe soft tissue damage with exposure of several fragments of bone”

Surfer Chub, December 27, Parx 1, “shattered knee – multiple, acute carpal fractures”

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Burning Point, May 26, Penn, “lymphohistiocytic meningoencephalomyelitis with necrosis” (last raced April 23)

Hoppy Hour, June 15, Penn, “marked diffuse chronic fibrinous arthritis of the left hock – the thickened joint capsule along with the abundant fibrin suggest a chronic, on-going process” (this filly was two years old and had yet to be raced)

Bird Prince, July 22, Parx, “this horse has been showing neurologic signs and was euthanized…” (four years old)

Cantina Butterfly, October 26, Parx, “on October 26, the horse was down, depressed had labored breathing and a very swollen face with a bad odor and some nasal discharge…died before a tracheotomy could be performed” – necropsy revealed “severe extensive cellulitis, severe gastric ulcers, renal papillary necrosis, severe traumatic osteoarthropathy” (three years old, last raced September 13)

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There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

“open disarticulated RF fetlock with ruptured sesmoidean ligaments”
“heart attack – dropped after finishing race”
“collapsed and died on track following 1/2 mile work”
“horse fell and broke neck – someone saw blood from the ears”
“exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”
“traumatic head injury”
“became weak and fell to the ground; horse was having trouble breathing and died naturally within two minutes”
“flipped in paddock – fractured pelvis”
“skull fracture”
“severely injured leg – in stall, worsened over time”
“broken carpus, very thin, very lame”
“found dead in the stall; pneumonia or possible head trauma during shipping”
“euthanized [after some] thrashing”
“shipping fever”

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following 118 kills on Pennsylvania tracks in 2015. (Unless otherwise noted, fatal injury was a fracture of one kind or another.)

6-year-old Calvados, January 3, Parx 9 (euthanized January 4)

3-year-old Mar de Mares, January 10, Parx, training

6-year-old Pick Four, January 10, Penn, training

4-year-old For All the Kathys, January 11, Parx 6

5-year-old She Be Bunny, January 17, Penn 3

4-year-old Save This Dance, January 29, Penn 8

4-year-old Rock Shaft, February 9, Parx 4

4-year-old Trust in Tebow, February 9, Parx 4

4-year-old Astral, February 10, Parx 9 (euthanized February 11)

6-year-old Razmataz, February 12, Penn, training

7-year-old Drink With Pride, February 13, Penn 8

3-year-old Okey Dokey Smokey, February 14, Parx, training

3-year-old Sendme Some Lovin, February 14, Parx, training

2-year-old Fastique, February 18, Parx, training

4-year-old Doubly Smart, February 22, Parx 3

3-year-old Hurricane Turn, February 22, Parx 3 (euthanized February 28)

3-year-old Heretodaygonetmrow, February 25, Penn, training

7-year-old Bracket Buster, March 1, Parx 1
“heart attack – dropped after finishing race (poor performance)”

4-year-old Stormy Dan, March 1, Parx 2

2-year-old Moonshine Express, March 6, Penn, training

Head of the Barn, March 11, Meadows (pre-race)

3-year-old Irish Jones, March 13, Parx, training

4-year-old Quietly Prim, March 17, Parx, training
“collapsed and died on track following 1/2 mile work”

3-year-old Miss Siphon, March 18, Penn, training

3-year-old Saratoga Sundae, March 19, Parx, training

3-year-old I Forget, March 26, Penn 7

3-year-old Albert P., March 27, Penn 4 (euthanized March 30)

6-year-old Quiet Title, March 28, Penn, training
“sudden cardiac arrest; horse fell and broke neck – someone saw blood from the ears”

5-year-old Landry Jack, April 3, Penn 2
“horse collapsed – sudden death”

3-year-old Formal Call, April 6, Parx, training

4-year-old Mr. Giovanna, April 6, Parx 1

Bubs Desire, April 11, Pocono 13

3-year-old Charm City Dancer, April 13, Parx 7

4-year-old Wise Remark, April 14, Parx 6

4-year-old Circular Drive, April 17, Penn 7

4-year-old Elda, April 23, Penn 2

7-year-old E. Espee, April 24, Penn, training

7-year-old Above The Stars, April 24, Penn, training

3-year-old Eddie’sinthewoods, April 24, Penn 1

4-year-old Hooked On the Lady, April 29, Penn 7
“horse collapsed and died just past the finish line”

3-year-old Nasdaq Princess, May 2, Penn 8 (euthanized September 14)

5-year-old Fire I Am, May 15, Parx, training

5-year-old Bluecam, May 17, Parx 6

6-year-old Shoplift, May 19, Parx, training

2-year-old Bossy Betty Lou, May 24, Presque Isle, training

4-year-old It’s Charlie, May 25, Parx 2

5-year-old Bella Afleet, May 25, Presque Isle 7

5-year-old Global Risk, May 27, Penn, training

4-year-old Thou Art Mary, May 29, Penn 8

5-year-old Player to Be Named, May 29, Penn 8

6-year-old Widow’s Jewel, May 31, Penn, training
“exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”

2-year-old Cowabunga, May 31, Presque Isle 2 (pre-race)
“traumatic head injury”

8-year-old Vision of Romance, June 1, Presque Isle, training
“possible aneurysm”

5-year-old Pitch N Roll, June 2, Presque Isle 4

5-year-old Sixteen Stone, June 6, Penn 7

Digital Z Tam, June 6, Pocono 3
“became weak and fell to the ground; horse was having trouble breathing and died naturally within two minutes”

4-year-old Total Talent, June 8, Parx, training

5-year-old This Kat of Mine, June 10, Parx, training
“collapsed and died on track”

4-year-old Aces Are Wild, June 15, Parx 3

6-year-old Pistoria, June 17, Penn 2

4-year-old Double Jock Mount, June 19, Penn 7

5-year-old Black Lagoon, June 26, Parx, training

3-year-old Stop the Nonsense, June 26, Penn 7 (euthanized June 30)

3-year-old Willful, June 27, Parx 5

2-year-old Patchouli, July 9, Presque Isle 1 (euthanized July 11)
“euthanasia chosen because of severe pain; disposed off property prior to examination by Commission Vet”

7-year-old Cortado, July 13, Parx 3

5-year-old Main Entrance, July 16, Parx, training

7-year-old Holy Royal, July 16, Presque Isle 5
“heart attack”

7-year-old Wicket Ewok, July 22, Penn 3

2-year-old Summer Mesa, July 24, Penn 1 (first race)

4-year-old Stormy Stepper, July 24, Penn 2

3-year-old Top Dead Center, July 25, Penn, training

10-year-old Dream Maestro, July 26, Parx 3

4-year-old Sleepy Jean, July 30, Penn 7

3-year-old So Trusty, July 31, Parx, training

5-year-old Jay Eye See, August 4, Parx 7 (euthanized August 5)

4-year-old Duck Duck Goose, August 7, Penn 8

4-year-old Silver Reward, August 10, Presque Isle 8

5-year-old Empire Star, August 14, Parx, training

7-year-old Espresso Royale, August 14, Penn 8

4-year-old The Mooche, August 25, Presque Isle 7

4-year-old Boss Cat, August 28, Parx, training

3-year-old Dash, September 5, Parx 1

4-year-old Aunt Ellipsis, September 12, Parx 7 (pre-race)
“flipped in paddock – fractured pelvis”

5-year-old Zuma Moon, September 12, Penn, training
“skull fracture”

4-year-old Harvey’s Bear, September 16, Presque Isle 1

10-year-old Rough Road Ahead, September 23, Presque Isle, training
“cardiac arrest”

5-year-old Outhaul, September 30, Penn 3

6-year-old Gold Mantis, October 3, Penn 6

2-year-old Candy Skirt, October 4, Parx, training

4-year-old Armani the Won, October 4, Parx 3

4-year-old Tizjohn, October 4, Parx 6 (euthanized October 9)

5-year-old Morning Cigar, October 5, Parx, training

3-year-old Face, October 5, Presque Isle 2 (euthanized October 6)

4-year-old Crossing, October 9, Parx, training

3-year-old Dakota Fox, October 13, Parx, training

7-year-old Destiny Joy, October 16, Penn 8

4-year-old Heavenly Girl, October 18, Parx, training

8-year-old Giopi, October 19, Parx 9

8-year-old Huff’n Hughes, October 20, Parx, training
“collapsed and died on track”

3-year-old Star Actor, October 30, Parx 3

4-year-old Surprise Success, November 3, Parx, training

7-year-old Awesome Indy, November 4, Penn 8 (euthanized November 6)

2-year-old Squad Girl, November 9, Parx, training

6-year-old Quotable, November 10, Parx 4

3-year-old Fit to Keep, November 11, Penn 4 (euthanized November 12 at Parx)

3-year-old Empty Backfield, November 14, Parx 9

4-year-old Thrill Show, November 14, Penn, training

3-year-old Tip Toe Joe, November 17, Penn, training

4-year-old Thick as Thieves, December 1, Penn, training

4-year-old Who’s Z Daddy, December 6, Parx 9 (euthanized December 16)

6-year-old Zealevo, December 11, Penn 5

4-year-old Saratoga Woods, December 12, Parx 4

3-year-old The Red Baron, December 14, Parx 8

3-year-old My Dutchess Kate, December 19, Parx, training

3-year-old Gangstress of Love, December 19, Parx 8

2-year-old Kandy Andy, December 21, Parx, training (euthanized post-surgery)

3-year-old Lake Ouachita, December 21, Parx 3

th (1)

In addition, the following 22 still-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Up Front Biz, January 10, Meadows

13-year-old Capo, January 10, Parx
“horse bolted and ran into a gate”

5-year-old Dancewithcourtney, January 12, Parx

6-year-old Zamita, January 30, Penn
“severely injured leg – in stall, worsened over time; humanely destroyed”

6-year-old Pretty Mr. D, February 2, Parx
“cellulitis – two-week duration”

5-year-old JC’s Dream, February 14, Penn
“broken carpus, very thin, very lame”

18-year-old Ladys Bad Boy, April 4, Penn
“[found] the horse dead in his stall”

3-year-old Blow By, May 16, Presque Isle
“found dead in the stall; pneumonia or possible head trauma during shipping”

9-year-old Butterscotch, June 2, Presque Isle
“pony horse – fractured femur”

Joscoc, June 9, Meadows

Rebel Strike, June 29, Pocono
“joint infection”

6-year-old Runnin Bull, July 8, Parx

4-year-old Riot Squad, July 8, Penn
“colic of unknown ethology; euthanized [after some] thrashing”

5-year-old Kettle’s Kid, July 15, Presque Isle
“shipping fever”

7-year-old Blue Tick Hound, July 24, Penn
“infected hock”

Automatic Teller, August 27, Pocono
“fractured pastern in the stall”

8-year-old Marie’s Babe, August 28, Parx

3-year-old Giant Swing, October 24, Parx

5-year-old Dean the Man, November 9, Parx
“terminally ill”

3-year-old Rangersleadtheway, November 14, Parx
“severely neurologic”

2-year-old Lady Lion, December 13, Parx

Wok N Roll, December 16, Meadows
“cardiac arrest”