Through a FOIA request to the PA Dept. of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills there last year (this is part 2; part 1 here). As always, necropsies were denied, so detail is lacking. (I have supplemented with chart notes where applicable.)

Angry American, Jul 5, Parx T – “injured, euthanized”
Florencia, Jul 9, Parx S – “illness, euthanized”
Nyx and Chaos, Jul 14, Penn R – “sudden death” (chart said: “vanned off”) (3 yrs old)
Because I Can, Jul 15, Parx S – “illness, euthanized”
Filbert, Jul 16, Parx T – “injured, euthanized”
Kid d’Oro, Jul 19, Parx T – “injured, euthanized”
Yei Yei, Jul 19, Parx R – “suffered catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Kid Mac Cool, Jul 19, Parx R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Wrappers Delight, Jul 23, Pocono R – “injured, euthanized”
Spanish Art, Jul 24, Harrah’s R – “injured, euthanized”
Platinum Ice, Jul 27, Parx R – “suffered catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Sportsurge, Jul 28, Meadows R – “sudden death”
Majestic Greeley, Aug 9, Penn S – “illness, euthanized”
Above the Line, Aug 11, Penn R – “fell, vanned off, euthanized”
Cloud Skipping, Aug 18, Penn R – “went bad, vanned off, euthanized”
Cotton Candy Cutie, Aug 29, Parx S – “illness, euthanized” (raced 75 times)
English Charmer, Sep 2, Parx T – “injured, euthanized”
Summer to Remember, Sep 12, Penn S – “sudden death” (five years old)
Will Lemon Dance, Sep 14, Parx T – “injured, euthanized”
Right in Tune, Sep 21, Parx R – “suffered catastrophic injury, euthanized”
E T’s Deuces Wild, Sep 22, Penn R – “something went wrong, euthanized”
Sapphire Royalty, Sep 28, Parx R – “suffered catastrophic injury, euthanized”
Sour Mash, Oct 1, Penn T – “sudden death” (five years old)
My Man Georgio, Oct 4, Penn R (euth Oct 7) – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Barb’s Peppermint, Oct 18, Penn T – “injured, euthanized”
Bramble Beach, Oct 19, Presque Isle R – “sudden death” (chart: “vanned off”) (3 yrs old)
Dr Zrada, Oct 25, Penn R – “went bad, fell, euthanized”
Fortheluvofbourbon, Oct 30, Parx S – “[died], unknown”
Bella Lino, Nov 7, Parx T – “injured, euthanized”
Open Says Me, Nov 14, Parx T – “injured, euthanized”
Unmarked Money, Nov 16, Parx T – “injured, euthanized”
Midnight Parade, Nov 25, Penn R – “sudden death” (chart said: “vanned off”) (2 yrs old)
Just Stuff It, Nov 28, Parx S – “[died], unknown”
Lecter, Nov 29, Parx T – “injured, euthanized” (two years old)
Love’s Medalist, Nov 29, Parx T – “injured, euthanized” (two years old)
Relentless Ruby, Nov 29, Parx R (euth Nov 30) – “[injured], euthanized”
Verrazano Bridge, Nov 30, Parx R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Arrivederci, Dec 5, Parx R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Evey’s Candy, Dec 5, Parx R – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Siberian, Dec 14, Penn R – “broke down, euthanized”
Private Sector, Dec 19, Parx R – “injured, euthanized”
Parsimony, Dec 20, Parx T – “sudden death” (six years old)
Deeply Twisted, Dec 21, Parx T – “injured, euthanized” (two years old)

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  1. I can’t help but feel the lost from Presque Isle Downs is a lie. There’s no way they only lost 3 horses!

  2. Keep in mind, the pa dept of ag released their new equine safety and welfare plan march 1st 2022.
    Also to note: pa used to release their necropsy reports, they now since deny them claiming the reports are “under investigation” yet none of these quote investigations have ever been released nor reported on. Pa goes to great lengths to hide from the realities.

  3. Thank you, as always, Patrick. Your reporting is exceptional, and your FoIA-based research truly groundbreaking of this, the most secretive and destructive gambling game in the nation. I truly believe the fine folks still involved in thoroughbred racing would like nothing more than for your work, and this whole site, to disappear.
    As an example, the race that killed Midnight Parade was another big-money Stakes Race of Death. Yet the second she collapsed (and died, we now know) on-camera, on the track, the marketing geniuses at Penn went right into their usual horse-killing denial; publicizing the race itself, congratulating the “winner’s” smiling connections, and COMPLETELY IGNORING any and every question about what the hell had just happened to poor (and previously undefeated) Midnight Parade. Their silence all but confirmed our suspicions.
    No doubt they were all just hoping that enough time would pass before your reporting DID confirm what we already knew, and that the public would forget this poor baby ever existed.
    (Sorry, horse killers! Sorry, HISA! Sorry, racing press! The truth is on OUR side. Your anti-sport is a horror-filled, life-wasting, bloody meatgrinder.)

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