How Many More, Pennsylvania? How Many More, America?

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks through June 30. In the wake of Governor Tom Wolf’s proposal to strip (and redirect to education) the corporate welfare currently propping up Pennsylvania Horseracing, I think it a good idea that this list be sent (by as many advocates as possible) to each and every member of the General Assembly.

Senate Contacts
House Contacts
And to reinforce his enlightened position: Governor Wolf’s contact

Caught by Surprise, Jan 10, Penn T – “complete fracture of the humerus, multiple small fragments of bone, severe soft tissue damage and hemorrhage”

Ebo Strong, Jan 11, Penn R – “[multiple] fractures with tearing of suspensory ligament”

Stella B., Jan 28, Parx T – “severely comminuted fractures with numerous small bone fragments into the cartilage; severe, chronic stomach ulcers”

On Thunder Road N, Feb 4, Pocono R – “severely comminuted fracture; cartilage erosions” (ten years old)

Tiki Thomas, Feb 8, Penn T – “[multiple] fractures, [one] into more than 25 fragments”

Graveyard Shift, Feb 17, Parx R (euthanized Feb 18) – “[multiple] fractures; chronic, traumatic osteoarthritis”

Homeboy, Feb 18, Parx T – “severely comminuted fractures with numerous missing/displaced bone fragments…one protruding through the skin; chronic, traumatic osteoarthritis; stomach has extensive ulcers” (three years old)

Better Song, Feb 22, Meadows T – “sudden death – artery rupture”

Proud Supporter, Feb 24, Parx R – “severe, acute, comminuted, displaced pelvis fracture with extensive hemorrhage and soft tissue trauma”

Winning the Medal, Feb 29, Parx R – “fractures; cartilage ulcer; traumatic osteoarthropathy; severe, chronic-active gastric ulcers”

Imasuperstar, Mar 2, Parx S – “infection”

Rydell, Mar 2, Parx S – “torn ligament, lacerated tendon; chronic, traumatic osteoarthritis” (had been raced 58 times)

Diva Drama, Mar 2, Parx T – “thoracic vertebral fracture with spinal cord compression; acute hemorrhage; chronic, traumatic osteoarthritis; stomach ulcers; cartilage erosions” (three years old)

C C’s Cup of Tea, Mar 6, Parx T – “[multiple] fractures and lacerations”

Florida Boys, Mar 12, Penn R – “[multiple] fractures”

Play Me a Memory, Mar 18, Parx T – “severe open fracture with bone fragments protruding through the skin and dirt embedded in the wound”

Winning Knockout, Mar 23, Penn T – “[multiple] fractures”

Midday Prayer, Mar 24, Parx T – “this horse was found dead in her stall – cecal rupture”

Lay It On the Line, Apr 3, Parx S – “illness”

Mimi and Charley, Apr 3, Parx T – “[broken] femur”

Cabot Cove, Apr 16, Penn T – “[multiple] fractures”

Anita Lucky Break, Apr 17, Penn T – “fractured shoulder”

Harpy Eagle, May 4, Penn T – “hoof”

War Bridle, May 8, Parx T (euthanized May 12) – “acute catastrophic slab fracture; severe cartilage ulcers; gastric ulcers”

Echo Bay, May 10, Penn S – “colic”

Gracias Adios, May 14, Parx T – “this horse collapsed and died during training” (five years old)

Bronze Star, May 30, Penn T – “[multiple] fractures”

Autobahn Express, Jun 13, Parx T – “collision with another horse: numerous comminuted, displaced vertebral fractures – multiple fragments; fractured ribs; stomach erosions/ulcers”

Pajama Tops, Jun 16, Penn T – “[multiple] fractures”

Huntington Drive, Jun 24, Penn R – “[multiple] fractures, torn ligament; severe osteoarthritis of most appendicular joints; severe, widespread, chronic gastric ulceration; [multiple] cartilage erosions”

Blissful Breeze, Jun 27, Parx T – “[multiple] catastrophic fractures with extensive soft tissue damage; ligaments completely ruptured; chronic, traumatic osteoarthritis”

Bucky Be Lucky, Jun 29, Parx R – “[multiple] severe fractures with detached fragments and free-floating bone gravel”

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  1. All of the above injuries are something that should never happen to any horse anywhere ever! De-fund and defeat this heinous abuse of horses caused directly and indirectly by government subsidized horse racing!

  2. The state of Pennsylvania is in dire need of funds that should be appropriated to the well being of its people. Gov. Wolf (from what I have seen and heard is very decent.) Parx and Penn National are very good pieces of real estate that could be put to better use than killing fields. And on the subject,the same holds true for the State of New Jersey. Monmouth and Meadowlands prime real estate with ocean breezes and NYC views! Gov. Phil Murphy in Trenton. He would listen to an appeal.

    • According to something I read, the idea of keeping open spaces open was a significant factor in the continuation of horseracing. I forgot the information to give anyone a link to read it, but horse breeding farms could be kept as open spaces, in my opinion, as Community Supported Agriculture, meaning basically that horse breeding farms could produce fewer and fewer foal crops and produce VEGETABLE crops instead.

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