State By State

Arizona: request filled

Arkansas: request filled

California: request filled

Colorado: request filled

Delaware: request filled

Florida: request filled

Illinois: request filled – but with large gaps

Indiana: request filled

Iowa: request filled

Kentucky: request filled

Louisiana: request filled – but without training/stall deaths

Maryland: request filled

Minnesota: request filled – but with names redacted

Nebraska: request filled – but without training deaths

New Jersey: request filled

New Mexico: request filled – but with serious gaps

New York: information direct from Commission database

North Dakota: request filled

Ohio: request filled – but with gaps

Oklahoma: request filled

Oregon: request filled

Pennsylvania: request filled

Texas: request filled – but with large gap

Virginia: request filled

Washington: request filled

West Virginia: request filled

Wyoming: request filled

Idaho: with significantly contracted racing (covid), no deaths reported
Massachusetts: no deaths reported (MA has just a single harness track)
Montana: no racing in 2020 (covid)
Nevada: no deaths reported (very limited racing)

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  1. Thank you, Patrick, for your efforts in getting most of these U.S. racing jurisdictions to admit (some of) their confirmed kills. I suspect you’re being exceedingly generous to most of them when you label their FoIA responses as “filled” requests. (It’s obvious most of this sleazy industry still finds ways to HIDE a significant portion of their racehorse deaths through creative labeling, shuffling their injured, and straight-up fraudulent record-keeping.)
    But nobody else has even attempted — much less succeeded at — such an endeavor as yours, in all of blood sport history. So you’ll be the one rightfully credited WHEN horse racing is wiped off the face of the U.S. landscape in the very near future.

    HISA won’t save a single racehorse’s life. HW will save thousands of them.

  2. Our Governor, who will ultimately either sign good anti-horseracing legislation into law–such as banning it forever–or veto it, has a website for commenting. No way to prove that he reads our messages or whether the “gatekeepers” toss them, but as constituents, we pass on your stats for CA and immensely appreciate your work in gathering the information.
    We don’t want band-aid legislation (unless, maybe, it bans the use of any type of whip, spur, or other pain inducing activity, ends gambling on any type of horse racing, and requires that no horse can be raced before fire years of age, and certified by a veterinarian, etc.).
    Some animal advocates favor the “inch-by-inch band-aid” approach. One look at “soring” on Tennessee walkers with band-aid approaches to try to stop it, has resulted in no progress. The “Big Lick” is still going after 30 years of trying to ban it. Horseracing has to be banned–treated like all animal fighting and dog racing (in many states). It cannot be mitigated to “make it better.”
    One exception or workaround to that might be to pass a law to make it a felony to gamble or bet on horseracing. Los Angeles passed a law to ban flank straps, spurs, hot shots, and other implements of torture on rodeo animals. Since they will NOT “perform” if not being tortured, that new ordinance should end that barbaric practice in LA.
    It’s all about profit-making gambling with horses as the pawns. The more the word gets out, as HRW is doing, the better the chances to eventually ban it. Thank you!

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