Pennsylvania’s Half-Year Horseracing Carnage

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks thus far this year. Please note, however, that there was zero detail provided: each horse given but a one- (or two-) word note of “injury,” “illness,” etc. (Where possible, I have supplemented from the Equibase charts.) Why? “Your request is granted in part and denied in part. Necropsy reports are part of an investigation. Therefore, PDA has withheld specific information that is exempt from disclosure by law.” Nonsense, of course. In any event, below is what I do have.

On another note, our work has resulted in more widespread media coverage of racehorse deaths, with some outlets even filing their own FOIA requests. None has been more diligent than The Philadelphia Inquirer, which, you may recall, published a board editorial – heavily influenced by me – calling for racing “to be put out of its misery.” Wednesday, the Inquirer covered the abomination that is Parx: 31 kills in just six months. The article – here – also quoted me. So thank you, PI.

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Trust Fund Girl, Jan 3, Parx T – “injury” (two years old, coming off second race)

Credit Cycle, Jan 5, Parx R – “took a bad step”

Private Union, Jan 6, Parx R – “suffered a catastrophic injury near the 5/16 pole”

Rockin Ruth, Jan 8, Penn R – “pulled up lame”

Dream’n Demon, Jan 10, Parx T – “injury” (“bled profusely from nostrils” in 2020 race)

Kiss My Note, Jan 20, Penn R – “suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front”

Saucy Don, Jan 25, Parx R – “injured near half-mile marker” (10 years old, 68th race)

Cattys Box, Jan 27, Parx T – “injury” (two years old, being prepped for debut)

Jewel’sindian Girl, Feb 3, Penn R – “suffered a catastrophic injury and fell”

Smarty Pi, Feb 5, Parx T – “injury” (had been raced 39 times)

Tally Mo, Feb 14, Parx S – “illness” (was raced Jan 13)

My Lilly Pad, Mar 10, Penn R – “catastrophic injury to her left front – [but] was walked into ambulance”

Velozes, Mar 20, Parx T – “injury” (two years old, coming off second race)

Raileegotaholdonme, Mar 24, Meadows S – “colic” (not euthanized, just died)

O’Kram, Mar 30, Parx R – “was injured badly, fell, euthanized”

Chart Caller, Apr 1, Penn T – “injury”

To the Flag, Apr 2, Parx S – “colic” (had been raced 89 times, most recent Mar 24)

Fastroadahead, Apr 10, Parx T – “injury” (three years old)

Skookie, Apr 12, Parx R – “injury”

Moe Trouble, Apr 19, Penn S – “colic” (last raced Nov 2020)

Our Dixie Blue, Apr 20, Parx R – “had her heels clipped, injury to a rear leg”

Mr Classical, Apr 21, Parx T – “unknown” (not euthanized, just died)

Valley of Sin, Apr 25, Pocono R – “injury”

Drosselmagic, Apr 26, Parx R – “was injured past half-mile marker” (74th race)

Brandywines Secret, Apr 28, Penn R – “suffered catastrophic injuries to both [italics added] front legs [but] was walked into ambulance”

Tuff Gong, May 1, Parx T – “injury” (coming off first race)

Communicator, May 3, Penn T – “sudden death” (just four years old)

Baffin Bay, May 4, Parx T – “injury” (hadn’t been raced since Dec 2019)

Adulation, May 9, Parx T – “unknown” (not euthanized, just died)

Princess Mikayah, May 10, Parx R – “suffered injury to her LF leg” (58th race)

Runs for Luck, May 11, Parx R – “collapsed, sudden death” (10 years old, 85th race)

Luvinmeiseasy, May 12, Parx T – “injury” (had been raced 59 times)

Goggles Paisano, May 13, Meadows S – “unknown” (not euthanized, just died)

Night Dreamer, May 14, Meadows R – “injury”

Lucky Olivia Rose, May 18, Parx T – “injury”

Call Me Daddy, May 18, Parx R – “was vanned off following the finish”

Crazy Cables, May 22, Penn T – “injury” (was being prepped for debut)

Lucky Lion, May 29, Parx T – “injury” (was being prepped for debut)

Happyascanb, Jun 2, Parx T – “injury”

Babbo Babbo Babbo, Jun 7, Parx R – “suffered an injury to his LF leg”

Accomplish, Jun 12, Penn T – “unknown” (two years old; not euthanized, just died)

Woodbury, Jun 15, Parx R – “suffered a catastrophic injury…subsequently euthanized”

Big Cypress, Jun 16, Penn R – “suffered catastrophic injuries to both [italics added] front legs and fell”

Baby Bam Bam, Jun 22, Parx T – “injury”

Inclunation, Jun 23, Parx R – “returned lame”

Fashion Nova, Jun 28, Parx R – “suffered an injury to her LF leg”

Baby Bleu Janes, Jun 30, Penn T – “injury” (two years old, being prepped for debut)

Freight Train, Jun 30, Penn R – “suffered a catastrophic injury to his right hind leg – [but] was walked into the van”


  1. What a hideous sight that must have been, watching those horses with catastrophic injuries to BOTH front legs hobble and struggle into the van, their injuries a dirty, bloody mess, their shaking bodies covered in foam and sweat, their eyes wide in pain and fear. I guarantee they received nothing in the way of comfort before that final needle was jammed into their neck.
    “Loved like children”, indeed.

  2. I saw all those races from parx on may 11 i saw runs for luck falling he was last coming out fgate tail was waving like he wasnt feeling well hit rail fell he won race before that he should of retired after no they had to race again less then month squeeze every penny out of him very sad

    • They have? I’ll check it out; it’s always intriguing to watch as the Suits of Horse Killing try to bumble and bluff their way through bloodbath excuses — or, as the creeps prefer to call them, “fatality spikes.”

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