The 92 – 92 – Dead Horses at Taxpayer-Subsidized Pennsylvania Tracks

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2021 (I previously filed a half-year report but have combined the two for maximum effect). Please note, however, that there was little detail provided, nothing more than “injury,” “illness,” etc. (For the racing deaths, I have supplemented with info from the charts.) Why? “Necropsy reports are part of an investigation. Therefore, PDA has withheld specific information that is exempt from disclosure by law.” One more thing: Presque Isle is reporting but two deaths – both stall – in 2021. The track was active from July through October – 60 days of live racing. Zero training deaths. Zero racing deaths. Draw your own conclusion; for me, it’s a lie. In any event, here are the 92 dead Pennsylvania horses we do have.

Trust Fund Girl, Jan 3, Parx T – “injury” (two years old, coming off second race)
Credit Cycle, Jan 5, Parx R – “took a bad step”
Private Union, Jan 6, Parx R – “suffered a catastrophic injury near the 5/16 pole”
Rockin Ruth, Jan 8, Penn R – “pulled up lame”
Dream’n Demon, Jan 10, Parx T – “injury” (“bled profusely from nostrils” in 2020 race)
Kiss My Note, Jan 20, Penn R – “suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front”
Saucy Don, Jan 25, Parx R – “injured near half-mile marker” (10 years old, 68th race)
Cattys Box, Jan 27, Parx T – “injury” (two years old, being prepped for debut)
Jewel’sindian Girl, Feb 3, Penn R – “suffered a catastrophic injury and fell”
Smarty Pi, Feb 5, Parx T – “injury” (had been raced 39 times)
Tally Mo, Feb 14, Parx S – “illness” (was raced Jan 13)
My Lilly Pad, Mar 10, Penn R – “catastrophic injury – [but] was walked into ambulance”
Velozes, Mar 20, Parx T – “injury” (two years old, coming off second race)
Raileegotaholdonme, Mar 24, Meadows S – “colic” (not euthanized, just died)
O’Kram, Mar 30, Parx R – “was injured badly, fell, euthanized”
Chart Caller, Apr 1, Penn T – “injury”
To the Flag, Apr 2, Parx S – “colic” (had been raced 89 times, most recent Mar 24)
Fastroadahead, Apr 10, Parx T – “injury” (three years old)
Skookie, Apr 12, Parx R – “injury”
Moe Trouble, Apr 19, Penn S – “colic” (last raced Nov 2020)
Our Dixie Blue, Apr 20, Parx R – “had her heels clipped, injury to a rear leg”
Mr Classical, Apr 21, Parx T – “sudden death”
Valley of Sin, Apr 25, Pocono R – “injury”
Drosselmagic, Apr 26, Parx R – “was injured past half-mile marker” (74th race)
Brandywines Secret, Apr 28, Penn R – “catastrophic injuries to both front legs”
Tuff Gong, May 1, Parx T – “injury” (coming off first race)
Communicator, May 3, Penn T – “sudden death” (just four years old)
Baffin Bay, May 4, Parx T – “injury” (hadn’t been raced since Dec 2019)
Adulation, May 9, Parx T – “sudden death”
Princess Mikayah, May 10, Parx R – “suffered injury to her LF leg” (58th race)
Runs for Luck, May 11, Parx R – “collapsed, sudden death” (10 years old, 85th race)
Luvinmeiseasy, May 12, Parx T – “injury” (had been raced 59 times)
Goggles Paisano, May 13, Meadows T – “sudden death”
Night Dreamer, May 14, Meadows R – “injury”
Lucky Olivia Rose, May 18, Parx T – “injury”
Call Me Daddy, May 18, Parx R – “injury”
Crazy Cables, May 22, Penn T – “injury” (was being prepped for debut)
Lucky Lion, May 29, Parx T – “injury” (was being prepped for debut)
Happyascanb, Jun 2, Parx T – “injury”
Babbo Babbo Babbo, Jun 7, Parx R – “suffered an injury to his LF leg”
Accomplish, Jun 12, Penn T – “illness” (two years old; not euthanized, just died)
Woodbury, Jun 15, Parx R – “suffered a catastrophic injury…subsequently euthanized”
Big Cypress, Jun 16, Penn R – “catastrophic injuries to both front legs and fell”
Baby Bam Bam, Jun 22, Parx T – “injury”
Inclunation, Jun 23, Parx R – “returned lame”
Fashion Nova, Jun 28, Parx R – “suffered an injury to her LF leg”
Baby Bleu Janes, Jun 30, Penn T – “injury” (two years old, being prepped for debut)
Freight Train, Jun 30, Penn R – “catastrophic injury – [but] was walked into the van”
Dreamer’s Moon, Jul 2, Parx S – “sudden death” (five years old)
Questeq, Jul 2, Parx S – “sudden death” (had finished last in a race five days prior)
Smooth Landing, Jul 8, Parx T – “injury” (being prepped for first race)
Our Claire Bear, Jul 9, Parx T – “injury” (had been raced 45 times)
Abaco Dream, Jul 13, Penn R – “took a bad step, pulled up lame”
Victoria Belle, Jul 14, Parx R – “suffered a catastrophic injury”
The Minit I See U, Jul 14, Penn R – “catastrophic injury to his right front”
Sexyama, Jul 20, Parx R – “fell after the finish”
Victory Chimes, Jul 20, Penn R – “pulled up lame after the finish”
Kazmania, Jul 28, Penn T – “injury”
Dawn’s Early Light, Jul 29, Penn S – “sudden death” (four years old)
Oath of Solitude, Aug 10, Parx S – “illness” (three years old, had yet to be raced)
Light Us Up, Aug 13, Presque Isle S – “illness”
Eyes On Me, Aug 27, Penn R – “suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front”
Drummer Don, Sep 4, Parx S – “illness” (had been raced 61 times)
Psychic Energy, Sep 5, Parx S – “illness” (had been raced 43 times)
Midnight Whiskey, Sep 10, Penn R – “catastrophic injury – [but] was walked into van”
Blitchton Lady, Sep 15, Parx R – “injured her right front”
Miss Makayla, Sep 15, Penn S – “illness” (not euthanized – just died)
New Jersey John, Sep 19, Presque Isle S – “illness”
Regal Run, Sep 21, Parx R – “injured his left front leg”
Silver Dagger, Sep 21, Parx R – “injured his left front”
Forgotten Magic, Sep 22, Parx R – “suffered a catastrophic leg injury”
Jenna’s Lil Agnes, Oct 9, Parx T – “injury”
Incandescent, Oct 12, Parx S – “illness” (coming off first race)
Rock Ridge, Oct 19, Penn R – “injury”
Inspired Gem, Oct 20, Penn R – “went bad”
Lord Fairfax, Oct 22, Harrah’s R – “sudden death”
Sky Queen, Oct 22, Parx S – “illness” (not euthanized – just died)
Oakmont Magic, Nov 12, Penn R – “injury”
Sieglinde, Nov 18, Penn S – “injury”
Dirty Bird, Nov 20, Parx S – “illness” (not euthanized – just died)
Racehorseinared, Nov 23, Parx R – “injured at quarter pole…euthanized after”
Martini Show, Nov 24, Meadows R – “injury”
K D’s Cat Bird, Nov 29, Parx S – “illness” (eight years old, raced five days prior)
Enigmatica, Dec 3, Parx S – “illness” (not euthanized – just died)
Topsill Beach, Dec 7, Meadows R – “sudden death”
Big Daddy Buzz, Dec 8, Parx R – “suffered a catastrophic injury near 3/8 pole”
Eliana’s Mission, Dec 15, Parx R – “suffered catastrophic injury, fell, euthanized”
Go Johnny Go, Dec 19, Parx S – “sudden death” (five years old)
Trapped N My Mind, Dec 20, Parx S – “illness”
Honorable Service, Dec 22, Penn R – “fell” (82nd race)
Combat Ribbon, Dec 28, Parx R – “was injured past the 1/2-mile marker”
Four of Swords, Dec 29, Penn T – “injury”

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  1. A bridge collapsed last week in Pittsburgh. The large cities are in need of repair and social services that are effective. Racetracks are prime real estate for bigger and better uses. Gov. Tom Wolf at 508 Main Caitol Bldg. Harrisburg 17120 and Mayor Jim Kenney at City Hall Office #215 Phl,PA 19107. Phl Inquirer at 801 Market St.Phl,Pa.

  2. The Pennsylvania Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association will continue to perpetrate and perpetuate falsehoods about their horse-abusing, horse-killing gambling business of exploiting horses for racing and wagering revenue.

  3. Why are the vicious tracks still being subsidized when so many horse are being abused and treated like trash and then savagely slaughtered

    • Rose,I agree totally with you but,Patrick has explained and laid out the case METICULOUSLY to the taxpayers ….too many times to count. If dumbass people are too pathetic to care or understand the concept … you can lead a horse to water ….yada,yada,yada. Most people are either too dense,or LAZY to care. People are annoying.

  4. I cannot stand the thought of these horses running on frozen tundra dirt. Their skinny fragile bones pounding down on frigid rock hard frozen dirt. That’s another way Europe is kinder and more humane!!! They run on turf.

    • Bonnie, I hope the turf that the horses are forced to run on is not as lumpy and bumpy as the front lawn at the apartment building where I live. I have to be extra careful because it is not possible to walk on it in a normal way without causing pain to my joints. The ground is so lumpy and bumpy that just because it is covered with grass doesn’t mean it is good to walk on. It’s safer to walk on the sidewalk. Just sayin’…

  5. Eh, let’s just let Presque keep pretending they actually had a “100%-Safe” meet. As far as their fans are concerned, they could have had a 100% Kill Rate (kinda like their buddies over at Parx), and it wouldn’t change a single opinion about their so-called product. (It matters not at all to the few remaining racing fans and bettors whether each track kills “only” 60 horses per year, or 600.)
    So it’s not like their fake safety claim is gonna improve their all-important bottom line. They’re not fooling anyone.

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