“Found Dead in Barn After Race”; “Open Fracture With Large Piece Found on the Ground”; “Ruptured Tendon and Ligament” – Pennsylvania’s Very Long Kill-List, 2018

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks in 2018.

Lust for Money, January 2, Parx R
no description given, just “euthanized”

Papa’s Missile, January 10, Penn T
“apparent heart attack – expired on track” (six years old)

Marilyn’s Passion, January 25, Penn R
“fractured sesamoids with disruption of the suspensory”

My Cotton Jones, January 29, Parx R
no description given, just “euthanized”

Wind Spirit, January 30, Parx R
“fracture sesamoids, loss of tissue support”

Offlee Charmer, February 1, Penn R
“compound, communited fracture of cannon”

Fiber Sonic, February 2, Penn T
“knee fracture”

My Music, February 6, Parx R
“found dead in barn after race” (five years old)

Jesnik’s Dream, February 8, Parx T
“open, comminuted fracture left fore”

Glittering Justice, February 10, Penn T
“fractured pelvis”

Running Cat, February 13, Penn T
“fractured ankle”

Keep Faith, February 19, The Meadows T
“broke down”

Southhampton Skye, March 17, Parx R
“sesamoids fracture and displaced condylar fracture”

Giles Fair, March 24, Parx R
“open, comminuted condylar fracture”

Midnight With Luti, March 27, Parx T
“sesamoid fractures”

New Road, April 3, Parx R
“open, comminuted condylar fracture”

Moon’s Melody, April 5, Parx T
“fractured pelvis”

Mookie, April 5, Parx T
“fractured scapula”

Chief Kitten, April 10, Parx T
“bilateral sesamoid with suspensory disruption”

Fancy Is My Name, April 11, Penn T
“broken leg”

Valerie Victoria, April 12, Penn R
“broken leg”

North Ocean, April 14, Parx R
“compound pastern fracture”

She’s Spoiled, April 18, Parx T
“spiral condylar fracture”

Smoke’n Go, April 20, Penn T
“broken leg”

E’normous, April 20, Penn R
“bilateral fracture of sesamoids”

Top Street, May 3, Penn R
“horse dropped dead post-race”

Derby Day Mermaid, May 11, Presque Isle T
“possible fractured pelvis”

Maine Edition, May 14, Penn T
“broken humerus”

Prime Number, May 14, Presque Isle R
“broke both sesamoids, torn suspensories”

Mile Street, May 24, Presque Isle R
“sesamoids fracture, suspensory torn”

Betterbringuragame, May 26, Parx T
“died suddenly during training” (three years old)

Karmakaze, May 27, Parx R
“sudden death post race” (five years old)

Hokie Fever, May 31, Penn T
“open fracture of radius with large fracture piece found on the ground”

Sea Boss, June 1, Parx T
“dislocated fetlock”

Good Morning Lou, June 2, Penn T
“slab fracture of carpus”

Simply Tizway, June 4, Parx R
“comminuted fracture of sesamoid bones”

El Heroe, June 4, Penn T

Eight Da Hardway, June 5, Parx T
“compound fracture of both sesamoids”

Bad Game, June 10, Harrah’s R
“open fracture pastern”

Ripped, June 13, Parx T
“compound fracture”

unidentified, June 13, Penn T
“found dead in stall during morning training”

Devious Chic (could be sic), June 18, Parx T
“condylar fracture”

Battle of Dunkirk, June 23, Penn R
“bilateral fractures of proximal sesamoids”

Captain Pedro, July 1, Pocono R
“injured leg during race”

Dig That Mine, July 3, Parx T
“cardiac arrest” (three years old)

Blondie Girl, July 10, Parx T
“sesamoid fractures”

Sound Values, July 19, Parx T
“comminuted fracture”

Street Heat, July 25, Parx T
“cardiac arrest” (five years old)

Lucky Lucky Liam, July 26, Penn R
“collapsed after winning the race” (three years old)

Citi’s Barometer, July 27, Penn R
“fractured sesamoids with disruption of the suspensory”

Love Is All, August 2, Penn R
“horse fell near finish line – compound, comminuted fracture of metacarpal”

Smooth Stone, August 2, Presque Isle R (euthanized September 10)
“ruptured [tendon] and suspensory ligament”

Crimson Secret, August 3, Penn R
“fractures of sesamoids with disruption of the suspensory”

Diamond Don, August 15, Penn T
“collapsed on the track during training” (four years old)

Highway Run, August 17, Penn T
“bilateral fractures proximal sesamoids”

Happy Andyversary, August 19, Harrah’s R
“suffered a seizure and expired”

Mullet Blue Chip, August 19, Harrah’s R
“open fracture ankle”

It Behooves Me, September 8, Penn T
“fracture sesamoids”

Just a Farmer, September 16, Parx R
“compound sesamoid fracture”

Black Kiko, September 20, Penn T
“fracture carpus”

El Chavo, September 20, Penn T
“fractured sesamoid”

Put It Forward, October 5, Penn R
“fracture of sesamoids with disruption of the suspensory”

Full of Charge, October 6, Parx R (euthanized October 7)
“highly comminuted fracture carpal bone”

Greed Is Good, October 7, Parx R
“comminuted fracture both sesamoids with associated suspensory disruption”

Swell Chap, October 10, The Meadows R
“died suddenly on track”

Cute as a Button, October 12, Penn R
“fracture of sesamoids with disruption of the suspensory”

I Like Dreamin, October 16, Harrah’s R
“collapsed – apparent cardiac event”

Any Court Inastorm, October 20, Parx R
“fracture of sesamoids”

Royal Six Shooter, October 25, Penn R
“communited fracture of the phalanx”

E Licious, October 26, Penn R
“horse collapsed just past the finish line – was dead when vet reached [her]” (three years old)

Fever Gone (probably sic), October 30, Parx T
“P1 fracture”

Navasoda, November 9, Penn T
“metacarpal fracture”

Mischievous Star, November 9, Penn R
“luxation with disruption of tendon and suspensory ligaments; condylar fracture; compound, communited sesamoid fracture”

Wentzylvania, November 12, Parx R
“comminuted fracture sesamoid and open condylar fracture”

Skylander Boy, November 23, Penn R
“slab fracture with ruptured ligaments”

Call Me Squirt, November 30, Penn R
“comminuted fractures of the carpus”

Bird of Trey, December 2, Parx R
“open, comminuted fracture sesamoids; MCIII; ruptured suspensory and sesamoidean ligaments; disarticulation”

Let Me Sleep On It, December 8, Penn T
“possible injury to leg”

Warrior Lake, December 10, Parx R
“cardiac arrest” (four years old)

Amanda’s Best, December 11, Penn T
“fractured sesamoid”

Lord Jump Start, December 14, Parx T
“fractured tibia”

Offlee Risque, December 27, Penn R
“fracture of P1”

Ctimene Sweep, December 31, Penn T
“apparent heart attack – expired on track” (two years old)

In addition, these still-very-much-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry craftily calls “non-racing” causes. Technically true, perhaps, but morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

A Thousand Dreams, February 19, The Meadows
“found dead in stall”

Saphira’s Storm, March 14, Penn
“infected leg”

Rachel’s Warrior, May 14, Presque Isle
“suffered anaphylactic shock”

Morenita, May 18, Presque Isle

Zinger’s Winner, June 11, Pocono
“sick horse, was euthanized on the backside”

Tea Party Diva, June 16, The Meadows
“died in barn”

Workerbee, July 2, Presque Isle

Glitter n’ Jazz, July 5, Presque Isle
“infected tendon sheath”

El Gran Noel, July 19, Penn
“rupture of internal carotid”

True to His Word, August 20, Penn
“endotoxemia” (was last raced just four days prior)

Chazelle, September 6, Penn
“found expired in stall” (three years old; was last raced just one week prior)

Lahaina Lad, November 21, Penn
“hypocalcemic tetany”

When in Doubt, November 30, Penn
“endotoxic shock” (two years old)

Come in Berlin (probably sic), December 15, Penn


  1. The utter shameful prolonged suffering of NORTH OCEAN:
    His suffering and precipitous decline into this horrific horror show began after his 4th start:
    05/15/13 Claimed by David Jacobson for $16,000.
    07/11/13 His very next start claimed by Rudy Rodriquez for $20,000.
    06/26/14 Claimed by Todd Pletcher for $40,000.
    09/17/14 Claimed by Linda Rice for $20,000.
    12/14/14 Claimed by Michael Miceli for $20,000.
    04/12/15 Claimed by David Jacobson for $12,500.
    05/16/15 Claimed by Kathleen A. Demasi for $12,500.
    06/12/15 Claimed by Jane Cibelli for $12,500.
    08/23/15 Claimed by John Volpe for $6000.
    09/10/15 Claimed by Charles Hadry for $5000.
    02/04/16 Claimed by Jonathan Maldonado for $12,500.
    09/17/16 Claimed by Charles Hadry for $11,000.
    12/12/16 Claimed by Juan Carlos Guerrero for $7500. In this race he had the crap beaten out of him and still finished last by 25+ lengths. The replay was very difficult for me to watch. He was near dead at that point.
    04/14/18 Drops dead in the dirt from multiple compound pastern fractures. They squeezed the last drop of blood out of him as he lay dying in the dirt.

    Now, you may wonder why all of these trainers were claiming him?
    Well, NORTH OCEAN performed and made money almost every single time he raced.
    He brought home the bucks for every single one of these blood sucking leech trainers listed above.
    In fact, he made a total of $501,329 for these parasites and NOT ONE gave him a good home or found him a good home – NOT ONE.
    That’s why when these trainers, when these apologists, say that they treat them like “family?”
    Unequivocal bullshit.

    Python Patricia (Farro) – a racehorse abuser and killer, always has been and is still at it.
    Her M.O is claiming horses that have proven race records and then squeezes the life out of them.
    She needs to be charged with Felony Animal Cruelty and thrown in jail.
    This victim is called CHIEF KITTEN.
    He fits right into her M.O. well-bred, made over $100,000, stakes winner and then gets dumped into the claiming ranks when he can no longer perform – his precipitous decline begins.
    He changes hands multiple times and is running for his life and a flake of hay.
    Then on 3/19/2018 his fate gets worse when Python Patricia claims him for $7500.
    He didn’t make it to his next race.
    He dies 3 weeks after being in Python Patricia’s barn on April 10, 2018 “bilateral sesamoid with suspensory disruption” – pythons have more compassion in the tip of their asshole than monster Patricia.

    • We have ALWAYS hated the cruel claiming game which is really not a game but a systematic method of exploiting the back pedigree of a good horse and to earn monies on the big bet payoffs the owners / trainers expect to gain in future races.The new owners / trainers have little or no idea of the horses previous medication / injection history so the poor horse ends up having the same procedures done endless times over again.We have seen horses shoulders hand pumped with air to loosen up their stiff shoulder muscles.We kid you not! No Johnny No was actually filled up with air on both sides of his shoulders with an air hand pump. After the owner / trainer was done with his procedure, poor No Johnny No shoulders were all crackly and felt like bubble wrap! Amazingly he did not die from this procedure. He also did not run that well in the scheduled race for him. You and us Gina have seen some really weird and bizarre things done to race horses.We appreciate Patrick providing us this forum for us all to relate our experiences.

    • Thank you, Gina, for providing details about North Ocean. So often apologists exclaim “racehorses don’t die at OUR tracks!” – trying to defend the “elite” tracks and the “better” horses (not the “cheap claimers” as the industry calls them). But…not only DO racehorses die at those tracks, the same horses running at their storied tracks will at some point be raced at others – and there they will die. Same horse – just the geography is different.

      So thank you – North Ocean is the perfect example of horse racing’s reality. The information you provided here prompted me to share North Ocean on my FB – to “introduce” this list of PA’s 2018 Killed in Action. What a beauty he was.

  2. Obviously, there is a clear pattern going on in this industry, and it is horrific! All these deaths and in just one state, unbelievable! I will keep spreading the word and try to get it out there to the masses! Thank you Patrick for doing what you do!

  3. Every time I see “found dead in stall,” I think of the show horses who were murdered some years ago in their stalls or pastures for the past insurance money. These horses were killed by putting ping pong balls in their nostrils, or by electrocution.

    On a race track, I’d think there would be security guards and cameras in the stable and equipment areas at night. Trainers don’t want thousands of dollars worth of tack stolen, and owners would want to know ASAP if a horse has colic in the middle of the night.

    Or, would they? When a horse just drops dead in its stall, and supposedly no one has reported on any symptoms the horse was displaying, does anyone do anything to figure out what killed these horses? Don’t insurance companies want to know?

    I often wonder, if someone is stuffing ping pong balls into a horse’s nostrils again, watching the poor horse die of suffocation, then calmly retrieving their ping pong balls and walking off.

  4. Karen – I know at the tracks I was at – the HBPA FOUGHT having cameras in the barns! Transparency, huh? It’s like they really don’t want what they know is happening – the doping, the abuse, the neglect- caught on camera. And the large majority of the low level claimers aren’t insured. So there would be no reason to ping pong ball them. They are killing the horses off just as, if not more efficiently, with the doping.

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