“Broke Leg Above Knee, Died in Place”

Through a FOIA request to the New Mexico Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at that state’s tracks in 2019. Please note, however, that the Commission’s paperwork is, as always, a mess, so this is a work in progress. For now, here is what I have. (This is Part 2; Part 1 here.)

Pretty Peggy Pepper, Apr 20, Sunland T – “fractured humerus”

Jm Run Willie Run, May 22, Ruidoso S – “colic” (died, not euthanized; two years old)

Themysteryoflife, May 24, Ruidoso R – “knee”

Queen Shelly Ann, Jun 2, Ruidoso R – “broken, disarticulated cannon bone”

Need No Reason V, Jun 8, Ruidoso S – “colic” (died, not euthanized; two years old)

American Proud, Jun 15, Ruidoso R – “fractured cannon” (9 years old, 68th race)

Senator Tequila, Jun 16, Ruidoso T – “broke back”

Five Bar On the Go, Jun 17, Ruidoso S – “colic” (died, not euthanized; two years old)

Secret Agent Girl, Jun 22, Albuquerque T – “collapsed on racetrack, sudden death”

Give Me a Reason V, Jun 22, Ruidoso S – “colic” (two years old, yet to be raced)

Ace Flyer, Jun 22, Ruidoso R – “radius fracture in starting gate”

Tomy, Jun 29, Albuquerque T – “collision with loose horse”

Watyurname, Jul 6, Ruidoso R – “fractured shoulder, severe hemorrhage”

Cyns of D Money, Jul 12, Ruidoso R – “fractured sesamoids”

Jess Moonflash, Jul 14, Ruidoso R – “compound fracture both front fetlocks”

Stylistic, Jul 19, Ruidoso R – “compound fracture cannon”

Mister Jesse Tee, Jul 26, Ruidoso S – “colic” (raced 12 days prior)

M G M’s Victoria, Jul 27, Ruidoso R – “fractured fetlock”

Df Wagon Sign, Jul 28, Ruidoso S – “colic” (raced 3 weeks prior)

Fine Breeze, Aug 4, Albuquerque R – “open, disarticulated fracture”

Heza Streakin Legacy, Aug 4, Ruidoso R – “died after finish of race” (four years old)

Moon Carbon, Aug 16, Ruidoso R – “died after race” (two years old)

Major Irish Shortcut, Aug 17, Albuquerque R – “knee fractures”

Mc Miracle, Sep 24, Zia T – “fractured sesamoids”

Golden Celestial, Sep 30, Zia R – “complete, displaced slab fracture”

Knows Pro, Oct 1, Zia S – “colic” (last raced Aug)

Western Dancer, Oct 4, Zia S – “colic” (died, not euthanized; three years old)

Psycho Eagle, Oct 26, Zia R – “slab fracture”

Im Evin Im Leavin, Oct 28, Zia R (euthanized Oct 29) – “displaced knee fracture”

Tico’s Premed, Nov 11, Zia R – “collapsed post race, died” (three years old)

Coronas Dashin Injun, Nov 16, Zia R – “broken back”

Rancers Dancer, Nov 17, Zia R – “broke leg above knee, died [not euthanized] in place”

Fast Steppin, Dec 6, Zia T – “shattered pastern”

Bobsindianrose, Dec 9, Zia T – “open, dislocated, comminuted fetlock fracture”

Favorite Storm, Dec 11, Zia T – “fractured both RF sesamoids”

Thecaptainnshawneel, Dec 20, Sunland T – “broken back”

Beauty N Art, Dec 27, Sunland S – “idiopathic death” (two years old, raced 9 days prior)

Ivan El Grande, Dec 28, Sunland T (euthanized Dec 30) – “hind”
(Ivan El Grande was “vanned off” after races on Dec 17 and Oct 7. Killed Dec 28.)

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  1. Press Release at 11 am today on NBC FBI charges 27 in racing for illegal doping! Servis farm had FBI there along with others. Watch at 11 am to see how this unfolds.

  2. Ivan EL Grande was killed or euthanized on December 28 or 30th. I assume the 30th is a typographical error. This list of horses died or euthanized is unacceptable! This is horrible and people in their right mind would not participate in this carnage! It is obvious that these horses were abused, neglected, tortured and exploited in sadistic and barbaric ways. The people involved in this horror show should be arrested and jailed.

  3. Such a heartbreaking way to start yet another week…and nothing has changed. These barbaric bastards keep killing and killing and KILLING. HOW DOES A HORSE BREAK HIS/HER BACK?? HOW do they race them (or not in the case of baby Give me. Reason) with colic and not give a s**t? HOW do they “mysteriously” just DIE OR COLLAPSE? These injuries resemble a bulldozer running them over. Because this is what horse racing and the criminals within it do/does…abuses, maims, destroys, kills. Enough is enough already!!!

  4. That these horses died of colic instead of being euthanized is barbaric – as is the horse that broke his leg and died in place. As if the continuous abuse and torture of these horses during their short lives isn’t vile enough, these racing industry SOBs can’t even show them the “mercy” of euthanasia to end their suffering. There’s no place in Hell deep enough for these wastes.

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